Best Live Chat Support Software Websites for Business

Customer support will make or break every e-commerce platform. It is needless to say that e-commerce thrives on the principle of delivering the best product with the best service. In on-ground stores, communication serves the most part of customer support.

Whenever a customer has any issue, a representative resolves the query as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This lack of communication in e-commerce spaces might be a turn-off for potential online shoppers. Live chat feature on e-commerce platforms solves this problem in the most feasible way.

Why Live chat?

Users love personalized conversations! Who wouldn’t prefer to have someone who can assist us and help us find the right thing? Live chat does the job just right! According to a report, 73% of customers prefer to live chat while navigating on any website. The higher satisfaction levels that customers express should be what businesses should focus on.

The live chat feature on a website is appealing in many ways. Not only it saves time for the user but also, helps in creating a lasting impression. Also, many live chat software providers are integrating the features with social media.

This customization allows businesses to deliver better experiences for customers. Although there are many players in the industry offering customized solutions, each company is focusing on pain points that reduce the work of agents.

Scroll down to take a look at our top picks of the best live chat software that you can integrate into your website for a better user experience and customer support.


Automation and analytics- when combined, work wonders. Olark offers stellar live chat software that helps you personalize the user experience with ease. In contrast to the general presumptions about automated Chatbots that they work on custom message drafts, Olark’s templates feel more human-like.

This software is easy to integrate, easy to add on WordPress, and easy to connect. To add this to WordPress, all you have to do is- copy and paste a code snippet to the WordPress sidebar widget. If not this way, one can also add code snippets into the child theme or use the free Olark Live Chat plugin.

Along with these, Olark extends integration with other services and third-party mobile applications with which customers can type their preferences or queries on the chatbox.

This feature allows businesses to connect with customers in real-time and get authentic feedback about customer service. Also, Olark offers analytics, which gives real-time insights about customer preferences, detailed traffic reports, searchable transcripts, etc.

It is one of the best live chat software that caters to the needs of your business niche. 


For starters, Olark offers a free trial of 2-week Live Chat support. After that, the pricing plan starts at 17 USD.

Visit the website here: Olark

Website Alive

WebsiteAlive is one of the best live chat software that offers a 24/7 automated chatbox with customizable features and flexible integrations. Generally, a customer representative or agent has access to the chatbot where they reply to the queries and respond to the inputs given by website visitors.

With the Website Alive chatbox, chatbox sessions can be routed and escalated to any operator who has AliveChat logged in. This way, the customer representative can stay connected with the customers and solve queries within no time. 

You can integrate the Chatbox into your website by pasting the code snippet. The agents with login access can accept chats wherever and whenever possible to resolve customer issues at ease.

Along with the Live chat service, Website Alive offers, click to chat widget (where customers can click the pop-up and start chatting), social chat (to integrate social media campaigns), custom chat solutions, and analytics.


Website Alive has a different pricing system for each category. If a business needs a chatbox alone, then the price starts at 30 USD per month. However, if the business needs advanced analytics, the price starts at 50 USD per month.

Visit the website here: Website Alive


Hubspot offers Live chat software for free without any further integrations required. It is one of the best live chat software tools available for free. Any registered website can sign up on Hubspot and subscribe to the free CRM tools available.

On signing up, the website gets access to add chat on the site. With Hubspot Live chat software, the enterprise can roll out a better lead management funnel and manage the process with efficiency.

The texts received from the chatbox- are routed to the concerned salesperson or agent who further handles the quote or query. Depending on the website theme and tone of content, the business can customize the chat widget to represent the brand.

The customization includes drafting targeted messages based on the inputs and web pages. Further, it helps to maintain transparency as every conversation in the chatbox gets stored in the inbox.


Hubspot Live Chat software is free to use and integrate.

Visit the website here: Hubspot


LiveChat is an easy-to-integrate Live Chat software that offers integrative support apps with extended features. Unlike other live chat software, logging into the WordPress dashboard is not mandatory.

Agents or representatives can log into the chat device via support apps from any selected device like mobile devices, tabs, etc.

The software package comes with pre and post-chat surveys where customers can rate the service, which helps the business evaluate the existing support system and further strategize on improving customer experience.

If a customer is visiting the website after business hours, they can send a support ticket from live chat to state their query or inputs. This way, even with the absence of agents, the customer’s quote gets noted, and the concerned department can process the order or query as soon as possible.

Along with this, LiveChat offers easy integrations with Google Analytics, Zendesk, and other CRM software. These integrations help in saving the customer details into other systems and plan customizations based on the analytics.

The flexibility and easy-to-use features of LiveChat make it one of the best live chat software.


For starters, LiveChat pricing starts at 16 USD per month. However, for larger teams and businesses, the plans start from 33 USD and 50 USD per month respectively.

Visit the website here: LiveChat


Flexibility and adaptability are the hot favorites of every business. With a zillion tasks burdening the productivity of day-to-day tasks, every business is on the lookout for integrating business communication and customer interaction to make CRM more personalized and automated. Zoho is one of the well-known and widely chosen software services to handle business communications of all sorts.

