Top 10 Side Hustle Jobs

People say “We cannot live without money”. This phrase is absolutely true. Money really matters, it plays a prominent role in people’s lives. Money serves beyond the basic requirements and helps to achieve a qualified lifestyle. When you’ve 10 digit bank balance, you can pursue your dreams, gives you complete freedom and security. What not? Everything can be fulfilled when you’ve enough money in your pocket. But earning money is not an easy task. Few people work almost 9 hours a day to serve their basic needs. This money would help to pay their utility bills and other expenses. What about pursuing dreams? This is not possible when you’re working 9-5 at the office. Making extra money on the side is the only option for you.

Are you looking for the best side hustle to make extra bucks? Yes!!! It seems like you’ve encountered several strategies to make money. However, choosing the side hustle idea depending on the requirement, skills and experience are important.

Let’s dive into the topic.

Following are the easy ways to make extra money on the side. Whether it’s starting a new business or working as a part-time gig, choose the best way to make money.

Top 10 Side Hustle Jobs

1. Paid surveys

Earning money by taking surveys online is the legitimate way. There are hundreds of businesses looking for product and service feedback from their customers or random people. Complete the paid survey and put hundreds of dollars in your account or pocket. The popular survey websites are Swagbucks, MyPoints, National Consumer Panel and Opinion Outpost. Create an account on these websites. Earn extra bucks for sharing your opinions or thoughts on everything – products to current affairs. You don’t need to spend the complete day to complete the survey, all you need to do is spend just one or two hours of your time.

Just remember, the survey websites are often looking for particular things while choosing the people. Hence you might not be qualified for every online paid survey that you find. On the other hand, you need to complete surveys on time to make real money or cash-out your points.

Keep a note, you can earn a few dollars through online surveys. Don’t expect to become rich overnight just by relying on survey sites. The survey websites don’t offer a big payoff. But you can consider online surveys as the side hustle. The extra money can add up across the time. All you need to do is be patient, determined while giving a shot.

2. Sell things

Making money can be a daunting task. Here is the good news, you don’t need to hock your laptop and build new software. One of the best ways to earn money is by selling things in your comfort zone.

Old stuff

The stuff could be old mobile or clothes that you no longer use. Earn money by selling your items. This could be an amazing way of clearing your wardrobe or storage space.

Handmade products

If you’re good at crafting, this is just for you. The popular handmade items that you can sell faster are clothing, jewellery, painting, wooden toys and scarves. Sell your customized items on Etsy, Amazon and other websites.

Old books, DVD and gaming console

Do you have a bunch of books lying around your shelf or unused gaming console? Yes!!! Sell things that you don’t read or need anymore. Sell books, DVD and gaming consoles on Amazon and earn 50% to 25% of the book price.

Recyclable materials

Recycling is a good way to make money and save the environment. The recyclable materials are bottles, newspapers, cardboards, plastic products, steel and more. Visit recycling websites and sell the recycling materials to earn income.

3. Make deliveries

Do you have a two-wheeler or four-wheeler vehicle? Yes!!! Making deliveries is one of the top side hustle for you. Making extra money by delivering the items is the new trend. 

People are busy!!! With their busy schedule, they don’t have time to shop for groceries or spend time at restaurants waiting for their favourite meal. So they switched to delivery services. Create an account on delivery services and earn money in spare time. Get paid to deliver food, furniture, alcohol, grocery and household items to the people across your area. Earning potential may depend on the delivery service.

Currently, there are hundreds of delivery services available in the market, sign up to deliver the items to people using your vehicle. Sounds amazing right!!! The popular delivery services are Uber Eats, Postmates, Shipt and Instacart. Just remember, you need to meet the requirement to become a delivery gig. It includes, the age limit is 18 years, driving licence, access to 2 or 4-wheeler vehicles and owns a smartphone.

4. Rent Things Out

Renting your things is the best way when you’re running short on passive income. You don’t need to work all day or set the schedule to your work for boosting your earning. Renting things is the self-employment option for you. No matter whether you have a spare room or storage space that you’re no longer using. There are few popular renting websites such as Airbnb, Zilok and Home Away. List your spare room or furniture on these platforms without hassles.

Empty or spare room

Do you have a spare room? Yes!!! Rent your spare room and earn money. List your empty room on Airbnb and make good passive income. If you’re looking to boosting income fastly, Airbnb will pay you within 24 hours after the visitor check-in. There are few people who make primary revenue by renting their spare rooms or empty place on Airbnb. The income may vary according to location, amenities and more.

Storage space

You reside in a big house and don’t use your storage or basement space. Rent that space to people looking for the storage space – people moving into the new house or some other reason.

