20 Side Hustle Apps to Make Money in Your Spare Time

In the present sharing economy, finding the side hustle job that will make passive income during your spare time is not hard.

Well!!! Who doesn’t want to make passive income? Everybody will raise their hands to fill their pockets.

But, when you have a 9 to 5 job or stay at home parent, it’s difficult to find the perfect side hustle job for you.

No more worries!!! Side hustle apps are here to rescue. These side hustle apps give you a chance to earn money during your spare time.

Let’s have a look at popular side hustle apps to make money in your spare time. There are online and offline tasks available. Depending on your skill level, experience and schedule, choose the best side hustle job for you.

Top 20 Side Hustle Apps to Make Money in Your Spare Time

1. Swagbucks

Have enough spare time? Yes!!! Swagbucks is the best side hustle app to earn money during your spare time. The platform works in a simple way. It offers you reward points for completing tasks such as watching videos, participating in surveys and more. Once you’ve completed the task, you will earn Swagbucks points (SBs). These points can be redeemed as real-time or gift cards.

Ways to make money on Swagbucks

Default search engine

Making the Swagbuck money-making app as your default search engine is one of the easiest ways to earn rewards. What are you waiting for? Switch Swagbuck as the default search engine rather than Firefox, Yahoo, Bing or Google. Start surfing the web as usual. Earn around 20 to 30 reward points for 20 to 30 web searches. The reward points depending on the number of searches you perform on the Swagbucks search engine.

Complete survey

Sharing your opinions and views is another way to earn money on Swagbucks. Participate in the survey on Swagbuck and make money. It just takes around 30 minutes to complete a short survey. This way you can complete at least 5 surveys every day during your free time.

Download games and applications

Earn reward points just by downloading applications and games on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Sticking to the free application is recommended on Swagbucks. Never pay a single penny for downloading or installing the app or game, you can earn SB points.

Earn cashback

Online shopping is in high demand. When you’re planning to buy a mobile phone or fashion accessory, shop through Swagbucks and earn rewards. Swagbucks is offering excellent cashback opportunities on popular stores such as eBay, Amazon, Just Eat and more.

Refer and earn

Love Swagbucks? Of Course Yes!!! Refer your dear ones and earn 300 Swagbuck points whenever they get registered with your referral code. This is an excellent way to earn points while sleeping.

Play games

Hurray!!! Your interest in playing online games is finally paid off via Swagbucks. Apart from earning points on downloading the game, you can earn points on playing. Sounds interesting!!! Earn a minimum of 10 reward points on every game.

Watch videos

This is absolutely true. Earn rewards by watching videos. The video may range from news to entertainment. Select the video and start earning rewards by entertaining yourself. You can earn 3 reward points for watching 15 to 30 minutes.

There are several ways to earn money on Swagbucks. Keep a note, earnings may depend on the task you complete. You can earn 300 Swagbucks points every day by performing the tasks. Download the Swagbucks application and start earning good passive income.

2. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a powerful market research platform around the world. Completing the survey is one of the easiest ways to make money.  Pinecone Research is the best platform that gives customers a great chance to influence which product or service they prefer.

A paid survey is a great way to make money on the side. You just need a mobile phone and internet connection to complete the survey. All you need to share your opinions and views on the product or service. Pinecone Research is the legitimate online survey platform, the passive income can help in multiple ways.

If you’re looking to make money by completing the survey. You are in for a big party. Pinecone Research is an amazing money-making application that pays well for a completely online survey. But the only drawback – Pinecone Research is not free. The application is exclusive. While other online survey apps are open to users. This is not the case with Pinecone Research app. But for sure, Pinecone Research is one of the best side hustle apps for you.


Get registered on Pinecone Research and start participating in online surveys. The platform pays around 300 reward points for completing the survey, this is equivalent to $3. Simply put, earn $3 on every survey. It just takes 30 minutes to 45 minutes to complete each survey. The rewards points can be claimed via PayPal, cash, gift card and more.

Product Testing

Another way to make money with Pinecone Research is “Product Testing”. The platform will send a product, you need to test the product. This you can do right from your home. After completing testing, you need to share your feedback about the product to Pinecone Research. Ultimately you will earn money for every feedback you provide.


Apart from getting paid for completing the survey, you will get a chance to enter into Pinecone Research Sweepstake. Sounds amazing right? Yes!!! The lucky draws are conducted weekly or quarterly. This is a great chance to win real cash with Sweepstakes. The lucky draw amount for every week is $500 and $4500 for the quarter.

