How to Promote Your Blog?

Blogging is fun!!!

It allows bloggers to imagine and think something creatively. However, imagination and creativity go hand-and-hand to become a successful blogger. Managing and maintaining a perfect blog might take a lot of time and effort. Spend quality time on your blog and one fine day your blog will work for you.

So, you’ve finally created a blog. Posted thousands of quality and effective posts on it. If you’re new to blogging then you would think your job has done.

Actually NO!!! A successful blog just not only requires effective and unique content, but it should be promoted in an excellent way that your blog reaches maximum exposure. If you’re planning to make money from your blog then you need to promote your blog. When you generate a good amount of traffic, it’s obvious that the money will be back to you.

If you’re new to blogging then you might be wandering around how to promote your blog? In fact, this could be the right question most of the blogger’s struggle with.

Let’s dive into the topic!!!

How to promote your blog?

1. Optimize your blog post for SEO

The perfect time to optimize your blog posts for SEO is during creating the content. You can also have a look at previous articles and improve accordingly according to SEO guidelines.

SEO plays a vital role in promoting your blog. Because it often helps to drive better traffic to your blog. There are several ways for a blogger to optimize your blog.

SEO tips to promote your blog


Research is an important process during SEO. Keyword research is primary for on-page optimization. There are hundreds of keyword research tools available online. Collect primary, secondary and long-tail keywords. Find the keywords that are related to your blog post.

Add keywords in your guest post

Once you have gathered a set of valuable and relevant keywords, it’s important to add them in your content. Start utilizing the keywords in title, subheading, meta title, meta description, anchor text and paragraph.

Optimise images

Don’t just blindly upload the image to your blog. Make sure to add a keyword during file name creation. Also, write a unique description of the image.

Add links

Adding links throughout the blog post is helping the readers for additional information. Quality links will improve your ranking on search engines. Don’t link too many links in the guest blog. Add sufficient links while promoting your blog.

Promote blog post 

As a newbie, you need to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to broaden your reach. These platforms will bring better brand exposure, traffic and credibility to your blog.

2. Research your competitors

This could be an important step for every blogger. If you skip this step you may end up losing something big.

Before getting started by promoting your blog, question yourself – Who are my competitors?

If you’ve not yet researched about your competitor then do it now. Research your competition in the market. Give a close look at your competitor blog. Pay more attention while doing a competitor analysis.

  • Identify your top competitors
  • Give a look at their website user experience and summarize their presence
  • Check their products or services and pricing
  • List their strengths and weakness
  • Check reviews
  • Review their social channels
  • Identify your opportunities and threats

3. Develop a blogger outreach plan

There are few bloggers who often fail to drive traffic to their blog. Because they prefer a passive approach while blogging. They just write a post and publish on their blog and wait for the traffic. Here the saddest part is that nothing will happen. Rescue from such cases by developing an excellent bloggers outreach plan.

Whenever you publish a blog, make sure you have a powerful and excellent blogger outreach plan. Think wisely while posting every article. Whenever you write a blog post before publishing, develop a blogger outreach plan.

  • Understand the requirement for bloggers
  • Set goals in-advance
  • Find relevant and authoritative bloggers
  • Collaborate with bloggers
  • Analyse and measure Results

4. Know your audience

Launching a new blog comes with a huge risk. But identifying and understanding the market will help bloggers to minimize the risk. Identifying the target audience is one of the effective marketing strategies to promote the blog. Before beginning the marketing efforts, the blogger needs to identify the target audience.

Many bloggers just start away blindly. All they do is create and post a couple of blog posts every day. They forget about “Who are the target audience?”. It’s important for a blogger to know about the target audience.  Who is interested to buy your business products or services?

Follow the below steps to identify the target audience for your blog:

  • Conduct market research
  • Understand customer purchase path and pain points
  • Know your existing customers
  • Employ multi-segment marketing

5. Post frequently

How often do you post on your blog? Weekly once!!! If you’re someone who is posting weekly one time, then surely you’re upsetting your blog audience.

