Who Owns the Washington Post

The Washington Post– best known as the Post, is the most widely circulated American daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C. The Post distinguished itself from the other dailies through its extensive coverage on the political aspects of the White House, Congress and the U.S government workings. With its huge national audience, the daily broadsheet is published in Washington, D.C., and its bordering states Maryland and Virginia. It was also the first newspaper to deliver on Sundays as well, becoming the city’s first newspaper to deliver news all week long.


Stilson Hutchins, an American publisher and newspaper reporter, established The Washington Post in the year 1877. It was initially published with four pages priced at 3 cents a copy. The Post later acquired the then competing newspaper The Washington Union.  The Post along with The Washington Union Published under the name The Washington Post and Union as a combined newspaper from the Globe Building with a circulation of 13,000. 

The newspaper’s ownership changed from time to time as it struggled financially and editorially for more than half a century since its establishment.  As its freehold changed hands it resulted in a change in the political stance of the newspaper from being a Democratic Party Allegiant to becoming extremely Conservative in terms of its news publication until 1905.

It was later bought by Graham Meyer in 1933 who went on to restore the Post’s disposition, highlighting a sound and individualistic editorial stance and rigorous, precise, and well-written coverage.

The post became notable for its elucidate reporting. Herbert L.Block, an American editorial cartoonist, gave the editorial page of the Post a leading-edge that brought it a wide readership. Under Graham, the Post also acquired a staunch internationalist outlook.

Who Owns It

It is currently owned by Nash Holdings, a Jeff Bezos authorized holding company.

Bezos bought it for $250 million from the Graham family in 2013 who’ve been the owners of the daily since 1933 and who are known to revive the newspaper reputation. Upon the purchase of the Post Bezos hired Frederick Joseph Ryan Jr. as the CEO and publisher of the Washington Post.

The alliance between the e-commerce giant and the newspaper converted the Amazon Prime members into Washington Post digital subscribers by offering them a trial subscription and later converting them to paid subscribers.

Bezos ownership brought the Post a more digital focus and acclaimed global readership.

The Major Stockholders

From the time when the newspaper originally started in the year 1877 to now, it has 7 major stockholders. However, Graham Holdings retained the daily for more than half a century from 1933 to 2013 until Nash Holdings got hold of it in 2013.

Public trade

The public trade of the Washington Post started in the year 1971 when their Class B common stocks were put on a sale priced at $26 per share.

Annual Revenue

The company generates annual revenue of  $5.5B.

Employee diversity

The Washington, D.C headquartered company has more than 3,500 employees. With 37.6 per cent female employees and 47.6 percent ethnic minorities there is a distinct diversity within the employees of the Washington Post. However, its employees lack discernibly in terms of political diversity. 


As of 2019, the daily circulation of the Post is recorded as 52,059 within the United States.

Digital Readership 

The Washington Post has digital unique visitors ranging from 100 million to 120 million.

The e-paper, called the e-Replica, is a replica of the printed copy available at the newsstand.

The subscription of the Washington Post costs 99/- month and 500/- a year. With a yearly subscription of 1000/- that provides unlimited access on the web, a shareable bonus subscription and 30-day digital passes along with downloadable e-books written by their Journalists. 


Democracy Dies in Darkness is the official slogan of the Washington Post which was adopted in the year 2017 and first appeared on its masthead in the same year. The daily’s recent focus has been National politics and the federal government. 


The newspaper won many awards including 69 Pulitzer Prizes and the 2020 Webby Award for News and Politics in the Social category.

Wrapping up

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