Top 10 Best Web hosting Companies – Choose the Best Provider (Compared and Tested)

Whenever you have a question, where do you go?


Well, you are not alone my friend. While you are reading this article, millions of questions would have been answered by the search engines. People have become extremely dependent on the internet. From social media to shopping, everything is now done on the internet. Even if people want to know about a business or a product the first thing they do is search for it on the internet. Simply put, the internet is making it mandatory for businesses to have a website. When a potential customer searches for your company or product and your website is not showing up you have already lost brownie points with the customer. 

Coming to a website, there are many aspects that conspire together to make your website appealing to visitors. From high-quality content to website design every little detail plays the part. Well, all these things are visible in the foreground of your website. However, there is something that works behind the scenes but still makes sure that your website is safe and fast- web hosting. Yes! Web hosting has great importance in the development of your website. From improving security to performance it only offers advantages for your business. The job of a web hosting provider is to save the data of your website and display it to potential customers/targeted audiences across the globe. Simply put, web hosting will provide access to your website on the world wide web.

What do you think is the first thing in the checklist of a good website? Performance and speed. Yes! No matter how interesting your website is, if it takes a long time to load you will definitely lose visitors. No one enjoys loading a web page. You tell me, do you wait for a web page to load or jump to the next page on the search results. Naturally the second option, right? So why will your audience be any different? Loading speed also has an influence on SEO.  If you want to ensure that your website page loads faster then you must opt for a top-notch web hosting service. The next thing that has an effect on your website is safe. No visitor would like to visit a website that is unsafe. So your website should always be safer. With web hosting, you don’t have to worry as all the web hosting plans come with enhanced security.

But the most difficult task of all is which platform to choose. Since there are many options available in the market. How can one choose a platform that fits well with their business? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. We have curated a list of the best web hosting sites in the industry. Read till the end and know about the unique features of each of these providers and then decide.

Here are the 10 best web hosting sites.


Bluehost has been one of the most popular web hosting providers. Be it a blog, website, or an online store this web hosting provider is perfect for everything. The best part is that this hosting provider has tailored plans for your specific needs. Simply put, they provide you with different hosting options so that you can choose the best based on your business requirements. More than 2 million websites prefer Bluehost for domain and hosting. Bluehost gets brownie points as it is a hosting service that is recommended for websites built on. As you know wordpress is the first choice for many people across the globe to build their website or blog. If you want to build a secure website then having good hosting does make a difference. 

With hundreds of different hosting companies in the market, it can get overwhelming to choose one particular hosting provider. Here are the reasons why you must choose Bluehost. Apart from being recommended by WordPress, this platform is fast, secure, and provides 24 hours support. Amazing right? Your website will be secure and fast with Bluehost. As it comes with a premium Cloudflare CDN service (which is free). The server latency will also get reduced along with giving you extra protection from DDoS attacks. It also provides you with a free SSL certificate to make sure that your website is secure. Lastly, one of the most important things that you must consider while choosing a hosting provider is to check whether they are offering 24/7 support. For the latest pricing details check out their website.

Visit Website: Bluehost

A2 Hosting

As you already know the website loading speed has a huge impact on the growth of your business. If your website is faster you will have lower bouncing rates, which improves SEO rankings. When these things are in alignment then your conversions will also increase. So having a hosting provider should be fast. However, one of the most common concerns for all the people on the surface, starting drops a new website is developing a website. 

Most people think that only professional developers can create websites, but the truth is with A2 hosting even people without prior experience can develop websites with ease. Their support team is always present 24*7 365 days at your service. You can either chat with them, email them or call them. A2 hosting is favored by many new website developers because of the benefits it is offering them. Those benefits include free migration of your website, you can migrate your website to A2 hosting without any issues. 

They also offer 99.99% uptime commitment as they have ultra-reliable services that back their statement. No matter which software platform you are depending on you don’t have to worry about the loading speed and the security of your website as they all come with A2 optimized. From WordPress to Magento different hosting platforms are compatible with the A2 hosting. This hosting platform is offering four different plans that match the requirements of businesses of different sizes. So check out the four different plans, compare them and choose the one that helps your business grow. Each of these plans come with their benefits and suit a purpose. Shared hosting is perfect for hosting a personal blog or website. VPS hosting is more suitable compared to shared hosting. Reseller hosting is perfect for the hosting own customers. Lastly, a dedicated server is perfect for intensive business needs. You can trust the A2 hosting platform as it has more than 18 years of experience in the market and comes with unique features that will make hosting a website easy. Try this hosting platform without worrying about any risks. In case you don’t find it suitable for your business you can get your money back. For the latest pricing details check out their website.

