How to Make Money Blogging?

Nowadays, small and large companies are whirling towards social media marketing. Do you think blogging is still an effective way to promote business? There is a resounding “YES”. For all the business, blogging can be the best marketing strategy. This can be an effective marketing tool with low risk and solid payoff. For many leading companies, a blog can be the ideal support for their marketing strategy.

Blogging is trending!!! 

Let’s discuss what blogging is. Importance of blogging? How do you make money through blogging?

What is blogging?

Everybody is talking about blogging. Did you know that there are over 500 million blogs on the internet? Yes!!! A blog is a perfect blueprint for your website. Businesses are maintaining and managing their blogs to build customer loyalty and trust.

Blogging is the process of posting content online. The content can vary from plain text to infographics. These are self-published by the blog owner. Blogging is an excellent way to stay connected with the audience. The trademark of blogging includes informal language, photographs, frequent updates, introducing new products and services. Simply put, blogging is an amazing opportunity for the customers or audience to engage with the brand. Blogs allow the audience to like, comment and share.

How to make money blogging?

Looking for several ways to earn money from a blog without a scam? Yes!!! Your search came to an end. There are multiple ways to earn money from a blog. Just by enjoying what you love. Start working from the comfort of your home. Bloggers can publish blogs and empower their websites. There is no particular limit on how much income you can earn through blogging.

Let’s dive into the topic, our team have researched and shared top ways to make money blogging online.

Get a Blog

If you’re looking to make a good income through blogging then your first step should be to get a professional blog. There are hundreds of blogging websites available in the market. Choose the blog according to your need and requirement. If you’re new to the blogging world, then our team would likely recommend using self-hosted WordPress for blogging. Get a successful blog right now.

Create great content

After getting a blog, now you need to create a blog for your audiences or readers.

Writing great content is all about your choice. Either you can choose to spend time by creating attractive content and build your brand or choose to move down an easy path by posting poor content. However, you should know that this path will get bloggers nowhere, it’s just a waste of time and energy.

Content is KING!!! As a blogger, you need to know the true importance of quality content. Unique and effective content is important to run a successful blog. The content posted on your blog must be high-standard. Because every day there are tons of blog posts that have been published online. It means competition is huge. Therefore creating a blog post with great content is important. When you write an effective blog then the audience will surely share your blog on their social media.

While writing a blog post, make sure

  • Content is well-formatted
  • Include attractive images, videos and infographics
  • Add internal and external links for additional content
  • Write a trending blog posts
  • Create a nailed headline
  • Provide accurate information
  • Check plagiarism before submitting the blog post

Affiliate marketing

Can you earn a good income through affiliate marketing? Of Course yes. Affiliate marketing is the traditional way to earn money from a blog. Small and large businesses approach bloggers and request them to promote their products or services on the website. When the product or service is attractive, the blogger will accept to promote them. This could be the easiest way to earn money from a blog, as they don’t need to create a product or service. All they need to do is promote the product or service on your blog.

Affiliate marketing is the process where a blogger recommends the best product or service to their audience or readers via tracking links. Whenever a reader or audience clicks on the link they will redirect to the website. When the reader or audience places an order, a small amount of commission will be earned by the blogger. Keep a note, there are multiple payment models available such as cost-per-sale, cost-per-click and cost-per-view. The commission rate may vary from product to product. A business pays more for web hosting subscriptions and less for fashion accessories. The choice is yours!!! With respect to your niche choose the affiliate program.

Google AdSense

Did you know that Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to make money blogging? Yes!!! Google AdSense is a win-win solution for bloggers. The process works in a simple way, bloggers should add the script from Google on their site. Ads will be displayed on the blog. When a user clicks on the ad, the blogger will receive payment on every click. These are known as “Cost-per-Click” ads. The more readers click the ad, the more payment bloggers will receive. You don’t need to work harder to make money from the blog through Google Adsense. Here the cost-per-click rate will be fixed by the advertiser. Simply put, Google AdSense is an amazing method to make money without hassles.

AdSense is an excellent idea to earn money for doing the things that you would love to do, i.e blogging. Google AdSense allows bloggers to display the ads on their blog and make money from their audience. Choosing the best product or service to promote is the best way to keep your audience engaged. Google AdSense is a free option. Also, you can remove the ads from the blog at any time.

Write reviews

Get paid by writing reviews. Yes, you’ve heard it right. As we all know product feedback and reviews plays an important role while buying a product. This way you can help readers and make money by writing reviews on your blog.

You don’t need to be expertise in writing the reviews. Just try the product or service that is related to your industry and earn money for writing the reviews. Though this process may sound exactly like a sponsored post. Don’t just write the review blindly, if you want to provide complete information about the product, then you need to try it. Choose the product that is relevant to your blog. This way readers would pay attention to your review.

