Best eCommerce Website Builders

Every online store or service provider needs an in-built shopping cart- irrespective of multiple integrations and affiliations. With the e-commerce boom, many businesses have flourished, keeping websites and other platforms as mediums to promote and sell their products. A well built e-commerce site helps the business owner to manage the orders easily, track the progress, and plan further growth in an efficient way. Here are one of the best 10 Ecommerce website builders that are easy to use and efficient in results. 


A website speaks what your brand and company is all about. Shopify is one of the best e-commerce website builders in the industry that helps you create an online business and run your online store at a go. From managing queries to driving your first sale, this platform offers end-to-end business point-of-sale services and features.

The interface is smooth, easy to use, and user-friendly. Even new users can build a website without much difficulty. Along with that, if you wish to add further integrations like- an exclusive sales funnel or sales channel, you can do that too. This platform has more than 3200 applications and offers an easy integration channel apart from the regular channel integrations offered.

Shopify is the best eCommerce website builder that offers the best-in-class end-to-end daily-use tools for websites to drive sales, manage tasks, and find customers with much more efficiency.

How Shopify works

Managing an online store is easier said than done. For any business to reach targets and drive sales efficiently, a proper system, which helps you sell your products anywhere, is necessary.

Be it online, or in-person, or over a call- lead management and customer assistance are one of the crucial factors to make your brand stand out from others. The little cute messages that pop up after you make an order or purchase an item makes you smile. Doesn’t it? Or a hassle-free process that saves your time and effort makes you trust the brand. Doesn’t it?

Shopify assists a business not only in speeding up the process but also by providing analytics that helps you understand your website’s and business performance on the whole.

Shopify Online store

Shopify offers over 70 customizable templates that fit your brand style and voice. With these tailor-made options, you can build a website without having to code or design with specifications. The themes offered are easy to use and you can list your products with a custom domain to start your business online.

Shopify Point of Sale

Are you an entrepreneur with a retail store? Selling in-person puts a lot of time and attention to the test. Shopify Point of Sale is an effective tool that manages the end-to-end office needs of your business. Be it tracking inventory, holding records, or managing customer queries- this tool offers easy to use software and hardware setup that helps you monitor your day-to-day transactions and train your staff to assist customers better.

Buy Button

Every online store leverages social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., to reach its target audience and increase sales. While running Ads, your target audience might want to buy the product instantly or save the link to purchase later.

A secured and easy transaction process contributes to delivering a better experience for your customers and also saves your time in processing the order. If you wish to integrate a flexible shopping experience, you can add a custom buy button on your website. If you are running a blog, you can integrate this buy button to turn it into an online store.

Sales channel

Multiple sales channels always benefit you in getting more traction and generating more revenue. If you have a product range of your own, listing them on online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay further boosts your visibility and improves your chances of tapping into a larger customer base all around the world.

With the Shopify sales channel, you can find new shoppers by sharing your product catalogue or targeted products to potential shoppers via Facebook messenger. Also, you can sync the inventory to online marketplaces and track the order processing with ease.


Ecommerce made easy- this is the perfect line that best describes what Volusion is all about and what it offers. Every website builder focuses on providing customizable themes and business-friendly software to acquaint the business with smart and easy to use tools.

But Volusion takes a step further in making your end-to-end business process more easy and reliable. Volusion is the best eCommerce website builder that transcends your business processes and customer service. The best feature of Volusion is its backend sales feature- which is designed considering the transaction and query handling requirement of the business.

Also, the website is built with multiple integration access that contributes to incorporating advanced functionalities to your website. The product comes with a powerful package of three important features: online store builder, advanced eCommerce software, and marketing tools.

How Volusion works

Having a functional website or online store is one thing and having a full-fledged marketing strategy to reach the target audience is another thing.

Volusion offers the combination of both- high-performing website or online store builder and also a marketing tool hub to make your Ad strategies more refined and effective. All in all, Volusion is an end-to-end eCommerce solution that assists you right from the basics to the advanced.

This website builder has hundreds of premium and free design themes with which you can improve the existing website design or change the entire design on the whole.

Once you have your aesthetics and usability features on the track, your real job- the task to make it reach the masses comes into play. Volusion offers advanced built-in SEO management to make your site rank higher, content marketing solutions like newsletters, and CRM systems to keep a track of your growing consumer needs. Here are some of the best tools that Volusion offers

Marketing services

Volusion’s marketing services are aimed at increasing revenue, getting new customers on board, and effective time management.

The tools are designed in such a way that your website can get higher ranking- resulting in subsequent higher visibility, professional pay per click services to generate more return on your Ads budget, optimizing the feed so that your products get visibility on Google Shopping, and engage with your target audience on social media platforms by analyzing the trends and audience preferences analytics.

Revenue Generation

Even if you have great traffic to your site, sometimes the traffic doesn’t contribute to your revenue in any way. If your site doesn’t have catchy click baits or content bytes that trigger the customer into buying your product or for opting your service, it’s all in vain.

