100+ Ultimate List of Guest Posting Sites (Updated 2023)

Best 20 List of Blogs from our Curated guest posting sites

We have listed below unique top blogs from– Business, Marketing, Technology, Finance . These blogs are well maintained and have good rate of acceptance blogs which are updated and tested regularly.

Website/BlogSubmit MOZ Domain AuthorityCategories
ZeenContact for ArticleDA 50Business,Technology, Marketing, Finance
MeldiumSubmit Guest BloggingDA 45Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
MyVenturePadSubmit Guest PostDA 50Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
PostlingWrite For UsDA 50Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
InfoBeatContact for Guest PostDA 45Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
JcountContact for Guest PostDA 50Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
LocationarySubmit Guest blogDA 50Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
MyvuContact for BrandingDA 50Business,Technology, Marketing, Finance
TechmaishWrite For UsDA 40Blogging, Technology, Marketing, Social Media
ReadWritecontribute guest postingDA 80Startups, Technology, Business, Finance
TipsBloggerSubmit Guest PostDA 25Business, Software, Marketing, Blogging
Frugal EntrepreneurSubmit Guest blogDA 30Entrepreneur, Business, Marketing, Finance
W3JWrite for usDA 40Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
KillerStartupsSubmit StartupDA 60Startup, Entrepreneur, Business, Marketing
TListsGuest Blog PostDA 45Technology, Business, Marketing, Finance
TechGenraContact for Guest PostingDA 35Technology, Business, Marketing, Finance
NorthcuttGuest EditorialDA 40Digital Marketing, Social Media, Entrepreneur
Elite Personal FinanceWrite Guest PostDA 40Finance, Business, Make Money
TechRapidlyWrite Guest PostDA 35Technology, Business, Marketing, Finance
GeeksGyaanSubmit Blog PostDA 60Technology, Business, Gadgets, Gaming
GentlexpContribute articleDA 20Technology, Business, Gadgets, Mobile
BloggersPathSubmit Blog PostDA 45Blogging, Web Design, Software, Marketing
FalconHiveContact for Guest PostingDA 35Blogging, Web Design, Software, Marketing

Are you a blogger looking for ways to attract more audience and make sure your content reaches maximum people? Then marketing with these list of guest posting sites is the perfect way for you. More and more bloggers are taking an interest in the Guest posting with help of guest posting sites because it is the best way to attract more attention to your website/blog whilst building good relationships with fellow bloggers.

So, are you interested in finding guest posting sites for relevant niches and know more about guest posting and find best guest posting sites ? Then, stick till the end of the article to find out. What are you waiting for? Let’s start then.

Know What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting, which is also known as guest blogging, is an act in which you will be writing for others’ blogs or websites in your niche. This is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. It is a proven way to improve your site rankings and attract a lot of traffic to your website. And don’t forget to include backlines. While you will again do all this the other party involved will be able to offer new content to their audience. See the most important things you must consider to make the guest posting a success defining your goals. Yup, you heard it right. You cannot just dive into this and without defining your goals. So the first and most important step is to determine what you want to achieve from guest posting with help of guest posting sites.

Knowing your goal ahead of time will help you in making the right decisions and choosing the right guest blogs. The most common goals behind guest posting are to receive traction to their website, build a reputation within the industry, and lastly building backlinks. If you have top-quality content and the right guest posting sites, then you can achieve all these goals. But the thing here is if you want to get good traffic then choosing the right guest posting sites plays a major role. But finding the right guest posting sites is not an easy task. You don’t have to worry about finding the right guest posting sites because in this article you will find the best list of guest posting sites that are perfect for you.

List of guest posting Sites

Guest Posting Sites List

As mentioned above it is quite hard to find the right guest posting sites that will help you in finding the right sites for your niche. If you think that you can guest post on any sites then you’re wrong. Because guest posting in sites relevant to your niche will prove profitable for your website because you can attract targeted audience and get backlinks from relevant sites to boost your SEO with help of these guest posting sites list. In this article, you find the list of guest posting sites that accept guest posting for different niches. Check out this list and find best guest posting sites that are perfect for your niche. 

