101 Best Side Hustle Ideas to Make Extra Money on the Side

Money…!!! Money…!!! Money…!!!

Is there anybody who would say NO to money?

Of Course nobody.

Everyone expects to have a 10 digit number in their bank account. Money can fulfil dreams. Whether you’re planning to buy a villa in the primary location or looking to purchase a dream car, all you need is money. Without money, you cannot even buy a movie ticket. You cannot pay rent and other expenses.

If you’re a 9 to 5 employee, you can get money to pay bills. But your dream to buy a villa or car will be a dream. Sounds sad right!!! A side hustle will help you. The more side hustle you run the more money you can make.

Let’s dive into the topic. What is meant by side hustle? How to start a side hustle? And more.

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What is a Side Hustle?

A side hustles will not just fill your pocket with extra money, it does everything within a short time and minimal investment.

Starting and running a business requires a large investment and paperwork to be done. A side hustle does not require any paperwork or investment to start earning. Though these both approaches take time, many people jump to side hassle and earn money easily. Consider, if you’re planning to make money through blogging, all you have to do is create a blog and post interesting content. On the other hand, starting an online course is easy and simple to earn money by sharing your expertise.

Enough said. Following are the

101 Best side hustle ideas to make extra money on the side

1. Paid online surveys

Earning Potential – $300 – $500 per month

Participating in online surveys and getting paid is one of the efficient ways to earn extra money. This could be the easiest process. Since there are various companies who are looking for customer feedback to improve their brand products or services. With the customer’s feedback, businesses can easily improve their product or service for better or develop a new one.

Small and large companies hire survey websites to conduct online surveys, questionnaires and polls on their behalf. Many people would like to participate in surveys to make extra money. Get registered to as many survey websites as possible.

Find here list of 20 Best paid Online Survey Sites to make money.

These survey websites will pay good money for sharing your opinions or thoughts.

2. Blogging

Earning potential – $3000 to $30,000 per month

A blog is a website or an online journey. If you’ve good knowledge of fashion, food, sports, mobile technology or travel, you’re lucky enough to make $30,000 per month. Yes, you can get paid through blogging.

You don’t need to invest billions of dollars to run a blog. All you need is a domain name, WordPress, web hosting account, desktop, internet connection and good knowledge on the topic.

Start a blog within a couple of minutes. Don’t forget to do research and make sure how you are going to earn extra money with the blog before posting the content. If you’re a newbie, take online training from the experts and start and grow your blog.

Millions of people around the world will put their hands on blogging. But only a few get succeeded. The truth is starting a blog is a simple and straightforward process, but generating traffic and conversion is not simple.

Though the requirements are simple, you need to work harder to post interesting and useful information on your blog. It takes time and constant effort to post and update high-informative content that readers get attracted to. 

This way, you can attract more visitors and improve your readership. Once your blog has started receiving enough traffic, you can make money easily.

  • Make money through affiliate marketing
  • Selling products or services
  • Advertising
  • Offering an online course
  • Earn money to write reviews
  • Sell sponsored post

Learn How to Start a Blog.

3. Virtual assistant service

Earning potential – $15 – $40 per hour

Is there anybody unaware of a virtual assistant? Nobody is right. A virtual assistant is popularly known as a “self-employed” worker who is responsible for delivering their services from the remote location.

Virtual assistant service is usually working from home. The tasks that are operated by the virtual assistant are scheduling the appointments, making calls, managing emails, conducting meetings and more. If you’re a social media expert, you can run ads to other businesses and make money just by sitting at home.

Become a virtual assistant and make extra money without any difficulties. This is an in-demand and profitable side hustle. Simply put, you can work anywhere around the world on a laptop or desktop.

If you’re a newbie to virtual assistant service, get registered at Upwork. This could be the best place to start your virtual assistant service and help business with miscellaneous tasks.

4. Food and grocery delivery service

Earning potential – Upto $45000 per year

These days people are busier than ever. Instead of travelling and waiting in grocery stores, people are looking for delivery services to make their work easier. Food and grocery deliveries are helping them to save their valuable time.

Food and grocery delivery service is another side hustle idea to make extra bucks. Making deliveries at local places is the simplest and accessible hustle. There are hundreds of delivery services available such as Walmart Grocery, Instacart, Shipt and more. Get registered and earn passive income on your preferred schedule. You can charge extra money when people request for same-day delivery. Delivery service will generate steady income delivering home essentials, food and other supplies to the customers.

You can easily pick and choose the hours you work and everything is done through an app on your smartphone making it straightforward to earn money. Making deliveries as a side hustle is not going to make you rich, but you can save the money you earn to launch your own company and increase how much money you’re able to make.

5. Proofreading

Earning potential – $1000 – $1500 per month

Proofreading is one of the best side hustle to earn money at the comfort of your home. If you’re a person who enjoys correcting grammar mistakes, punctuation or formatting mistakes.

Proofreading is the process of checking the text or other information before it is published. Simply put, this could be the final stage of posting the content on the website or social media. As a proofreader, you need to ensure that everything is well-organized, no errors and other issues. You need to examine carefully the text and correct grammar, sentence structure, spelling mistakes and more.

Proofreaders have good demand in the market. There are many bloggers and court reporters looking for proofreaders to get their documents published. If you’ve good knowledge of the law firm, you can make a good income by proofreading the legal documents and getting them ready for distribution.

6. Social media management

Earning potential – $2,000 – $15,000 per month

Social media is the best place to connect and interact with the person anywhere in the world. Small and large businesses are using social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote their products or services. The social media platform is a powerful tool to increase brand awareness, improve credibility, increase conversions and more.

Becoming a social media manager is one of the best side hustle jobs for you. Start earning a good income by managing the social media accounts of multiple businesses. As a social media manager, you’re responsible for creating unique content, posting interesting visuals, interacting with followers and running the ads on social channels.

As a social media manager, you need to meet the following requirements –

  • Computer
  • Internet connectivity
  • Social media accounts
  • Good knowledge of all the social media channels
  • Basic knowledge of image creators such as Photoshop and Canva
  • Hands-on social media scheduling tools

7. Host your home

Earning potential – Upto $3,000 per month

Do you have an extra room or a resort? Yes!!! Turn your home to money-making property. Sounds interesting right. Renting your home on Airbnb is an excellent way to make money. It is a popular online marketplace that allows you to connect with travellers in your area. Neighbor.com is another marketplace to host your home. People can rent your basement, garage, villa or apartment. Hosting your property on these platforms has many advantages such as

  • Set your own price
  • Choose renters
  • Get paid through cash or card every month

8. Selling personalized products

Earn potential – Depending on a custom item

Personalised products always have good craze in the market. Many people prefer customised products rather than an ordinary one. If you can make customised products such as handmade jewellery, fashion accessories, gift products, etc. Create eye-catching customised products and sell them on Etsy, Amazon and eBay.

This idea could be the best way to make money if you can make quality customised products. Apart from selling customised products, you can also sell old products such as furniture, appliances and other things to make extra cash on these platforms.

If you’re an expert in creating handmade products, you can easily make a commission on every sold product. Create a seller account, take quality pictures and compelling descriptions for your product. This way you’re customised products will be in excellent shape.

9. Sell old stuff or used things

Earning potential – Depending on product value

Selling used things is a traditional way to make extra cash. Before the internet, people sold their products in local stores or markets. Today, people can sell old stuff or used products anywhere around the world. There are hundreds of websites that allow you to sell a wide range of products including books, appliances, electronics and more.

If you’re planning to sell your old furniture or a book, Amazon, eBay, eBid, Listia and Varagesale are the popular destinations for you. Find the best place to sell your items online. These websites will help you to sell your items without hassles. All you need to do is get registered and list your items. Make sure your items are in good condition. Don’t forget to capture quality pictures of your items while listing them. Use a detailed description about the product.

