Privacy Policy

Zeen Privacy Policy

What type of information does Zeen collect?

There are several ways Zeen stores your data. Zeen collects your information during voluntary registration that includes name and email id. Whenever you hit a like button on the article. Zeen will collect information automatically whenever an end-user visits our website, which may include server logs, cookies, and third-party tracking software. Our team uses the best third-party software to ensure our end-user information is kept safe and secure. Our team follows best practices and techniques to keep your personal information secure from unauthorized access.

Zeen understands the importance of users’ sensitive information. The privacy policy will make you understand how Zeen collects and stores your information. Whether you’re an end-user or merchant, you must agree with the Zeen terms and conditions.  End-users can visit the our website anonymously.

Information Zeen collect

Your information is safe with us!!!

Our team collects information that we consider important for us to offer an excellent service and support to our end-users. We never sell or share your personal information with third parties.

Zeen collects both personal and non-personal information from end-users.

Personal information: We collect basic information such as user name, email address, and mobile number. Our team uses your information for confirmation. Send the latest information through the newsletter.

Non-personal information: Zeen collects the information of your IP address, data usage, network connection, browser type, time zone, and browsing history. We collect non-personal information to offer additional services for end-users. The ads on the website will be displayed according to your interest and preferences.

We strongly recommend our visitors to read the policy details thoroughly before browsing our website.

How does Zeen protect your information?

Zeen implements several security measures to protect your information. We maintain security mechanisms while you’re entering your personal information or browse the website.

Cookie policy 

Similar to other websites Zeen uses cookies to improve users’ browsing experience. We place cookies on your device when you grant permission. Once you grant permission, you will enjoy a personalized experience whenever you visit our site. Consider, cookies are used to remember your personal data such as username and password. You don’t need to re-enter your login information whenever you log in to our website.

If you don’t want Zeen to store the cookies on your device, either you can deny the cookie permission or change your browser settings to disable cookies.


We may display advertisements for promoting other products or services on our website. When you visit our website and click on display ads, the information will be tracked. From time-to-time, Zeen can promote other products or services through Google or Facebook. These websites use cookies to display ads according to visitors’ interests or preferences.

Changes In Privacy Policy

Zeen reserves the right to make changes in the current privacy policy without prior notifications. Whenever we update the website, we will ensure to inform you about the latest update on our website. It’s recommended to visit our privacy policy web page regularly to know about the policy changes.

Contact Us

Have queries regarding the usage of your personal information or concerns about privacy and safety on advertisements, please contact us by filling your details on our website. We will be happy to assist you.