10 Best Robo Advisors

Are you curious about Robo advisors and wanna know and how do Robo advisors work? Well, stick till the end of this article to find out about everything you’re curious about along with the best Robo advisors available in the market.

Let’s dive into the topic then. 

What is a Robo advisor?

The first thing that you should be understanding is about Robo advisors. Robo advisors are digital financial platforms that are driven by the algorithm. They provide automated financial services without any human intervention. Perfect! Automation has been making its mark across different industries. The financial sector is no different from other sectors. It is also slowly embracing automation.

With Robo advisors, even beginners can easily invest and attain their future goals. Does this bring us to how do Robo advisors work? Well, it is quite simple. They collect information about the investor’s financial situation, their spending habits, and their future goals through a survey. Based on the information they have gathered, they will provide you with appropriate advice to achieve your goals. Robo advisors usually have low pricing as less personnel is involved.

Now that you have understood, how do Robo advisors work? You must be curious to know about the best Robo advisors in the market. Hundreds of Robo advisors are available in the market. And it can be quite confusing to choose a robo advisor. The first and foremost thing to do before choosing a Robo advisor is Robo advisor comparison. Yup! You heard it right. While conducting a Robo advisor comparison all you have to do is, check whether the setup is easy, offering tools to make investment easy, pricing, etc.

These are a few things that you should consider when choosing a Robo advisor. In case you’re wondering which Robo advisors are worth your time and help you in investing different investments at a low cost. No worries, Zeen is here to your rescue. In this article, you will find different Robo advisors and Robo advisor comparison reviews.

Here is a list of the best Robo advisors that will help beginners in improving their net worth.


The first Robo Advisor on the list is SoFi. By becoming a member of this platform you can put a rest to your investing worries. It provides you with the right advice so that you can save your money better. Yup, you heard it right. With SoFi you can pay-off your debt sooner and also start investing in your future. Be it paying off debt or investing in the future or refinancing your mortgage you can do everything. That is why SoFi investors call this app an All-in-one investing app. Why do you think investors choose this platform? The answer is quite simple, SoFi is easy to use. Yes, most people prefer this platform as they can invest without fuss.

The setup is also quite easy, all you have to do is open a cash management account. Once you open the account you can just start investing. Apart from that, you can also track your spending habits. Sofi offers various products relating to investing. From borrow to spend this platform offers various tools that make investing pretty simple. Even if you sign up for one of the products you automatically become a member of SoFi. More than 1 Million people are using this platform. Once you become a member you will get access to all the exclusive benefits that will lead you to success. 

Visit Website: Sofi


This investment platform shapes your spending, improves your savings, and helps you in investing better. One thing that is common among all the investors, be it beginners or experienced is they have financial goals they want to achieve. But the problem is most people don’t know how to achieve them. All they are missing is guidance. This is where the Betterment platform comes into the picture. With this platform, you can earn 38% more than an average investor over 30 years. All you have to do is follow the recommendations offered by Betterment and you’re on your way to make most of your investment.

The best thing about this platform is that its investment portfolios are purpose-built. They will recommend a portfolio that is specific to your needs. It usually depends on factors such as your goals and the time when you want the returns they will make these recommendations. This is specially designed to help you achieve your goals whilst earning as much as possible. Not only that this platform is also offering socially responsible investing options too. Simply put, you can invest in companies that align with your values.

There is no doubt that this is one of the best Robo advisors out there. Another reason why most of the investors are interested in this platform is because of the dashboard. Yup, their dashboard makes it quite easy for you to track all your investments. When you can see and track all your investments in one place even the platform can provide you with better guidance too. Even if you don’t have your investments in Betterment they provide you with all the necessary advice to maximize your earnings. They are built on smart tax strategies.