10. Freelance writer

Earning potential – $50 – $150 per article

Are you a professional writer? Yes!!! Become a freelance writer and make money. This could be one of the best side hustle ideas for you. Ability to write engaging content and make money is rewarding. Either you can write content for the clients or the websites that you’re interested in. Enjoy working at the comfort of your home, set your own price and earn a steady income. You can earn a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars every month.

There are thousands of freelance writer websites available online. Don’t play the network game or wait for the referrals. The popular freelance websites are Upwork, iWriter, FlexJobs, Freelancer.com and more. These are the premium websites that earn a steady income. Browse these websites and choose a freelance writing job that meets your requirement. There are millions of clients available, they offer hourly, short-term and long-term contracts. The job requirement ranges from resume writing to technical documentation.

11. Web development

Earning potential – $50 – $200 per day

Do you know how to code? If your answer is YES, then get ready to earn steady income at your own pace. Web developers are in high demand. As a web developer, you need to have good knowledge on HTML, JavaScript and CSS, then you’re all set to take the projects from the clients and earn good income while you can continuously learn.

Finding a web development job can be an easy task for you. Your initial step is to create your own website. This will act as a showpiece to your friends, family members, clients or strangers. Make sure your website is modern according to the current design trends. Reach out to your friends and family members, start discussing your web development work. Next, take advantage of LinkedIn and connect to millions of peers and clients. Update your skills and get tons of freelancing opportunities. Also, you can increase visibility by joining in web development groups.

12. Run Facebook ads

Earning potential – $1000 – $2000 per month

Facebook is a popular social media platform used to build brand awareness and conversions. Small and large businesses use it to connect with the audience around the world. They use Facebook to promote their business products and services. If you’re familiar with Facebook advertising you can make a good income by running ads for other businesses. All you need to set up and manage campaigns to help the business capture more number of conversions.

Creating the perfect message is your first step while running Facebook ads. Make sure your message is reaching the right audience or the right people.

The basic requirements to run Facebook ads are desktop, internet connection, Facebook account, knowledge on Facebook ads and is capable of handling multiple campaigns.

If you’ve already created an account on Facebook, choose “Facebook Ads Manager”. This will help you to get to know about Facebook ads within less than 5 minutes.

13. Writing eBooks

Earning potential – $2.99 – $3.99 on every book

Many of us think that, until and unless you’re lucky enough and end up becoming the upcoming J. K. Rowling, writing e-books is not a simple approach to earn money. But remember, you need to move your coins to look at the success.

Producing an e-book is cheaper and easier, selling your ebook can bring your better profits. Did you know, e-book sells from $2.99 to $3.99? Yes!!! The eBook can be delivered or downloaded online. you don’t need to be a master graduate to write an ebook, anybody can write and sell the e-book.

If you’re starting the e-book from the scratch, you need to work harder towards your goal of completing your book. Write something daily, you can start with an outline and later fill it with detailed information.

Many people will create a website and sell their ebooks all by themselves through PayPal link or shopping cart. On the other hand, you can work with other websites such as Amazon Kindle and get a commission on every sale.

14. Sell online course

Earning potential – $200 – $5,000+ per month

It’s time to turn huge profits on online education. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Online education is rapidly growing in the market. 

Whether you’re good at programming or legal advice, you can use your skills and make a steady income by creating your own online course and selling it online. There are multiple platforms such as Teachable, Outschool and Udemy to sell your courses online. 

Outschool is one of the best places to sell new courses, especially when you’re selling a course for school-aged people. Udemy is a good option for an adult audience. It’s simple and easy to build and upload your online course at these platforms. Don’t just upload the online course and forget about it. You need to spend time promoting your online courses.

Since the course topics are unlimited, it’s easier to make income. All you require is knowledge in the subject area and platform to host to sell your online courses.

15. Start a YouTube channel

Earning potential – $0 – $15,000+ per month

YouTube is the second most popular social media platform around the world. Millions of people upload their videos on YouTube. It’s no surprise everybody has their voice on YouTube. It’s an opportunity to share your knowledge, opinions, contribute, comment and ideas with the world.

YouTube is one of the best side hustle ideas to make money. Create a YouTube channel and start earning money within a short period of time. You can earn money in multiple ways such as displaying ads on the videos, sponsoring other business products or services and more. While promoting affiliate products, create content about those products and publish the video. Also, for every 1000 views, you can earn $13. The more views you get for your video the more money you get.

All you require a camera or mobile phone to record, video editing tool, YouTube account and handle your account wisely.

16. Computer repair

Earning Potential – $65 – $150 per hour

Malware and viruses are common threats to any computer. A person with enough knowledge can fix the malware and virus easily. But there are few repairs such as network design, malicious software prevention, spyware removal, hardware installation cannot be fixed easily.

If you’ve good knowledge on how to fix the threats of spyware, malicious or other issues, start a computer repair at home. This is a stable and in-demand service available in the market. Since computers are important to accomplish everyday tasks. Create a fixed schedule and work on computer repair. Computer repair can be an amazing approach to complement your already existing income.

17. Internet marketer

Earning potential – $40,000 – $90,000 per month

Marketing is important for any business to succeed. There are millions of businesses that create excellent products and services but they’re unaware of how to market them effectively in the market. Also, there are few people who don’t have enough time to spend on marketing. These people will often look for freelance internet marketers to market their products or services.

These days internet marketers have good demand. Being an internet marketer, you need to accomplish several things such as working in content creation, running advertisements, web designing, social media marketing and more. Internet marketer will offer a wide range of marketing services and help organizations. Select your way to earning potential income from the internet.

  • Write an ebook and sell it online
  • Create an app
  • Create tutorials on YouTube
  • Sell professional services on Upwork, Fiverr
  • Provide answers or solutions for professional questions
  • Become a virtual assistant
  • Offer social media marketing and search engine optimization services

18. Freelance bookkeeper

Earning potential – $25 – $40 per hour

Freelance bookkeepers work almost similar to marketing assistants. Few business entrepreneurs don’t want to get involved with bookkeeping. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Because a bookkeeper needs to have complete knowledge of accounting software such as Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Billy and more. If you’ve good experience on the top accounting software, apply for a freelance bookkeeping job on Upwork.

A freelance bookkeeper is a self-employed person. Their responsibility is to maintain the financial records for the clients. If you want to make good money, freelance bookkeeping is one of the best side hustle jobs for you. Make sure you’re expert at numeracy skills, computer knowledge, self-promotion, integrity and more.

19. Resume writer

Earning potential – $50 to $300 per resume

Starting a resume from scratch can be overwhelming for many of them. With a single page to mention your goals, education and experience is not something easy that many people cannot naturally do. A great resume is important to get selected. Because an excellent resume gives a recruiter a complete and quick overview of you and decides whether you’re suitable for the position or not.

Getting a job with a poor resume can be a daunting task. Many people take help from their friends or professional resume writers to make the resume stand from the submissions. If you can have a different style of resume, then Resume Writing can be a suitable job for you. Get started with writing and editing resume service and help candidates to get jobs easily. You don’t need any investment to get started.

20. Appliance and electronic service

Earning Potential – $500 – $11,000 per month

Is there anybody who doesn’t have a refrigerator or washing machine at their home? Of course, nobody is right. These appliances and electronic products often need service. The owner always seeks professional help to get repaired. If you’re the one who can do appliances, television and other repairs, call yourself lucky. By providing appliances and electronic service to the people will make a good income. Also, offering service at their home will add extra money.