Quality of the blog and consistency is the key to blog success. Creating engaging blog posts and consistently posting will help the readers to stay connected with your blog. Also, readers will get to know that you’re posting new content every day.

While showing your blog activity by updating with regular content, readers will get to a conclusion statement whether to stick or not. Also, the new audience will check how often you post on the blog. No matter whether you’re posting daily once or weekly thrice, there must be a consistent time frame. You can create a content calendar to make your task easier. Set a time for writing and publishing the content. This way you don’t need to get mixed up with multiple things.

6. Guest posting

If you’re starting right away, guest posting is an excellent method to improve your blog. Many bloggers consider guest posting as an effective way to promote their blog.

Guest posting is a 3-phase rule. Let’s give a look at each process

  • Research and submit a pitch
  • Create an excellent guest post and get it published
  • Promote your guest post

The success key to making the guest posting work is creating quality and effective content on relevant and authoritative blogs. However, authoritative blogs will have a good number of visitors. When you include the links in the author bio, visitors will surely click on it and visit your blog.

Don’t forget to promote your guest blog once published. Share on social media platforms, submit to Reddit and social groups, including links in the content and bio.

7. Blog commenting

When you start commenting on the top blogs in your niche, you’ll get the attention of other commenters and the blog owner. If your comment is useful, then other readers will go and check out your blog. And, ultimately, you might even get an invitation from the blog owner to write a guest post.

But, more than anything this is about relationship building – some great connections and friendships can come out of it as a result.

It’s those friendships and connections that will help you promote your content better in future. Just be sure to avoid dropping links to your content within the comment itself.

8. Email Marketing

Social media is ruling the world. Many bloggers are promoting their blog on social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Though it might sound true because these platforms have a good following. Now it’s time to switch to another channel for impressive reach i.e “EMAIL”. Many people prefer to communicate with their friends via email. Bloggers choose email to interact with their business prospects.

The excellent way to build a relationship with your readers is through email marketing. This could be a win-win solution to promote your blog. As email marketing is a good way to generate better popularity, drive new traffic and engage with existing users.

Build an email list

Without email id, you cannot reach business prospects. The best way to gather email lists is to request business prospects to share their email id by comments or chats.

Use an email signature

An email signature is an effective way to communicate your professionalism and expertise to your business prospects. Bloggers often place an email signature at the bottom of their email. This will help to leave a positive impression and make your blog stand out from the crowd. Including email, a signature is an excellent way to promote your blog.

Email your contacts

No matter whether you’re emailing to your friends, family, customers, clients or colleagues request them to share your blog posts. Always ask them in a polite way and offer a helping hand. When your contacts start sharing your blog, this will increase your brand exposure and awareness within a short period of time.

Ask a colleague to email their list

When you have a colleague who is working on a similar niche, then request them to email their list. No person will share their email list to someone. At that moment, give a commitment to share your email list to them. This way you can easily get the email list from your colleague.

9. Social media marketing

Want to generate more traffic? Yes!!! Implementing social media marketing is perfect for you.

Social networks are increasing every month. There are popular social channels and niche social channels. There are hundreds of opportunities for bloggers to promote their blog on social networks. But, using all the social channels is not a good technique. Concentrate on a couple of networks and drive better traffic.

Identify your target reader. It’s a well-known truth that people cannot use all the social channels available in the market. They use one, two or three social media platforms. As a blogger, you need to identify the target reader and what is the social network they prefer.

It’s no surprise sharing your blog content on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter is an amazing way to improve brand visibility, increase traffic and social shares. If you want to promote your blog on social media, you need to follow the best social media marketing strategy. Let’s have a look:

  • Focus on popular social media channels for your blog.
  • Engage with users on social platforms.
  • Interact with influencers and niche brands.
  • Participate in relevant groups on social media to grow your reach. 