Wedding clothes

Got married, did you wear your wedding dress or suit only once and now it’s lying on the wardrobe. Few couples cannot afford expensive wedding clothes, they look for alternatives i.e renting. Rentcharlie is the best place to rent your wedding dress or suit. Rent and earn money without any hassles.

Car, boat, etc.

Renting your things include car and boat rentals as well. If you don’t use a car or boat and plan to abandon it for a while, renting is a great way to earn money. Rent on Turo or Getaround and hit the jackpot. These websites will take certain commission fees from your earnings.


Do you have a professional camera, drone, piano or a sewing machine? Yes!!! Rent out your equipment and make good extra cash. Few film directors might be looking for a quality camera or drone. The popular websites to rent your equipment are Manchester, Beazy and Zilok to earn cash.

5. Freelancing

It’s no surprise that freelancing has become one of the significant career options and top side hustle. The option is not just bound to adults, old-age people, students and homemakers are pursuing and making good extra cash through freelancing. With the growth in freelancing, this niche is growing enormously. There are multiple reasons to choose freelancing such as freedom, flexibility, control of work, exposure and more. The popular freelancing websites are Editorr, FlexJobs, Upwork and Get started and find the perfect freelancing job without hassles.

Content writing

Most people imagine content writing is all about writing articles and blogs. If you can work beyond it, this is the best side hustle job for you. As a content writer, you need to have your hands on multiple content formats such as video scripts, email newsletter, podcast site, web page copy, white papers and more. Small and large businesses are looking for professional content writers to improve their brand. Approach them and earn income by offering quality content writing services.

Web designing

With each passing day, people realize nine to five jobs cannot fulfil their dreams. Switching from full-time to freelancing is the best way to make money. Before switching, keep a track on your finances. Think about whether you can pay for rent and other bills for the next two months. After setting up your finances, it’s easy to start your career as a freelance web developer. Get specialized, register to freelance websites such as Upwork, PeoplePerHour and more. Find the right freelance job and make money. Depending on your skills and project, the pay may vary. After completing the freelancing job, stay in touch with your clients. This is the best way to work on their future projects as well.


SEO is not everyone’s cup of coffee. Small and large businesses hire an SEO expert or agency to complete their SEO tasks. If you’re an SEO professional, becoming an SEO freelancer can be a worthwhile option for you. While offering freelancing service, you need to ensure that you’re upgraded with the latest trends, SEO guidelines, tools, software and proper resources. Enhance your skills to handle the SEO tasks for any website, be it e-commerce or entertainment, you need to be pro while offering SEO service. List yourself on popular freelancing websites such as Toptal, Fiverr, Simply Hired and Freelancer. Get hired in no time. Pick the right project and offer your SEO service to make money without any hassles.

When you get started as an SEO freelancer, you can learn and gain working experience. Adding a new skill set is important to keep yourself competitive. This will help you to acquire new projects.

Social media manager

Social media is playing a significant role in everyone’s life. From students to senior citizens, everyone has a social media account for a good reason. More than 97% of Business are also using social media platforms to interact with their customers, build brand awareness and more. Also, these businesses are hiring social media managers to make their business popular on social channels.

Become a social media manager and make money at the comfort of your couch. Your job is to manage the social platforms of the business. Here the social channels can be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. The responsibilities of social media manager are gain followers, interacting with customers, conducting contests, creating engaging content and handling ads. Also, you need to analyze and measure the strategies. Analyze every social media post and monitor frequently.

Data entry

Working as a data entry executive is one of the top 10 side hustle jobs for you. Data entry jobs can range from typing numerical to filling the data in a spreadsheet. The data entry operations are outsourced to an independent person or hire an agency to complete the task. No bachelor degree is required to pursue in data entry freelancing carrier. All you need is a computer/mobile, internet connection and basic system knowledge. Instead of getting up early in the morning and moving to the office, you can complete a data entry task at your home. Many companies are offering work-from-home, they send the instruction for every task. Fix the working schedule and complete the assignment at your comfort zone. Simply put, a data entry job is a suitable career for the one who is looking to make money at low stress.

6. Do micro jobs

Micro jobs are becoming the top priority of the youth. As they want to become their own boss and always want a stress-free life. This can be possible by doing micro-jobs. It’s no surprise micro-jobs are evolving, people around all age-groups are utilizing their skills and completing the micro-jobs. The jobs may range from graphic creation to marketing.

The ultimate purpose of a micro job is to offer a job for anyone to earn money. There are several micro jobs platforms such as DigitalMarket, Fiverr, SEOClerks, GigBucks, Amazon Mechanical Turk and more. Companies will post their task on these platforms and offer a compensation package for the individual that completes the micro job. People across the globe are using these sites to earn money. Get registered on these micro-task platforms, sell your service and earn income by completing the tasks. 