While online paid surveys cannot replace a full-time job. But the extra money can pay your debt, boost your revenue, invest for the house, etc.

3. Airbnb

If you’re a travel freak, you might pay to stay in a hotel or resort through Airbnb. In fact, you had a great and positive experience with Airbnb. If you have an extra room or property at a prime location, the Airbnb app is the best platform to earn money. Many people say earning money in your spare time on Airbnb is the honest way. 

If you’re wandering to become an Airbnb host, your main intention is choosing a side hustle rather than starting a business from scratch. As per the analysis, Airbnb hosts are earning upto $924 per month, but these earnings may vary. There are few hosts who take the lease of homes and apartments and rent them on Airbnb.

Earning potential can depend on multiple factors such as a rental charge for room or space, amenities, maintenance and how often you’re offering the rent to the people. Make your space worthy and earn a good income on Airbnb. Because no customer will pay for the thing that is worthless.

Create an excellent listing

If you’re a newbie on Airbnb, building a quality listing is the great tool to acquire potential customers and let them rent on your space. A clear headline will entice your listing, include a great picture while listing your space. With the photographs, you can convince people to rent your space on Airbnb. Don’t forget to write complete property details, list down the features, amenities, location and more. Be honest while displaying the property description.

Become an Airbnb Superhost

Did you know the Airbnb algorithm will help to increase the visibility of your property especially for Superhost? Yes!!!  Become a Superhost on Airbnb and double your earnings.

Account for your Airbnb operating expenses

Similar to another renting platform, you need to pay the operating cost for Airbnb. As an Airbnb host, you need to keep a check on operating costs such as host fee, cleaning fee, turn fee,  maintenance fee, taxes and more. Calculate your costs and proceed accordingly.

4. Uber

What is Uber? It’s a taxi service or public transport? No. Uber is an excellent application that connects riders with drivers easily. If you have a vehicle and are looking to make money in your spare time, Uber is the best side hustle app for you.

Be your own boss!!! You don’t need to have a bachelor degree to earn passive income with Uber. According to your choice, either you can drive often or infrequently. It’s up to you. All you need to pick people from the location and drop them at the required destination.

Requirements to become a Uber driver

  • Age limit must be at least 18 years
  • Have a valid driving licence
  • Proof of your residency
  • Car documents
  • Clear background test

Set your own hours 

The major reason to become an Uber driver is “Flexible Schedule”. Set your own working hours, you can drive little or as much as you want. Simply put, with Uber you can drive whenever you get spare time. 

Get paid fast

Earnings are processed instantly. You don’t need to wait for a longer time to transfer. Add your bank account and get your money straight away. The processing time can vary from one bank to another.

Get excellent support at every turn

Have any queries? Stop wasting your time. Uber customer support team is ready to help you. Whether you’ve stuck on creating an Uber account or adding the bank details, reach the customer support executive and get an instant response.

If you’re planning to make money during your spare time, becoming a Uber driver is the perfect option for you. As it offers a flexible schedule and instant payments. These are the few reasons that help you to build a powerful business when you’re planning to make passive income when things are pretty slow.

However, never expect to earn $50 per hour on initial days. Eventually, you’ll learn and become proficient with Uber. Ultimately, you can earn maximum earnings efficiently, be patient.

5. Instacart

A side hustle is not a new concept. Over 36% of US employees are earning a gig economy. Most of them are driving good income through Instacart. Yes, it’s absolutely true. Instacart is the on-demand grocery delivery platform available for U.S and Canada users. The platform delivers groceries and home essentials to customers within less than one hour. This is the main reason for choosing Instacart. Customers will order groceries or home essentials from the local stores, Instacart shoppers need to pick the items from the local store and deliver to the customer.

But how can you make money with Instacart? The process is pretty straightforward. Let’s discuss now

Instacart shoppers are categorized into two types

  • Full-Service Shoppers
  • In-Store Shoppers

Full-Service Shoppers

As the name suggests Full-service shoppers offer complete service to the customers – shopping to deliver. Whenever customers request groceries, they shop at a nearby local store and deliver the groceries to their customers. Full-Service shoppers are also called independent contractors for Instacart.