Even if you don’t think about tax saving whilst investing, Betterment thinks it on your behalf and provides you with tax-smart strategies. Simply put, you can save money on taxes and improve your earnings. Lastly, with this Robo advisor, you can get help for anything that you want, be it a safety net or major purchases or for their retirement or education, etc. Compared to other Robo advisors the pricing is also quite affordable. They charge an annual fee of 0.25% of your balance. You can also select their premium plan which comes with an annual fee of 0.40%. So choose a plan that matches your requirements and start investing smartly.

Visit Website: Betterment


When you did the Robo Advisors comparison on the internet, you would have already found out the Wealthfront. If you are someone looking for Robo Advisors that will help you in enhancing your investments, then you must have already found out about this platform. Wealthfront is designed to help people earn better. If you want to enhance your wealth, then you must stop letting your money sit in the bank. Yes, you heard it right!

Although your money is safe in the bank, you will not be receiving a lot of earnings from it. One thing that most people lack- is the guidance for investing. Since not everyone is a prodigy when it comes to investing, they will be worried about whether they are making the right decisions or not. It is quite natural to have doubts. But with Robo advisors, you can put your worries to rest. 

They provide you with recommendations that match your requirements. Not only that, they make recommendations by considering your goals. One such Robo advisor is the wealth front. This platform is designed to help people earn more. Wealthfront will optimize your finances and provide you with maximum earnings. This platform runs on a technology that will maximize your money without any effort from your side.

The vision of this platform is self-driving money. This technology is something that will take care of your money, and make sure that your finances are well-managed. Wealthfront promotes this technology and all you have to do is- deposit your paycheck with them and click on a button, the rest will be automated. They will optimize all your expenses i..e, savings, spendings, and investments. 

Confused about what is this all about? 

The software will handle everything. From paying your bills to investing the remainder of your paycheck, it will take care of everything. Also, you can enjoy the high interest in their cash account. It provides you with an opportunity to earn 0.35% APY on your everyday cash. Wealthfront has become a favorite Robo Advisor to many investors- as their software executes all the best practices automatically without the investor’s involvement. Even when you’re busy earning money they will manage your investments with efficiency.

Visit Website: Wealthfront


Finding an advisor who puts your needs first is a blessing in disguise. Vanguard is the advisor that you have been looking for everywhere. It has around 30 million investors-with their individual goals and unique stories. Every successful investment strategy starts with a plan. Choose your plan and then work with the advisor to get personalized support to achieve your goals. This Robo Advisor provides you with digital advisors too.

The investors will receive personalized automated investing through Vanguard. With Vanguard’s Robo Advisor, you can easily track your retirement goals. The powerful track record of high-performing assets and proven investment methodology drives this platfrom. For a digital advisor, you need $3000 to enroll apart from this there will be no other commissions or trading fees. They charge about 0.15% of your balance annually.

Robo advisor will automatically adjust and manage your investments so that you can achieve your goals within the stipulated time. All you need to do is set your profile, personalize it based on your goals, and go on with your life. Yup, you heard it right!!! Once your profile is set, the digital advisors will manage and make adjustments to your profile to help you achieve your goal. 

Visit Website: Vanguard

M1 Finance

Are you looking for a Robo advisor that will help you in building your long-term wealth? M1 Finance is a one-stop destination for investors, from investing to spending you can do everything on this platform. Automating your investments can seem a foreign concept for many. However, automating can be the right decision for you. With M1 finance, it will prove to be the right decision for you. While you concentrate on other aspects of your life, M1 finance will manage your day-to-day activities. This platform is made perfect, as it has the right mix of automation and personalization. You can choose your moves and make them.

Another reason for the popularity of M1 Finance is fewer fees, smart strategies, and smarter tools. Yes! This platform has fewer fees compared to other platforms. As you know, every penny saved can be invested, so, fewer fees mean you can invest more money. M1 Finance’s vision is to help them accumulate wealth in the long run. And the best part is, they know that it cannot be done through day-trading. They don’t encourage their users to neglect retirement accounts. With this platfrom, you can invest your money as you want. Yup! As it is your money and this platform is automated and customizable.