Get registered on micro-jobs platforms, sell your services – design, content writing, advertisements, analytics, data entry and more. These websites will give you complete freedom of choosing the service according to your interest. Start your micro job today and see a good amount of income coming in your wallet every day.

While the concept looks pretty simple and easy, micro-job can surely be one of the top side hustle jobs of the current generation. Simply put, just by sitting on the couch and performing the microtask and earning money is an easy journey. Although this might be an odd job for a few people, to others, the micro job is the best opportunity to make passive income.

7. Earn income with smartphone

There are hundreds of ways to earn income. Among them are legit ways to make money. With the advancement of mobile phone, most of them have found several ways to make money with it. The popular money-making applications are Foap, Slidejoy, mCent, Ibotta and Qriket.


Foap is a popular mobile application to earn money. This application is perfect for photographers. If you can capture quality photos, this is the best app for you. Sell photos on Foap app you capture from the mobile. The payments are transferred through PayPal.


Another easiest way to earn money is Slidejoy money-making application. Slidejoy will replace your lock screen with the advertisement. These advertisements are promotional content. Whenever you watch an advertisement on your smartphone, you can earn $1. Sounds amazing right!!! Earning $1 on every advertisement is a simple way to make money.


mCent is the popular application that allows you to make money by completing simple tasks such as downloading applications, testing apps and more. Whenever you create an account on mCent for the first time on your mobile phone, you will receive little money, when you keep mCent application for a few days, you will receive more money. Apart from installing and testing the applications, you can make money on your every mobile recharge, watching the advertisements, inviting friends and more.


Earn money for online shopping. Ibotta is the popular cashback application available online. The application pays you a good amount on money on every grocery purchase. Before you visit the shop, you need to complete a few simple tasks on Ibotta, every task is related to brands that you frequently buy. As soon as you visit the shop, capture the receipt and upload it on Ibotta. Hurray!!! You’ll reach cashback on every uploaded receipt. The maximum cashback can be $5, the amount can be redeemed through PayPal.


If playing games is your thing, then this application is right for you. Download Qriket application, spin the wheel and earn side income. Before spinning the wheel, you need to select the color i.e. blue, yellow, etc. Choose your favorite color and start spinning the wheel. You can earn $5 to $10 in each spin. Redeem the amount via PayPal, once you reach more than $25 in Qriket wallet.

These applications don’t make you a billionaire overnight, but eventually, help you to make money. Money earned will help with your rental or utility bills.

8. Make money with your car

Registering as the Uber driver and delivering the groceries are the proven ways to make money. But behind that, there are several ways to earn passive income with your cars such as renting your car, promoting other products or services and more. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Get registered at popular websites such as MyFreeCar, Uber, Turo and more. If you’re planning to earn money completely with your car, follow the below ideas

Corporate car service

Hurray!!! This is the best side hustle income for you. Offering on-demand transportation service for corporate companies is the best starting point to make money with your car. Start your car service with top clients that are looking for transportation to pick or drop service.

Airport shuttle service

You can also make money by offering airport shuttle services. For this, you should have a larger vehicle to offer airport services. So you can pick or drop a large group of people and their luggage without hassles.

Car rental service

If you don’t have enough time to drive yourself to make money, renting your car is the best option for you. Turo is the popular car rental platform available in the market. List your car on Turo, people will rent your car according to their requirements. You need to pay a little commission whenever people rent your car.

Medical transportation service

People often opt for medical transportation service during emergencies. Providing medical transportation service is another way to earn passive income. There are several medical transportation services such as the ambulatory, stretcher, wheelchair, emergency and non-emergency. You need to be a pro to offer such a service.

Child pickup service

Parents are busy with their work schedule. They often look for pick and drop services to make their work easy. You can offer child care services such as dropping and picking children from school, after-school activities and more.

Move large items

Moving large items such as furniture and electronics can be a daunting task. If you have a large truck, move the large items and make money. List your service on Craigslist, hundreds of people can reach you in no time.

9. Online tutoring

Learning a new skill or subject can be difficult. Because it requires a lot of time, research and interest to gain knowledge. Teaching can be a rewarding opportunity, if you’re passionate about teaching and sharing your knowledge, online tutoring is the best option for you.

Did you know online tutoring is paid around $30 per hour? Yes!!! If you’re an expert you can earn $50 to $80 per hour. Currently, online tutoring has good demand and students are showing more interest in online education. Many of them imagine they require post-graduation to become an online tutor. However, online tutoring jobs are offered to anyone with diploma graduates to GED. There are several tutoring jobs available in the market for school, college and employees.