21. Test websites

Earning potential – $15 per test

Website is important for every business. People can easily find you when you have an online presence. Therefore businesses spend maximum time on designing a website. There are few websites that use plain text, font and colours, have many pop-ups and push notifications. When a user encounters such websites then move to another website and never return. No business entrepreneurs want it to happen. Therefore, they look for a professional to test the website. The expert will test the website and provide feedback. This way, professional testers are making a good income.

There are hundreds of sites that are providing a good opportunity for testers. The popular sites that pay to test the website are Enroll, TestingTime, TryMyUI, UserZoom and more. Get registered and earn $15 in just 15 minutes. However, you should clear the qualification test. This test is a sample test that you need to clear to start receiving the assignments. Once you’ve finished the assignments, you will get paid through PayPal or bank deposit. 

22. Get Paid to Search

Earning potential – $8 – $20 per hour

How much time do you spend time browsing the internet? Minimum 3 to 4 hours per day. Earning money for searching the web. The popular services are Wonder researcher and Qmee.

With Wonder researcher, people research multiple things on the internet and dig out the right answer. The process is pretty simple, all you have to do is select the question, collect the information and post the right answer on Wonder.

Qmee is a browser extension used by few people. Download the Qmee on your computer and get a reward whenever you open and browse on Qmee. The left sidebar on Qmee is specially designed for running the advertisements. Whenever you click on the ads, Qmee will reward you with 4 to 6 cents. The more ads you view the more money you can earn.

23. Install software

Earning potential – $60 – $200 per month 

Get paid by installing the software on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Installing the software is the easiest way to use the latest technology and also make some extra money on the side. This could be a better way compared to other side hustle ideas such as data entry, writing e-book or paid surveys.

People are earning $60 to $200 per month by installing the software on their computer or mobile phone. Keep a note, you don’t make money for just installing the software on your device. There might be a reason why the services are paying for installing the software. Understand the intention of the program and proceed accordingly. 

24. Enter contests

Earning potential – $20 – $100 per day

Is it possible to participate in the contest and make extra money from home? Of Course Yes. Perhaps this could be the simplest method to make money just by winning it. Few people participate in the contest and earn thousands of dollars as the winning prizes. Why don’t you participate in the contest and make good green? All you need to do is get yourself registered and the contest. Treat the competition as a job and spend at least two to three hours and set yourself targets every day. This will allow you to achieve good results.

25. Get paid to watch movie trailers

Earning potential – $200 – $250 per month

There are many movie critics out there. If you love watching movies and trailers, this could be the happiest way for you to make money. Get paid to watch movie trailers. Yes, you’ve heard it right. There are few popular websites such as Swagbucks, InboxDollars and Paid2YouTube that pay to “watch” and “like” the movie trailers.

26. Install mobile apps

Earning potential – Depending on the app

Apart from creating a mobile application, you can also make money just by installing. Sounds like a cool idea right!!! People spent almost 90% of their time on accessing mobile apps such as Facebook, Instagram and other apps. Check out these mobile apps like ShopTracker, MobileXpression, SavvyConnect, etc. Download these applications and earn money by sharing your personal information, provide information about the previous purchase history, your likes and dislikes, mobile data usage and more.

27. Rent your stuff

Earning potential – Quality camera – $100 per day, Bile – $40 per day

There are many people who own plenty of stuff that they use once in a while. No matter whether you’re a good collection of party wear dresses, bikes, car, camera or equipment, you can make your belongings work for you. Rent your belongings and earn extra money on the side. Renting your stuff to others is an easy way to make good passive income without spending your time. Loanables is a popular website that enables you to rent anything to everyone.

28. Rent your studio space

Earning potential – $25 – $3000 per hour

Artists often look for creative space. If you’ve well-furnished studio space, renting out your studio space is an amazing way to earn money. Because creative spaces can be pretty expensive to come by. When you have a guitar or lighting equipment, rent them and make cash. There are few popular websites like Sparkplug, get registered and make income by renting your studio space. The website enables you to rent out multiple things such as instruments, mics, flashlights, background paper and even makeup areas.

29. Rent your parking spot

Earning potential – $100 – $500 per month

A parking spot is a location specially designed to park the vehicles. There are three types of parking spots such as angular, perpendicular and parallel. Whether you’ve enough angular parking spots or parallel parking spots, rent out and earn money. Did you know that parking spots are key real estate in popular cities such as New York, Canada, Chicago and more? Want to rent your parking spot? Yes!!! Use Craigslist and list your parking spot. Earn at least $100 every month. Make sure the earning may depend on your location and space.

30. Rent your automobile

Earning potential – $10 – $1000 per day

Want to earn $100 every day without working? Yes!!! Rent your car or bike that you don’t use regularly. Get your automobile registered on Getaround, Skyscanner and Kayak. Giving your vehicle on rent to car or bike rental services is an excellent way to earn extra money on the side. Since many bike and car rental companies are looking for private bikes and cars to run their business. This could be a great opportunity for you to make money with your unused automobiles. Customers can rent your vehicle on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

31. Deliver food

Earning Potential – $10 – $20 per hour

Is there anybody who is unaware of Postmates, Swiggy or Foodpanda? Of Course nobody. If you’re a foodie you might have ordered several times on these food delivery services. Currently, the food delivery services are looking for delivery drivers to work for them. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to earn income and you’re familiar with local cities or want to spend time travelling, you can take great advantage of making deliveries. Become a delivery driver and make a good side income. No matter whether you have a car or bike, you can apply for a delivery driver role on Postmates. All you need to pick up the food or groceries and deliver to the customer’s address. You can work according to your comfort and convenience. You can deliver food either on weekends or weekdays, it completely depends on your interest.

32. Rent your boat

Earning potential – $40 – $300 per hour

Unless you’re living away from the city or retired, you probably use your boat twice a year. When you don’t use the boat, renting your boat and making money is a great choice for you. Rent your boat on Craigslist, you don’t need to pay commission to third parties. Also, there are few online services that are looking for boats such as Airbnb and Sailo. This way you can even make good money. Take a picture of your boat and present it on Airbnb to attract customers. Don’t just stop yourself by renting out your automobile, rent out your boat and earn extra money on the side.

33. Rent out your clothes

Earning potential – Depending on your clothes value

Get paid to rent your clothes. If you have a closet that is filled with designer clothes, rent them and make a good side income. There are few websites such as RentNotBuy, SnapGoods and Loanables allowing you to run your own clothes daily or weekly. These are the trusted online rental services, they offer a guarantee for your clothes. If your clothes get damaged, they’re responsible. Their team either repairs or replaces your cloth. Rent your unfit or unwanted clothes on these websites and earn passive income without hassles.

34. Rent your storage space

Earning potential – $100 – $5000 per month

Do you’ve enough free space? Wondering how to earn money? Renting the storage space is great for you. There are few storage rental services available online, rent and make side income quickly. In fact, there might be a lot of home spaces where you can rent out. It includes storage space, guest room, basement, garage and more. All these spaces will make a good income for you. All you need to identify the perfect platform for renting your space. A right customer will reach you, communicate with them and close the deal. 

35. Get paid from telecom towers

Earning potential – $100 – $2000 per month

If you’re looking for minimal and no effort side hustle ideas, mobile tower installation could be the best option for you. Install the mobile or telecom tower on your property and make a good income. There are hundreds of telecom giants available in the market such as Bell Canada, AstraQom, BabyTEL, CityWest and more. These telecom companies are constantly spreading network boundaries. These companies are looking for renting space or property to install their telecom towers. Before approaching them, make sure to verify their authenticity. 

36. Earn from advertising billboards

Earning potential – $75 – $15000 per month

A billboard is popularly known as hoarding. It is an excellent and massive outdoor ad structure. These billboards can be found in prime areas or alongside busy roads. Simply put, billboards are the large advertising approach that attracts a large number of customers.