Visit Website: A2 hosting

Site ground

Site ground is another best hosting site that is built to make website management easy for people. It offers interesting features that will help you in building your website seamlessly. These features will help you in managing your website too. Most people know that their business needs a website. However, the problem is that they don’t know where to start. With site ground, you can put your worries to rest. This website is providing you with a full solution that will make it easy to build a website. From premium features to choice of site builders they are providing you with everything you need to launch your website without any troubles. Migrating your wordpress website is also smooth with Siteground. The transfer is taken care of by the professionals. It is suitable for all users. 

All their managed wordpress plans include advanced caching, security plugins, expert support, automated migrations, and installations. Not only that, they provide you with tools that will make it easy for you to collaborate on sites, manage your clients, and also transfer the websites created to your clients conveniently. Another amazing thing about this platform is that it is powered by the Google Cloud. This will help you in creating a technically superior and powerful hosting service. As you already know Google is especially known for its best-connected networks, which are ultra-fast too. One of the reasons site ground is the best hosting service is because they build powerful solutions in-built. All these solutions will help you in making your website safer and faster. Choose Siteground without worries as it offers you the best security and technical superiority with fully managed services. If you have any questions relating to installation or updates, you can contact their support team, they are available 24/7. For the latest pricing details check out their website.

Visit website: Site ground


Hostinger is another best web hosting provider available in the market. This platform is famous because it’s both simple and intuitive. Yes! Hostinger is easy to use and set up too. All it takes is a single click to get your website up and running. Not only that, websites hosted on Hostinger are usually known for their speed and performance. One of the most important things about a website is its speed and performance. Can you imagine the number of customers your business will be losing if your website is slow? You will be losing a lot of customers as no one will be interested in staying on your website that has a low loading speed. Hostinger has made wordpress easy. Yes! This platform has improved the wordpress experience too. With one click, you can easily set up your website and make it live. One thing that you must know is that different websites need different technologies. 

Hostinger offers different plans, so make sure you pick a plan that fits your needs. Also, you can easily upgrade your plans without worrying about anything as your business grows. Another win for Hostinger is their easy-to-use interesting Hostinger control panel. It is powerful, intuitive, and easy to use. You can be assured that this is one of the best web hosting planners available in the market as it is known for its easy wordpress optimization and performance. Check out this platform and if you are not satisfied with their services you can always get your money back. Yes! They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. For the latest pricing details check out their website.

Visit website: Hostinger


Another best web hosting platform that needs to host your website is Justhost. This is the platform that your business will ever need. All of the plans on this platform are created with users in mind. Each of their plans will satisfy the unique needs of a business. Most importantly they are offering the best plans at the best prices. If you check out any hosting platforms you will see that on the surface they all will have many similarities. But if you see this and assume that all these platforms are similar then you are highly wrong. Each of these plans has its unique attributes that make these hosting platforms worthwhile. 

From disk space to site builders all the platforms offer similar benefits. However, with Justhost along with all these benefits, there are many others. Some of the benefits of this platform include the best apps on the web, free email address and domain name, e-commerce website, Cpanel Control Panel. Check out all their suites (Design, Marketing Suite, Support Suite) and choose a plan that is perfect for your business. In case you want to get your money back they also offer a 30 days money-back guarantee too.

Visit website: Justhost

Host gator

This platform has been in business for a quite long time. It has gained a lot of popularity with business owners. Be it a small business or a large business Hostgator is famous because of the different web hosting options it is offering. Also, the uptime provided by this platform is truly excellent. It is offering a guaranteed 99.99% uptime. So the speed and performance of your website will never be slower again. It is offering around 5 different hosting options. So it provides you with a perfect chance to find a web hosting plan that just works for your business. Their web hosting options include shared hosting, wordpress hosting, VPS hosting, website builder, dedicated hosting. 

Shared hosting is the most affordable plan and also they provide a free domain for a year too. Whereas, wordpress hosting improves your website security, speed and also offers free migration too. VPS hosting gives businesses complete access to the scalable hosting environment. The website builder makes it easy for you to publish the website. Yes! It provides you with drag, drop and publish options that make it simple to publish a website. Lastly, dedicated hosting will provide you with access to control the complete server improving the performance of your business. Since they have been in business for a long time, it shows that they understand the needs of business more than anyone. Their tools are designed to help your business grow by leaps and bounds. Be it a new business or one that has been around for a long time, host gator will offer you the best tools and services. 

