Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android OS

It’s no secret that cryptocurrency has emerged as the key player in the economy. There are thousands of crypto coins available in the market, Bitcoin is popular among them. Bitcoin is affecting all the aspects of the international economy, including retail and e-commerce businesses. Bitcoin is the secured and safe alternative to the traditional currency. By encrypting personal information transfer using several cryptography protocols, these are highly complex programming systems. Bitcoin wallets are the most secure way for trading or transferring funds.

If you’re using an Android mobile phone and looking for the best Bitcoin wallet, this article is right for you.

Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android Operating System


ZenGo is the best choice for the one who is looking for a keyless Bitcoin wallet without a tradeoff. No more passwords or seed phrases. Users can access the Bitcoin wallet through facial biometrics. Control all your funds with a fast and safe set-up in the crypto. The wallet offers a powerful cryptographic solution to ensure better security. The most attractive feature of ZenGo is “User-friendly”, users can easily store their Bitcoins (BTC) with ease. All the private keys are stored in the most secure way on ZenGo.

ZenGo is bundled with high-quality features such as staking, Bitcoin exchange and more. Earn interest with your crypto coins. ZenGo wallet is available for free, users need to pay while buying or trading Bitcoin.


Coinomi is a safe and secure Bitcoin wallet that provides exchange capabilities within the mobile application. Users don’t need to spend hours installing and setting up Coinomi on their mobile devices. Thanks to Coinomi, users can install it within no time. Coinomi is trusted by millions of people around the world. Apart from Bitcoin, Coinomi supports over 1770 blockchain assets. Download the Coinomi right now.

Coinomi is one of the oldest multi-chain Bitcoin wallets available in the market. The key features of Coinomi are high-standard security, solid track record, zero charges, wallet connect, crypto DNS, native SegWit and more. Keeping it simple, Coinomi is considered the trusted and versatile global crypto app. The platform supports 25 languages, with an in-built exchange, users can exchange their assets instantly.


Whether you’re planning to trade or earn interest on Bitcoins, Abra is the right choice for you. Abra’s intuitive mobile application makes it simple to control your Bitcoin. Users on Abra are earning upto 10% interest per year on Bitcoin. Buy, sell, store and trade across 100+ crypto coins and stablecoins. No limited trading crypto pairs is another functionality of Abra. Send Bitcoin anywhere and anytime on Abra.

Download the Abra on your Android device right now. Start investing in Bitcoin within a couple of minutes. The wallet combines secure crypto wallet and exchange in simple experience making it the best for new and professional investors.

Investors need to provide their email address and mobile number for getting started with Abra. But for the users who want to stay anonymous, this could be a drawback. However, Abra’s complete experience is pretty present and easy to use for beginners.


Edge is the secured way to buying, trading and storing Bitcoins under the user’s control. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS operating systems. Edge is multi-asset support, the popular cryptos are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) to name a few. It supports short and long terms, holding all your crypto coins securely on Edge.

Users can seamlessly exchange between digital assets or cryptocurrencies on the move. Also, you can exchange fiat currency for the financial digital assets of the upcoming future. With cutting-edge technology, the Edge Bitcoin wallet makes everyone happy. Edge is the best place for newbies and experts. As the wallet offers attractive features such as high security, user privacy, easy-to-use and more. Keeping it simple, Edge is the best mobile app for Bitcoin and other assets. Backing up the data is pretty simple on the Edge app, all you need is a username and password. Access Edge with a passcode or touch identification. 

Atomic Wallet

Manage all your Bitcoins (BTC) on the move with Atomic Wallet. The wallet is trusted by over 1 million users around the world. Controlling your portfolio is easier on Atomic Wallet. Swap over 60 cryptocurrency pairs anonymously. Sounds amazing! Also, receive cashback for your exchange instantly.

Users can buy Bitcoin with their bank cards. Atomic Wallet supports local currency such as USD, EUR and more. Staking and earning is simple, earn rewards on staking the coins. Users are earning upto 23% just by staking coins every year. All your private keys on Atomic Wallet are encrypted. All the funds are controlled and managed by the owner i.e investors. 


Move your currency forward with BRD. No registration is required, BRD is an open-source Bitcoin wallet available for free. BRD invites all the developers to use the code as per their requirement of MIT license.

Once the app is installed on your Android mobile phone, you can send, receive or trade all your Bitcoins. Hold your private keys on BRD with complete confidence. Users are sending and receiving funds anonymously. This could be another reason to choose BRD for sending or trading Bitcoins.

Import or recover your wallet with ease. BRD is available in 170+ countries and supports 70+ currencies. BRD is the simplest Bitcoin wallet for Android OS. The drawback of BRD is, the Bitcoin wallet offers basic features, this is suitable for newbies and not for experienced traders.

Wrapping up

Bitcoin Android wallets are the leading application, especially for mobile users. These wallets allow investors to buy, store or sell Bitcoin (BTC) from the Android OS. Investors around the globe are choosing Bitcoin wallets for quick and easy payments. All you need to do is connect your wallet to the internet and process the transactions. Hope the above mentioned Bitcoin wallet helps you for managing all your Bitcoins. Keep a note, you need to keep your mobile device safe, if the device is stolen or broken, you’ll be at high risk. 

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