10 Best Social Media Management Tools

Social media is now the top pick of every marketer. With brands adapting to social media marketing, the need to manage different social media channels at the same time is on the rise. Here in this article, we’ve mentioned the top 10 social media platforms that can assist you in multi-channel integration of social media.


Social media is all about trends. To top the engagement metrics, brands need to create interactive content- both static and dynamic. The onus of attracting users and engaging them with unique content trends falls on the brand’s social media strategy. Hootsuite is a prominent social media management software that offers quality metrics and multiple channel integration with better efficiency. 

Best Features

Schedule posts

Content strategy relies on maintaining a balance between content placement and content planning. Did you know that the time at which you post the social media post or content also matters a lot in getting better engagement, clicks, and views? We kid you not. Apart from the social media trends, brands also need to have dedicated content for each day to be in the buzz race. Keeping track of the day-to-day content and posting it manually on each platform is a lot of monotony. With Hootsuite, you can schedule the posts for different social media platforms for a month (and even more) at a go, at a decided time. This saves time for social media managers and designers, at the same time, helps the manager in experimenting with the time of the post-engagement trends. 

Content library

Hootsuite offers a comprehensive library of branded content that is accessible by all the teams of your organization. This way, teams can collaborate and manage content more efficiently. 


 Quality content is the core aspect of high-performing social media. For a content curator, following content trends is as important as posting at regular intervals. Hootsuite enables you to track and spot the most happening trends of all social media platforms with real-time analytics. 

Along with the above-mentioned aspects, Hootsuite offers a digital academy in the name- Hootsuite Academy,  where employees of the organization can enhance their skills and stay updated with the current trends and algorithm changes of different social media platforms. 


Hootsuite offers a 30-day free trial. Later, the monthly subscription starts from $29 to $599 depending on the plan opted. 


Sendible is one of the best social media management tools trusted by brands and marketing agencies. Apart from the excellent integration options, and analytics tools that they offer, this platform is known for its easy-to-use CRM and social listening tools. This platform not only helps you in improving your brand presence but also assists you in sharpening your brand’s communication channels with user-loving techniques. 

Best Features

Tailored content suggestions and scheduling

Aesthetics and the ratio of images differ on each social media platform. Not just that, but even customizing content based on the user metrics of each platform is an essential norm that brands need to adopt. Sendible displays pixel-previews and customization suggestions with a built-in editor that makes the job of social media manager much easier. 

Seamless collaboration

Running ad campaigns or handling overall social media is not a one-person job. Teams brainstorm together and make changes dynamically as feedback from clients pours in. A lot of time goes into tracking approval status before posting the content online. Sendible has a unique dashboard that can be accessed by both clients and team where they can keep a track of approval workflows and speed up the process of making content live on social media. 

Engagement analytics

The success of your strategy depends on the engagement turnout and user impressions. However, the analytics tools that generally social media handlers use give an overall report of the content performance.

Later the social media team spends time churning out the data into simple form and categorizing it into performance metrics that give us section-wise performance indicators. The custom reports feature the best performing content and its engagement ratio- all in a comprehensive report built-in real-time within minutes. 

Sendible offers customized solutions like share buttons, co-branding, share buttons, and Hootsuite integration for agencies, small businesses to level up their online presence much more efficiently. 


Sendible has a 30-day free trial offer. Later, based on the plans the brands choose, the pricing ranges from 29 USD to 299 USD per month. 

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the trusted and best social media management tools preferred by brands that integrate social media into their daily marketing strategy. This platform is the best pick for extracting daily in-depth content performance reports and organizing posts’ schedules with ease. 

Best Features

Engagement metrics

 Individual post-performance helps social media strategists to enhance their content plan. Sprout Social is a data-driven platform that administers permission settings and performance statistics for individual posts. The best part is, all the metrics are broken down into simpler categories, thereby making the decision-making process simpler and effective. 

Push notifications

 Be it desktop or mobile screens, notifications act as message reinforcements that make users remember a brand. Push notifications help brands in communicating new updates, deals and discounts to the users- which in turn makes users visit the website or app. Brands can store user information and send push notifications across all social media platforms.

Social inbox

A well-performing social media handle is bound to receive queries, user complaints, price queries, brand collaboration requests etc very often.

The best way to reply to all the messages on all platforms is to have a common inbox that lets you answer all the texts at a go. Social inbox curates all the messages and lets you engage and communicate with your audience at a go. 

Also, Sprout Social offers social media monitoring tools, analytics, team management (caters to all enterprises like digital marketing agencies, small businesses, medium businesses based on the requirements), advanced analytics, and keyword research tools. 


 You can try the platform and selected features for free for up to 30 days. Later, the standard subscription starts from 99 USD per month. Based on enterprise requirements, the major plans range up to 249 USD per month. 


Buffer is a trusted social media management software that offers a streamlined social media platform to drive better engagement and more leads. It is one of the best social media management tools with a simple dashboard, social inbox integration, and engagement analytics tools. 

Best features

Publishing tools

 Although you cannot upload hundreds of posts at a go, this platform offers a unique gateway through which you can publish posts through blogs. It has a direct scheduling option- where you can collaborate with your team and improve the post aesthetics more efficiently.