More than 2 million websites are being hosted on this platform. Some of the features include one-click installs, unmetered bandwidth, free domain, excellent uptime, and free SSL certificates. Also transferring your website from any other hosting platform to Hostgator is easy. The support of the Hostgator is also excellent, they will work with you better and support you. You can either call, tweet, chat or find answers on their knowledge base and also learn stuff from their Hostgator blog. For the latest pricing details check out their website.

Visit Website: Hostgator


Dreamhost is a hosting platform that is specially built to make your search engines and customers trust you. Yes! The speed and performance of a website matter a lot for businesses as they will affect the reliability of the website. Also, a good web hosting platform will lay a good foundation for the development of your website. With Dreamhost, you can develop your website faster. Dream host is easy to use and comes fully featured. 

Their control panel is excellent and simple making it easy for the users. Also, they offer more than web hosting services. Their tool suite includes everything a business needs to grow faster. Also, their support team is quite excellent. They are available all the time to help you when you are stuck. From wordpress hosting to cloud hosting, dream host offers everything you need. However, if you are wondering what makes this platform different and one of the best web hosting sites. Well! First of all, they have 20 years of experience and understand the industry. They support and focus on building excellent websites for online businesses. Also, they understand the importance of security and privacy. 

Dreamhost has a strong anti-spam policy in place along with excellent security features such as multi-factor authentication, secure hosting with let’s encrypt (Free), auto-enabled sFTP. For the latest pricing details check out their website. If you have any other questions you can communicate with their customer support team as they are available 24/7/365.

Visit Website: Dreamhost


Are you an environmentalist, who cares a lot about the earth? Well, then how about making your web hosting also eco-friendly? Yes! There is a possibility to do that. Opt for Greengeeks. This platform is eco-friendly. Along with being the best web hosting site it also cares about the environment too. Great! right. This platform offers multiple hosting options, yes, no matter what your hosting requirements are you will find a platform that will match your needs. The multiple options include WooCommerce hosting, Virtual private servers, WordPress hosting, reseller web hosting. Greengeeks is one of the most reliable hosting platforms available. Their data centers are located in Toronto, Amsterdam, Chicago, Montreal, and Phoenix. They also guarantee 99.99% uptime. 

If you have any questions or queries you can contact their support team. They are available 24/7/365 days, you can connect with them through chat, phone, or ticket. This eco-friendly web hosting provider has been giving back 3 times the energy they consume in the form of renewable energy. And also it has been serving in over 150 countries. Some of its best features include SSD storage arrays, built-in scalability that allows you to upgrade your hosting seamlessly, a stable hosting platform, security, and advanced best speed technologies. They provide advanced security for your website and will fix the vulnerabilities almost on the same day. Lastly, they have the latest technology such as LScache, HTTP/2, free CDN, PHP7, and MariaDB. For the latest pricing details check out their website.

Visit Website: Greengeeks


Fatcow is another web hosting company that is helping businesses in dealing with hosting. It is another best web hosting site available. It is offering users a free domain, one-click blog, ample bandwidth, site templates, free emails, etc. Their web hosting solution includes everything and anything that a business or a personal site needs to survive. Fatcow offers excellent tools that help you in building a professional-looking website. The best part is that you will have templates and themes to choose from. The application wizards will provide you with detailed instructions to add different applications to your website. You can also customize your email address to your domain to maintain a professional image. 

Also, it offers many search engines and marketing tools so that you can promote your business and grow it. Lastly, you can not talk enough about the tools they offer to allow people to sell online. The tools will help you with catalog coupons, PayPal integrations, sales options, and shopping carts. In case you have any queries you can contact their support team and they will help you in resolving your issues. You can connect with them through chat or call. Migrating your website is truly simple with this platform. You can transfer your domain name and domain for free. You can get your money back if you are not satisfied. For the latest pricing details check out their website.

Visit Website: Fatcow


This platform has made it to the best web hosting platforms because it is affordable.iPage provides the users with everything you need to build a website that is fast and flexible. Your site needs a stable hosting platform along with an intuitive site builder. iPage has been empowering websites with their hosting services since 1998. With iPage it is easy and fast to create a website. Not every affordable deal will come with a catch. No hidden costs, you will be only paying for services you will be availing. This hosting platform is providing the best quality tools at an affordable price. You can also upgrade your plan as your business grows. Yes! This is the specialty of iPage; it allows you to grow your business and upscale your resources as your business grows. 

