Best Crypto Analysis Tools for Cryptocurrency Investor

Cryptocurrencies are important!

Digital currency allows investors to hold their funds in the crypto wallet and can be easily converted to their respective bank accounts. No middle man is involved, there are no additional costs that are associated with storing, sending or trading the coins in the wallet. Keeping it simple, cryptocurrency transactions are quick, secure and digital. Digital currency is the secure and safe alternative option to fiat currency.

Just by looking at the benefits of cryptocurrency, you might be interested to invest in the best cryptocurrencies. Also, you need to have a look at the best crypto analysis tools available in the market.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the topic.

Best crypto analysis tools for cryptocurrency investor


Messari is the go-to destination for all investors. It collects cryptocurrency information and effectively analyzes the charts. The analyzed charts will be helpful for the investors during decision making. For a user-friendly experience, Messari offers “Screeners”, investors can easily sort the information of the respective coin. 

For example, if you’re looking for Bitcoin information, just by applying personalized filters, you can avail yourself of the Bitcoin data. Get a deep look at the coin data such as trading volume, price, market capitalization and more. All the information can be found on a single tab. Sounds amazing right? Yes! Messari is offering both free and premium plans. Choose a suitable plan according to your requirements.


Glassnode is the perfect choice for the one who is looking for on-chain information and intelligence destinations. Glassnode offers several crypto insights and also metrics. Also, investors can use the tool to unchain crypto market indicators for each digital token. Glassnode provides information to help investors analyze the crypto exchange in and outflow for several crypto coins.

With Glassnode insights, you can get clear information about the trending events and crypto ideas in the market. Simply put, investors can have a clear idea of what’s trending, what’s happening and other information in the cryptocurrency niche. Glassnode provides free and premium plans for its users.


LunarCrush is a reliable and effective social media destination in the cryptocurrency community. It’s no surprise that social trends will have a great impact on cryptocurrency prices. LunarCrush uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to gather detailed data about several digital tokens on the social media platform. LunarCrush will provide statistical information from multiple social outlets. It includes Reddit, news, search volume and more. 

Visit LunarCrush and get access to trending news and trending posts. With this detailed information from multiple sources, investors can invest in crypto coins full of confidence. Similar to other crypto analysis tools offer both free and premium plans. With LunarCrush social insights make accurate predictions and informed financing decisions.

Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics is the popular provider of cryptocurrency financial intelligence, network information, crypto market data and different analysis softwares. These tools help investors during the decision-making period. Whether to invest in cryptocoin or not. Coin Metrics allow investors to access more than 100 digital assets and also 300+ metrics. This information helps during the analysis process. Investors can analyze every chart and thereby identify the latest market trends. After adding the necessary metrics to the chart, within a single click, you can download the chart in multiple extensions.


If you’re a newbie to the cryptocurrency world, you might be unaware of the platform – CoinGecko. Have a glance at CoinGecko. It is the widest data aggregator available in the market. CoinGecko easily tracks the crypto and digital tokens prices according to the market capitalization. Investors can check the real-time value of every cryptocurrency. It means, they can view the prices of over 7,800 cryptocurrencies and 450+ exchanges.

As mentioned above, CoinGecko is the perfect option for tracking and as well as measuring the crypto coins by the exchange and market capitalization through trading volume, it also provides detailed research of the market. Sounds amazing! CoinGecko offers community statistics for social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. Also, there are several useful features that help crypto investors on CoinGecko. Get connected with CoinGecko right away.


It’s no surprise that the cryptocurrency market is the buzzing economy. As the industry brings a lot of latest market events, this may affect the coin price movements. Use the CoinMarketCal research tool and keep your tabs on trending and latest events from the crypto market. Within a single click, investors can get access to coin ranking, highlights and news from the crypto market.

CoinMarketCal is one of the leading cryptocurrency calendars that exist in the crypto industry. The tool updates investors about the upcoming events in the market. These events can be conducted on several cryptocurrencies. CoinMarketCal connects evidence-based and also public-driven frameworks. Also, people can simply add the upcoming events, this may later be verified by the CoinMarketCal team. For the genuine events, CoinMarketCal will market as “Upvote” and for the fake events, it is marked as “Downvote”.

Coin Dance

Coin Dance is the popular crypto analysis tool that you need to check out in this list. Coin Dance users can get access to volume, statistics, nodes, blocks, politics & opinions and resources. Investors can view the trading volume with ease. Also, view the Bitcoin stats that include price, search volume, market cap, demographics and more.

With the crypto analysis tool, you can track multiple metrics that are ranging from block sizes to network nodes. Investors can easily sort the information by country without hassles. Coin Dance is a community-driven platform, investors can vote on the legacy of the data that is offered by the community.

In a nutshell

Cryptocurrency or digital money has already taken the globe by storm. As there are more than 5000 cryptocurrencies available in the market. This number has attracted millions of investors, investors with basic crypto knowledge are also investing in cryptocurrency with the help of tools such as crypto analysis, trading, portfolio rebalancing and more. Every tool has its own importance, crypto analysis tools will help all the investors. Use the analysis tools and refine the research before you get started. 

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