  • 18+ years
  • Citizen of U.S or Canada
  • Smartphone
  • Vehicle to pick and deliver
  • Driving license
  • Follow food safety rules

In-Store Shoppers

In-Store shoppers are called Instacart employees. They accept requests from the customer and collect the required item from the store. No vehicle is required to become an in-store shopper. Work on a flexible schedule i.e upto 29 hours every week.


  • 18+ years
  • Citizen of U.S or Canada
  • Smartphone
  • Follow food safety rules

Full-time shoppers and in-store shoppers can receive payments instantly. All you need to do is create an account, set working hours and accept requests from the customers. The payment may vary for full-service and in-store shoppers. Instacart guaranteed to offer a minimum $5 on every delivery. Also, you can earn tips from the customers, this can add-up your earnings. Ultimately, you can easily earn more than $15 per hour.

Advantages of Instacart

  • Flexible schedule. Set your own schedule, work whenever you get spare time.
  • Receive instant payments within less than an hour.
  • Select between just grocery shopping or grocery shopping and also delivering.

6. Inboxdollars

Can you earn a passive income with InboxDollars? A big YES!!!

InboxDollar is one of the popular side hustle apps available in the market. It is the marketing agency and excellent rewards club that user’s get paid for performing the online activities such as video, surveys, games and more. Since 2000, InboxDollars has paid more than $57 million to its members. Get registered to InboxDollars and earn money in a legitimate way.

Many people recommend InboxDollar, the main reason is you get paid for unqualified surveys as well. Sounds amazing right!!! This app is worth your time to earn money online. Get started within a couple of minutes. Just by registering to InboxDollars, you’ll receive $5 dollars as a sign-up bonus.

Ways to make money with InboxDollars

Online surveys

This is one of the consistent ways to make money during your spare time on InboxDollars. The payment may range from $0.25 to $4 for completing the survey. Login to your account frequently and participate in multiple surveys to earn more rewards.

Play games

Do you play online games? Yes!!! Get ready to get paid for playing online games on your mobile phone. The platform is offering several online games, install and play the game whenever you get time. Claim the rewards when you hit a certain point.

Watch videos and ads

New videos will be added to InboxDollars every day. All you need to watch the new videos and earn rewards. The videos may range from news to entertainment. Hurray!!! Watching and earning rewards is the easiest way to earn money. Apart from videos, you’ll get paid for watching the commercial ads. These ads might be new products, movies, events or shows.

Scratch and win

Apart from completing the survey, watching the videos or ads, you can participate in the “Scratch and Win” program. Earn exciting rewards by participating in the program.

Completing offers

Similar to other rewarding sites, InboxDollars promote sponsored offers. If you’re planning to purchase online, check out the InboxDollars offers and save money.

InboxDollars is an excellent side gig app. Get registered and earn money by completing the online activities – watching ads for shopping. Also, the platform is offering a referral program, recommending the app to your friends and family members and getting paid. This is an amazing way to make extra money. Once you reach $30 in your InboxDollars account, you can transfer to your bank account.

What could be the simplest way to earn money online? The answer is Online Surveys. Because it just takes 10 to 15 minutes and you will get paid for expressing your views or opinion on the subject. Since people have opinions on everything, this is the perfect approach to raise your voice and make money.

7. Survey Junkie

If you’re looking for the best survey app to make money, have a look at Survey Junkie. Become a Survey Junkie member and maximize your earnings. Participate in multiple surveys every day and earn good money. 

Just like other online survey websites, you cannot replace 9-5 full-time income. Survey Junkie works in a straightforward way. You’ll not become rich just by completing online surveys, but you can maximize your earnings with multiple survey opportunities. It’s no surprise online surveys are the best way to boost your earnings with minimal stress and efforts.

Every survey conducted on Survey Junkie will pay differently. It means you’ll receive more money for the surveys that take more time to complete. Become a regular survey junkie participant by opening your account frequently. You will be invited to complete more and more surveys. After completing the survey, you’ll earn reward points. The reward points may range from 45 to 225 points. These points can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

How many surveys does Survey Junkie offer?

There are few online survey websites that send 4 to 5 surveys every month. But this is not the case with Survey Junkie, you can take multiple surveys each day on the Survey Junkie platform. When you complete multiple surveys you can easily make more income. Join maximum surveys and get a chance to double your earnings. Participate according to your desire, because it just takes less time to complete the survey. When the survey time exceeds 25 minutes, you can earn more. Simply put, longer surveys will pay better. Even when your survey is not qualified, Survey Junkie will pay you every time.