From a simple web page to a complete eCommerce platform everything can be built on this platform. iPage comes with an intuitive website builder. All you have to do is answer the questions it asks and you will have a website that is personalized, intelligent, and mobile-friendly with you in just a few minutes. People with no coding experience can also create a professional website as no coding is required. Another important thing that you must notice about this best web hosting provider is that it does more than web hosting. It provides users with everything you need to build, market, and grow your website. It comes with e-commerce functionalities, site analytics, unlimited domains, and email addresses, ad credits (search engine), and quick installation of wordpress. For the latest pricing details check out their website.

Visit Website: iPage


If you are looking for a hosting platform that offers you smart web solutions then Host papa is best for your business. You can get your business, email, and website online seamlessly with this platform. It offers both shared hosting and wordpress hosting. Each of these plans will make sure that your business’s website is safe and has high performance. However, choose a platform that satisfies your business’s overall needs. Hostpapa allows you to have customized domains. In less than a minute you can find the domain name that suits your business. Along with domain name, it also comes with easy-to-use tools that will help you in growing your business. Not only that, it comes with reliable storage and applications too. On HostPapa you can easily create your website too. 

Their website builder will help you in creating websites that are professional. You can select themes and customize your websites according to your views. If you think this is all it offers then you are wrong. It also provides many enterprises graded hosting email plans that are suitable for small businesses. Pick according to your business needs. It comes with all the features that your business needs to grow exponentially. Their tools and apps will allow the website to be under your control. It comes with preinstalled jetpack and wordpress, the servers are compatible with wordpress websites. The dashboard and control panel are easy to use. This site also has an extensive knowledge base and tutorials. 

You can use the 400+ apps that will help you even in building an e-commerce site with shopping carts and everything. Lastly, security is one that they take highly seriously. Their servers come with firewalls, enhanced security features, and intrusion detection to always protect your website data from intruders. The support team of Hostpapa is highly supportive as they will help you with any of your queries at any time. For the latest pricing details check out their website. They also offer free website migration and also be present in every step of migration.

Visit Website: Host papa

Inmotion hosting

The last hosting platform that delivers excellent web hosting services to its customers is Inmotion hosting. This platform secures your website so that you can grow your business. Inmotion hosting is offering four different plans that include shared hosting, VPS hosting, wordpress hosting, and dedicated hosting. All of these hosting plans offer unique features. However, choose a plan discretely and make sure that it fits your business needs. This platform is suggested to the business because it is fast, reliable, and safe. It comes with premium malware, free SSL, and also hacks protection so that your business data doesn’t fall into wrong hands. Inmotion hosting makes sure that your website is fast and the uptime is 99.99%. 

This hosting platform has done over 5,00,000 wordpress installations to date. Also, this hosting platform has the most website transfers too. Inmotion hosting comes with excellent features such as complete server solutions, enhanced security, and onboard quickly. Their server solutions will allow you to build custom stacks and host your apps. With the onboard quickly, it hardly takes minutes for your solutions to be up and running. Their security is also top-notch as they monitor and defend your web hosting against any threats your business faces online. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact their support team. 

They are available 24/7. You can set plans based on your business needs. You can upgrade as your business grows. It is based on open source community and development. This is one of the best web hosting platforms in the industry, it has an experience of 20+years and it has served more than 170k+customers. Try their services and if you are not satisfied you can get the money back in 90 days. For the latest pricing details check out their website.

Visit Website: Inmotion hosting

Wrapping up

Hosting is one of the most important aspects of an online business. Choosing the right stable hosting provider can bring a lot of differences to your website. It can become a stepping stone in growing your business. So if you make a wrong choice here, you will naturally end up dragging your business down. Be it a blogger or e-commerce site or website you need a reliable hosting platform to take your business to the next level. 

As you have made it to the end of this article you would have found the best web hosting providers in the industry right now. However, you must remember that not all businesses have the same needs. So don’t choose a hosting provider because the peers in your industry did. Analyze and understand your business, then check out the best hosting providers, and then compare the benefits and features and the prices of these services. Choose the best fit for your business and it is always best to take the smallest plan and then upgrade if you are satisfied with your services.

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