Billboards are becoming an excellent way to earn passive income. Alike to renting your property to telecom towers, you can also make money from advertising the billboard. Rent your outdoor space to advertise and earn money without any risk. Make sure your property is located in the prime area. If your property is a primary location, you can make a lot of money. Income may vary depending on the location.

37. Get paid from empty land for events

Earning potential – $100 – $1400 per event

If you have an empty property, call yourself lucky. The open plot could be an amazing way to make money. But how? Rent the land for someone who wants to conduct an event. No matter whether your land is located just next to your home or situated in a prime area, you can make money easily.

If you want to implement this idea then make sure the property is accessible. People should not face any difficulties to reach the location. Ask the renters to clean the space once they’ve finished their events.

38. Sell your art

Earning potential – $5 – $500 per art

We all have hobbies!!! Few people have a hobby of painting beautiful pictures, collecting stamps and designing jewellery. The hobby may vary from one person to another. If you want to earn money then your hobby will help you. There are few websites like ArtFire, ShopHandmade and more, these platforms allow you to list and sell your art without any difficulties.

39. Sell lesson plans

Earning potential – $500 – $61,000 per year

Teaching is not easy. This should be accepted by all of us. Since there are a lot of hurdles while teaching to students. A good lesson needs proper planning, advance preparation and much practice. Therefore teaching is the reward profession and high paying job around the world.

If you’re a teacher, you might be wondering how to make passive income without switching your careers. Teachers can make a good income by selling lesson plans to help other teachers. It’s no surprise outsourcing lesson plan and study material has become common these days. Teachers are earning $61,000 every year by selling their lesson plans. That being said, earning money by selling lesson plans and study material is a great hobby and an amazing way to make money for the work that teachers do anyway.

40. Sell your photos

Earning potential – $5 – $100 per image

Do you get your camera wherever you go, capturing perfect shots? Turn your hobby into the best side hustle ideas. Sell your photos online and earn money. The popular websites to sell your photos are SmugMug Pro, Shutterstock, iStockPhoto and more. Earn upto $100 per image download on these websites.

Keep in mind, people just don’t pay for the plain and boring pictures, it’s your responsibility to upload high-quality, attractive and excellent photographs. When you upload the best photographs, people can download and pay for you. Additionally, you can refer to other professional photographers and earn little profit.

41. Create and sell software

Earning potential – Upto $400,000 per year (Top performing software)

There are thousands of ways to make money, one of the interesting ways is to build and sell software. If you’re from a non-technical background and wondering how to develop a software, here is the solution. Hire a programmer to work on technical related stuff for you. After developing software, now it’s your job to sell the software. There are several ways to promote your product. Email marketing – Discuss your new software with your friends, customers or clients by dropping an email. Later, publish on your social networking channels about the software.

Selling software can be a great business. With the right software, you can build it once and sell it several times. Also, the profit margin is more when compared to selling a physical product.

42. Record a podcast and share inspiring stories

Earning potential – $500 – $900 per episode

Podcasts are trending and for the good reason. A podcast is an audio file on a specific topic that is ranging from travel to the movie. People are getting busier day by day, they’re looking for alternative ways to get content. One of the best side hustle ideas is “Podcast”. It’s said that podcasts are a great opportunity to improve the audience and earn income online. Starting a podcast may sound like making videos for YouTube channels. People tell interesting and inspiring stories through podcasts to make a good income. Come up with a list of inspiring and unique stories that attract audiences. These are super hot nowadays, podcasts are mostly found on Spotify, iTunes and more.

43. Narrate audiobook

Earning potential – $100 – $500 per hour

It’s no surprise that the audiobook niche is thriving, yet 5% of books are in the audio format. If you have a good voice that is absolutely suitable for recording or have experience in acting background, narrating audiobooks could be the best idea to make extra money on the side. You don’t need to write a book, all you need to record the audio versions of the book. There are few popular websites such as ACX that connects audiobook performers with popular authors.

44. Do micro-jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Earning potential – $50 – $1000 per day

Planning to earn side income in your free time? Yes!!! Get registered to Amazon Mechanical Turk right away. Start applying for micro jobs, there are thousands of tasks available on MTruck. It’s simple and easy to choose the microtask that meets your skill and interest. These include micro jobs like identifying the objects in a picture, researching information, data deduplication, filling out survey data, writing content and more.

  • Find the work
  • Accept and complete the work by following the instructions
  • Get paid

45. Local business consulting

Earning potential – $15 – $30 per hour

Have you developed valuable skills? Have enough experience within your niche or industry? Yes!!! Offering consulting services to business entrepreneurs can be the best side hustle idea to earn side income. No matter whether you’re a professional business strategist or web designer, there will be a local business entrepreneur who is ready to pay you a good amount of money to help them solve their issue.

46. Sell t-shirts online

Earning potential – Upto $10 per t-shirt

T-shirts are the most comfortable and lovable fashion clothes. If you can create a beautiful and quality t-shirt, this could be a great way to make money while you sleep. There are few popular services such as TeeSpring platform that make it simple and easy to run a t-shirt business. Because, the company is responsible to handle multiple tasks such as printing, sales and delivering and your job is to design and promote your t-shirts. Designing personalized t-shirts can make you earn more because personalized goods are crazier than ever. Customize t-shirts for men, women, kids and couples.

47. Get a commission-only sales gig

Earning potential – Upto 50% commission per sale

Want to make money? Ready to take the risk? If your answer is YES, earn money by offering “commission-only” for small and large companies. While you don’t get paid regularly, by implementing right sale tricks and strategy, you can earn a good amount when a sale is generated on behalf of you. If you’re a newbie, get started with startup companies and eventually you can learn and earn big when you pitch a powerful product. There are several platforms to brush up on your marketing and sales skills. The popular websites are Udemy and CreativeLive, sign up and learn the current sales strategies.

48. Teach English online

Earning potential – $12 – $25 per hour

Do you speak excellent English? Own a laptop? Yes!!! Here is a wonderful opportunity waiting for you. Teaching English is the best remote and home-based job for you. This is the fastest earning method for remote workers. English teachers are in high demand, especially in China and Canada. Apart from making money, teachers can interact with local and international students. 

There are few popular online teaching portals such as VIPKid, Magic Ears, Qkids, SayABC and more. The best part of teaching is that you can earn money just by speaking English. Keep a note, if you want to get registered for an online teaching job, you need to meet the requirement. However, the requirement and salary may differ from one platform to another.

49. Get paid for reviewing an application

Earning potential – $10 – $70 per test

There are several ways to earn passive income online, but one of the best side hustle jobs is “Mobile App Testing”. Before a business releases their mobile application into the market, it’s mandatory to test the mobile app. There might be bugs and issues to fix around. If you can find and fix the issues or bugs, become an app tester to make good money. All you need is a smartphone and a microphone to test the mobile app. Note down the issues, likes and dislikes on the application.

There is a wide range of testing opportunities available in the market. Few reputable sites are UserTesting, Userlytics and TestBirds. Before testing the application, you need to get qualified by completing the test. Once your application gets approved, you can start testing the application on your smartphone. The payments will be generated through PayPal or bank deposit.

50. Mobile phone recycling

Earning potential – $20 – $600 per mobile

Make money from your old mobile phone. Sounds fantastic right!!! Yes, apart from making money, you’re helping the environment as well by recycling your mobile phone and other electronics gadgets. Ask your parents whether they’ve old mobile phones lying around the cupboard or desk. These could be worth a few hundred dollars.