Zoho live chat customer support gives agents an edge to manage customer communications with transparency. This package comes with a mobile application for the agents, where they can chat with the customers via phone at ease. Management can monitor the live chat engagement to plan personalized campaigns.

This software is an all-in-one tool for businesses and the best live chat software to handle customer queries more productively and tackle orders more efficiently. Agents can handle customer queries 24/7 with custom-built chatbots. Also, it gives the business an edge to keep track of the progress made and leads generated.


Zoho SalesIQ starts at 19 USD, which includes- chat sessions, mobile support, tracking, analytics, and allied features based on the business requirement. 

Visit the website here: Zoho

Provide Support

Provide Support is one of the best live chat software which is known for its easy integration and secured features. It has a multi-domain integration option through which agents can add chatboxes to multiple domains with no further investment.

To set up the chatbox on the website, the agent should create an account on Provide Support. Later, they can install Live Chat on their device for further customization. 

The software offers a multi-platform integration (desktop, mobile, web) with in-built features based on the platform. Also, this software supports 41 languages for the live chat window, where customers can set their language preferences accordingly. 


Provide Support offers a trial period of 10 days and also a 30-day money-back guarantee. Later, the pricing starts at 15 USD per month for small businesses and 60 USD per month for enterprises. 

Visit the website here: Provide Support

Zen desk

Best-in-class experience is a metric for people to choose any business. Zen desk does the right job in catering to the needs of modern-day conversations. Gone are the days when customer-business interaction demanded a formal tone. Gen-Z lingo and puns are the new normal. With a rapid transformation in marketing channels and communication avenues, the need for quirky automated text drafts raised. 

Along with the automated chatbots, Zen desk offers detailed statistics about the most-visited web pages and customer preferences. The insights help the organization to manage its leads better. The high-performance metrics that this software delivers makes it one of the best live chat software available online. 


Although many features are available for free, the pricing for advanced features starts at 19 USD.

Visit the website here: Zen Desk

Bold 360

Bold 360 is one of the best live chat software offering AI-powered solutions for better customer relationship management. This software aims at simplifying the agent’s task of keeping customer interaction and query processing in place. This process allows AI to assist agents in making business operations more efficient and effective. 

Bold 360 provides crucial insights about customer preferences, lead management. With this insight generation, agents can plan more customization and personalization for customers who have different preferences. The multi-channel engagement support offered by this software includes many features like co-browsing, salesforce integration, Automatic distribution, and other integrations. 


Bold 360 offers diverse AI-powered solutions for personalizing customer interaction. The segments v.i.z., Agent, Service, Advice, Helpdesk come with a package of different AI integrations each.

Quote for each segment varies based on what the business seeks.

For more details, you can visit the website and request a quote.  


WhosOn is one of the best live chat software that offers specialist secure live chat solutions for enterprise business. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, WhosOn offers advanced chat and chatbot technology integrated with the likes of spanning bots, conversational automation, etc. 

This software offers flexible customization with APIs, multi-site, and multilingual integrations. Also, WhosOn takes a holistic approach in designing the chatbox for client needs.

They offer customized chatbots and high-level implementation by considering business niche and requirements. Their solutions minimize human effort and leverage automated solutions to cater to the needs of growing business concerns.

AI is the future. From personalizing experiences to automating virtual interactions, AI has been playing a crucial role in simplifying day-to-day monotonous tasks.

Sentiment analysis is one such tool that analyzes customer behavior and preferences based on the chat interaction. Often, such metrics are under-estimated and taken for granted.

But even the slightest of such factor helps in framing a better growth strategy. WhosOn offers 360-degree multi-platform solutions like real-time chat translation, bot platform plug-ins, visitor tracking, omnichannel chat-call transitions, comprehensive chat reports, etc. 


WhosOn offers multiple features at different pricing. The enterprise plan starts at 46 USD per month. For more pricing information, refer to this link.

Visit the website here: WhosOn

123 Flash Chat software

123 Flash Chat software is one of the best live chat software that offers an easy-to-integrate chatbot feature with customized chat scripts and multi-site transitions. The chat scripts are easy-to-understand and easy-to-process. This software is a high-performance java chat server with customized skin. The versatile integration features and web-based chat support help agents manage client interaction with increased efficiency.

Quality service is the core of customer interaction. Efficient and personalized communication is a sure-shot to build a lasting impression and brand loyalty. 123 Flash Chat software offers quality multi-media communication software coupled with user database integration. This live chat software is an ideal best-pick for enterprises or businesses aiming at scaling up their CRM with low-cost, high-performance tools.  


123 Flash Chat offers a 30-day free trial for first-time users. Later, the pricing starts at 20 USD per month.

Visit the website here: 123 Flash Chat 


Velaro is one of the best live chat software offering secured chatbox integration solutions for omnichannel needs. User engagement is the key performance strategy on e-commerce and digital platforms. The right approach to enhance the user experience is to personalize the experiences. Velaro hits the spot just right! 

This software is a comprehensive package of stellar customer service backed by analytics. From workflow simplifications to routing users to the right agent at the right time, Velaro offers a holistic solution to enhance CRM. The easy integration options and insight generation helps agents configure customized live chat scripts and needs. 


