Who Owns Alphabet

Alphabet Inc. was started in the year 2015 by Larry Page and  Sergey Brin. The two co-founders remained as its shareholders. It is a California based multinational conglomerate. Alphabet Inc. is a collection of companies, of which Google is the largest. It was created by restructuring the legal, operational and other structures of Google. Alphabet Inc. garnered the title of the world’s fourth-largest company in terms of revenue.

Key people behind Alphabet Inc

The key people who took over Alphabet are John L Hennessy, Sundar Pichai and Ruth Porat.

John L Hennessy

John is the chairman of Alphabet Inc. He was an American computer scientist and businessman.

Ruth Porat

Ruth Porat is the Chief Financial Officer of Alphabet Inc. ever since 2015. She is a British American business executive.

Sundar Pichai

Upon the completion of the restructuring of the Alphabet inc. Sundar Pichai stepped into a new position in it. He is the CEO of Alphabet Inc along with its subsidiary Google. He is also the product engineer of the company. He is an Indian- American business executive.

How does it work

Alphabet is about the plethora of businesses flourishing through strong leaders. The model behind Alphabet is the CEO of each business in which Alphabet Inc holds a stake works with the two co-founders in a way that both parties get served. Meanwhile, Sergey and Larry handle rigorously the capital allocation and execution of both the businesses. 

Alphabet follows segment reporting in which the financials of Google are reported separately from those for the rest of the businesses owned by it.

Revenue model

Alphabet inc. is a digital conglomerate and billions of dollars worth of company comprising many subsidiaries and google being the biggest of them.

Alphabet’s major share of revenues is generated by the services they provide like, browsing, searching, mobile Operating system, interactive platforms for remote working, office tools, electronic mailing system, streaming services. Cloud computing services under the umbrella Google cloud are generating revenues at a soaring growth rate due to magnanimous chunks of data being generated by the technology world every second.

But the best bet of Alphabet inc. to date being google services, which account for at least 92% of the total revenues. Along with this advertising is also becoming a key part of revenue generation, thanks to the powerful data analytics workforce which is backing the tech giants in making tailor-made advertisements according to the client needs.

Other honorable developments of Alphabet like automated vehicles service, Waymo, and stadia also seem to be contributing fortunes in the upcoming years. 



It is a United States-based biotech company which was founded by Bill Gates and is backed by Alphabet Inc. Calico is aimed at increasing the average lifespan of humankind across regions by fighting various physiological factors which enhance senescence.

Capital G

Capital G can be regarded as the venture capitalist and financing wing of alphabet inc. which concentrates and strategically invests in startups dealing with big data, financial technology, cybersecurity, and e-learning.


This is the subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. which develops technology to back the drone-based freight system.


It is the branch of Alphabet inc. which deals with Developing Urban Infrastructure and enhancing Urban living by infusing technology to transform urban livelihoods into inter-connected, sustainable, self-propelling and eco-friendly clusters.

Deep mind

Deep Mind is the British intelligence backed subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. which is involved in developing the external neural networks which mimic the short term memory of the human brain to store and process information about external resources, machines and entities. Deepmind is currently sprawled over the United States, Canada and England.


Waymo LLC is the self-driving taxi service providing subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. and is currently in the research and development phase. Waymo has created a full-scale digital map of Chandler, Arizona, enabling the entire town ready for fully automated way vehicles’ rides.

Resignation of the founders from the Alphabet Inc

The idea behind Alphabet establishment is to make the core business of Google more accountable. 

The founder’s Larry Page and Sergey resigned from their respective positions leaving the position to be filled by Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of Alphabet inc. along with Google.

Wrapping up

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