Strong traffic when coupled with effective strategies helps business in generating more revenue in the long run. Volusion has a dedicated experienced Digital Marketing team who tailor design the strategies for your website and help you build more effective customer relationships.

Site design services

What’s a website without a beautiful design that explains what your brand is all about! Each business has a unique selling point and Volusion does the best job in capturing the audience’s attention with custom theme designs crafted by experienced professionals. You can custom create features that align with your business goals.


Offering a simple, yet effective online store setup, Wix is one of the best website builders for eCommerce. The website that they offer is easy to use, easy to integrate with other platforms, and above all, the owner is free to create, design, and develop websites the way they wish their brand to be represented. The platform offers personalised and high-quality websites. The software is ideal for promoting business, starting a blog or building a portfolio to showcase one’s work.

How does Wix work?

To get one started with, the platform provides its users with visually appealing templates. Having been equipped with Artificial Design intelligence Wix designs an impressive site followed by a questionnaire to understand the user needs in a better way.

Revenue Generation

The platform generates its revenue through its subscription plans. There are Website plans for professional sites and Business and e-commerce Plans. Since the free website comes with a subdomain and doesn’t allow one to have their own domain, the better to get found online through your brand is to go for a paid plan. 

Perks of opting for Wix

  • Unlike many other e-commerce software, Wix doesn’t charge a commission for all the sales one has done through their e-commerce site. This makes it a unique platform offering the users huge monetary benefits.
  • It provides unlimited bandwidth to the e-commerce websites, a free domain for one year, and $300 in advertising vouchers.
  • An SEO-friendly site and free plugins help in increasing the visibility of your e-commerce site.
  • It comes packed with features like a drag-and-drop editor, push notifications and logo maker.


Doesn’t matter how potential your brand is if it isn’t supported by a well-built e-commerce website that provides it with a strong online presence.

PinnacleCart is one such best e-commerce website builder that’s equipped with all the essential features an online store ever needs. A convenient administration interface, latest templates, multiple payment gateways, product features, easy check out, social media integration, email marketing tools, support options such as a live chat.

How does PinnacleCart work 

Out of all the website builders for e-commerce what makes PinnacleCart stand out is its inclusivity for all multiple languages and currencies. This provides the online store holders with a convenient experience to run a product-based service with customers internationally. 

The built-in marketing tools enable users to promote their online stores more effectively.

Marketing services

Social Media Integration 

With the right strategies applied social media integration works like magic that can bring huge traffic to your site. Having translated one’s storefront into a Facebook page allows customers to switch from social browsing to online shopping seamlessly.

Ad Campaigns

This can be done with the integration of Google Adwords.

Advanced SEO features 

This is a quite standing out feature of the PinnacleCart that enhances the SEO features that in turn makes all the pages fully indexable by the search engines.

Selling across other online selling websites 

Add-ons aid in exporting products to Amazon, Google Merchant, Shop Zilla, eBay, and other popular destinations.

Robust backend features

These are Newsletters, email delivery on the purchase of a product, launching promotions, online advertising, live chats with customers, widget designing, email reminders to customers who abandon their carts etc.,

Also, the platform offers a beginner-friendly experience to non-programmers.


It is a US-based website building and hosting platform. From features like customizations, integration and marketing potential Squarespace provides them all in one place making it one of the best e-commerce website builders out there.  

How does Squarespace work?

Squarespace has more than 100 aesthetically pleasing templates that adapt easily to mobile as well and are categorized according to their industries. This helps to set the first impression, hence draws more customers and voices the brand value for yourself. It also helps with a booking system, selling subscriptions, digital content, etc., 

Efficient management of online stores’ logistics 

The built-in tax tools such as TaxJar calculates the tax automatically each time the customers check out. 

Revenue model 

Most of the revenue Squarespace generates comes from its subscription fees and transaction fees. The subscription plans range from Personal, Business, Basic and Advanced plans whereas transaction fees are charged towards businesses for their sales that occur through their websites. 


The company is built to help business owners and entrepreneurs. It is designed with easy to follow guides to help the users. Weebly is one of those platforms that helps even those who don’t know how to code to build their website from scratch for their online store. Few of the website builders for e-commerce that uses drop-and-drop technology with a variation in the layout design. 

How does Weebly work?

The platform provides guidelines on how to start your e-commerce website for businesses or entrepreneurs. It can be accessed through the phone as well. The other features of this e-commerce platform include order, shipping, payment management, customer review along the marketing features that are intended to help users expand their customer base online.

Although the platform doesn’t provide much scope for customization unlike many other website builders for e-commerce.

Free services

Weebly offers a website hosting service, One-click SSL certificate as free services.

Domain Management

A domain can be easily bought from Weebly wherein the website and domain can be managed from Weebly’s dashboard. And an existing Domain can be easily transferred to Weebly.

Revenue model 

Weebly makes money through its two products called Pro Accounts and Google Adsense widget.