It’s your money and you will have say in where it needs to be invested. Not only investing, but you can also borrow your way. Cool, right! You can borrow at the lowest rates compared to the market. You can borrow against your investments at an investment rate of 2-3.5%, and the best part is you don’t need any extra paperwork. With M1 Finance, you can also spend your money your way. It can be easily integrated with your investments. If you want access to exclusive rewards and features then you can upgrade. With the upgrade, you will be getting access to more discounts and rewards. 

Visit Website: M1 Finance


Ally is one of the best Robo advisors on this list. It assists investors in investing according to their will. With this Robo advisor by your side, you can invest the way you want. Cool right! They will show you how you can invest. The reason why most investors are choosing Ally is that it provides investors with a choice of how they want to invest their money. One thing that you must know about this platform is, it is not your average Robo-advisor. It provides portfolios for all types of investors.

If you want to be socially responsible, they have a portfolio for that, or if the investor wants to make tax-optimized investments, they are up for that also. The investors can rest assured as the portfolios will be created based on their personal goals, risk tolerance, and time. Even if the ratios in your portfolio change after a certain time, they will rebalance your portfolio to stay on track to your original goals. And the best part is, there will be no annual charges or advisory charges.

Be it an experienced investor or a newbie or in-between they can rely on this platform to reach their goals. Investors will find different investment options such as stocks, bonds, ETF’s, Marginal accounts, options, etc. The stocks, Options, and ETF’s are commission-free. The investors only have to pay 50¢ per contract. It provides investors with market analysis tools and in-depth research, so you can be assured that they support all types of investment strategies. If you’re still in doubt about this platform, don’t be! They offer an intuitive trading experience, you can seamlessly connect across multiple devices.

Investors can access their profiles and manage their portfolios with ease. Through their informational articles, you can gain knowledge and understand the market trends along with investment strategies better.

Visit Website: Ally


Stash is a Robo advisor that offers the best financial advice to investors. This Robo advisor is a platform that is perfect for beginners. Stash has made it easy for small-time investors to start with a small amount too. Yup! You can start investing with as small as $5. Stash provides you with an opportunity to invest what you can afford. Yes, most of the Robo advisors offer financial advice. However, the problem is that they have to invest the stipulated amount and have a portfolio and manage them.

But this is different with Stash, you can start investing with as small of the sum as possible. This will present investing in a different light to the beginners. Stash also provides you with the stock-back card, through this card you can get the stock in well-known brands. They will also protect you from hidden banking fees too. With Stash, you will be investing in your future and your family. Their three plans will help you in building wealth. More than 5 million people have trusted this platform. Choose a plan that matches your requirements.  


Robo advisors provide financial advice without human intervention. Acorns is one such Robo advisor that helps you in growing your money. This is an all-in-one financial platform. From investment to checking, you can do everything related to finance on this platform. Another best thing about this platform is, it hardly takes 5 minutes to get the investment accounts. Yup! You’re just five minutes away from becoming financially independent.

Acorn makes it easy for people to invest. You can invest any spare change that you have. Not only that, you can put money aside from your paycheck and invest that to grow your money. Acorns also have smart portfolios that automatically adjust, so that you can make your money grow. You can put your faith in this platform. As it is backed by the leading innovators and investors.

More than 8 million people have trusted this platform. If you’re concerned about the security, no worries, they have bank-level security and also have two-factor authentication for additional security. Acorn will provide you with a heavy metal debit card that makes it easy for you to invest and spend for you. Not only investing, but you can also search for jobs on this platform too. Acorn will also provide you with money-related tips and tricks so that you can earn more and invest more. It is offering three different plans i.e., Lite, Personal, and Family. So choose a plan that works best for you. 