Social inbox

Buffer has a product connection- Reply- which lets the brand communicate with their users, audience, and give updates about the ongoing deals, product developments, etc.


This platform offers real-time analytics that helps you measure your social media performance with multi-account management, reach and conversion statistics, and other useful analytics. 

Buffer is the best tool to manage content planning and create a workflow. Brands can measure the overall performance of social media campaigns with accurate analytics. 


The price range starts from 15 USD per month and with more integrations, the cost goes up to 399 USD per month. However, businesses can opt for custom plans based on brand requirements. 


The eClincher is one of the best social media management tools trusted by digital marketers, agencies, small and medium businesses, and exclusive franchises. Their advanced publishing software- eClincher is one of the finest and best-rated social media management software and has been the favourite pick of social media managers across the globe. 

Best features

Advanced Publishing

While the option of scheduling posts in itself is referred to as the most useful and time-saving advancement of social media handling, advanced publishing with a smart visual calendar made this job even easier. The publishing options are quite handy, smart, and easy to use for social media managers. 

Auto-posting option with RSS feed

Really simple syndication (RSS) feed is a smart web feed in the form of an online file, that stores everything you publish on a website. The social media management tool of eclincher is known to bring potential social media ROI for marketing agencies, franchises and business teams at large.

Customer service 

Unlike many other services that offer automated chatbots or guidelines on their website for the users to address their issues, customers can get access to real people for help around the clock.

Be it Marketing agencies or social media content creators in general, they often struggle with coming up with new ideas. However, with eClincher things have become relatively easy as this affordable software comes with suggestions for content with keywords and hashtags.


The basic pricing starts at $59 a month for a single user, the premier pricing starts at $119 a month for 3 users while the prices for an agency are $219 a month for 6 users.

  Social Pilot

Social pilot is a software that is fully equipped to serve small businesses, marketing agencies and enterprises by providing them with social media schedules and analytics. Also, Social pilot is one of the most widely used software by tens of thousands of businesses to manage their social media profiles. 

Best features

Connections made easy 

 With SocialPilot, you can connect with their target audience on more than 50 social media profiles and can schedule your content accordingly. Suggestions and curation of content from diverse industries and auto-posting. 

Robust reporting tools 

 Reporting software is always necessary for an enhanced social media performance and Social Pilot does exactly that by offering comprehensive reporting software. 

The social media almanack

 Businesses need calendars to envisage their marketing strategy and also to keep track of multiple social account posts.  The digital calendar makes you forget about the Google sheets and gives you a birds-eye view of content your team has scheduled for various accounts for posting it on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Also, these posts can be rescheduled with a drag and drop. 

Time saver 

This unique software brings the whole team’s social publishing, reporting and engaging activities to one dashboard so that their time can be saved. 

Schedule your content in bulk 

 Socialpilot allows you to schedule posts in bulk using two options i.e., Upload and Review. With this, you can schedule up to 500 posts and can make sure that you are consistent with engaging your audience.  

For small teams 

It is quite a hassle when everyone in the team has access to everything that could lead to potential blunders. SocialPilot eliminates this hassle by allotting access to the team at varying levels. This also helps to delegate work to different members at different levels providing a seamless flow of work. 

For Agencies 

A powerful dashboard for easy team collaborations, reporting, publishing, engaging and efficient management of the client’s social accounts. Clients often grow ambiguous while sharing their social credentials with your agency and Social Pilot avoids this by helping you invite your clients to connect on their own without any need for sharing their credentials.

Through branded invitation links the process of onboarding a client has also been made easy. This link can be automated and can be used multiple times for inviting multiple clients.

For Enterprise 

The enterprise version comes with a whole lot of customization. These profiles are configured to cater to all the clientele with an account manager, email and phone support.


The pricing starts at $25 a month that goes up to $83 a month depending upon the type of the account and required customizations. Also, Social Pilot provides a free trial for its customers and the activation doesn’t require any credit card. Starting at an affordable price it is one of the best social media management tools.


 Similar to many of the integrated management platforms for managing social media accounts Agoropulse is a tool that helps to stay organized by managing your inbox, publishing, reporting, monitoring your social media accounts and collaborating with your team.

Garnering over 31,000 users it is a few of the most effective and popular social media managing tools. Having been voted as the #1 social media management software out there, its users ranked it above other popular social media solutions Hootsuite and Sprouts for the fact it is easy to use and being cost-effective mostly in the small-business segment.

It is well known for making posts, comments, messages and mentions by the users easily accessible to their team members so that they never miss out on anything. 

Best Features

Unlimited Click Reports 

 The software offers an unlimited number of click reports that can be accessed with a single click. These reports help in finding out the generated revenue and developing strategies accordingly. These can be converted into PPT as well.

Unified Social Inbox 

This unique feature avails the users with an option to organise, manage, assign and label all the incoming messages that come from one place. The organisation can be done with an inbox assistant automatically.  The managing of all the organic and as comments can be done with ease. Later, the conversions in the inbox can be labelled and assigned to the team to avoid any confusion.