Velaro offers custom packages to small business, professional, and enterprise segments based on their needs. The packages include customizable services to address professional needs.

For small business and professional services, the pricing starts at 64.95 USD and 179.95 USD per month respectively. To know more about Velaro Saas pricing, refer to this link

Visit the website here: Velaro

ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is a one-stop destination to level up your customer relationship management with an instant and effective support experience. This live chat software is one of the best live chat software that allows agents to transfer chats and reduce resolution time. It is easy to integrate and agent-friendly. The features like canned responses (where agents can draft custom templates to frequently asked questions) save time for both users and agents. 

With this live chat software, agents can track visitor engagement, understand purchase intent and integrate analytics to monitor lead generation. This software offers integration options with more than 50+ applications and helps agents sync live chat support with website data. Along with these custom solutions, they offer industry-specific customizations backed with detailed analytics, security assistance, easy integration options, and canned responses. 


Pricing starts at 10 USD per month and 102 USD per year. If your business needs custom branding, advanced features, and unlimited domain access, the premium package starts at 15 USD per month and 153 USD per year.

Visit the website here: ProProfs Chat


LiveHelpNow offers help desk software, Live chat, Support ticket, and other CRM tools all at one go. The tools are easy-to-integrate and connect customers with agents in real-time with minimal effort. 

Along with the Saas, they offer comprehensive feedback which includes qualitative and quantitative reports about customer service.  


The pricing starts at 21 USD per month. However, based on customizations, the price varies. To know more about the pricing, refer to this link

Visit the website here: LiveHelpNow


Omnichannel customer service is the need of every business in the digital space. With the growing need for strategizing multi-platform communication channels, the demand for live chat service and visitor tracking integrations also increased. Freshdesk is one of the leading live chat Saas providers in the industry.

They offer a unified platform to handle multi-platform customer service with the cloud-based telephone system and chat service. Along with these, they offer an all-in-one CRM tool through which enterprises can streamline end-to-end lead management and manage internal requests with more transparency and efficiency. 

Freshworks offers multiple tools like Freshdesk, Freshchat, Freshcaller, Freshsuccess, Freshservice, and Freshteam- each catering to the needs of diverse business needs. Each software aims at simplifying business operations by introducing seamless management tools and virtual assistants. 


Freshworks offer a free trial with limited features. However, for further upgradation, the pricing starts at 15 USD per month. To know more about the pricing of each software, refer to this link.  

Visit the website here: Freshdesk

Pure Chat

Pure Chat is a premium live chat software offering an easy-to-integrate live chat setup with customizable chat widgets and SSL security built-in. It is one of the best live chat software providing overall chat flexibility and premium features all at one go. 

All that one needs to do is copy the code snippet and install it on the website. Once the setup is activated, agents can leverage canned responses and other customized features to convert leads with more efficiency.

Along with these, Pure Chat also offers a mobile-optimized chat widget through a mobile application (both IOS and android). In the absence of agents, pre-edited templates (designed taking chat history references) can be used to assist users in quoting their queries. 


Pure Chat services start at 39 USD per month for the basic plan. Based on business needs and customization, the price varies. To know more about the pricing of Pure Chat features, refer to this link

Visit the website here: Pure Chat

Wrapping up

People love comfort. From picking the right song that goes well with the tasks we do to relying on virtual personal assistants for simple searches, we’ve come a long way.

What helped this transformation? What played the chief role in making our monotony look cozy? Technology is the simple answer. But in a bigger lens, technological solutions laid the foundation in digitalizing daily tasks.

Generally, we overlook the primary problems we face while doing any task. Trouble finding a taxi at peak hour? We blame our procrastination and busy lifestyle and move on. Had the world been the same if the now founders of tech giants overlooked these simple issues? We bet not.

Today, we are becoming better at managing time and tasks because of these technological solutions. But is that all? E-commerce platforms are certainly a game-changer in transforming business operations and user shopping experience.

Yet, what makes the experience or industry stand apart? Having a perfect solution or service is one thing, and approachability and user feasibility is another thing. 

All the tech giants invest and brainstorm on delivering the best user experience. While user experience makes people choose their platform, personalization makes users love your idea or service.

Any online platform can sure have a brilliant product catalog or service idea. But how successful is that platform in addressing users’ skepticism and queries changes the whole scenario. A first-time user is mostly a visitor to the website or app. He/she browses and scrolls to understand what your product or service is all about.

They make informed decisions to purchase something from the platform if they find it reliable, easy-to-use, and importantly, easy to understand. What if there is a guide-like pop-up that helps users navigate and find the thing they are looking for directly? Live Chat is the solution. 

All the companies listed above cater to the needs of the business by recognizing the importance of virtual communication between users and agents. They are integrating advanced technology with a touch of personalization for simplifying the way agents interact with customers. Almost all businesses today are incorporating AI-powered solutions in their daily operations. With technology integration, not only can a business seamlessly manage its data, but also make informed decisions based on the insights generated. 

Want to read about how online survey sites work? Refer to this link

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