You probably have 1-hour free time every day – between classes, tea break, journey and more. Use your spare time wisely and make money easily.

Earn more money on Survey Junkie

As mentioned above, making money with online surveys is the easiest way for anyone. But making more money is what matters. Choosing the green-coloured diamonds online surveys is a better option for you. Since these surveys are most likely to get qualified easily. On the other hand, you can select the online survey that will pay you more points for less time. Earning more points in less period is the best thing for you.

Pros of Survey Junkie

  • No fee on registration
  • User can participate in multiple surveys
  • Complete the surveys with low effort and stress
  • Participate in surveys from anywhere at any time
  • The time to complete surveys is less than 15 minutes
  • Age limit is 13+ years

Is Survey Junkie worth it?

The answer is YES!!!

Survey Junkie is worth your time and effort. This is the best option for the one who has less time to make passive income. Participating in online surveys is the simplest way to monetize your savings. It’s a well-known fact, online surveys don’t pay you much but the process is simple and convenient when compared to other side hustle jobs that need more effort and time commitment.

8. eBay

Do you desperately want to earn good passive income right away? Selling your old things is the option left for you. If you’re looking for the job, selling your things is a legit way to earn money fast. Either you can sell your things at a local store or on eBay to get money. But local stores will offer less value for your things. Therefore heading to eBay is the great choice for you. eBay was founded in the year 1995. It is the largest online marketplace available in the market. Over 1.3 million items are listed every day.

Decided to sell your things on eBay? Great decision. You might be thinking of selling your old books or DVDs. Do you really think people will purchase such things? No way!!! Stop wasting your time on selling such things on eBay. If you desperately want money, focus on selling valued items such as laptops, clothing, mobile phones, furniture, hand-made items or customized things. 

How to sell things on eBay?

Get registered as an eBay seller and make money.  After successful registration, you’ll have a control panel to list and handle your items. A small amount of commission fee needs to be given for eBay for listing and selling your items.

While listing your items, make sure to upload professional and qualified images. You can hire a photographer for capturing excellent pictures.  Never capture images of products on the chair or table. Write a compelling description for every item – features, specification, pricing, money-back guarantee and other important information. Also, you can attach a “how-to-use” video for better understanding. This way customers can easily purchase your items.

There are two ways to sell the items on eBay

  • Auction
  • Fixed-price

Auction is an excellent feature available on eBay app. All you need to upload the picture of the item that you’re planning to sell. Set the bidding price and duration of the auction. The duration of the auction can be 1 day or 1 month. Once the auction duration completes, you’re supposed to sell your item for high bidding value. Here, customers can place the bid through “eBay’s automatic bidding system”.

Fixed-price listings are also called “Buy Now” way of selling the items. This is a great way of attracting customers. Because it enables you to set the fixed price for every item. The price will be fixed by the seller, they can set the price according to their choice. eBay shoppers will have a clear understanding of the price of the item and purchase it immediately. Because these items don’t need bidding. Once the product is sold out, you get paid through PayPal, bank transfer or cash-on-delivery.

9. Chegg Tutors

Online tutoring is on the hot trend. There are two types of online tutoring i.e synchronous and asynchronous. Many students prefer synchronous teaching, tutor teaches in real-time. Both the student and teacher can set a specific time and conduct classes. Asynchronous teaching doesn’t connect the tutor and student at real-time. According to convenience, students can learn the course, the best example is recorded training sessions.

There are thousands of online tutoring services available in the market. Among all the online tutoring platforms, Chegg Tutors is one of the popular services. Chegg Tutors allow students to learn interesting subjects from experts at comfort. Simply put, Chegg Tutor is the amazing service for tutors and students of multiple age-groups. Tutors can earn $1000 every month just by sharing their knowledge with students.

How much income can Chegg Tutors earn?

Let’s keep things straightforward, Chegg Tutors can earn upto $1000 per month. Currently, Chegg is paying $20 per hour for every tutor, when compared to other side hustle apps in the market, the platform is pretty good.

There are weekly and monthly payments available on Chegg Tutors. The transactions are transferred via PayPal account. Also, you can transfer the money when you’ve more than $50 on your Chegg Tutor account. Getting paid every week is appreciated by most people who are planning to earn side income, and getting paid through PayPal is another good news.

What subjects can you teach?

