Best ways to earn passive income with crypto

It’s no surprise that you’re more interested to know about cryptocurrency. Let’s discuss something interesting today. Got excited? Of course Yes! Without further delay, let’s have a look at how to turn your cryptocurrencies into cash.

You might have heard many success stories i.e people are earning millions by selling their cryptos at a high value. Also, there are people who earn steady passive income through crypto mining.

Do you want to earn a few bucks with your cryptocurrencies? Yes! The good news, this article is all about earning passive income with cryptocurrency. Over a decade, there has been significant growth in the cryptocurrency market. Due to the high demand for crypto value, many people are choosing the crypto industry as a primary and secondary investment way.

Best ways to earn passive income with crypto


If you’re looking for a long-term investment strategy, investing in cryptocurrency could be great for you. Buying and storing cryptocurrency can be a “buy-and-hold” strategy. Investors are extremely happy about investing in crypto’s, as there is tremendous growth.

The crypto investing approach needs proper research. Identify the stable crypto’s that has the stability to grow for a long period. Digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), etc are considered as long-term investments. Also, these are considered safe investments for beginner and experienced investors.


Trading in a volatile crypto market could be the toughest job. But with time and effort, even a beginner can earn enough passive income through trading. All you need is to have technical and analytical skills. It’s important to make predictions of the crypto price accurately. Whether the coin value will be increased or decreased. Depending on the analysis, you need to trade accordingly.

Keep a note, during the trading period either you can choose a long or short position, as per your prediction reports of coin value fall or raise. Hurray! This way, anybody can generate huge profits irrespective of the market demand.


Whether you’re about to start a crypto investment or are already a pro in the crypto market, crypto mining is the popular way to earn income. Many crypto investors say mining is the most common way to earn income. Also, it is an important component of the PoW (Proof of Work) mechanism. With PoW, the value of every cryptocoin will be generated. 

The mining approach work in a different way. While mining a cryptocoin, investors will be rewarded or gifted with new crypto coins. Also, you need to have the basic technical knowledge and also upfront investment in hardware. If you’re planning to run a master node as your subset of crypto mining, you need to have more technical experience, ongoing investment and more.

Crypto social media

Over a decade, many blockchain startup companies have been introduced to leverage social media. Also, these companies have their dedicated social media page, they reward users for promoting their brand. Yes, you’ve heard it right! There are multiple ways to promote i.e creating curated content, creating visuals, running advertisements and more. Companies are offering amazing rewards for promoting their native coin. 


Staking is another popular way of earning passive income with your cryptocurrency. Staking is the process of validating the transactions. If you’re planning to stake, you just own the coins but can’t sell the cryptos. Instead, you will be locking the crypto coins in the crypto wallet.

How do you validate crypto transactions? The answer is simple. With the “Proof-of-Stake” mechanism, you can validate every transaction on the blockchain. You will be earning amazing rewards for validating crypto transactions. The PoS algorithm will depend upon the commitment to the number of crypto coins. This is another efficient approach than mining. Here, you don’t need to own additional hardware. 


If you’re a newbie to the crypto market, Airdrop could be a new concept for you. Let’s have a look at Airdrops in crypto. These are free tokens or coins that are distributed in order to increase awareness. Simply put, airdrops are often done to build a strong user base for any project. When you receive the coins or tokens via airdrops, you can further buy crypto coins and perform trading activities with them.

There are several ways for making money and earning free tokens. Among all the methods, airdrops are risky. One should be careful while earning coins through an airdrop. Every day a new project is launched, fake airdrops are also increasing. Therefore, you need to spend time researching genuine and trusted projects. Be aware of hackers. Sometimes, scams may happen without your knowledge.

Have a look at the crypto market and find the best company and then promote on your social media and other platforms. Contact the project and get qualified. The developers will send the tokens to your wallet.

Earn interest

There are several crypto exchange platforms available in the market. Get registered to crypto exchange websites and earn amazing interest on every crypto holdings. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The popular crypto exchange websites are Gemini Earn, BlockFi, and more. On the BlockFi website, you can earn upto 7.5% as interest annually. Before storing your crypto’s make sure to read the terms and conditions properly. After reading the terms and conditions, start lending the tokens. Keep a note, the interest amount you make on every crypto is taxable. You need to report your income.

Wrapping up

Free money is the new norm! Credit cards are offering sign-up rewards, shopping platforms are providing cashback offers. And now, cryptocurrency has become a successful investment option for many people. There are several ways to make money with cryptocurrency. The above-mentioned ways will help you to earn passive income using your crypto coins. Be prepared for earning more income with these amazing ways.

It is said that cryptocurrency wallet is pretty small at this moment, but there will be immense growth potential. Be patient and select the earning strategy according to your requirement and need.

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