10. High-quality content

As a digital marketer, you might have understood the true importance of having quality content. Quality content is the foundation for any blog or website. It’s a well-known fact that quality content will attract the right readers to your blog. When you write quality and valuable content, readers will likely share it with their friends. Create unique and effective content that is relevant to your brand products or services. Creating quality, unique and valuable content helps to improve search engine rankings.

Effective and quality content is the best way to generate high CTR (click-through rates) and backlinks. When more users visit your blog and share your content, Google will notice and improve your rankings on search engines. Because Google will provide quality content for the users.

Keep in mind that the best marketing plan will turn out to be useless when you’ve poor content on your blog.

11. Make your blog searchable

While creating quality content keep an eye on optimizing the content for search engines. It’s necessary to implement on-page and off-page optimization strategies to help your blog content be visible at the top position on search engines. As a blogger, you understand how valuable it is to appear at the top 3 results of Google searches. Therefore it is important to write the content according to search engine tips.

How, can you make your blog searchable? The process is simple and easy. Get started with keyword research, choose the primary keywords. Use these keywords while writing the blog post. Make sure to naturally integrate the keywords in the content. Don’t forget to provide links throughout the blog post. Link to an authoritative website and help readers with additional resources. You can provide internal and external links in your content.

Optimizing your content for the search engine allows audiences to discover, access, read and share content organically. On top of everything, this could be a cost-effective approach when compared to paid promotion.

12. Create a UTM link to track marketing campaigns

UTM stands for Urchin Traffic Monitor. A UTM is a sample code where bloggers add at the end of their URL. This is used to track their performance of every marketing campaign and as well as the content. There are five parameters that you can track such as source, content, term, campaign and medium.

UTM links are one of the most popular tools to capitalize on with your blog posts. Don’t forget to include the UTM link. The UTM link could be long and complex. This is an amazing opportunity to track your marketing campaigns. Bloggers can easily monitor and measure their marketing performance on Google Analytics. It’s no surprise that Google Analytics will provide bloggers with a set of metrics. Bloggers will have clear information about 

  • Where the traffic is coming from
  • Know which links the audience are clicking the most 
  • Group traffic by medium
  • Track your traffic on multiple campaigns

As mentioned earlier, URL links could be long and complex. If you’re worried about it then you can use URL shortening tools. Make your links short and manage your marketing campaigns.

13. Answer questions on Quora

We all know that Quora is the one-stop destination for sharing, learning and gaining good knowledge about multiple concepts. People look for answers on the Quora website. The platform is an excellent destination for engaging with an interested audience. For every blogger, Quora could be the best promotion opportunity.

Get started right away!!! Create an account on Quora. Make a habit of providing valuable answers to the questions in your niche. When you interact with an interested audience, people will identify you. In fact, Quora is the best place to promote your blog.

The common mistake done by most of the bloggers is they just copy-and-paste their blog URL and try to promote their blog. This could be a spammy approach. Don’t try to do it. Instead, genuinely help readers by providing them with valuable answers and tips. You can keep your URL on your Quora profile. When readers like your answers they will find your URL on the profile and visit your blog on their own.

14. Post on subreddits

Reddit is an effective social networking site in the market. It is the social news destination that will let the users talk, discuss and vote on the content that is submitted by other users. Subreddits on the Reddit platform is the best way to share and gain knowledge with the audience. Also, images and videos at Reddit are driving attention from a wide range of users.

Subreddits are similar to the Quora platform. Bloggers join and answer the questions to relevant or interested audiences. This could be the easiest way to share the blog post and improve brand awareness. If you write a new blog post don’t forget to share it on Reddit for wider exposure.

15. Flip your blog posts to Flipboard

Have you ever heard about Flipboard? If your answer is NO, then you’re missing out a great opportunity to promote your blog. Many bloggers are considering Flipboard to promote their products or services. Since the platform has millions of followers.