If you’re new to blogging, getting paid by writing a review can be a difficult task. No worries!!! Approach the companies that are related to your niche and request them for paid reviews. Websites such as PayPerPost will help you to get paid by writing the reviews on your blog.

Paid membership

When you’re interested in sponsored posts, then here is the great news for you to make money blogging. An effective way is offering paid access to your audience.

It’s no secret that running a paid membership site is pretty profitable. Pick the best plugin and acquire thousands of paid memberships. This could be the popular method used by many blogging websites and get paid for accessing certain content of your website. Hurray!!! It’s time to create an excellent members-only section for your audience to get access to effective blog posts, audio content, downloads and more.

Sell products or services

Small and large businesses create and sell an amazing product or service to earn a good income. We all know that products and services will have a high-profitable margin compared to other revenue generation strategies.

Everybody wants to earn money from a blog. But earning a large portion of money can be possible by selling products or services on your blog. Introducing an excellent and high-quality product or service and earning money. Also, a customized product or service can generate more sales. There are several services that you can offer such as become a coach, consultant and offer freelancing services.

Native advertising

Let’s keep things simple and straightforward. Native ads are paid content. These days small and large businesses are showing more interest in native advertising. Because these ads are generating good passive income. Simply put, native ads have been one of the forefronts of generating income from blogging. If you’re running news or job blogs, then native advertising will work perfectly for you. Since these niches will drive high income compared to other industries.

If you’re new to native advertising and looking for native ad solutions then have a look at AdSense, Taboola, Outbrain and Mgid. These might be worth your time.

Direct advertising

Direct advertising is popularly called as direct marketing. It is advertising or marketing-driven directly from the business or brands. If you’re planning to earn money from the blog through a direct advertisement, you’re halfway for your success.

Wait a moment, previously we have discussed Google AdSense as the popular advertising plan for every blogger. But the truth is, AdSense has few limitations. The most-biggest limitation of AdSense is to earn money from the blog through clicks (paid per click). If you can manage and handle direct advertising then replacing the AdSense with direct advertising is the right choice for you.

Agree with direct advertising. Give it a try!!! The amazing way to get started is by trying multiple networks. Also, you can add a page on the blog and name it as “Advertise with Us”. This way people can identify your direct marketing services. Ultimately, you can make more deals within a shorter period.

Run campaigns for brands

Want to earn even more money? Yes!!! Running campaigns for other businesses is best for you. This could work perfectly for the blogs that are popular and have a huge audience base. This way you can help businesses reach their target audience by promoting their products and services on your blog. Businesses can drive more traffic and sales by running a campaign on your blog. Making money through running campaigns is easy. All you need to do is collaborations, creating videos, running webinars and more. There are a few blogs that run multiple campaigns to make more cash.

Accept sponsored posts

Accepting the sponsored post might be an amazing way to earn money from a blog. Yes, this is true. There are thousands of businesses that are ready to pay good amounts of money for writing a post for them. These are known as sponsored posts. When your blog has excellent traffic, then you’re lucky. Because many companies will pay massive amounts for the opportunity to sponsor a sponsored post. This could be an excellent money-making strategy that you need to learn.

One of the popular methods to find the sponsored post is through Tapinfluence. Honestly, this could be the best way to get opportunities for sponsored posts. Advertisers will find you within no time.

Sell a digital product, like an eBook

It’s no surprise that selling digital products such as e-book is probably a solid passive income for any blogger. Create an individual digital product i.e e-book and sell it to your audience. This could be a fair way to make money blogging.

The e-book is the success and secret ingredient that will look like a professional. This could be the best way to attract more clients and make some extra money while sleeping. Writing an ebook requires more time and effort. But, marketing the e-book is important to drive profit.

Create an e-course

Online education is trending. This allows students and teachers to set their flexible learning pace. Through online courses, educators can keep on adding skills and make easy money.

Online courses often make higher profits than selling an ebook. Create an e-course and request payment for premium for the expertise. Whether you’re good at coding or web designing, create a course where you’ve good knowledge and have the ability to make the students understand the concepts easily. Make sure to provide supporting materials to help students. It should include downloads, templates, slides and more.

Selling a digital product is a good idea. The same way of creating an e-course is another way to generate revenue from your blogging. Before creating an e-course, you need to carefully think about what you are expert at. Then create an e-course and help your audience. If you’re new to the e-course service, it could be difficult to get subscribers. But, offering an e-course for free will work. At the initial time, offer an e-course for free and later charge for certification.

You can easily create a course at Udemy. This is the popular leading learning platform that has millions of users. Make sure to create an e-course depending on the blog content.