Business List of Guest Posting Sites

If your blog is related to the Business world that takes mostly about startups, marketing, entrepreneurs then you must post your articles in sites that are popular in the business niche. Wait!!! If you think you will find the big shots like Forbes, the entrepreneur in this list then you’re wrong. Getting your article posted on such top tier websites will seriously give a good boost to your website. But in this list of guest posting sites, Zeen has tried to focus on finding other websites that guest posting articles apart from the famous websites. Check out the best business guest posting sites list that allows guest posts.


Myventurepad.comSubmit Guest Post

Meldium.comSubmit Guest Blogging

Locationary.comWrite for them

Myvu.comcontact for branding

Frugalentrepreneur.comContact For Guest blogging

KillerStartupsWrite for them

W3J.comWrite for them

InfoBeat.com –  Contact for Guest Post

PostLing.comWrite for them

Jcount.com –  Contact for Guest Post

Gigaom.com – Write for them

SmashingMagazine.comWrite for them

Technology List of Guest Posting Sites

For any guest posting strategy, you must first find sites that are relevant to that particular niche. You can just post about technology-related blog posts in fashion-related sites, right? And it is understandable that finding technology guest posting sites that accept guest posting can be a bit hard. But you don’t have to worry as Zeen has done the work for you. Here is a technology-related guest posting sites that allows guest posts. Check out these sites and find the sites that are more relevant to the type of content you post in your blogs. Once you find them approach them with your blog post ideas and boost your website or blog. Check out the best technology guest posting sites list that allows guest posts.

TechRapidly.combecome Guest writer

Buzz2fone.comSubmit guest post

Tlists.comSubmit guest post

InfoBeat.com –  Contact for Guest Post

TechGenra.comcontact for Guest Posting

TechMaish.com – Write For Us

PostLing.comWrite for them

Centrinity.comSubmit Guest blog

Myventurepad.comSubmit Guest Post

Readwrite.comWrite for them

TipsBlogger.comWrite for them

Gigaom.com – Write for them

SmashingMagazine.comWrite for them

MobileTweaks.netSubmit guest post

TechieBuzz.comWrite for them

HitechDroid.comWrite for them

TechieBlogger.comWrite for them

Jcount.com –  Contact for Guest Post

DigitalInspiration.comWrite for them

TroubleFixers.comWrite for them

CallingAllGeeks.orgWrite for them

InspirationFeed.comWrite for them

SitePoint.comWrite for them

TechWalls.comWrite for us

W3J.comWrite for them

iTechCode.comWrite for them

TechAtLast.comWrite for them

CravingTech.comWrite for them

Finance List of Guest Posting Sites

Are you a finance blogger? Your blogs mostly deal with investing and finance and provide your audience with tips related to finance and help them save better. Then for guest posting, you must check out this finance guest posting sites that allow guest posting. In this list, you may find sites that really interest you. So what are you waiting for? Check out the best finance guest posting sites list that allows guest posts.

Meldium.comSubmit Guest Blogging

Myventurepad.comSubmit Guest Post

Gabbr.comWrite for them

IWillTeachYouToBeRich.comWrite for them

FiveCentNickel.comWrite for them

Jcount.com –  Contact for Guest Post

ModestMoney.comWrite for them

InfoBeat.com –  Contact for Guest Post

Investopedia.comWrite for them

Centrinity.comSubmit Guest blog

InvestorGuide.comWrite for them

FatWallet.comWrite for them

MoneySavingMom.comWrite for them

WiseBread.comWrite for them

SavingAdvice.comWrite for them

OneCentataTime.comWrite for them

PostLing.comWrite for them

FinancialHighway.comWrite for them

FinancialSense.comWrite for them

Mindpixel.comWrite for them

Digital Marketing List of Guest Posting Sites

Are you a digital marketer who knows in and outs about digital marketing? Your blog posts mostly consist of tips relating to content marketing, SEO, and social media then you will find a digital marketing site list that allows guest posts. What is waiting for? Check the list of guest posting sites out and find interesting websites that will help you in reaching more audiences. Check out the best Digital marketing, SEO guest posting sites list that allows guest posts.

