27 Things to Sell to Make Quick Cash (Online and Locally)

Are you working in an organization, running a business, or working as a freelancer? Want to make a 10 digit balance in your account? Yes! An excellent way to earn passive income without putting any effort is to find ways to make passive income.

Curious to know how to make passive income? Many people believe earning passive income sounds like driving an aeroplane. But not actually, with minimal hard work, you can make passive income. This passive income will be worth your time and effort. When you add side income streams, you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Passive income streams have the ability to give more flexibility, freedom and money.

What is a passive income?

You might be wandering around this question – what is passive income? The answer is simple, passive income is considered as the earnings or side income that you get from selling your old mobile phone or a building. Most importantly, you don’t need to be active all the time to earn passive income. Earning money while sleeping is the goal for many people. In order to approach this, you need to invest your time and money to build upfront. This will generate passive income in the short and long term. Your efforts do matter a lot while making side income.

Many people depend on Craigslist ads and supermarkets to earn additional income when things go wrong.

Great news!!! You don’t need to stick to your desktop to make your end meet. All you need to do is keep your desktop working for you. Hope you got the point. Sell your desktop and get money. Not just desktops, you can sell things that you no longer need and make quick cash.

Following are things to sell to earn quick cash in your comfort zone.

Old stuff

This may sound obvious! If you’re a shopping freak, you might shop regularly. What do you do with the old stuff when you purchase something new? In most cases, you might hand them down to your relatives or store them in the corner of your room. The best way is to sell old stuff. There are few platforms that are ready to buy used stuff. The popular platforms are Olx, Quikr, eBay and more. List your products on these sites and sell your items.

Keep a note, these platforms will charge a commission for every product that you sell. Selling unused stuff is a great method to keep your storage areas clear and earn handsome cash out of it.

Handmade goods

Handmade products are best. Because every product is created with lots of skill and passion. Also, handmade products are high-quality and they are sustainable. As the handcrafter uses better materials while designing the product. These days people are showing more and more interest in purchasing customized products as these products are unique.

If you’re good at designing handmade products or customizing any items, you can sell your products and make money. There are few dedicated sites such as Etsy and Handmade available online. Create an account and display your handmade products to potential users. Also, you can list your products on Amazon, Artfire and Cargoh to make your earnings double.

Digital products

Digital products can be one of the best things to sell online. There are two types of digital products available in the market i.e downloadable and streaming services. The most commonly used digital products are templates, e-books, podcasts, video tutorials, PDFs, plug-ins, software, etc. It’s no surprise that creating these digital products might take time and effort. But once you create the product, you can easily earn passive income by selling online. If you’ve created a video tutorial, you can sell them on Udemy. You can generate huge profits by selling digital products. Make sure your product is unique, as there might be thousands of products available on the internet.

Old books

Do you’ve hundreds of old books lying around your room? Yes! Clean up the room by selling old books that you use again. Since you don’t read old books anymore, it’s better to sell them. Sell your books and earn passive income. This way, you’re making booklover’s happy who are unable to buy new books. If you’ve antique books, you can earn huge profits by selling them. You can sell used books online and at local stores. 

Find the best online website and sell your books. The popular portals are E-bay, Bookscouter, Amazon and more. Add your books in multiple websites, this way, there will be high chances to sell your books. The earnings may vary from one book to another.

Beauty products

Your skin will stay glow and hydrated when the right beauty product is used. Good beauty products will enhance the appearance and improve mood. You can look more confident when you use cosmetics every day. There are several skincare products such as moisturizers, lotions, cream, body scrub, face sheets, perfumes and more. These products are in high demand. On the other hand, straighteners, hairdryers, shampoo, hair masks, gel, etc are also in huge demand. In fact, these beauty products are considered hot selling items on many e-commerce websites. You can generate good revenue by selling cosmetics products in the comfort of your home.

Electronic products

When I say electronic products, you might be thinking about desktops, storage devices, scanners, printers, headsets and more. Yes, you’re right. You can sell these hardware and software products to make quick cash. Wondering where to list your electronics? There are a few best places to easily sell your electronics. It includes eBay, Walmart Marketplace, Amazon, Gazelle and YouRenew. You can also sell at local electronics stores and earn money.

Video games

What could be the best gift for children? Definitely video games. Children love video games. Video games are considered a powerful business across the globe. Not only children but even teens and adults also enjoy playing video games. If you’ve a gaming console or video game that you no longer use, sell and earn money. The easiest way to sell your video games is on trusted websites i.e SellCell, Game Stop, Busy Buy and more. List your video games and sell your old games with ease.


Playing with toys can be a key aspect of your child’s development. It’s no surprise children of every age group love playing with toys. Generally, parents will offer their children toys during their spare time. They give puzzles to identify patterns, this will help for children’s brain improvement. Toys such as building blocks will improve your child’s creative thinking. Toys can be a profitable niche for you. Figure out your niche, it includes crafting supplies, action figures, board games, etc. Now, research the wholesalers or online platform that meets your bill. Start selling your toys both online and offline. When you’re listing your toys, make sure to capture high-quality pictures.