There is no limit on what you can teach to students on Chegg Tutor. The choice is yours, anything you’re perfect at. Choose from hundreds of subjects, always prefer the subject that you’re good and proficient enough. For example, if you’re good at coding, you can connect with the students who are interested to learn to code. Share your knowledge with the students and earn money on Chegg Tutors. Chegg offers part-time and full-time opportunities for tutors.


Getting started with Chegg Tutor is simple and easy.

Graduate – Chegg is the academic-based platform, you need to be a graduate from a top university.

Chegg tutor account – Create Chegg Tutor account using email id or Facebook id. No incorrect email address or ids are encouraged on Chegg.

Experience – You don’t need to have previous experience to become a Chegg Tutor. But there is a huge competition on the platform, tutors who have more teaching experience are likely to be preferred.

Test – Qualifying the test is mandatory. You need to clear the test to offer your service on Chegg. The test is conducted according to your experience and expertise.

Chegg provides a 3-step process registration. After sign-up, tutors need to wait for the students. Chegg Tutors will request students about their interested subject. This way Chegg will match the profiles, connect with tutors and students according to their need. The online teaching can be conducted through video, audio or chat. The more hours you teach, the more money you will earn on Chegg Tutors.

10. Fiverr

Did you know that Fiverr has exploded as the major source of micro jobs? Yes!!! It could be hard to find the people who don’t know about the Fiverr. Millions of people are using Fiverr as the side hustle app, the platform is offering an online and offline job. Since the demand for micro-jobs is increasing every day. Whether you’re good at graphic designing or animation, list your skill on Fiverr. Small and large businesses will reach you and pay good money for your service.

How do you make money?

There are hundreds of ways to earn passive income in your spare time on Fiverr.

Social media service

Many businesses are looking for the social media expert to handle their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platform. If you can handle social media channels and generate a good amount of traffic, this is for you. Businesses can pay $5 to $10 for generating traffic and conversions.

Content writing

If you can write quality and engaging content quickly, you can pay good money handsomely. It’s absolutely true. Content writers are getting paid according to word count and hour. For example, if you write 500 words in 10 minutes, you can easily earn $30 per hour. Don’t compromise on quality, the key to success in content writing is to provide high-quality materials. This way, clients will easily keep coming back again.


Google is the best place to research. Get paid for your research on Google. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Businesses are offering good amounts for researchers, provide in-depth research in less time and make good money.

Virtual assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is another way to earn money during your spare time on Fiverr. With respect to your time-zone, set working hours by working as a virtual assistant. The virtual assistant can range from help desk to technical support. Work according to your schedule and make good side income as a virtual assistant.

Making money on Fiverr is easy. You can also list other services such as consulting, relationship management service, celebrity acting and more.

How much Fiverr pays you?

Good news for all the gigs!!! You can earn $5 to $100 per hour by selling your service on Fiverr. Keep a note, Fiverr will charge 20% as a commission fee for listing your service on its platform. Therefore consider everything while setting the fee. If you’re new to Fiverr platform, offering low service fee can drive more customers for your service. Once you’ve successfully built a solid network, increase the price eventually.

11. YouTube

It’s no surprise YouTube is the second largest search engine available in the market. Millions of people upload a video on YouTube and communicate with a wider audience. Whether it’s education information or promoting a product, YouTube is the right place. It is the best place for entertainment, education, reviewing, teaching and more.

Ways to make money on YouTube

Whether you’re promoting your own products or other brands, there are multiple ways to make money on YouTube. All you need to create excellent content and relax. When your video is viewed by more than 20,000 people, YouTube will start paying you. For example, for every 1000 views, you can earn $5.

Let’s discuss different strategies and make money in a simple way.

YouTube partner

Becoming a YouTube partner is a great way to earn money. Millions of YouTubers are accessing this special feature on the app. The primary revenue could be generated through ads. YouTube partners can drive revenue without creating videos. The program is available for free, but YouTuber needs to meet a few criteria. The program offers excellent tools and resources for you to help a huge fan base and create engaging content.

Sell your products or services

Selling products or services is a straightforward way to make money. There are several products you can sell and make money – t-shirts, bags, mugs, personalized mobile cases and more. Also, you can sell services such as cloud, antivirus and more. Creating “how-to-use” videos on YouTube will increase trust. This way customers can purchase your products or services.  


Right from the idea to execution, money is important. If you’re looking for money for your project, crowdfunding is an excellent way. No matter whether you’re planning to buy good equipment or hiring better actors, you can request for crowdfunding from your own audience. Your fans will support you by providing funds.