With 24/7 email, chat support and new help content published every week, it is one of the most user-friendly and best e-commerce website builders among many.

BIGCOMMERCE essentials

BIGCOMMERCE essentials is a Saas (Software as a service) based enterprise that offers flexibility in website building for e-commerce according to the needs of the online business. The platform is built in such a way that the front end and the back end of an e-commerce application is separated, such architecture gives the brands freedom to build in whichever way they want giving the customers an enriching experience.

How does BIGCOMMERCE essential work?

The BIGCOMMERCE essential allows those who want to set up an online business and sell their products to build a website by providing them increased scalability. The platform categorises the businesses into two kinds based on their Use case and by industry. The businesses that come under use case are Headless commerce, B2B, Wholesale, Multi-channel and international and the kind of industries it deals with are Apparel and fashion, Health and Beauty, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing and Automotives. 

The ease of use, design flexibility, website features, sales features, help and support makes it the best eCommerce website builder than most of its competitors. 

Sales tools

  • Access to Customizable URLs and robot.txt to boost SEO
  • Channel integrations with popular destinations such as Amazon, eBay and Facebook 
  • A page builder tool that helps in making quick changes and leveraging more sales.

Other selling features of the platform 

They include SEO optimization of the website, automated image optimization, product reviews, drag and drop page builders, email marketing services such as integration with Interspire and Mailchimp.

Revenue Generation 

The Bigcommerce essentials charge the online store owners whenever they make a sale through their website by charging a standard amount of fees.


Shift4shop is yet another e-commerce website builder that provides professionally designed, industry-specific templates that are fully adapted to mobile. The website can be SEO optimized and the platform also offers a lot of scope for customization. 

How does it work?

It is essentially a piece of software that allows anyone to build an e-commerce website from scratch without any prior knowledge regarding coding.

It offers features like shopping cart, store Design, Order Management, Product Management, Payment processing, customer support along with the features like Marketing and SEO, Mobile e-commerce.

It offers a web design tool and access to edit HTML and CSS directly.

It also comes with facilities like dropshipping and buy button. 

Revenue Generation

Considered to be one of the best e-commerce website builders, Shift4shop makes money on payment processing. If the users don’t use Shift4shop to process their payments, they get charged a monthly fee.


Bigcartel is a dropshipping service exclusively designed for artists to help them sell their work online. It is one of the best e-commerce website builders for creative business. It sells creative stuff like art, clothing, merch, prints, jewellery, t-shirts etc., It provides the users visually pleasing and sophisticated themes to customise their online storefront.

How does it work?

It is quite easy to use Bigacartel upon choosing one of their affordable monthly plans which don’t require either a credit card or listing fees.

Also, Bigcartel doesn’t charge any cut from the sales.

It offers free customizable themes, real-time stats, a custom domain, shipment tracking on their free trial.

Also, the sales tax is managed on autopilot mode.

Site Management

Although the Bigcartel is a simple software, it does assist its user with setup assistance.

It comes with a builder tool that is quite easy to use for anyone. 

The elements like colours, media and fonts can be adjusted without hassle-free visual tools.

Product pages contain images of the product, prices and product description.

The orders can be managed wherein the packing slips, shipment reminders, invoices can be printed.

Revenue generation

Bigcartel paid plans usually start when there are more than 5 products to be sold. The Platinum plan is the cheapest and lets you sell 25 products, the Diamond plan increases it to 100 products while the Titanium allows maximum products, which is 300 products.

Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce is a WordPress-supported customizable, open-source e-commerce platform. It is one of the fastest-growing and best e-commerce website builders out there.

How does it work?

Upon adding the Woocommerce plugin to any WordPress site, one can set up a new store in minutes. It is an extension of WordPress that allows the users to either build an e-commerce website or to add features like a shopping cart to an already existing website.

However one has to source their own web hosting and Security.

Building a storefront on this platform takes more work than most other e-commerce websites as it takes some level of creative effort. 

It doesn’t charge one with a portion of their profits from the online store. 

It has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy and support teams across the world.

It’s armed with  Paypal, Jetpack, MailChimp, Facebook, Google ads, Taxjar, Shipstation, Stripe, Square, Ship station, Woo Commerce shipping and a visa solution called Authorize.Net. which is a payment gateway to pre-orders and subscriptions.

It also supports startups and established brands 

Integration with other services 

One of the unique features of Woocommerce is its ability to integrate virtually with any service.

Website resources

The website has resources such as blog posts on how to sell online, marketing strategies, shipping and customer stories.

It has guides on Woocommerce hosting, Email Marketing etc., 

Revenue generation

Woocommerce doesn’t charge its users for any fancy extensions or themes. However, it makes money based on the payment gateways chosen by the customers such as PayPal, Stripe which charges 2.9%+$.30 per transaction through a US-issued Credit or Debit card.

Wrapping up 

Wish to integrate the best live chat software to your ecommerce article? Check out this article on Zeen blog.

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