Flipboard curates the interesting stories that are happening around the world. Users can get registered and stay informed or get involved with the stories. The platform is the best social networking platform that will let bloggers flip the blog content to Flipboard. Since the platform is having millions of followers, Flipboard will let them read the blog posts directly from its platform. That means millions of people are reading and sharing your blog posts on Flipboard. Sounds fantastic right!!! Yes, this is the best opportunity for bloggers to generate better traffic to their blog.

16. Reach out to influencers

Have you ever purchased a mobile or laptop because a person whom you admire uses it? Many times right!!! People purchase products that are used by celebrities or influencers.

An influencer is a person who is related to your industry with power over your relevant or target audience. Influencers will have the power to influence the customer buying decision through their authority, position or relationship with the audience. Simply put, a top influencer will have the power to generate traffic and increase sales to your brand. Because the audience trusts the recommendations or suggestions given by their most-favourite influencers. Small and large businesses are approaching influencers to drive better traffic and conversions.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to popular influencers in your industry and promote your blog.

  • Search for influential bloggers
  • Split the influencers into multiple levels
  • Make yourself visible to the influencer
  • Reach them out positively
  • Build on your relationship

If you want a positive response from influencers you need to drop a pleasing email to develop a relationship with them.

17. Use heat maps

A heat map or heatmap is a graphical illustration or representation of information. Here the values are described by the colours. Simply put, the heat map is a data visualization software or tool that makes it easy to represent complex information. Users can easily understand the complex data within a single glace.

Creating a blog heat map is one of the effective ways to analyse user engagement on every page. These heat maps are an excellent way to visualize the information and make the user experience better. The heat maps are used to provide in-depth insights about

  • Which pages audience click on
  • When the audience visit the page
  • Where they’re planning to exit
  • What is their preferred content
  • Where they scroll

Use the heat map on your blog, ultimately you can effectively visualize the user’s experience.

18. Get animated

YouTube is a popular social media channel. There are millions of people uploading and sharing the video content on YouTube. As per the analysis, YouTube is the second-most popular social media destination with 1.9 billion users worldwide. More than 300 hours of video content will be uploaded each minute on YouTube. 

This might sound like a powerful and solid destination for cross-promotion on your blog. Hurray!!! You’ve got another medium to promote your blog. Create a channel on YouTube and upload animated content to drive more traffic. Make sure to create attractive and eye-catching videos to get maximum exposure, increase brand awareness and improve sales.

19. Slideshare

Slideshare is the world’s largest content sharing platform in the market. Millions of people share, discover and gain knowledge on Slideshare. The platform will continue to grow as an excellent destination for promoting presentations, increase brand awareness, boost engagement and generate better traffic to your blog. Create an excellent presentation and get millions of views without any hassles.

Every day you might be posting at least four or five blog posts. Whenever you post a new blog, make sure to turn the past into a presentation. Few bloggers turn their blogs as infographics. Ultimately, bloggers will publish infographics and presentations on SlideShare. This is the best way to reach the maximum audience and generate better traffic to your blog.

20. Online communities

Participating in online communities is the best way to promote your blog. Online communities can be denoted as a group of people who are sharing their knowledge with each other and seeking advice from professionals. They can place in multiple ways such as forums, their own website or on social media. Bloggers prefer online communities because there will be unlimited topics. Anybody can find a topic according to their interest. Therefore many bloggers prefer online communities for their blog promotion.

These online communities can vary from 1 billion people to 100 people who might be sharing their experiences at coffee shops in the city through the private Facebook or LinkedIn group.

The online community is the best source to drive excellent traffic. Because they have engaged readers who are already interested and involved in the topics. There are various online communities such as Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. Spend good time on building awareness, providing answers, joining discussions and sharing your blog when the context is appropriate. Don’t just post your blog link while discussing. This can make your profile block.

21. Create online groups

Creating online groups is another excellent approach to build an outstanding follower base on your blog. There are popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to create an online group for free. Here you can invite other people to join in. By creating online groups on various social media platforms you can drive huge traffic to your blog.

Work hard to get a good number of followers by providing valuable and excellent content on your group. Also, your followers in the group will support you by sharing your post on their social media accounts. Sounds amazing right!!! You can drive better traffic and sales without spending too much money. 