Host a paid webinars

It’s no surprise that webinars are an effective way to increase audience and share engagement. Ultimately, webinars work perfectly to improve your business. There are several ways to earn money from the blog through webinars.

The direct way to earn income through webinars is through charging an entry fee for the online or live events. Users will pay hundreds of dollars for the admission fee to gain knowledge about the topic from experts. Also, bloggers can make money through product demo webinars. It means using the webinars to demo and sell their products or services. If you’re not interested in selling products then you can promote online courses and help students to gain knowledge.

Sell your blog’s newsletter space

A newsletter is an effective marketing tool to keep your business prospects informed with the new developments in your organization. All you need to do is select the best content and attract your customers. By sending special deals and offers, information about the latest products or services to the customers.

Bloggers can earn good cash by selling a newsletter space. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Businesses will pay a good amount for mentioning their products or services in your monthly or weekly newsletter. You can share advertising space in your newsletter and acquire fair money from it. Before selling your newsletter space to other brands, make sure you have a decent size email list.

Blog sponsorship

There are several ways to earn money from a blog. One of the popular methods to make money blogging is through blog sponsorship. If you want to achieve profitability within a shorter period, then don’t skip the step.

Businesses will look to popular influence blogs in their industry. If you’re running a successful blog, influencers will often reach you out and request for sponsorship. The process is simple either you can promote by mentioning their brand at the sidebar of your blog. If the brand is providing more money you can sponsor their products or services at the header section.


Quality and effective content are important for any business. Every business has its own blog and they’re searching for professional writers, proofreaders and bloggers. Apart from promoting your business, you can make money with your expertise. But how? All you need to do is register yourself on a freelancing network like Upwork”. Here you can provide services to other brands by offering services such as writing, editing and proofreading. The SEO content writers are having good demand in the market.

Create a private community

Online communities have been around for long periods of time in the market. If you want to make money blogging then a private community is best for you. There are few free plugins available online such as bbPress, Facebook groups and more. Create a private community on these platforms and earn money easily.

Create a niche social network

There are over 3 billion active users on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Creating a niche social media network is another way to make good passive income.

If you’re running a marketing blog, create a marketing social media network. This will allow you to have several opportunities when compared to forums. There are various ways to promote your business as the social network has attractive features such as groups, messaging, activity streams and a lot more. Creating a niche social network will let you have better control of your business.

Start an e-commerce business

“E-commerce industry” is booming!!! According to a recent analysis, there are more than 24 million e-commerce websites around the world. Over 51% of American users prefer online shopping. Get started with an e-commerce business and make money easily. You don’t need to be a technical expert to start an e-commerce business. With WordPress, bloggers can easily create their website or integrate their storefront into the blog. Also, websites such as WooCommerce and Wix are amazing platforms to start an e-commerce business. These platforms are offering outstanding features such as attractive templates, open-source, flexible, customizable, easy-to-use and more.

Sell templates

Templates are a powerful way to create a professional document without any risk. While using an effective template, you can get access to a handful of ready-made documents. This way you can save time, increase productivity, availability and more. Simply put, templates will increase flexibility, users can easily update and edit the project easily. Many businesses use templates to track and update their projects easily. There is much need for having templates to improve business processes. Because templates will save their time and energy. Selling an excellent template is another popular way to earn money. Yes, this will actually work. Providing templates for multiple industries will increase your earning potential. Businesses such as health, fitness and food are often looking for great templates to save their time. All you need to offer are an excellent set of templates and make income by selling them on your blog.

Job board

Want to make double earnings? Yes!!! Don’t skip this step. Creating a job board is another way to make money blogging. When you have a good audience base and a great number of return visitors, creating the job board on your blog is the right option for you. Offering valuable services and earning passive income is a good idea. There are few blogs who are charging almost $70 every money by the job board. Sounds like a solid income right!!! Yes, you don’t need to spend hours and hours to create a job board and make cash.

Private Bootcamp

Hosting a private Bootcamp for your potential audience is another way to make money blogging. With Bootcamp, you can help the audience to accomplish their goals. There are a number of ways to make money through hosting a Bootcamp. It includes hosting a fitness – 15 days “Get in Shape”, beauty – “Get bright skin in 7 days”, and other niches. This private Bootcamp will drive better revenue.

Write tutorials

Many bloggers write for free. But if you want to make a good income then never write for free. Writing tutorials is the best way to earn extra money. This way you can help students and others with your expertise. An article should consist of at least 300 words. Also, the in-depth and comprehensive tutorials work perfectly for getting links and also social media shares. There are also better ways to make income on your blog. Adding affiliate links for third-party business products or services in your tutorial is another way to make income. You can write a tutorial for advertising other business products and make a good income.