Moz.com  – Submit Guest Post

Jcount.com Contact for Guest Post

Socialmediatoday.com – Submit Guest Post

Bloggerspath.comSubmit Guest Posting

Myventurepad.com – Submit Guest Post

Meldium.comSubmit Guest Blogging

Qiel.com – Submit Guest Post

SearchEngineJournal.comWrite for them

SearchEnginePeople.comWrite for them

Magnet4Marketing.netWrite for them

Searcheditors.comGuest Blogging

SeoTechyWorld.comSubmit for Guest posting

k2seo.comWrite for them

Myvu.comcontact for branding

DailySeoBlog.comWrite for Them

Localseochecklists.orgWrite for them

SeoNick.netSubmit for them 

Falconhive.com – Contact For Guest posting

Blogging List of Guest Posting Sites

In recent years, more and more people are turning towards blogging. Because it is an excellent way to make money. So if you have a blog that focuses mainly on making money and lifestyle blogs then posting your articles in similar blogs will be helpful. Worried about how to find those blogs? Not any more. Check out the best blogging guest posting sites list that allows guest posts.

Bloggerspath.comSubmit Guest Posting

Postling.com –  Contact for Guest Post

Falconhive.com – Contact For Guest posting

Business2Community.comWrite for them

Blogherald.comcontact for Guest posting

Bloggerstack.comWrite for Them

Copyblogger.comWrite for them

Falconhive.comContact For Guest posting

DailyBlogTips.comWrite for them

BloggingTips.comWrite for them

Blogsolute.comWrite for them

ComLuv.comWrite for them

SmartBloggerz.comWrite for them

QuickOnlineTips.comWrite for them

WeBlogBetter.comWrite for them

FreelanceFolder.com  – Contact

BlogGodown.com – Write For Us

Millionclues.comContact for Guest Posting

YoungPrePro.com – Submit Guest Post

BlogEngage.com – Guest Blog Here

Kikolani.com – Guest Post Opportunities

Allbloggingtips.com – Write For Us

Web Design List of Guest Posting sites

Does your website mainly work on web designing, web development, and WordPress? If yes, then you must find relevant sites in the web designing niche. This way you will be able to attract more attention from your targeted audience and build a good relationship with bloggers in your niche. Check out the best Web Design guest posting sites list that allows guest posts

Falconhive.com – Contact For Guest posting

Designrshub.comSubmit Design News

TechRapidly.combecome Guest writer

Mindpixel.comSubmit Guest Blogging

Thedesignmag.com Submit Guest blog

Logodesignerblog.comSubmit Guest posting

Onextrapixel.comWrite for them

Noupe.comWrite for them

Skyje.comWrite for them

WebandDesigners.comWrite for them

LightStalking.comWrite for them

IHeartFaces.comWrite for them

Colossal.comWrite for them

Inhabitat.comWrite for them

DailyArtFixx.comWrite for them

Automotive List of Guest Posting Sites

We will add soon automotive guest posting sites as in the process of curation.

Travel List of Guest Posting Sites

We will add soon Travel guest posting sites as in the process of curation.

Health List of Guest Posting Sites

We will add soon health guest posting sites as in the process of curation.

Why guest posting? – Benefits

Guest posting in guest posting sites is the best way to grow your personal brand and reach your amazing content to more and more people. Still, not convinced? Here are the few benefits of the guest posting that will convince you. 

Meeting and building relationships

Earlier it was hard to connect with other bloggers or website owners. But thanks to the internet and social media platforms you can now easily meet and connect with peers within your industry. Guest posting is the best way to meet people and build new relationships. So when you approach peers in the industry with guest posting opportunities. You can make new friends and as you know forming new friendships is never a bad thing as you see these connections will help you in discovering opportunities that will make your brand most reputable. Also if you’re someone who has recently started blogging then this strategy better to have connections within the industry, right? To help you navigate through the industry and understand things. Also once you collaborate with the blogs or websites and improve connections, you can do cross-overs, promotions, etc frequently.

Exposure of Traffic

As you see the main reasons why many digital marketers suggest and use guest posting is to get traffic or attract targeted audiences to their website. Writing exceptional content is one way to get an audience and if you think this is enough to gain exposure to your blog or website then you’re highly mistaken. Because no matter how good your content is you must promote your blog or website to attract the attention of the relevant audience. Guest posting is undoubtedly the best method to gain traffic. When you post your content on someone else’s blog you have a chance to reach a new audience. Also at the end of the post, you will give your website or blog link in the contributor’s profile. You will definitely gain more traffic with Guest Posting, make sure that your website landing page and CTA are optimized. As you see guest posting apart from bringing traffic will also boost your sales.