Know your conversion rate  

With this you can separate your customers from your audience by labelling them. There is an option to add notes for every user as well. 

Time slots 

 Queue your content and publish it in an organised way. These time slots help the team in knowing the time and the platform on which they have to post. 

Social listening 

This feature helps in finding out the trends and insights about your brand and the competitors. 


The pricing for a medium account starts at $79 a month and goes up to $399 per month depending upon whether it is a large, x- large or for an enterprise. Also, a free demo can be requested.


Planable is a free and trusted tool among marketers that is used for social media management and collaboration. It is believed to be all that is needed for creating content and getting it approved on social media platforms. Plan your work and the software makes it even easier by displaying it on the excel sheet of PPt.  The social media management software is used by some of the popular brands and agencies across the world like MINI, SOCIAL CHAIN, UNITED NATIONS,  SPRINGFIELD, tribal worldwide and PAPA JOHNS.

Best Features 

Effective feedback 

 once you’re done creating your post you can have your team’s feedback. Also, Planable allows clients to discuss the created post, therefore, avoiding any further email threads.

Time slots 

 With Planable, you can schedule your posts one week ahead in a pre-defined time and where to post them.

Multiple views 

Four types of views that come with planable are Feed view for previewing all the posts with the deets, Calendar view to have a glance at everything, List view for carrying out bulk actions and Grid view to arrange and preview your Instagram advertisements.

Collaborations made easy 

 Planable brings the team and clients together making collaboration with them easy. Also, there is no need for the clients to sign up for Planable instead they can join through an email invitation link and that’s all. 


The starter plan’s price is $32.5 a month, premium charges $82.5 a month while the enterprise is entirely based on the users’ requirement. 

Crowd Fire

Crowdfire is a one-stop destination to manage all your social media profiles. Narrow down your niche and Crowd Fire can help you with finding the relevant content accordingly. It is equipped with aesthetic and easily shareable images and videos. One sure way a brand can stand out is by creating tailored content pertaining to the needs of the customers. Crowd Fire can help you grow in this aspect by helping you with the creation of tailored content across different social media platforms. 

Best Features 

Article Curation 

 Having equipped with Crowd Fire all you have to do is strategize your content and the content can be curated by verifying thousands of sources across the web. There is also a chrome extension available to share articles. 


A personalised dashboard with an RSS feed. 

Visibility Through Multiple Platforms 

Your chosen social media platform can be anything from LinkedIn, Crowdfire, Facebook. With the help of Crowd Fire, one can schedule content and post it anywhere.

Track Your Mentions 

It comes with a handy team inbox in which one can keep track of their Twitter and Facebook mentions.


 These range from simple social analytics to competitor analysis with a compare key metrics. 


Crowdfire has a free version and its priced version comes at 7.48$ a month, a  Premium version priced at $ 38.48 a month while the VIP version is $74.98 a month.


Mavsocial is an award-winning fully integrated social media management software that is also used for advertising. It provides its services to small and mid-sized businesses, franchises and enterprises supporting a wide range of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube, Messenger and many more. The software has a good reputation and trust among popular brands like Digitas, Turner, Domino’s, Grey Goose, Century 21. MeetEdgar is a unique software that has AI image recognition.

Best Features

Easy Management

Maintaining customer relationships is a breeze with MavSocial. You can build, monitor, engage and manage your interactions with utmost ease.

Helps in understanding the audience’s insight 

Audience reaction towards your brand tells a lot about how you show online and this also helps your team to sort the reaction of the audience into positive, negative or neutral.

Aids in keeping a track of your community 

Know how many of the comments, messages from the customers have been replied to and understand their queries. Analyse the customer responses with your team.

 MavSocial App for Android 

A two-step verification offers a secured experience to the users while logging into the mobile app of MavSocial. 

Social listening

 Is a feature that helps in understanding the trends of the industry through tracking keywords and terms. It helps in understanding the specificity of these keywords that helps in gaining maximum engagement.

AI Image Recognition 

 This feature of MavSocial is powered by Miro and can be used for validation purposes. 


There are four pricing plans for Mavsocial.

An advanced version for single users that costs $190 a year, Pro that costs about $780 a year for 3 users, Business priced at $1,990 a year for 5 users and enterprise that costs about $ 4,990 a year with 20 users. A free demo can be requested. Although the software is priced high, the benefits that come with it like extra security and AI imaging makes it worth it and one of the best social media management tools out there.

Wrapping up 

Those days were gone when social media apps were only used for entertainment ourselves through uploading pictures, scrolling through memes and news feed.

If you’re looking forward to building a strong online presence for your business or run a business all using online e-commerce sites, now is the best time to build a social media profile for it where your potential audience spend their most time or free time, as the market now  is booming with essential tools to manage such social media accounts with more ease.

These tools help you in understanding the likes and needs of your audience, provide help in curating tailored content, posting it across multiple social media platforms consistently and converting them into customers for your business. Most of all these tools can save your time and help you gain customers while you’re sleeping! To read more interesting articles, head to Zeen blog. 

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