Take your expertise offline

Turn your online experience into offline and make good money. It’s no surprise that your blog will get a better income, there are some other opportunities too. That is offering your service offline. Leverage the expertise, knowledge and experience that you’ve gained through your blog or website to provide your services as a public speaker or presenter and make extra cash.

Create a fashion store with WordPress

Whether you’re a teen or an adult, you always want to wear fashionable clothes and accessories. Creating a fashion store and making money is another great way for you. Also, offering customizable fashion products will attract almost everyone. Creative and attractive fashion products always have good craze, offer unique to the customers and generate good revenue.

Creating a fashion store is simple and easy with WordPress. You don’t need to know coding or other language knowledge. Listing and selling your fashion products is super easy through WordPress.

Create a resource page

A resource page is a web page that consists of links and additional resources for the topic. Let’s consider a food blog regarding pizza will have a resource webpage that is dedicated to pizza. Creating a resource page will help to make money without any hassles. These resources will let your users know about the recommended products or services.

The resource page is an excellent way to provide an excellent and valuable service to potential users while making good income through affiliate links. Also, you can get income through paid placements. You can also mention good and bad links.

Sell graphics

Are you a graphic designer? Yes!!! You’re lucky enough to make an amazing income. Graphic designers are making good income through coding and selling their graphics.

You can sell your own fonts to others. This is the best way to make an income. On the other hand, you can easily sell scripts and typeface of your customized designs on your blog. Also, selling stock graphics such as logos, icons and vector images is another way to make good passive income. You can join popular marketplaces to sell your designs and graphics.

Create a WooCommerce dropshipping store

Did you know that more than 30% of businesses use dropshipping? Yes!!! So it’s proven that creating a dropshipping store is another way to earn income. This could be an effective method you can build an online store without handling inventory.

Dropshipping works perfectly. You can create a store and manage the website without any hassles. As a dropshipper, all you need to do is take the orders and ship them at customers doorstep. Your customers will not even identify who’s shipping their order. Many businesses are using WooCommerce tools to build an excellent dropshipping store. The platform is offering an amazing plugin that will automatically do everything.

Start a consulting business

Consulting is one of the great businesses of providing expert or professional advice to the people. The consultancy business can drive good revenue for you. Become a consultant and get paid by sharing your advice or expertise. Apart from offering your service, you can offer better advice, tips and strategies that help people to become successful. You don’t need to install or add a plug-in to start a consulting business. Yes, you can start offering excellent services on the existing blog itself. Make sure to create a webpage, users can request for detailed information. Create an attractive and mobile-friendly WPForm and ultimately earn good money.

Accept donations

This could be probably the last tip but not least, accepting donations from others is another way to make money blogging. As a blogger, you can start accepting donations from multiple ways such as adding a “PayPal donate button” on your blog. Also, you can include a “Stripe donate button” on your website.

Importance of blogging

When the blog is updated constantly with quality content, the blog will remain an amazing way to generate better traffic and improve the brand. If the blog is managed in the right way, it helps to boost leads. It’s no surprise that Google prefers the blogs that have quality content that is updated frequently. Therefore update the blog frequently and impress Google to get better search engine rankings.

Blogging is the perfect way to increase brand awareness, improve business identity, generate more traffic and sales. Within a short time, a business can be recognizable and grow customer loyalty through blogging. When the business starts blogging in the right way by providing unique and quality content through unique personality, spending time on blogging is worth time.

  • Blogging will improve search engine rankings on Google. Frequent blogging with quality content will improve the rankings drastically. Publish fresh and consistent content and earn rewards through blogging.
  • Blogging is an adaptable and excellent marketing strategy. If you’re planning to create an e-book of your business, blogging is helpful for you. Publish new blogs every day and excite your users. This way, users will understand that you’re providing valuable and unique information when compared to other businesses.
  • Users will check only quick and informative videos to make themselves out of boredom. But when it comes to deep information, users will surely check your blog to learn more. Simply put, blogs are a trustworthy and amazing way to keep users information regarding a new product, feature, latest update and more.
  • Blog posts are an ideal way for internal and external links. These links will encourage your users or readers to spend their quality time on your website. Linking to related blog posts is an excellent way to decrease the bounce rate.
  • Blogging will develop customer relationships in a great way. When your customers or readers get connected on your website directly, they will know about your business, product or service from the comfort of their home. Bloggers need to respond to their customer’s comments. Interacting with customers is a great way to build relationships.


Start your blogging journey today and make money without any hassles. By reading this article hope you’ve taken the time to think about how to start and make money through blogging in a simple way.

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