Social media following 

As you will give your social media accounts in the contributors profile your social media following will also increase rapidly. Social media is the strongest way to reach more people and promote your brand. Thanks to these advancements in technology and the internet, the boundaries have blurred and people across the globe have become your audience. So with a social media platform, you will be able to reach people. And with collaborating with other bloggers your social media platforms will attract more attention, So if you’re constantly active on social media and come up with posts, people who visited your pay may stay if they like your content. Also, don’t forget that your social media profile should be optimized with a website or blog link. If they are interested in your profile they may visit your website and generate more leads.

Backlines are highly beneficial 

Another important benefit that guest posts bring is backlines. Yup, you heard it right. Backlines will benefit the SEO of your website. Whenever you post on someone else’s website, although you may not receive any monetary benefits, you can at least give one link to your website in your content. Backline from a top website can work wonders for your SEO. Many people are taking up guest posting to get backlinks from other blogs. Backlines will make your content indexable and discoverable to search engines. So if you want the quality backlinks to help your website then approach sites that are relevant to your niche.

Brand Awareness

With guest posting, you can establish your brand within your niche. More and more people, be it audience or bloggers. Use this opportunity to reach more people and spread the word about your company and what you do. In every single post, your post, be it on your blog or social media to make sure that your brand voice echos. This is a perfect way to become more recognizable. 

How to Pitch a Article to be a Perfect guest Blogger?

So as now you have already understood about guest posting and the benefits of guest posting and also about the sites in a particular niche that you can approach for guest posting. It is time to learn about how to pitch a guest posting. As you see pitching a guest post is not as easy as it seems. If not done right, you may never get a guest posting opportunity. Also, you have only one chance to get it right and stop your email from going into the spam mail. You see the editors and bloggers are busy people. They have hundreds of things to take care of in a day, so they may not have time to check every single mail that comes, right? Also, there are hundreds of bloggers similar to you that approach them for guest posting opportunities. So it is in your hands to make them check out your pitch. Worried how are you going to do it? No problem, Zeen is here to help you. Check out these tips on how to pitch a guest post and become a perfect guest blogger.

Follow these tips and write a pitch that will help you to stand out from the rest. Let’s start then.

Interesting headline 

Oh!! You must be thinking about the same old advice. But have you ever wondered why every blogger talking about guest posting gives you this tip? It is simple because this is an important piece of advice. You see everybody has a busy schedule, they have their things to take care of. Simply put, they’re spending their precious time to check out your guest post pitch. If they don’t find the first line of the pitch interesting it is hard to say that they will continue to read it. So your headline is the deciding factor for them to check out your pitch or not. A good headline means a good start. There are more than 80% of chances of them reading your pitch till the end, liking it, and actually collaborating with you. So make sure you come up with more than one headline and run them through your family and friends. Along with your headline give them two or three options or variations. So that they could get a glimpse into your skills. 

Research, Research, and Research!!!

If you want your pitch to stand out then the only thing that will help you is good research. Yup, you heard it right. Researching the guest posting sites is highly important if you don’t then how are you going to understand them and their audience? Also what if the topic you have decided is already been published on their blog. If you send your pitch without research it will be rejected as it is already published. Researching their site will help you in understanding what type of content they are posting, their right style, and most importantly their audience preferences. Remember your blog has grabbed the attention of their audience and brought them to your website. So research is the key to your guest posting success.

Build friendship

If a random stranger and a friend send you a guest posting pitch, whose would you consider i.e., whose pitch would you check out first? Your friends, right? So before you approach the guest posting sites editor with your pitch, first build a friendship. This way you can collaborate for the long term and help each other out. For starters, you can follow them on social media platforms. You can like, comment on their post and communicate with them in DM’s. Step by step you can introduce yourself and the content type your blog deals with. Once you booth wavelengths to match you can collaborate with them on a guest post. Seems like a good idea, right?

Well drafted email

You will definitely send them your pitch through your email. So you must make sure that your email is perfect. Don’t drag it out. Be to the point and concise. Because if they find it too dragging they will just move on to the next email. Which you don’t want right? So make sure your message is less wordy. Also, the subject lines are everything. Yup, you heard it right. Subject lines are the first thing anyone will notice about your pitch email. If you don’t grab their attention through your subject line there are fewer chances of the editors checking the email. So if you want people to check out your pitch make sure you come up with creative subject lines first.