22. Participate in Q & A websites

It’s no surprise that the internet is an excellent tool to gain knowledge and information on the move. But, sometimes people will not be able to get answers for a few questions. Since your question might get expert advice or local knowledge. People often use few websites such as Quora, Reddit and TripAdvisor to get information. This might be old-school but there are Question & Answer websites available on the internet.

The popular Q & A websites are Answerbag, Yahoo! Answers, Blurt it, Wiki Answers and more. These are the popular Q & A websites, providing answers to the questions on these platforms. Your answers will remain for a longer time on these platforms. This could be the best source to drive traffic and improve brand awareness for your blog. Don’t ever recommend your blog just by posting the link without answering. Instead, if the context is relatable to your blog, write a clear answer and then provide your blog link.

23. Use social proof to generate more traffic

There are several factors to determine consumer decision making. How can you get a customer to buy your product or service instead of other brands? You should find a better way to influence customer’s opinions. This can be achieved by using social proof. The ultimate goal of social proof is to create a positive impression of your brand.

Ultimately, you should use the social proofs on multiple places such as social media profiles, emails, tweets, posts, etc to promote your brand.

Did you know there are multiple ways to leverage social proof such as

  • Request a feedback form and ask the customer to share their opinions.
  • Approach customers and collect feedback or testimonials directly.
  • Request customers to rate your blog articles.
  • Ask the customer to write reviews
  • Get testimonials from niche experts.
  • Create an online survey and share the results.
  • Introduce customer referral program.
  • Case studies

Display your best numbers. Because numbers are probably brain candy. You need to share your numbers such as social media counts, subscriber counts, download counts and others. Don’t worry when your number is small, but they are strong social proof. 

24. Blog syndications

Bloggers spend maximum time and energy while creating effective content for their blog. But no results!!! Then blog syndication is perfect for you. This is the best way to get more out of the blog post. Blog syndication strategy is one of the cost-effective approaches to drive better traffic and boost your brand. It is the process of submitting your post on the blog and then reposting it again on relevant websites or blogs. This way you can reach a larger audience.

It’s no surprise that popular and authoritative blogs in your industry will allow you to repost the blog post on their website and give credits for you. Many popular blogs will post your content and provide credit when you’ve good content. Have a look at a set of publication websites or network blogs in your niche that are willing to republish your blog post.

25. Create roundup articles

This is a similar approach to asking a professional or expert to promote your blog post on their website. The only difference is the roundup materials consist of expert feedback that bloggers collect and include them on the blogs. These articles are an excellent method to acquire quality backlink through collaboration with popular influencers, experts or peers.

  • Ask a question
  • Find worthy experts
  • Contact your experts
  • Edit and finalize your submissions
  • Publish and promote

26. Mention influencers

Mentioning influencers in your blog post is the best way to share your content. This could be the easiest way to build relationships with your influencers. Bloggers are earning quality backlink from the popular and authoritative sites just by mentioning or tagging them on their content. Implement this amazing technique and let the influencer know about your mentions. You don’t need to request permission to mention them on your content. For instance, you can add their best quote within your blog post. After adding, reach out to an influencer and let them know that you really admire them and that is the reason you’ve included them in your content. 

27. Ask your friends and team members to share

Sharing is caring!!! If you’ve supported friends and team members, ask them to share your blogs on their social media channels. Though the step may sound pretty simple for bloggers, this will help you to get your brand in front of large audiences. When a reader likes your content they will stick with you. Make sure to create attractive content and get them promoted on your friends and team members profiles.

28. Thank your readers for reading and sharing.

Readers are the utmost priority for all bloggers. It’s important to show gratitude towards your readers. Take a couple of minutes and leave a thank you note for all the readers for their valuable time and comments. Don’t be lazy to respond to your readers. This could mean the world to a few readers. Also, you can thank them for sharing your blog post on social media channels. Saying thank you is the amazing method to connect with your readers and show them that you really care and they really matter to you.

