Who owns Forbes?

Do you read magazines? Yes? Then you might have heard about Forbes, right? Of course, you have. When we say that there literally is no one that hasn’t heard about Forbes at least once in their life, we mean it with no exaggeration. Forbes is a popular business magazine that publishes 8 times a year. The magazine features original articles on the topics of finance, marketing, investing and industry.

Along with these it also reports on a few related subjects like politics, technology, law, science and communications. The magazine is popular for its listings and rankings that it publishes of the richest Americans (Forbes 400), top global companies (the Forbes Global 2000), the wealthiest celebrities of America and also the Forbes’ list of world’s billionaires and the list of world’s most powerful people etc. 

The magazine runs with a motto to change the world. The company was founded by Bertie Charles who was a financial columnist for the Hearst papers back in the day. Did you know that the magazine is 103 years old? Yes, the first issue of the Forbes magazine was published on the 15th of September, 1917. The magazine was originally named Forbes: Devoted to Doers and Doings. The magazine covers the most influential businessmen, leaders and entrepreneurs who are driving the change and are making a significantly important impact in the world. 

Forbes in numbers

To start with Forbes has 100 plus years of experience in the business. The magazine reaches over 120 million people worldwide. There are 400 plus employees and 2800 plus journalists working for the magazine worldwide. It has a 6 million Magazine audience readership and 78 million visitors monthly from the US. it also has 50 million social touchpoints and 40 global editions of the magazine. The company also organised more than 100 Forbes Live events.


Forbes.com is part of the digital division of Forbes Media. The articles on Forbes.com are written and published directly on the website by a large network of ‘contributors’. The website is said to follow the “contributor model”. The contributors of these articles are paid based on the traffic generated by their own respective Forbes articles or Forbes.com pages. Over 2500 contributors have contributed content for the website among them there are a few contributors that have earned more than $100,000.

The Forbes website was founded by David Churbuck in 1996 since then the website has uncovered many hoaxes, frauds, and business topics. The website also posts lists focussing on the billionaires and their possessions.


Forbes has launched Forbes8, as its online streaming platform in November of 2019. The company also referred to the platform as “ the Netflix for Entrepreneurs”. Forbes8 is a video network that aims at providing on-demand content for entrepreneurs.

Some other Forbes publications include Forbes 400, Forbes Global 2000, Forbes 500, The World’s Billionaires, World’s Most Powerful People, World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.

Who owns Forbes?

Forbes as we already know was Founded by Bertie Charles Forbes in 1917. He was the Editor in chief of the company then and was the owner of the company. Fast forward to today, Steve Forbes, the grandson of Bertie Charles Forbes is the Editor in Chief of the company. The question that arises here is that “ Who owns Forbes Now?”. To answer this question let’s take a look at the sequence of important events that happened in the history of Forbes.

1917- First issue of Forbes Magazine.

1954- Death of Bertie Charles Forbes, The position was taken over by his elder son Bruce Charles Forbes. He served as the editor in chief of the Forbes magazine for a period of 10 years until his death in 1964.

1964- Malcolm Forbes, younger son of Bertie Charles Forbes, overtook the position, following his brother and served as the editor in chief of the magazine.

Fast forward to 2010- Steve Forbes is the Editor in chief now and a new Hong Kong-based company called Integrated Whale Media Investments bought a majority stake in the company.

In Conclusion

To answer the question about the ownership of Forbes, taking into account the sequence of events mentioned above, we now know that Integrated Whale Media Investments now own the majority stake in the company and the rest is owned by the Forbes family. 

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