It’s no surprise that recycling mobile phones is a great business, there are hundreds of websites who are ready to pay good money for your old mobile phones. The leading websites are Mazuma, Simply Drop, Fonebank and Mobile Phone Xchange. You can also sell non-working mobile phones, but you need to expect only a few bucks.

51. Claim tax back

Earning potential – Depending on the salary and other factors

Many people work full-time, part-time or during the seasonable period. These people might be overpaying tax every month. If you’re running out of money, claiming your income tax back is the good method. Many employees are claiming their tax during emergencies.

53. Get cashback when shopping

Earning potential – 5% to 15% cash back on every purchase

As a kid, you might notice that your parents are taking advantage of coupons, discounts and sales to save money. Currently, getting working coupons can be a time-consuming process. Therefore, there are few coupons and rewards sites that are changing the way customers shop and save.

Cashback and reward programs are not a new thing, but advanced technology is reinventing them in a better way. These days, customers are looking for the best deal to save their money. The popular cashback websites help to save money are Capital One Shopping, Earny, Dosh, MyPoints and more. Shop through these platforms and get 5% to 15% cashback on your every purchase.

53. Listen and review music for money

Earning potential – $4 – $20 per song

If you love music, make it your business by listing and reviewing unsigned bands and artists online for cash. All you need to do is sign to the website and boost your income potential. Music Xray, WeLocalize, Current.us, RadioEarn and Research.fm are the popular websites that pay you to listen and provide feedback for the music. Most of the music lovers are earning around $600 per year. Sign up to these rewarding websites and make money while you’re travelling, working at the office and during your leisure time.

54. Sell your notes

Earning potential – Upto $450 per notes

Are you an intelligent and struggling student? Do you face difficulties managing your college fee or other expenses? Then for sure, you might be doing a part-time job to manage your finances. There are several ways to fuel income. Here is one of the best side hustle ideas that can help you earn passive income.

Since you’re a student you may not have enough time to handle multiple side hustles, but you can make extra income without extra time or extra effort. Turn your notes or study material to real cash. Yes, it’s selling your notes and study materials online. 

Start selling your notes or previous notes that you no longer require and make side cash. Selling your notes and study materials doesn’t need any additional effort. There are several websites where you can sell your notes. The leading websites are Course Hero, Nexus Notes, Notesale and Notesmate. These websites connect students across the world to help them exchange notes. Upload your notes and study materials on these sites, set the price and make money whenever a student downloads your notes.

55. Buy and sell domain names

Earning potential – Upto $100,000 per year

Everybody wants money. Many people get stuck by following the wrong path and end up in terrible disasters. Buying and selling domains are such a case that many people choose to earn passive income.

Buying and selling domains are the extraordinary side hustle business that many people do at the comfort of their home. Just like other businesses, domain flipping requires lots of practice and expertise to become a successful domain flipper. If you’re a newbie to domain flipping you need to consider many things

  • Know your budget
  • Select the profitable niche
  • Find the best place to buy domains
  • Check domain availability
  • Buy a domain name with high page-rank
  • Look for different places to sell the domains
  • Search for the place that provides real value
  • Estimate the price
  • Promote your domains
  • Be aware of the risks

These are the important details you need to consider while domain flipping with ease. Get started by learning the tricks and tips. As a beginner, it could be beneficial to invest a little amount.

56. Mystery shopping

Earning potential – $150 – $200 per year

Mystery shopping was a bigger blast this year. Whether you’re a student or homemaker, mystery shopping is one of the best side hustle jobs. Mystery shopping is the easiest and flexible paid job that involves anonymously visiting several organizations to check whether the standards are met or not. Consider, checking the customer service or tidiness of the business. It’s just not bound to checking the customer service, you can check the taste at a restaurant, counting the number of trains and more. These are probably called mystery dining and mystery train counting.

Become a mystery shopper and earn money for your time. There are over 500,000 mystery shoppers in the United Kingdom alone. Get registered to mystery shopping sites such as iShopFor Ipsos, Market Force, Clickworker and Mystery Dining by HGEM. These platforms are offering the best mystery shopping jobs for all age groups. The jobs range from visiting the grocery store and asking questions about a trip to a retail park. Select jobs in your local area, complete the task and earn quick bucks in a fun way.

57. Sell all your old CDs, games and movies

Earning potential – $10 – $20 per item

Do you have a massive CD or DVD collection? Yes!!! Perhaps this could be the best time to sell them for money. Most people admit to having old CDs, DVDs and games in the cupboard. Honestly speaking, you’ll not watch the CD or DVD again. Keeping your stuff aside could be meaningless, especially when you’re in a need of money.

The best thing is selling unwanted collections and transferring them into hard cash. Selling them and minimizing the clutter in your house is one of the best side hustle ideas. Before selling them you can copy the movies and songs on a hard drive or computer. Become a member of the Amazon MarketPlace and sell your unwanted stuff without hassles. Many people are earning $10 to $20 per item. These earnings could be really exciting when you have a massive range of collections. These selling websites will pay you once your item gets sold out.

58. Babysitting

Earning potential – $5 – $19 per hour

When looking for the side hustle idea, many of them concentrate on searching for a job as a retail or cab driver. Earning passive income through babysitting is overlooked, but becoming a babysitter is an ideal job to make good money. In general, babysitting is a well-paid job. you don’t require formal training to become a babysitter, all you need to take care of the kid. Many parents are looking for women to take care of their children. Earn passive income as a babysitter. 

Know your limits. Yes!!! This is absolutely true. When you don’t have enough experience with children, don’t dare to look after the kids under three years as you cannot handle them when they’ve medical concerns or emergencies. There are few platforms such as Sitters and Top Notch Nannies, register and become a babysitter and earn money.

59. Usability testing

Earning potential – $5 – $15 per test

Usability testing could be a fun and exciting method to make extra income every month. It’s no surprise every business operates their process pretty differently, but the general premise is almost similar. If you want to make handsome money through useability testing, register on these websites – Analysia, Enroll App and MyCrowd. You’ll be given a microtask i.e visiting the websites or application. Convey your thoughts on how you feel while navigating the website or app. Test for half an hour and earn $15. The payments are transferred through PayPal or bank deposit. Keep a note, earning will depend on the complexity of the task.

60. Transcription

Earning potential – $2 – $10 per hour

Can a beginner make money through transcription? Definitely YES. You need not be an experienced typist to make money. There are several transcription companies hiring freshers to make their work done. If you can type at least 50 words per minute with 100% accuracy, you’re fit for the transcription position. Check these websites – Transcribe Anywhere, Accutron Global, CastingWords and DailyTranscription. you need to get qualified for the test to get started. The positions are open for local and international candidates. This is the flexible way to make money, no matter whether it could be weekend or weekday, set the flexible schedule and transcribe to make money.

61. Captioning

Earning potential – $240 – $1500 per month

Have you ever noticed captions and subtitles scrolling while watching the video? Many Times right. Do you know you can make money through captioning? Yes!!! Captioning is a similar micro job to transcription. But, you need to watch the video or audio and type the content of what you hear. 

If you’re interested in transcribing jobs, check these captioning websites such as Fiverr, CrowdSurf and REV. People are earning a minimum of $240 per month for completing the task. The more videos you write the caption, the more money you can get.

62. Moderation

Earning potential – $10 – $18 per hour

The internet is massive!!! Businesses are looking for help especially to handle their social media accounts. If you’re planning to make good money in an easy way, becoming a moderator can be a solid choice for you.

Small and large businesses concentrate on social media profiles to improve their brand awareness and conversions. As the business has multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, handling and managing these accounts can be a difficult task for them. Therefore businesses are looking for moderators to handle their social media accounts. 