Don’t bug them for a reply

If you didn’t receive an email about the guest post then don’t go bombarding the guest posting sites editor email account with emails every day. They may be busy and have not yet checked out your email. So if you send them an email daily they are most possible to be annoyed and it will have a considerable effect on your relationship with them. Simply put, you’re ruining your chance to work with them in the future too. This doesn’t mean that you should not message them altogether. If you didn’t get a reply just ping them after a week. Just send them a polite message, don’t be too rude while asking them about your pitch. Be prepared to accept no matter what the result is going to be. Because this is the first learning step to do well with guest posting.

Editing is key

Before sending the final draft piece to the respective editor it is your responsibility to check and edit it twice. Because when editing your content you will find things that don’t fit right and also possible ideas that will make your content effective. Also, help you in sending a copy with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It is a turn off of many editors and also it is the most basic thing anybody will expect from you. Yup, you heard it right. You sending a piece with grammatical and spelling errors shows that you didn’t take your work seriously and didn’t put much effort into it. You don’t want to send across such a message right? Frankly, more than 50% of people will not even consider the pitch if you found seeping errors and grammatical errors in them. So to avoid such situations make sure you edit it twice. If you want to be sure that the pitch is perfect without any errors make sure you send it to your friends and ask their help.


Whether your pitch is approved or not, always ask for feedback. Why you must be wondering? Feedback will help you in looking upon and understanding the mistakes you have made in the content and as provides you with editors’ perspective on your pitch. This will help you in the future and as the world as a foundation to become a perfect guest blogger. Without a few rejections, you will never be able to understand the style of your writing and how you can make it better. So just accept all forms of feedback and improve yourself and become a perfect guest blogger and take your website towards success.

How to Find the best Blogs for Guest Posting– Best Methods Used

This brings us to the different methods to actually find the guest posting sites. Here there are different methods that are mentioned so try these methods and find guest posting sites that are most relevant to your website. 

Let’s check out the methods now.

List of Search Queries 

The most interesting method of finding different guest posting sites is searching on search engines. Yup this is definitely the most efficient method and you will truly find many reliable and relevant sites by following this method. It is simple too, you just have to use the advanced search query and you will find many results for a particular query. Go through them to find guest posting sites and you will find your desired results.

Search Strings to search in Google

“guest posting sites lists”

“guest posting sites”

“List of guest posting sites”

“Write to us”

“submit guest post”

“Blogs that accept Guest posting”

“Guest posts wanted”

“Guest Posting Sites List”

“Guest blogging”

“Free Guest Posting Sites List”

“Contribute to our site”

“Blogs for guest posting”

“Guest blogging Sites”

“Guest Post”

“Blogging Sites”

“Guest Article Sites List”

“Guest Posting Sites”

“Become guest blogger”


It is really not an exaggeration to say that Facebook has brought the world together. From connecting to selling, it has rightfully erased the borders and made the world one global village. To find the guest posting sites through this platform, you just have to put the keywords in the search engine (search bar) and you will find many results. Check them out and select the one that is relevant to you. Not only that Facebook is home for many groups, so do a little research to find out if there are any relevant guest posting groups. If you find any connection with them and find guest posting sites.


Finding guest posting sites on Twitter is similar to that of Facebook. As you see this platform is home for many bloggers, editors, and website owners. If there are any guest posting opportunities available they may post the details on their account so constantly follow them for regular opportunities. Also, you may DM them regarding opportunities and also build a good relationship with them. 

Competitor Backlinks 

With the right tools, you can find guest posting sites. Shocking!!! Yup, you heard it right. SEMRush is a tool that will help you in finding the backlinks. How do you find guest posting sites using this tool? You just have to enter the competitor site URL and then you will be able to see all the backlines their site has. Wondering how this works? See when you find the backlines of their site, you will understand where they got these links from. As both you and your competitors are in a relevant niche, you can approach the websites that give backlines of your competitors.

Featured on or Guest post pages

Another efficient method that you can use to find the relevant guest posting sites. Wondering what is it? This method is a simple method compared to the others on the list. You can find guest posting sites by checking out other websites with your niche. Not only our niche you can also check out other websites that are similar to your niche. The sites usually mentioned on which websites they have previously been featured. So make a list of all featured on websites from different sites. As they may still not be relevant just take your time and check each of them out to find the most relevant site for you.

