Best Hardware Wallets For Bitcoin

Want could be better than investing in Bitcoin. You can expect a high return, protect yourself from many payment frauds and you can perform immediate transactions. There are endless reasons for you to choose Bitcoin.

So, you’ve finally held Bitcoin. But, wait a moment, where are you storing your private keys that are used to perform cryptocurrency transactions securely? You need to store all your private keys in a secure place to protect and prevent hacking or theft of your digital assets.

There are software and hardware wallets available in the crypto market. These wallets are used to store crypto coins securely. Now, let’s discuss hardware wallets for Bitcoin.

If you’re planning to store your Bitcoins, hardware wallets can be a one-stop destination for storing your digital assets, private keys and more. Because you can store their private keys offline. When you use a software wallet, there might be a chance of stealing or hacking your digital assets. Choosing hardware wallets are the best solution to stay away from hacking or unauthorized access.

Ledger Nano S

Want to store or transfer a massive amount of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin or Ethereum? Yes! Ledger Nano S is the best hardware for you.

Whether you’re looking to secure or grow your digital assets, NANO S is a suitable hardware wallet available in the market. It supports multiple cryptos such as Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, EOS and more. You can install around 3 applications on Ledger Nano S.

The hardware wallet has several features, i.e

Multi-currency support – Yes, you’ve heard it right. You can use a hardware wallet to hold multiple cryptocurrencies ranging from Bitcoin to Ethereum within the single wallet.

Display panel – With an attractive and in-build display panel, you can easily check and process your transactions without hassles.

More secured – Ledger Nano S make sure your wallet doesn’t be breached. Your crypto assets are secured under Ledger’s hands.

Ease of backup – Without any extra efforts, you can backup the ledger. No coding knowledge is required. Everything is simple.

Trezor Model T

It’s no surprise that Trezor is the leading brand around the globe. Similar to Ledger, Trezor is offering a powerful hardware wallet. Model T is mostly referred to as Trezor’s 2nd generation of the wallet. The model features are almost equivalent to Ledger Nano S. The only difference is, Trezor Model T allows its users to make use of the third-party exchanges. The popular exchanges are CoinSwitch, Changelly, users are using these exchange platforms from the Trezor Model T interface itself.

Wide range of crypto’s supported – Great news! Trezor Model T supports over 1600 cryptocurrencies. With the connection “USB Type-C”, users can easily connect to their mobile devices or PCs.

Better security – Few people believe that Trezor Model T offers better security than Ledger Nano S. As Trezor provides “Xs Bluetooth connection”. Users can purchase Bitcoin with complete protection. With a user-friendly set up, get started with Trezor Model T within 15 minutes.


Great news for all the mobile users! Mycelium is the best hardware wallet for your Bitcoin. The platform is available only for mobile devices. Mycelium is supporting upto 8 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance USD, etc. With unparalleled cold storage, users can secure their funds even more effectively. It works well for master seeds and private keys. Users are the sole owner of their keys and assets, they will be having 100% control. On the other hand, you don’t need to download any blockchain. Install Mycelium to your mobile devices and run within a couple of seconds.

The attractive feature of Mycelium is users can configure their custom transaction charges. It means Mycelium allows its users to select the time duration for the transaction to get completed.

Mycelium hardware wallet enables users to keep their crypto coins on their smartphones for easy access in everyday situations. It offers a user-friendly interface and also third-party crypto exchanges are also integrated on Mycelium. Users can trade or purchase crypto coins straight away from their hardware wallets.

Mycelium stands for security. As the platform is compatible with Ledger and Trezor, there are several ways to keep your Bitcoins secured. With a simple layout design, accessing multiple functions get quicker and easier. Within a few simple clicks, you can send or receive Bitcoins.


Exchange and manage your crypto with zero efforts using Exodus. The hardware wallet is available for mobile and desktop. It supports more than 155 crypto assets, the popular are Bitcoin, Binance Coin, DigiByte and more.

User-friendly – Exodus is the ideal solution for beginners. The assistance is offered around the clock, this is more important for the users who don’t have enough knowledge on sending or trading cryptocurrencies. If you’ve any questions, you can reach out to Exodus customer support.

Secure transaction at best prices – This feature will attract users who are looking for speedy transactions at cheaper prices. The main aim of Exodus is to offer less expensive custom fees for its users. Apart from offering better security, the hardware wallet allows its users to access their Bitcoins conveniently on the move.

Supports over 155 crypto assets – Similar to other hardware wallets, Exodus supports more than 155 cryptocurrencies. Keep in mind, Exodus has the chance to get exposed to the virus. But, it can be an acceptable hardware wallet for novices.

Ease-to-use interface – The hardware wallet is a cross-platform program, especially for Windows, Linux and macOS. Users can easily get access to their crypto’s and other features at their fingertips. There is no two-way authentication integrated on Exodus.

How do hardware wallets work?

  • Many use a protected and secure microcontroller, the chip will connect to the internet and will be separated from a chip. Thereby private keys will be stored on the user’s device. Hard wallet utilizes “standard EALP5 chip” technology in order to prevent penetration attacks.
  • Users can get the login into their account and verify their transactions physically while offline. Accessing manually will prevent them from hacking incidents, phishing and more.
  • Isolation from a few internet-connected devices such as mobile phones, tablets or desktops prevents unauthorized and hacking theft incidence.
  • Hardware wallets are recommended for the investors who are holding massive amounts of crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
  • Users can enter the password through buttons or touch screens. For extra security, hardware wallets provide 2-factor authentication and biometric security.


If you’re showing interest in buying or trading Bitcoin, you need to have the best hardware wallet for your Bitcoins. This wallet allows you to store, buy and secure your private keys from one roof. With a hardware wallet, you can store assets both online and offline. Hope the above-mentioned list of best hardware wallets for Bitcoins might be helpful for securing your coins and private keys. These wallets also support Ethereum, Litecoin and other popular cryptos as well.

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