There are several people who are struggling with a few subjects such as mathematics, finance, foreign language. Help them with your skills and earn a good income. As per the analysis, online tutoring is an excellent way to earn money. There are hundreds of online tutoring sites available in the market –, Udemy, Glassdoor and Chegg. These platforms are the best place for experienced teachers around the globe to connect with the students. Get registered and earn income at the comfort of your couch. 

How do you get an online tutoring job?

Hurray!!! Becoming an online tutor is simple and easy. There are tons of online tutoring websites available online. Start your own online tutoring business within a few simple steps. Follow these simple steps to become a pro as an online tutor. Set a flexible schedule and earn passive income.

  • Get registered to online tutoring website
  • Start receiving tutoring request
  • Introduce yourself and set a professional quote
  • Share your knowledge
  • Start earning money

One of the key benefits of becoming an online tutor is “time-zone differences”. Nighttime at one place can be a day at another place. It’s clearly shown that online tutoring is the amazing side hustle idea if you’re someone who is planning to earn money during night times. Set a comfortable teaching environment at your home i.e a proper lighting, camera, professional skills and mic.

Benefits of online tutoring

  • Elimination of travel cost and time for student and tutor. It’s an environmentally friendly opportunity, especially when you’re someone who relies on cars.
  • No more dealing with geographical constraints. Students and teachers can get connected anywhere around the globe.
  • A flexible schedule is another great opportunity for online tutors. Students and tutors can fix flexible time i.e morning, afternoon or night.
  • All you require a desktop and internet connection.
  • No social pressure for both the parties. There will be no person watching the student or tutor in real-time.
  • Students can record the class and revise them later.

10. Start a blog

Blogging is the best side hustle job because this can be done anywhere at any time. All you need to have a laptop, internet connection and blogging skills to generate revenue. 

With a blog, you cannot become a millionaire overnight, but for the one who is looking to build an excellent brand, portfolio and audience, a blog can take you a long way. Simply put, blogging is an interesting way to earn money and also this can be beneficial for your current career.

Have you created a blog? Looking for ways to earn money? Continue reading… Let’s discuss how you can make money with a blog.


Monetizing with CPC, CPV or CPM ads are the common ways every blogger can make money. All you need to display the ads on your blog and make a good income.

  • CPC ads – CPC are called as “cost-per-click” ads, these banners are placed on your blog. Whenever a user clicks on the ad, you’ll receive a commission on every single click.
  • CPM ads – CPM are called “cost-per-thousand impression” ads. Whenever the ad is viewed by 1000 people, you’ll be paid. The commission will be fixed.

Google AdSense is the best option for bloggers. Perhaps, it is the best network for advertising. Because you don’t need to contact a third party business to advertise, Google will handle everything. Apart from Google AdSense, there are several programs such as, Infolinks and more.

Sell private ads

Good news!!! Working with Google AdSense or other advertising networks is not the only choice for you. When you have a good amount of traffic on your blog, advertisers will contact you directly. They’ll approach you and request you to place their banners on your blog. No middle man is involved, you can fix your own ad quotes.

Affiliate marketing

It’s no secret affiliate marketing is another powerful technique to make money. Simply put, affiliate marketing is the simplest way to earn a commission for promoting third-party business products or services.

Earning an income while sleeping can be possible with affiliate marketing. You need to understand the basic concept of affiliate marketing before you get started:

  • You recommend other business products or services on your blog.
  • Whenever your users click on the affiliate link and make the purchase.
  • You will earn commission on every qualified sale.

Sell products or services

Few bloggers don’t want to display other business products or services. If you’re one among them, selling your own products or services is a good way to make money. Physical products include clothes, furniture, vehicles, electronics and more. Services include cloud-based software, streaming video or music, e-books and more. Create attractive images and compelling descriptions of every product or service. Make money on every purchased product or service.

Consulting services

No matter whether you’re running an e-commerce business or money-making blog, you need a consultant for better business growth. Offering consulting services is another way to make income with your blog. Charge by every hour for phone or email advice.

Host sponsored contests

The contest is an exciting way to drive new audiences. Many businesses offer contests and generate new traffic to their website. Approach such businesses and give them a chance to host their contest on the blog. These businesses will pay you good money for hosting their contest on your blog. If you have a good amount of followers, then you can generate tons of qualified traffic for their business.

Wrapping up

When the hard times knock your door, you might be worried about bills and other expenses. The only alternative is to fill in the gap and get food on your table is “Side Hustle Jobs”. This is the best solution to earn extra money quickly. Hope the above mentioned top 10 side hustle jobs are helpful to you. Pick the best way to increase your savings. These ways can take you a long way.

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