Promote other brands

Have you ever recommended a product or service to your friends or relatives? Of Course many times. But, do you know you can make good money by recommending? Yes!!! You can make money by promoting other brand products or services on your YouTube channels. If you’ve better social media presence and subscribers, this is a great way to make money. Companies will approach you directly to sponsor their brand products or services. Apart from paying you, they will give their products for free to you.

12. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an outstanding side hustle app to make money during your spare time. The platform will match the interested worker with the people who need to get their job done. The job can range from home repairs to delivering the groceries. Simply put, TaskRabbit is a middleman that connects workers and clients. “Tasker ” can easily find their interesting job on this platform and collect money for their work. Keep a note, taskers need to pay 20% of commission fee to TaskRabbit. People are earning decent money by completing tasks. There are few people who are earning more than $2000 every week on TaskRabbit.

How to get started with TaskRabbit?

  • Age limit must be 18+ years
  • Smartphone
  • Credit card
  • Clear background

Get registered on TaskRabbit, you need to fill the basic information i.e uploading the profile picture, setting payscale, level of experience and more.

Tasker can make money for:

  • Deliveries
  • Furniture assembly
  • Cleaning home
  • Yardwork
  • Home repairs
  • Helping people while shifting house or office
  • Shopping
  • Decorate and more

TaskRabbit is an amazing task-based platform that is helping workers and clients. Taskers are getting paid on various time intervals such as hours, daily and weekly. Apart from that, you can earn tips whenever you provide excellent service. You can pay a higher income by moving and deliveries.

So, TaskRabbit is the one-stop destination to choose the right job from multiple side gigs. Help people with their everyday work and earn money.

13. Gigwalk

No matter whether you’re planning to earn little money or lots of money, Gigwalk will help you. Simply put, Gigwalk is setting the new trend for future work. Earn whenever and wherever you want. Start from today!!!

How to get started?

  • Download the Gigwalk application. The app is available for iOS and Android users.
  • Create your account by providing a few basic details. It includes email id, mobile number, etc.
  • Link your PayPal with your Gigwalk account.
  • Find and apply for the gigs through “Gig List”.
  • Earn income between $3 to $100 per hour.

Best way to maximize your savings

As a Gigwalker, you receive a performance score. The score is calculated on multiple factors such as quality of work, activity level, time-duration and more. With a high-performance score, high-paying jobs will reach you. Increase your performance score on Gigwalk. This way, you can improve your chances of maximizing the earnings. Earn good income on Gigwalk. Be professional while offering the service, when you deliver good work, customers will appreciate and approach you in the future.

Download the Gigwalk application right away and find the side gig near you. There are hundreds of businesses who are looking for assistance or help, get connected with the companies and receive payments once you finish the work. At Gigwalk, payments will be transferred to PayPal accounts. Keep a note, Gigwalk is available for US, UK and Canada users.

14. Etsy

Is there anybody who has not heard the brand name “Etsy”? Of Course nobody. Etsy is the one-stop destination for people across the globe to sell products or services. The best part of Etsy is “Easy Accessible”, users can easily list and sell their items on the platform.

Let’s dive into the Etsy world

Etsy is the popular marketplace that allows users to sell their items – handmade, unique and vintage. The platform has seen excellent and incredible growth from the past few years. As per the analysis, over 2.5 active users are selling the items in 2020.

What to sell on Etsy?

Did you know Etsy is the excellent platform for creative people? Yes!!! If you’re passionate about creating custom-made and personalized items, look no further than Etsy. Newbies often have no idea what stuff to sell on Etsy. Following are the top-selling items on Etsy

  • Jewellery
  • Art and collectables
  • Beauty and personal care items
  • Suit and tie accessories
  • Gardening
  • Drinks and barware

How much income can you earn?

With Etsy, you can turn your passion into a money-making idea. But, how much income will completely depend on you. Few people will earn handsome income i.e $20 to $30 per month. It is said that you don’t become a billionaire from selling handcrafted products on Etsy. But you can make good passive income.

How to maximize your potential?

If you want to double your savings, you need to sell your items carefully. Before selling the item, it’s important to do market research. Apart from Etsy, look at other shopping portals, check the price and other features.

Set the price for every item

Figure out the price for the item. While setting the cost of the item, calculate material, equipment and labour cost. Consider, if you’re selling earrings, calculate stone, hooks and material cost. Then fix the cost for every item accordingly.