29. Run a giveaway

Whether you’re running a food or entertainment blog, running a giveaway could be an effective strategy for the bloggers who are looking to reach large numbers of readers, engage their followers, and increase leads.

Running a giveaway could sound like a win-win solution to seek audience attention to your blog or website. By conducting a giveaway you can increase your audience base and gain trust. Make sure the giveaway is set up properly and promoted in the right way.

If you’re new to run a giveaway contest, there are few platforms available in the market. The popular giveaway destinations are WizHive, Wazoku and more.

30. Write in-depth guides

Quality is an important factor in content marketing from the past few decades. Bloggers need to create well-written, in-depth researched information and visually engaging content. In order to gain the attention of readers and Google, make sure your content is long too. Writing in-depth guides can take a pretty long time. But don’t keep an eye on the clock while writing long content. Plan wisely and complete the in-depth guide in the short period.

It’s no surprise that in-depth research is important, the same way the in-depth guide is also important while promoting your blog. There is plenty of content available on the internet. Make great use of the blog posts and statistical information. Also, you can capture and include screenshots while writing in-depth reports. As per the recent analysis, content length has a great effect on search engine ranking, awareness and conversions.

31. Create controversial content

Create controversy content and make your brand recognised overnight. Keep a note, controversial branding can either make or break your brand. Bloggers need to be careful while creating controversial content. If you’re ready to take up the risk, controversial content is a good way to promote your brand. Many brands are using controversial images on various platforms such as blogs, social media and more. Stay respectful while talking about burning issues to promote your brand.

32. Republish your old content

Not every content you post will rank top on search engines. Some posts may appear on the 2nd page or few posts may not be visible. Even if you’ve written quality content and included keywords, it can be difficult to rank on search engines. Don’t panic!!!

  • Find the underperforming content 
  • Refresh the content
  • Republish

Republishing old content can be the easiest way to promote your blog. Give a look at your old content and update them accordingly. After updating your old articles, publish them and share the content with your readers. Simply put, the content may get older, therefore it is important to refresh to stay on the top results.

33. Post different type of content

No matter whether you’re writing your first article or 1000th article, publishing multiple types of content on your blog is the strategic way to promote your blog. Bloggers often use different types of posts such as lists, how-to guides, checklists, infographics, personal stories and more. Making a little practice to promote multiple content posts can make wonders. Because few types of content such as infographics and how-to guides are more shareable than plain content.

34. RSS feed

RSS Feed is an excellent way to promote your content. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. The platform is the hub for millions of users around the globe. RSS feeds are a fantastic source for the users, as it allows them to keep a track on multiple websites and blogs in a single news aggregator. Share your content with RSS. Here the RSS feed can show your content to the users across the world. Ultimately, RSS feed will increase the new audience and conversions.

A few days earlier, RSS feeds on social media was one of the great ways to promote blogs. Currently, RSS feed has gained popularity and attention by introducing blog advertisements and marketing.

35. Blog exchange

Blog exchange is the best practice to promote your blog. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The process works in a simple way, you exchange the blog with the related bloggers in return you expect the same. This contribution will enhance your blog promotion. Simply put, with mutual understanding both parties will get better traffic and increase new audiences. Both will share the brand exposure equally.

If you’re planning to implement a blog exchange strategy to promote your blog, then you’re on the right path. When you’re connecting them for the first time, it’s good to check and understand their blog. Then approach wisely and request them for a blog exchange deal.

36. Blog carnivals

Blog carnivals are an open environment. Bloggers can get an excellent chance to promote their content to millions of readers. These blog carnivals are hosted by bloggers. Simply put, a blogger will host the party online. While running the carnival, bloggers will invite the participants. The blogger at the carnival will create a post and summaries about the participant blogs through links.