63. GPT Programme

Earning potential – $4 – $100 per task

GPT is popularly called “Get Paid To”. If you want to make money without stepping out from your home, join the GPT program right away. These programs are becoming popular among all age groups. These processes work in a simple way. You make money just by registering for websites, subscribing to newsletters, completing the surveys, writing reviews, watching videos, playing games, participating in quiz and more.

Sounds easy right!!! These might be the best option for the people who don’t have professional experience or skill set but are eager to make money. Signing to a website may require a couple of minutes. Participating in online surveys is a legitimate way to make money. Also, answering questions is the easiest approach. The survey topics and questionnaires may range from politics to the latest technology. GPT programs are the best way to make good passive income.

These are suitable for people who don’t have a skill set but want to earn extra money. Taking online surveys is simple- register with a few legitimate paid survey sites and answer questions. The topics range from shopping to politics. This might not help you make a living, but you can earn good pocket money. Swagbucks and PrizeRebel are the popular and trusted “Get Paid To” websites.

64. Designing themes

Earning potential – $10 – $22 per theme

Can you make money by designing unique and attractive themes? Of Course YES!!! As more and more users are seeking an online presence, whether it could be websites or blogs, the demand for themes is increasing.

If you’re a technical expert or have good knowledge of web designing, making money through designing the themes could be the easiest way for you. There is no investment required to design templates. Create attractive themes and sell them to make good money. There are few trusted websites such as ThemeForest, TemplateMonster, etc for selling themes. These marketplaces will make your templates sold at the best price. Upload and sell your templates or themes to make passive money.

65. Selling your own brand

Earning potential – Upto 50% per sale

There are several ways to earn money from home. All you need to know the “Art of earning money”. Be clever while choosing the option from the best side hustle ideas and stick to the clear money-making strategy. A little patience can generate good results. One of the best side hustle ideas is selling your own product.

If you’re interested in designing attractive images, you don’t need to bother about design your own inventory. When your design is printable on the product, get ready to make good pocket money. Upload your designs on CafePress, users will order your designs. CafePress company will print your designs and distribute them to customers. Create designs for t-shirts, mugs, books, greeting cards, calendars and bags. Earn a good commission on every sale.

66. Researching for others

Earning potential – Upto $20,000 per month

It’s no secret that writing content is one of the best side gigs. But if you cannot write engaging content or design a template, researching for others is the best side hustle for you. Work hard for a couple of minutes every day and make a good income by providing assistance through researching or online investigation.

AskWonder, Hobby Jam and RWS are few companies who are looking for researchers. Millions of people are earning more than $20,000 every month. Work according to preferred schedule and receive payments instantly.

67. Invest in stocks

Earning potential – $10 – $200 per trade

Want to make quick cash? Investing in stocks could be the right way for you. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough knowledge on choosing the stocks, there are online tutorials and experts will guide you through choosing the right stock. Follow them and receive high rewards. Keep a note, there might be a chance of losing the money. Take expert advice before investing in stocks.

It’s easier to earn a good income in a short period, the real earning will purely depend on the compound interest you make money on the long-term holdings. When the assets start increasing in value, your account value will also grow. There is no limit, you can earn millions and trillions of dollars.

68. Become a TikTok consultant

Earning potential – $200 – $20,000 per video

TikTok is a popular social media platform. The application is becoming a one-stop destination for trending content and mems. Millions of users are discovering amazing content on TikTok. Did you know, TikTok can be one of the best side hustle apps for you? Yes!!! Becoming a TikTok consultant is the trendiest way to earn money. Small and large businesses will reach you for creating videos, engaging bios, etc. This could be the best side gigs for you as you can implement side hustle ideas from your mobile phone. Compared to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, TikTok is a great app to improve brand awareness.

However, you should have enough talents before starting a consultant business on TikTok. The primary thing is you need to know how to create engaging videos and attract users. If you don’t have enough skills, you can take a TikTok course and learn everything. Become an expert on TikTok to make a good income.

69. Sell greeting cards

Earning potential – $2 – $20 per greeting card

Giving and receiving greeting cards from your friends or family are memorable days. Whether it could be a birthday or new year, a greeting card is worth it. If you have a talent for choosing the perfect greeting card for several occasions, this could be an amazing way to earn income online. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars as an investment. There are few online photos making tools such as Photoshop, Canva and more. Try these tools and create attractive and good-looking greeting cards. There are a few marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon, upload greeting cards and earn good pocket money.

70. Create how-to videos

Earning potential – $5 for 1000 views

Have you ever thought of starting a side hustle to make money during your free time? Among all the side gigs making money through videos is tending. Creating videos and earning extra income on the side is the simplest way. You don’t need to invest millions of dollars to implement this strategy. A smartphone or laptop and video-editing software are required. All you need to do is create a profile on YouTube. Now start creating “How-to” videos and upload them on your channel. These days “How-to” videos are trending. For example, if you’re a fitness enthusiast, create videos on “how to lose weight naturally?” “how to exercise to burn fat?”.

Share interesting videos to attract a wide number of audience. At the initial stage, you may have less follower base. But once you start sharing interesting and engaging videos, you’ll become popular in a short period of time. Once your video is viewed by 1000 people, your earnings will start. The more people watch your video the more money you can make.

71. Sell advertising on your videos

Earning potential – $5 for 1000 views

Are you wondering how to earn income on YouTube? Running ads on your videos is the obvious approach to make money. To be honest, running other business ads is probably the best side hustle idea.

You might upload thousands of videos on your YouTube channel. Selling your ad space on your videos is probably the best strategy to earn income. Make sure, you need to have a good amount of traffic and subscribers for your channel. The more subscribers you’ve, the more traffic you can generate. There are few websites such as Izea, this site will help you to get connected with the people who are looking to advertise their brand. Advertising other brand products and services on your videos will drive good income.

72. Become a YouTube vlogger

Earning potential – $100 – $50,000 per month

Nowadays vloggers on YouTube have an excellent followers base. In fact, vloggers are becoming more and more popular by presenting attractive videos on their channel. Also, the best way to make money as a vlogger is advertising other brand products or services on your videos. Becoming a YouTube vlogger is simple and easy. Create a YouTube channel and upload videos every day. Promote your channel and grow your audience. Once you’ve reached enough followers, accept advertisements on your videos to drive income.

73. Travel reviews

Earning potential – $100 – $2000 per week

Do you love visiting places and adventures? Yes!!! You can make money while travelling. Earn side income by writing travel reviews.

Travel reviewers are travellers who love visiting new places and finding the best places to eat and drink. Also, reviewers will suggest the best place for travellers for rest and relaxation. Minimum requirements are camera and desktop and you need to write compelling content, record videos and capture pictures. There are thousands of travel websites available online, get registered and write travel articles to get paid. Also, you can start a travel blog and share your experience. With affiliate links, you can make a good income with your travel blog.

74. Portrait photography

Earning potential – $1000 – $30,000 per year

Portrait photography is popularly called as portraiture. It is aimed to capture the person’s personality through better lighting, properties and poses. Simply put, portrait photography is more than just capturing pictures. If you have a passion for photography, capturing the pictures and emotions of the people is the best side hustle idea for you. Portrait photography is the simplest way to earn extra income. Photographers are making a good income on weddings, parties and other events. From magazine covers to newspapers, portrait photography is a wider niche, you can make a good income from several opportunities.

75. Content marketing consultancy

Earning potential – $18,000 – $22,000 per month

What is the best strategy to attract audiences? It’s none other than having quality content. Content marketing is one of the effective ways to improve business. Business needs to create quality and relevant content to drive profits. Few businesses are seeking help to produce great content. If you’re expert in content marketing techniques, create engaging content and know the tips to attract new audiences then this could be the amazing side hustle idea for you.