Check the item price on Etsy. On the other hand, you can also look at another marketplace such as Amazon and eBay while considering the price. Always, offer a low price for better earnings.

Etsy fee

If you want to list and sell your items on Etsy, you need to pay a fee. Etsy will charge 20 cents in order to list your items on its platform. When a customer purchases the item, you need to pay 5% on total value.

15. Rover

A dog is a favourite pet for many of them. Many people own a dog but often regret when it’s time to travel. Rover is the right platform for dog owners and dog sitters. It’s no surprise pet sitting is a popular and ever-growing industry in the market. There is a good demand for pet sitters, if you’re planning to earn significant income, becoming a pet sitter could be a wise choice for you.

What is Rover?

Rover is an excellent side hustle app that connects pet owners with pet sitters. Here the pet sitters can offer multiple pet sitting services and make a good income. The platform is available in upto 14,000 cities. As per the analysis, there are over 300,000 pet sitters on Rover. Pet owners have paid over $375 million on the Rover app.

The popular pet services that every sitter can provide are:

  • Dog walking
  • Pet-sitting
  • House-sitting
  • Dog boarding
  • Drop-in and drop-out visits
  • Doggy day and night care

Whether you’re planning to pet sitting or doggy daycare, there is a good chance for you to make passive income with Rover.

How does Rover work?

Getting started with Rover is simple and easy. Whenever you’re creating an account on Rover, you probably have two options i.e set up as pet sitter pet owner. For pet sitters, Rover will provide you with a wide range of options depending on your level of expertise. Pet owners can get registered and use the Rover platform as the one-stop destination for finding local pet sitters. Whether you’re looking for dog working service or daycare, Rover will get it done.

Rover is offering excellent customer service to its customers. Also, handles safe and secure payments. On the other hand, Rover can cover insurance for pet sitters and pet owners.

16. Shiftgig

If you’re looking for a legit platform to make good money, Shiftgig is the piece of cake for you. More and more people are finding part-time job opportunities on this platform. However, you can make millions overnight, but you can earn good side income at times. With Shiftgig, people can browse and find the local job according to their skills, interests and schedule on their mobile itself. As per the recent analysis, workers are earning more than $11 to $19.32 per hour.

What is Shiftgig?

Shiftgig is the legit platform to find the job right from your mobile phone. The ultimate aim of Shiftgig is to offer a streamlined way for small and large companies to connect with part-time workers. Shiftgig workers are considered as “Specialists”. Here the specialist needs to clear background assignments to get local jobs. Simply put, Shiftgig helps the workers by offering a secured local job from the top companies. Workers can choose according to their interest. Currently, companies such as retail, restaurant, finance, school, sports, warehouse and retail industries are offering good pay for the workers.

How does Shiftgig work?

Planning to get started? Hurray!!! You’re on the right track.  All you need to do is fill the necessary information on the official Shiftgig platform. Then, Shiftgig representatives will contact you and conduct an interview. Once you’ve cleared the interview, you’re approved as a Shiftgig worker. Now, you can start browsing the platform available on Shiftgig. Either you can search for a job right from the desktop or mobile app. On the other hand, you can filter the results through keyword, location, job, etc.

Shiftgig is a one-stop platform for staffing companies. The platform empowers your organization with better flexibility and great choice while delivering better results to the clients. Overall, Shiftgig is the perfect side hustle application for finding a local job.

17. PeoplePerHour

Make your bright money-making idea let it happen on PeoplePerHour. The platform is perfect for freelancers and companies. Freelancers can find a job from browsing multiple categories. The top categories on PeoplePerHour are SEO, web development, content writing, logo design and more. Companies can easily get their work done by matching their requirement with a freelancer profile within a few minutes. Simply put, PeoplePerHour is the go-to platform for the one who is looking for a freelancing job around multiple niches.

There are over 3million freelancers available on PeoplePerHour. More than $150 million have been earned by PeoplePerHour freelancers. Top freelancers are earning $7000 per month. It just takes 10 minutes to complete the task, more than 90% of projects are completed within one week.

What is PeoplePerHour?

PeoplePerHour is the popular online community destination for freelancers and organizations. PeoplePerHour helps organizations to connect with freelance talent. The remote workers will deliver quality work at given time intervals. Companies are easily finding the remote workers they require for their job and for freelancers or individuals to advertise their interest, skills and experience. Many freelancers are earning upto $200 every hour on PeoplePerHour.