Premade Guest posting sites list

This can be the best method out of all the methods mentioned. You can check out the premade guest post list. Yup, there are many sites that offer guest posting sites lists. But the only problem is they may not be updated. So before following them make sure that you personally check whether the sites mentioned are still in operation or not. Also, Zeen has saved a ton of work for you. As this guest posting list offered is updated and thoroughly researched. So you will find all the sites relevant to your niche here so check out the list.

Do’s and Don’ts of guest posting

As you have made it this far, it is now time to check out the Dos and Don’ts in the guest posting. It is important to know these things beforehand to save yourself from disappointment. Wondering why? Although your blog topic is excellent there are times that your post is not accepted. You definitely feel bad and spend a lot of time thinking where and what has exactly gone wrong. But you don’t have to worry because these do’s and don’ts will help you in doing the right things to get your guest posts published.


Read the blog beforehand

This is what most bloggers get wrong. The problem is that before you send your guest posting pitch it is really important for you to check out the other parties’ website or blog. There is a justified reason behind it i.e. when you check out their blog, you will understand their audience and the types of posts that are mostly covered in the blog. However, you just pitch your ideas without checking their blog there are high chances of your post getting ignored. If you don’t check out their posts, you don’t know whether the topic you have sent us your pitch is already covered or not. Also, you must know that when they find your pitch with a topic already covered they will know that you have put in zero effort. And quite frankly it will project you in a bad light.

Build a relationship

The major benefit of guest posting is that it provides you with an opportunity to communicate with people in your industry and build some good relationships. Yup guest posting serves as an opportunity to actually communicate with peers in the industry and collaborate for future projects. However, before approaching a particular blogger it is advisable to build a relationship with them. You can message them about how you like their blog. Follow them, like and comment on their posts on social media, etc. There are high chances that your post getting accepted if they already know you. Yup, because once you become friends they understand you and your ideas better. Thus increases the chances of the guest post getting published.

Strong title 

Do make sure that your blog post idea has a strong title that matches your content. Because the title is the first thing that actually attracts editors and readers. Yup, you heard it right. If the title is interesting people will naturally stick till the end to read. The same goes for the editors. If your blog has a strong title there are high chances of your post making it. Here a good title means the one that matches your content. See that your blog title communicates what your blog is about.

Send images 

See if you really want to make an impression on the editor along with your content and send them the relevant images too. Everybody appreciates the effort. Yup, you heard it right. When you put in the effort the editor will also see it and appreciate it. Also as you understand the post better than anyone. Creating an image will bring out what you truly want to. Also, it will save time for the editor. So if you think no one can understand the blog post like you then create the image by yourself.


Too many links 

The main reason why many people are interested in guest posting is because of backlines. So they usually link their blog too many times. So always remember that linking the blog too many times will do you no good. In retrospect, it will only leave a bad impression on the editor. See everyone knows that a particular post is a guest post. So you adding links more than necessary will do no good to your post with also deteriorating its value and your hard work. 

Stop using templates

Templates will do you no good, trust us with that. Agreed you may be nervous to approach an editor and you think that going with the template of the email will never go wrong. But the truth is that they will find out that you have used templates faster than you know. As you see they deal with hundreds of guests posting emails in a day. So they can definitely spot the difference. Also, no template is better compared to your own skills. So using templates is definitely a bad idea. You have to try harder, be true to yourself, and your skill. Most importantly be confident in your writing. Your email is also a testimony to your writing. So bring out your best.

Stop sending the same blog to multiple blogs

If you’re someone who sends the same blog post pitch to multiple blogs then stop doing it right now. Wondering why? Because apart from you getting exhausted there is nothing else that will come from it. People think that sending the same pitch to many blogs will be beneficial because at least one of these blogs will respond to you. But the truth is no two blogs are the same, they cover different topics and their audience is also different. So sending the same pitch to multiple blogs is pointless. If you really want to do guest posting. Then you must take your time, select a blog, follow them religiously, read their blogs, understand their audience preferences, and then write a pitch that will win them over.