76. Event management

Earning potential – $20,000 – $55,000 per year

Want to become a part of the growing industry around the globe? Yes!!! Start event management or planner business. Currently, event planners are earning high-income. Business or individuals often hire an event planner to conduct and manage their events. Simply put, they conduct almost every event that is ranging from a birthday party to international conferences.

Event management or event planner is the excellent side business around the globe. Most of the event organizers are making good income during festival seasons. If you’re a perfect event organizer, this could be the best opportunity to make extra cash. Develop contacts with caterers, florists, cooking staff, workers and banquet halls. Utilize them and get qualified leads. Also, you can go online and upload pictures to acquire customers.

77. Wedding photography

Earning potential – $15 – $50 per hour

Wedding photography is a mandate. Don’t you agree? Wedding day is a big day. You and your spouse will celebrate commitment on your wedding day. Hence capturing every moment of your wedding day is truly important. Wedding photographers will capture your wedding day. These photographs will tell your story. After a decade, you may look at your wedding photographs and remember the special moments once again with your dear ones.

Wedding photography is one of the better side hustle ideas for the one who is good at capturing wedding moments. Become a wedding photographer and earn good returns. Basic requirement to become a wedding photographer is a high-dimension camera, eye for detail, poses and more. If you’re an experienced photographer, you can even make more money. Professional wedding photographers are earning over $50 per hour. Simply put, wedding photography is a rewarding and recommended career.

78. Beauty store

Earning potential – $20 – $89 per year

Proper beauty care is important for anyone. No matter whether you’re a student or a celebrity, beauty is the utmost priority. People always show interest in buying beauty products. It ranges from perfumes to lip care products. Beauty products are the hottest selling things around the globe. Open a beauty store online and make a good income. You can easily connect with manufacturers and get the beauty products at cheaper prices. At the initial stage, start selling perfumes, once your store reaches enough audience base, you can expand your business to other categories such as skincare and haircare products.

79. Food blog

Earning potential – $1000 – $50,000 per month

Did you know food blogs are one of the saturated niches? Yes!!! The niche may vary according to your choice of passion for food. Consider a few niches – baking, vegan food, organic meals, sugar-free food, pet food, budget-friendly dishes and more. Once you’ve decided the niche, build a website through WordPress. Select the excellent food theme and display images. This will help entice the customers to get connected to your food blog. Videos may help users to have a clear understanding of the making process. Promote your food blog on social channels to increase your audience.

Creating a food blog is fun and profitable. There are multiple ways to generate profits. Link your blog to affiliate food products. Create and sell a cookbook on your food blog. Eventually, you can make your food blog into a premium membership website. This way you can share food images, how-to-make content and more, the content is accessed for paid users.

80. Teach music online

Earning potential – $15 – $49 per hour

A music teacher is a rewarding job. Watching your students recording their first album could be the exciting thing for you. If you’re a music teacher there are multiple ways to make money. Build a website, this is to increase trust and establish a reputation. At your website, you can start selling learning materials and music resources.

Start a YouTube channel and boost your income as a music teacher. At initial days, driving the audience to your channel can be a daunting task, you can run ads and get an interested audience. On the other hand, teaching music through Skype is also an effective way to make extra income. This will save your time, effort and money. Because you don’t need to travel to teach music to students. You need an internet connection and laptop to conduct music sessions.

81. Interior designing

Earning potential – $25,000 – $45,000 per month

How can you add a new look to your home? It’s possible with interior designing. The concept of interior designing completely deals with making your interior space stunning and attractive with decorations, furniture and other ways. Become an interior designer and earn good money on the side. While you need basic knowledge about colour theory, knowledge of modern furniture design and more. Interior designers can make good profits in metropolitan areas with offices and commercial complexes.

Consider freelancing, choosing a small job is a good idea to make extra money. Build a website and personalize it with your services. This will help to increase exposure and awareness. Offering virtual design services is also an amazing way to generate additional income.

82. Car washing

Earning potential – $1500 – $10,000 per month

Do you have fun working outside? Yes!!! Car washing could be a side hustle idea that generates better earnings. Because many car owners don’t have enough time to wash or take care of their cars. Start a car washing business and make extra money. You can start car washing business with small equipment – shampoo, sponge, sturdy hose and polishing wax. Make decent money by sparkling the car.

83. Coffee shop

Earning potential – $1000 – $18,000 per month

Starting a coffee shop is a profitable business. There is no success secret while running a coffee shop, few people work harder, or luck or professional to get succeed. When you start a coffee shop, it’s important to serve 100% quality, because customers prefer quality coffee. Promote other services apart from coffee. It means you can sell cold drinks, snacks, pizza and other food to generate better profits. On the other hand, selling organic food is another way to generate passive income.

84. Sell homemade chocolates

Earning potential – 50% – 75% profit margin

Who says NO to chocolates? Nobody!!! Do you have a sweet tooth? Turn your chocolate love into a side hustle idea. It’s no surprise homemade chocolates are on high-demand. Whether it could be a birthday or anniversary, people celebrate with chocolates. Make chocolates at home and make good profits. Keep a note, you need basic equipment to start a chocolate business at home. These machinery help chocolate making the process easier. While starting a chocolate business, write down the list of items you require to start a business.

There are several ways to sell homemade chocolates and earn income. Relying on platforms such as Etsy, Amazon and other platforms. Create a seller account and list your chocolates to the customers. Create an online chocolate store and sell your chocolates without third parties involved. Don’t just create or list the chocolates and forget about it, promote your homemade chocolates on multiple platforms to increase brand awareness and conversions.

85. Merch by Amazon

Earning potential – $500 – $3000 per month

It’s no surprise Amazon is one of the popular e-commerce websites. People with no second thought place the order on Amazon. Merch by Amazon is the popular service provided by Amazon. This will enable people to earn money without investment.

If you’re a newbie, Merch by Amazon is the best way to sell your products or services. Amazon will sell them as their products or services. Without hassles, you can reach millions of users around the world. All you need to upload your designs, select the colour and type. Don’t forget to add the product description. Everything will be handled by Amazon from customer support to shipping. In the end, you will make money for royalty for your art or design.

86. Create and sell design elements

Earning potential – $10 – $50 per element

Good news for graphic designers!!! Create unique and effective elements and earn money just by selling them. If you’re a graphic designer create elements such as fonts, templates, layout, colour scheme, navigation and more. You don’t need any initial investment required, all you need is expertise while designing the elements. Make sure you design an excellent and outstanding element that customers can easily get attracted to. Once you’ve designed a set of elements, check Envato’s website. Upload your elements on the Envato Elements website, the site will pay you for every element sold.

87. Brand ambassador

Earning potential – $20,000 – $50,000 per year

Just imagine earning hundreds of dollars to attend an event. If you’re planning to earn pocket money, becoming a brand ambassador is an excellent option for you. Whether you want to make quick bucks or earn money for a long period, brand ambassadors could be fun and exciting ways. A brand ambassador will represent the business or a brand in a positive way. They help to improve brand awareness and conversions.

Small and large businesses are planning to hire a brand ambassador to represent their brand in the marketplace. Get connected with them and work closely with top brands and promote their products or services. Keep a note, you might be restricted to promote other business products or services. Read the terms and conditions clearly and agree to the agreement.

88. Video game testing

Earning potential – $10 – $15 per hour

Video game testing could be a dream job for most of us. In fact, you can make money just by playing the video game. Sounds amazing right!!! Video game testing is the excellent side hustle idea. As a video game tester, you need to find the errors or bugs in the video games. Find the bugs in the game programmers will fix them before releasing it to the public. The average earnings for video game testers are $10 to $15 per hour. 