Visit Website: Acorns


Ellevest is a platform that is built for women by women. Yup! This is a financial platform that is just made for women. It is high time that women claim their financial independence. All you have to do is, sign up, get access, and stay on track. When you sign up you must tell them a bit about yourself, along with that select a plan that suits you. The best part of this Robo advisor is you can cancel it at any time and you can start investing with $1/month. Once you get the access, you can invest, learn, banking, etc. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees, minimums, and barriers. They also offer you monthly progress reports that will help you to analyze whether you’re on track with your goals or not.

If you’re on track you can celebrate and stay on track, if not you can adjust them accordingly. The primary goal of this platform is to get women to invest more money. Start investing from today and take the reins of your finances into your hand. They will invest your money while taking into consideration pay gaps, longer lifespans, and career breaks. You can work with their coach to take your career and investment to the next step.  Also, they offer users a debit card that provides 5% cashback from stores they already shop.

You will also get quick tips, guides, courses. You can learn at your pace all these tips and courses are curated by career coaches and financial planners. Apart from helping women save they will also help them with 401 (K) or transfers relating to SEP-IRA or traditional Roth. Well if you want to invest $1M or more they will assist you with that too. You can get private Wealth Management services too. 

Visit Website: Ellevest

Charles Schwab

Robo advisors have changed the way financial platforms operate. The Robo advisors build and manage your portfolio. The users don’t have to work as the Robo advisor does everything. Schwab intelligent portfolios Robo advisors will help the users in improving their wealth. It monitors, builds, and rebalancing your portfolio depending on your goals. You can start investing with $ 5,000. The costs are also low and you will not be required to pay any other commission or advisory fees. The secret behind low-cost is, users can invest in low-cost ETFs. Since the primary reason behind investing is to make wealth.

So it is not an exaggeration to say that cash is the motivation for people to invest. Schwab will place a portion of your portfolio in FDIC-insured deposits at the Schwab bank. From College to retirement you can invest to achieve any of your goals. Schwab offers its users a diversified portfolio so that you can invest in different asset classes so that you can balance the risk ratio and improve your earnings or net worth.

Schwab uses Robo-advisor technology, it monitors and rebalances the investment in your portfolio automatically according to your goal. Also, they help you in tax efficiency too. From Custodial to trust accounts it offers different account types too. If you want more professional guidance you can get it from Certified Financial Planner. They create a customized plan that will help you in reaching your goals. Get started once you’re ready, this Robo advisor will help you in making the right decisions related to your finance and develop your net worth. 

Visit Website: Intelligent Schwab

TD Ameritrade

This platform is an online brokerage platform that makes you a smart investor. Yup! Robo advisors have made it easy for people to save and invest. It provides investors with knowledgeable professionals along with industry-leading tools. The sole purpose of this platform is to make investors smarter and confident. Charles Schwab, the above-mentioned Robo advisor, and Td Ameritrade are now under one company.

The combined power of two of the best Robo advisors will surely work in the favour of your financial plan. Their goal is to deliver their customers the best experience. They are offering users powerful platforms that enable them to trade without any trade-offs. Be it their mobile platforms are desktop, they are designed for performance. Not only that, they are focusing on creating learning experiences for their customers.

It provides all the information you need to excel in investing. TD Ameritrade provides users with a wide variety of tools, products, and education along with research and accolades. The commission-free trading of TD Ameritrade makes it even more important for the customers. 

Visit Website: TD Ameritrade

Wrapping up

Hope that you have found all the information you’re looking for about Robo advisors. Now that you have understood what Robo advisors are. You can use these Robo advisors to improve your portfolio and enhance your net worth. In this article, you would have read about all the platforms and see the Robo advisors comparison.

The sole motive of this article is to provide users with a Robo advisor review that will help them in making the right decisions. You can rely on Robo advisors to provide you with financial suggestions that will help you in reaching your goal. The above-mentioned list of Robo advisors is the best Robo advisors in the market. If you’re planning to invest, then Robo advisors are truly perfect for anyone out there-beginner or experienced. 

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