Useful Apps and Software for Vacation Rental Management

A short term management software is a helpful tool that eases the stress involved in running a vacation rental business. Regardless of the stage of your business, a rental management software brings about much more efficiency than you can get done manually. Most vacation software provide valuable features such as a vacation rental income calculator, calendars, reporting tools, a listing portal, and other features to streamline your vacation rental business. 

Here are some of the best vacation rental management software you can use for your business: 


Airbnb is quite possibly one of the best vacation rentals you can use as a vacation owner. This vacation software can handle almost everything required of your booking process, including listing your properties, managing bookings, and integrating with other software and apps like Vrbo. Another exciting feature of Airbnb is that it helps homeowners find a partner or manager to help manage their properties. Also, it offers a communication center to reply to customers’ inquiries and address any problems. 


Pricelabs is a valuable app that works as a revenue management system to let vacation rental managers increase revenue through smart pricing. This app features automation tools that let you manage your pricing strategy, control restrictions for night stays, and sync prices to your booking site. 

Pricelabs provides data-informed pricing suggestions based on market trends, demand, and competitors’ prices. Also, Pricelabs integrates with other property management systems such as Airbnb, Vrbo, and Vreasy to synchronize prices and ensure accurate pricing. Pricelabs is quite affordable and offers a one-month free trial period with no payment information needed. 


Beds24 is a standard vacation rental software with many functions, including a channel manager, calendar, booking engines, and integrations with other services. This property management software is easy to use, and you can set up your channel connections without support. You can integrate your Beds24 account with other software like Airbnb, Pricelabs, Tripadvisor, and other channels like PayPal and Mailchimp. Beds24 offers a lot of features and functionality for a small price: you get a 14-day free trial before the monthly subscription of $10 per property.


This project management tool doubles as vacation software for property owners who want to manage and organize their tasks more effectively. With Trello, you can work with your team members by delegating tasks, tracking what they are up to, and communicating with them. Also, Trello offers a calendar to monitor when someone goes in and out of your property, thus making it easy to update your listings. 


Vrbo, also known as Vacation Rental by Owner, is a free management tool that lets you list your property, manage payments, monitor reservations, and receive notifications directly to your phone. Currently owned by Expedia Group, Vrbo has many valuable features, including a communication center to talk to clients efficiently and a notification setting to get booking notifications to your phone. Vrbo also has a data analytics and insights dashboard to monitor your performance using key metrics. is a leading website that works as a platform for travelers looking for a property to stay in and also homeowners who want to manage their properties. This traveling platform also has a partner app, Pulse, useful for property owners to list their vacation rental homes, respond to inquiries, and automate tasks. You can also integrate your account with other channel managers to increase your customers’ reach. 


Expedia offers property owners a portal to list their properties, communicate with customers, and respond to reviews. Other features Expedia offers include reservation management, price setting, payment processing, and performance tracking. This travel company also integrates with other booking sites and property management software to improve your experience. 


Revyoos is a review aggregator that helps property owners gather all the reviews across different online travel agencies like Airbnb and Vrbo and platforms like Facebook in one place. This is a good software for property owners who have reviews spread across multiple listing sites and OTAs and want them displayed on their vacation rental website. 

You can also use Revyoos to request direct reviews from your guests and analyze reviews to get insight into your performance. By monitoring the 5-star and bad reviews, you get insights into areas where you need to improve. 


Beyond is a top revenue management platform for rental owners who want to get and monitor their revenue. This app automatically generates and forecasts pricing by applying data-driven reports, analytics, and algorithms to maximize your earnings. The solution generates pricing by evaluating your short-term rental properties and considering factors like local demands, property worth, size, and neighborhood. Beyond also integrates with OTA like Airbnb and Vrbo to make it easy to manage your calendars, listings, and pricing recommendations from one dashboard. 


Lynx is a home automation software designed for vacation rentals to improve operation and enhance guests’ experience. This software lets you connect and control your smart devices from one dashboard. Some of the features on Lynx include keyless entry, advanced scheduling, and control of home automation sensors for noise, smoke, leak, and thermostat. These features help secure your vacation rentals and make it easy for guests to check in and out in your absence. 


Quick books is a top online accounting software that helps vacation rental owners manage and improve their cash flow. You use Quickbooks to send out an invoice and monitor when you receive payments. Also, Quickbooks help get visuals into your cash flows by categorizing them into income and expenses. You can see where your money is coming from and where it’s going from one dashboard. 

Bottom Line:

There are many vacation rental software and apps suitable for property owners, and these are just a few of them. One of the best ways to pick suitable vacation software for your business is to read through the features. A good vacation software will meet your needs and help you run your business more efficiently. 

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