89. Open a savings account

Earning potential – $1000 – $20,000 per year

Have you ever heard about high-yield saving accounts? This could be probably the best side hustle idea to make additional income on the side. Open a saving account and make money without hassles. All you need to do is choose the right saving account that is offering high-yield. Synchrony and Live Oak are few popular banks to open a high-yield savings account. This is the best idea for emergency savings in the future. People are earning over $1000 as interest through a high-yield saving account. Don’t miss a single chance to earn extra money.

90. Become an election officer

Earning potential – Upto $100 on election day

“Right to Vote” is one of the fundamental rights of the citizens. Apart from choosing the right candidate on the election day, make a good income, too. Yes, you’ve heard it right. There are few areas who require election officers to conduct the elections. Get yourself benefited on the election day by extending your service to make extra money. Keep a note, hours may be long, but you can earn good income for your work on the election day. Wake up early and cast your vote on the day, get ready to make some cool money as an election officer. The payment may vary depending on location. Generally, election officers are paid $100 per day.

91. Walk a dog

Earning potential – $5 – $50 per hour

Do you love dogs and outdoors? If your answer is YES, dog walking can be an amazing side hustle idea for you. Because most of the dog owners are ready to pay for dog walkers. Keeping it simple dog walking is a rewarding job. You don’t need to have a master degree to offer the service. All you need to do is create an account on Wag! And DogVacay, dog owners will approach you. Be confident and show your dog handling skills to dog owners. Charge a fair price like $10 per hour. In a day you can take 10 dogs and make good money on the side.

92. Make referrals

Earning potential – $1 – $15 per referral

Earning money for referrals!!! Sounds cool. There are hundreds of websites where you can earn money by referring others. With a unique referral link, people are sharing on social profiles, email and post on their blogs. Referrals are an excellent opportunity to drive extra income.

  • Google Apps – Earn $15 on every referral
  • Groupon – Get $10 as credits per referral
  • MyPoints – Earn 750 points on every referral
  • ShareASale – Get $1 per referral

Referring friends and family members to your favourite product or service is the easiest way to make money. Research multiple referral programs and boost your income potential.

93. Get paid for losing weight

Earning potential – $10 – $1000

Many people set their new year resolution to lose weight and be fit. While there are few people who set the resolution seriously and earn money. Yes, it’s absolutely true. You can make serious income for losing your weight. All you need to stick your goal and get money into your pocket.

Thanks to HealthyWage, DietBet and Achievement. Download one of the applications on your mobile phone and make money for doing a few healthy things such as eating right, tracking steps, not smoking exercise and more. Reach your goals and get paid through bank deposit or PayPal. Depending on the goal and time frame you can make serious income, you can even earn $10,000.

94. Become a life coach

Earning potential – $1000 – $40,000 per year

It’s an open fact that the personal development industry is booming. Many people are offering life coaching services and making money. If you’re interested in helping people then a life coach can be the best side hustle idea for you. Become a life coach and help people to solve their problems. Conducting group coaching programs is an amazing way to leverage your time. Instead of meeting people individually, conducting group programs can be wiser choices to make better earning. Life coaches often host seminars twice a month and change upto $1000. Also, you can write personal development books and sell them on Amazon or other sites.

95. Maintain fan pages

Earning potential – $100 – $5000 per month

It’s entirely possible to earn good passive income through fan pages. Social media is growing its popularity. Small and large businesses are growing popularity, awareness and conversions on social media platforms. Also, celebrities, singers and artists have fan pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you’ve enough time and have good socializing skills, maintaining fan pages and earning income is simple for you. New businesses are looking for people who can handle their social media accounts, approach and help them to get more number of followers, subscribers and likes. Fiverr is the one-stop destination for you to get a job for maintaining fan pages. With constant effort and time, you can easily grow fan pages.

96. Get paid to watch TV

Earning potential – $10 – $30 per hour

Few people say “I earn money by watching TV”. The statement is absolutely true. Earn money to watch TV. This could be the best side hustle idea for the one who loves watching TV. Download the Viggle application on your TV. Viggle will track everything that you’re watching on your TV. Also, you can play games and your favourite web series on your mobile phone when you’re watching TV. This way, you can earn points on Viggle, these points you can redeem for excellent rewards. Watch shows and movies on Netflix and make money. Though the movies may take longer to complete, you can watch from the comfort of your couch.

97. Deliver during your commute

Earning potential – $20 – $650

Do you commute to work daily? As per the analysis, employees spend 30 minutes on commuting. While few have shorter commutes and few people travel for a couple of hours to reach work. There are several ways to make money during commute time. One of the best ways to deliver items and earn income during your commute. Download the Roadie app on your smartphone and earn more than $20 to $650 by delivering items. Listen to podcasts on your smartphone and make money. Also, your commute can be even more productive when you take an online class for students.

98. Participate in clinical trials

Earning potential –  $50 to $500 per visit

Health is wealth!!! People spent millions of dollars on healthcare, but there are few people who are making money off this industry. There are several hospitals, medical institutes and medical clinics are in the search of experts who can help them. If you’re up for participating in clinical studies, this side hustle idea is just for you. There are few popular websites such as ClinicalTrials.gov, CenterWatch and more, these sites allow you to get connected with several clinical studies around the United States.

These clinical trials will pay you around $50 to $500 per visit. The compensation will depend on the number of days required, overnight stays are added bonus.

99. Rate pizzas

Earning potential – Upto $37 per month

Whether you’re a teen or adult, pizza is the mouth-watering food for you. Because it just satisfies the hunger for anybody. Have pizza and get paid, sounds amazing right!!! All you need to do is visit local pizza corners, rate pizza and make money.

Fill your details on “The Source”. No need to pay a fee to get registered. Once your application gets approved, you can search for local pizza stores. Find the nearby pizza corner and rate the pizza over there. You’ll get paid two times every month. Here the payments will be generated through direct deposit or PayPal.

100. Resale

Earning potential – Depending on the product

Can you really earn money by reselling? A big YES. There is a saying “A person’s trash is another person’s treasure”. People are showing much interest in buying secondhand products to save money. People can sell their products online and in-person, for good money. You can even earn hundreds of dollars every month as a reseller. This is the best side hustle idea for you. 

Reselling is nothing but selling things again for better profits. People often sell unwanted things that they don’t require anymore. Also, you can buy products from the wholesale marketplace and sell them at high prices for better profits. You can resell products according to your choice that might be ranging from branded handbags to electronic gadgets. You act as a middleman, you don’t create the product. You just buy from others and resell to the customers at a higher price than you purchase.

101. Submit jokes or riddle to magazines

Earning potential – $25 to $100 per submission

People love reading jokes in magazines. Whether you’re a kid or a student, puzzles are the best fun activities. If you’ve jokes and puzzles, turn them into cash. Send jokes, puzzles or riddles to newspapers or magazines and make money. You can earn around $25 to $100. Make sure to follow submission guidelines, once your joke or riddle gets approved, you will get paid. Apart from jokes and riddles, you can also submit interesting poems and art.

Wrapping up

Money!!! Whether you’re planning to save for your wedding or pay off your debt, money is important. A little amount of money can take you a long way. It’s no surprise that your 9-5 job may help you rent, bills and other needs. But, side hustles are game-changing as they give you a lot of freedom, while you can make money at the comfort of your home. If you’re wondering how to find a side hustle ideas, follow the above-mentioned ideas that will surely help you earn income. The side hustle ideas are ranging from affiliate marketing to writing the surveys.

What’s your talent or skill? Have a look at the mentioned 101 best side hustle ideas to make extra income on the side. Offer quality products, a blog, online tutoring, photography or testing – The choice is yours. What comes easy to you will not be easy for others. 

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