Popular categories are

  • Content writing
  • Administrative support
  • Web designing
  • Mobile app creation
  • Business support
  • Creative arts
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing and press release
  • Tutorials

Choose the service according to your interest. Get paid directly through your PayPal account. Similar to Upwork and other freelancing platforms, you can set your own payment structure according to job or client requirements.

18. Qmee

Wondering what side hustle app that pays you on the same day? Then you must have a look at Qmee. The platform is an excellent platform because it doesn’t have a cash-out limit. It means you don’t need to wait for the minimum cash-out to withdraw your earnings. Within a few simple clicks, you can send your earnings to your PayPal accounts.

Want to pay your rent today or get your car repaired? Qmee is an amazing money-making app for you. Freelancers of American and Canadians are earning minimum $500 fast today. Depending on the job, you can make a good side income.

Ways to make money on Qmee

Share your opinions

Believe it or not, small and large companies are ready to pay for user opinions to improve their products or services. Also, research information helps to improve sales. Test the product and spend time by providing valuable information. Qmee paid surveys are ready to offer cash rewards.

Earn when you shop

If you’re a shopping freak, earn cashback rewards using coupons, offers and deals. Whenever you’re planning to shop, don’t forget to check the Qmee website. The platform is offering the latest coupons and cashback deals on every purchase. Whether you’re planning to purchase new mobile on Amazon or order food on Swiggy, Qmee is offering free cash rewards on every purchase. No minimum purchase value is required to save your money.

Earn when you search

Earning money while searching for your favourite website is the best thing for anyone. Qmee browser app offers cash rewards on your daily searches.

19. FeaturePoints

You don’t need to lift a 100 kg bag or other hurdles to make money. Give a try – FeaturePoints. Making money and earning rewards right from your mobile phone is possible with FeaturePoints. The platform has paid more than $5.9 million dollars since 2012. Earn good passive income in your spare time with the side hustle app. The points you’ve earned can be redeemed for excellent rewards such as PayPal cash, direct deposit, Amazon gift card, PlayStation, Xbox and more.

How to make money on FeaturePoints?

There are multiple ways to make money on FeaturePoints. Let’s discuss

Play and earn

Playing and earning points on FeaturePoints is fun. Open Google Play Store and play free games to earn money.

Participate in surveys

Earn real cash for sharing your opinions. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Make money for reviewing the product or service. Many users are earning more than $5 for completing the surveys or participating in Q&A groups.

Scratch & Win

Play scratch and win games for free and make money instantly. You can earn upto 50,000 FuturePoints just by scratching the card.

Earn cashback

Earn cashback on every online purchase through FuturePoints. The platform is offering excellent cashback points when you shop at popular stores such as Walmart, Gap and more. The cashback is applicable for Canada, UK and US customers.

Refer and earn

Share FeaturePoint side hustle app with your friends and family members and earn points quickly. This is an amazing way to earn points.

Download the FeaturePoints app and make money whenever you get free time. The app is available for Android and iOS users. Whether you’re planning to make money through shopping or completing the survey, FeaturePoints will provide you with excellent rewards.

20. Media Rewards

Do you watch television or listen to the radio all the time? Yes!!! Earning money is super easy for you. Media Rewards is the excellent side hustle application that pays you whenever you watch television or listen to music or radio. Sounds amazing right!!! All you need to do is download the app from the App Store or Play Store. Now, you can continue watching your favourite music or movie as normally. You can earn points for every minute. Also, you can make money by completing the survey on Media Rewards as well. The platform is ready to pay upto $10 on every survey.

The platform work is a simple and straightforward way

  • Watch Tv or
  • Listen to radio
  • Earn rewards

Earning rewards has never been simple and easy. Thanks to Media Rewards!!! Join the community today and earn cash rewards without scratching your brain. The platform is working with popular companies such as Pampers, Coca Cola and more.

If you’re looking for the best way to earn easy rewards, Media Rewards is the better choice for you. Did you know, users are earning $1000 every month on Media Rewards? Yes!!! All you need to do is watch television and listen to the radio. Having fun and making money is now made possible with Media Rewards.

Wrapping up

There are several ways to make money i.e working hard, spending time, being dedicated and more. With these side hustle apps, you can make money whenever you get free time. Also, with minimum effort, you can earn a good income. So, whenever you’re on the phone, don’t spend your time browsing social channels. Instead, get registered to the best side hustle apps and start making good money.

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