The interested participants of the host can access the links according to their requirement. For example, if a host is discussing “best content marketing tips”, the host will access the link accordingly. This way participants will get a good amount of exposure and traffic. When you’re not a popular blogger don’t start a blog carnival. If you’re a popular blogger start by conducting the meetup. Check how many readers will turn up, when you get good attention then go ahead and conduct the blog carnival.

37. Visiting card signature

Visiting cards are also called business cards. These are powerful marketing material. This is the best conventional way of promoting your blog. These cards will help brands to build trust, authority in the industry. Many businesses use visiting cards to promote their product or services. Though this could attract only the people in your circle, investing in every promotion method will count. Keep a note, don’t forget to include your blog address or link in the visiting card. This could leave a positive impression in the long run. Also, you’re sharing your blog link to everyone in the best way.

38. Newspaper ads

Although the latest technology is ruling the world from the past few decades, newspaper ads are still considered as an effective and trusted source. Over 250 million people read newspapers. With millions of readers, newspaper ads are a better way to engage with readers. For great flexibility, cost-effectiveness, wider audience, quicker response and better engagement, a newspaper ad is the right choice. With the creative subject line and content draw attention from millions of people. Place the ads in a strategic way and get your ad noticed by maximum readers.

39. Speak at events

Is there any conference held tonight? Yes!!! Participating in the conference is the strategic way to promote your brand. Speak at conferences and tell about your blog. Speaking at events and conferences will help bloggers to create a partnership and build a relationship with smart people.

40. Use push notifications

Is there anybody who doesn’t have a mobile phone? Of Course, nobody is right. With the increasing number of mobile users, businesses are developing applications to reach their mobile audience. Using the push notification feature all the brands are reaching the target audience instantly. A push notification is an alert or a message that appears on a mobile device. The app publishers are responsible to send the push notification to their users.

Have a look at your analytics, the maximum number of blog traffic will often come through mobile devices. While sending an email is one of the best ways to reach the target audience, similarly sending push notifications to your audience helps to promote your brand. Audiences can open and access your notification on the move.

41. Optimize your blog posts for different languages

How can you increase your blog traffic?

If you’re looking for the right answer then optimizing your content for other regional languages will work for you. This way you can expect a little more traffic to your blog. The strategy really works!!! Because when you optimize your blog post, these will rank better on other countries. As per the analysis, 47% of blog traffic will increase by optimizing the blog posts for 82 languages. Content translation can be the smart move, use the plugins and optimize your blog post in a smarter way.

42. Write for the scanner

You’ve written a quality and engaging blog post. Also, optimized your blog post for search engines and shared the post on social media. People are subscribing and showing attention to your blog.

Wait for a second!!!

Just because readers are visiting your blog does not mean they’re reading your content. If you want to make people read your content, you need to create scannable content. Yes, you’ve heard it right. According to research, people don’t completely read the content on the blog, they just read 28% of the content. In other words, in-depth guides and comprehensive blog posts will help to rank better on search engines. But these long posts don’t make people read. When people don’t read the blog post then bloggers need to forget about sharable. The perfect solution is to write your blog post for scanners. Yes!!! All you need to do is smart work while writing the blog post. Use clear and attractive headings, subheadings, bold the important points, list, numbering, infographics, images and video. This is the best way to make people read your content and drive maximum traffic.

43. Look for interview opportunities

Did you know there are few dedicated blogs and websites for interviewing celebrities or successful people? Yes!!! These websites will showcase their personal stories and successful journey. If you have a successful and exciting story then you can showcase on these platforms. Reach them and ask for an interview opportunity. If they agree to conduct the interview then you’re lucky enough to promote your blog with a wider audience.

Wrapping up

Promoting your blog can sound like a scary thing. Do you think promoting your blog is really helpful to generate traffic and conversions? Of Course YES. It’s no surprise promoting your blog will take time and effort. There is no certain shortage of advice on how to promote your blog. Great news!!! There are several ways to promote your blog online. But those tactics are pretty complicated and take much longer. No worries!!! Following the above-mentioned tips and promote your blog wisely. Implement these solid strategies and grow your blog.

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