Don’t waste their time

Everybody’s time is precious. Be it a writer or an editor. So make sure you respect the time of the editor. Don’t send them long pitches or emails claiming why your blog post is the best. Instead, let your work speak for itself. Also if you don’t receive a reply don’t bug them every waking day with your emails. It will only irritate them and leave a bad impression. So only send them an email once if you don’t receive a reply within a week and then wait. Remember if you respect others’ time they will respect yours.

Myths of Guest posting

There is no doubt that this is the most effective strategy that will boost traffic, SEO, or content marketing. You can get your work published and improve your brand image. Done right you can actually reap good benefits such as visibility and domain authority. However, there are some myths about this strategy that need to be debunked. If you’re someone who believes these myths then it’s time you stop believing them.

So what are you waiting for? Then let’s dive into the myths on guest posting that needs clarification.

Guest posting is dead 

This is possibly the most heard myths. But the reality is far from it. If you’re someone who thinks that this strategy is no longer viable as it is dead. Then you’re wrong. And if you have never used this strategy because of this myth then you’re truly missing out on many good things. This is still the best strategies to improve visibility, brand awareness, and traffic for a website. But one thing that everyone has to accept is that it has changed. But it clearly means that it is not out of radar. 

Suitable for an individual 

Most people think that this strategy is suitable for individuals as it helps them in improving brand awareness and getting more people to know your blog or website. However, they think that this is not possible for a business. And also they think that this will not work perfectly for corporate ones. But the reality is far from it with guest posting be it an individual or business you can reach your targeted audience, improve traffic and most importantly improve the reputation of your brand.

Not suitable for beginners 

If you’re someone who thinks that this is not suitable for beginners. Then its high time you change your thoughts. Agreed that it is not easy to break it and if your blog is already established then its a plus. But that doesn’t mean that beginners cannot use this strategy. Using guest posting will prove to be highly beneficial for the starters because it will help them in creating connections with peers and other bloggers within the industry and give them exposure to blogging. As you are new to blogging, starting guest blogging fastly can prove to be beneficial for your blog or website.

One size fits all

This is definitely a myth. Because if you think sending one pitch to multiple blogs works out then you’re wrong. As you see that is not the case. Because each blog has a different niche and has a different audience. Even if their niche is the same their expertise may be different. So if you think that sending one pitch for different blogs will work out in your favour then you’re highly mistaken. Instead of working out, it may leave a bad impression on the editor and they may think that you have sent them a pitch without any research on their blog.

Guidelines are the same

As you have already understood, sending the same pitch to different publishers will not help your case. Then why do you think that this will work out? If you believe in this myth then its time to think again. If the blogs are different from one another then why do you think they will have the same guidelines as others. So you must not assume that guidelines will be similar for all the blogs. You will create unique content according to the guidelines offered by the publisher. If you send the same pitch to all assuming that all the blogs have the same guidelines then there are chances that your pitch will be rejected.

Once published your job is done 

If you’re taking guest posting with this kind of mentality then you better don’t do it. Because as a guest blogger your responsibility doesn’t end there, always remember that. It is common as most people think that once the post is published then your work is done. But the truth is far from it. As you see here is where your responsibility actually starts. If you want to see results fast & better then you must take up the responsibility and promote the blog on social media. This enough will not do the job, you must interact with your audience on the post in the blog and social media. This way you’re increasing the exposure of your post. 


Guest posting is definitely the best strategy that will bring exposure, traffic, visibility, and brand awareness. With time the guest posting strategy has also undergone many changes. To create unique content and approach different blogs and websites in your niche. Agreed that it is quite hard to find relevant sites that accept guest posting. To save you from the trouble of finding the guest posting sites our team has put forward the effort and gathered a list of guest posting sites you can approach. Use this list to improve your website’s traffic, SEO, and branding.


This disclaimer is a fair warning to the user that this article anywhere guarantees or assures that above-mentioned guest posting sites will definitely accept your content. The purpose of the list is to just act as a guide or reference for bloggers/people who are searching for sites to contribute. Zeen in no way responsible if the guidelines have changed or these sites no longer accept the guest post submissions. It is advised that you check the blog (if it is operating) before sending your pitch. Also, these blogs may require you to show your previous experience or expertise to accept your contribution. See that your pitch is top-notch. Our team will do our best to provide the most accurate, reliable, and updated sources for guest posting. 

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