Who Owns Ring?

Ding-dong! Ding-dong! The doorbell rings. What would you do? Check who’s at the door? Of course, that is what anyone would do. But, How do you check who is on the other side of the door? By running to the door and opening it? Or peeping through the peephole? Not a comfortable thing to run to the door every time someone knocks on your door, isn’t it? Well, the founder of the Ring company got the inspiration to build his first product, the Ring Video Doorbell in a more or less similar situation.

To get into the details of it, the founder, Jamie Siminoff, most of the time used to be in his garage working, and his wife used to be in the house. Being in the garage most of the day, Jamie couldn’t hear the doorbell and was also worried about the safety of his wife. This led to him inventing a video doorbell that works with WiFi and lets them look at the movement outside their door, without having to open the door first.

That’s where the foundation of Ring company was laid. From the year 2013, when it was founded, till today Ring has grown to be the best-selling doorbells in the United States. Today, Ring is the best smart home and home-security company around. It manufactures and sells a variety of products related to home security like outdoor motion-detecting cameras, Ring alarm, the video doorbell and also automotive security products like Ring Car Alarm, Car Cam.

Wondering how Ring became so popular? Well, one word- Security. Yes, even though security wasn’t the main concern of the invention of the Ring Doorbell, in today’s crazy world, the Ring products are being used majorly for safety and security purposes of their home and the community. The products can be managed through their app called Neighbors. The app can be used by the people of the community to share and discuss the security concerns of the locality.

Did you know that a lot of intruders and thieves were caught because of these products? Yes, the LAPD even said that the crime rate has come down since the Ring products came into the picture, as they were able to capture a lot of details like the time, date, packages, people, vehicles etc., 

If you don’t already know, here is how the Ring products work. The products use a simple principle, you need to connect them to the wifi and they will notify you whenever someone comes in the range of the camera and you can communicate with them with the two-way communication system that is incorporated in their products. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Who owns Ring?

You now know, how many wonderful products the Ring has to offer for our comfort and also to secure you and your home. Aren’t you curious to know who owns the company that has contributed this much to our safety? Without further ado, let’s dive in and find out the answers to your questions.

The Ring back in 2013, when it originally was called the “Doorbot” made an appearance in the famous reality show, “Shark Tank”  and was rejected by the sharks of the investment Jamie sought for, even though Jamie offered a 10% stake of the company to the investors. Although he was rejected by the sharks, the show brought the needed popularity for the Doorbot and he was approached by Shaquille O’Neal, four-time NBA champion, who was willing to invest in the company. Fast forward to February of 2018, Ring was acquired by Amazon, the famous eCommerce company for a huge estimated amount of $1.2 billion to $1.8 billion.

Now the Ring products are everywhere and have become the trusted home security appliances for the majority of the households in the United States. The integration of these products with Amazon’s Alexa has made the products even more user-friendly.

Wrapping up

Hope this article has helped you find the answers you were looking for and has shed some light on the Ring products and their ownership. To read more such articles, visit the Zeen website and find out more about the business models, investing, blogging, marketing and many more.

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