Home decor

Your home decor really matters! When you have attractive interior decor, it can effectively influence your mood, productivity, confidence and more. When you keep your home organized with the home decorative things, you can escape from stress as well. Start selling home decor items like furnishing, table mats, carpets, wall-hangings, drapes, cushion covers, flower vases and more.

When you are planning to sell home decor, the presentation should be your top priority. Take quality pictures of home decorative items. Make sure the lighting is good. Now, it’s time to promote your home decor things online and offline. You can promote them on creating a 

Facebook page, post pictures and drive revenue. 

Household appliances 

Household appliances are specially designed to accomplish tasks like cleaning and cooking at your home. The major household appliances can be a refrigerator, washing machines, cooker, microwave and vacuum cleaners.

If you want to upgrade your refrigerator or vacuum cleaner, you need to get rid of your old appliances. No matter what it is, when you’re looking to buy new appliances, you cannot throw away your old appliances. The best thing is, you can sell old appliances and earn passive income instead. Sell your used appliances on Craigslist, LetGo, Wallapop and Tradyo. Whenever you’re listing the appliances, be honest and genuine about the current condition of your household appliance. Let your customer know about everything. Don’t forget to specify your location. Your local people can reach you more quickly.

Fitness equipment and sports gear

If your gym equipment is lying on the corner, you can sell it and earn money for it. Few people buy fitness equipment from eBay at cheap prices and sell it on other sites for an expensive price. As long as the equipment is in good condition, you can use this trick. There are a few types of equipment that pay you well. It includes a treadmill, cricket bats, football, carrom board, hockey sticks, squat racks, Bowflex machine and dumbbell sets. These types of equipment have a lot of buyers both online and offline.

Baby care products

Babies have soft and tender skin. Toddlers or kids need extra love and care, there is no exception in that. Using organic baby products will improve their health in the long run. Selling baby care products can generate huge revenue. There is a wide range of baby products to sell ranging from diapers to feeding bottles. You can start selling baby care products with low capital. Keep a note, you need to ensure the baby products are high-quality. Because parents will prefer high-quality baby products for their little ones.

On the other hand, you can also sell used baby gear, which includes cribs, cradles, car seats, strollers and more. These baby gear can be expensive, sell them on Good Buy Gear and Weepea. These are the best places to sell your baby products and baby gear to local and global people.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are important! You can capture memories, store important information and more. You can carry the mobile device wherever you go. With a mobile phone on hand, you can get connected with co-workers, friends and family members.

If you’re planning to upgrade your mobile phone with a new brand smart device, go ahead. Whether you’re holding an Android or iPhone, you can sell and earn quick cash. The best places to sell your mobile phone are SellCell, Buyback Boss, eBay, uSell and NextWorth. Before listing your phone, check the mobile price on other websites. If your mobile phone is in good condition, you can make a good income.

Personalized t-shirt 

Selling personalized t-shirts might sound like a cool and fun idea. You can be your own boss. Design customized t-shirts and sell them to make quick cash. You can sell customized t-shirts and make a good profit.

There are few platforms available in the market that connect you with top designers who can help you out. Checkout 99designs, Upwork and Dribble, these platforms have professional graphic designers who will help you in many ways – from designing to printing.


Selling footwear can be an excellent way to make quick cash. There are few popular online platforms for selling used footwear locally. It includes OfferUp, Preloved, Tradesy and Vinted. These platforms enable them to list footwear for sale. You can list for free but you need to pay a commission once your footwear gets sold out. Start selling a wide range of footwear ranging from streetwear to designer.

Download the app, create an account, list your products. Then start promoting your footwear on your own website, social media, advertisements and more. Customers will reach you in no time.

Fashion apparels

Who doesn’t wish to look fashionable? Of course everyone. As per analysis, fashionable apparels are a hot selling thing online. Everything is available online, from modern to traditional collections for men, women and kids. Amazon is the top-selling platform. If you’re a fashion designer, selling fashionable apparel can be the best thing for you. Also, you can purchase fashionable products from the wholesale market and sell them on Amazon. While listing fashion products, it’s important to provide a complete description of the product. It includes the type of material, colour, size, etc. Don’t forget to attach quality images of the fashion apparel.


Whether it’s your friend’s birthday or your parent’s anniversary, gift cards are an amazing gift idea for you. A gift card is the kind of payment that is used during purchasing at e-commerce stores, restaurants, travel and other places. While presenting a gift card, you need to load the required money onto the gift card, this amount can be spent by the gift card recipient. Gift cards can be a convenient option for people to pay their bills.

There might be times when you receive a gift card that you don’t like. No worries! You can sell your gift card on Raise and make quick cash. This idea sounds amazing, right? Yes! You can list your gift card for free and receive payment through cheque, direct deposit or PayPal, once your gift card is sold out.

Online surveys

Making money by completing the survey can be an amazing way. There are many people who are earning quick cash just by sharing their opinions. You can earn $5 per online paid survey. In general, your opinions and views matter for their product development in the future. Companies will offer incentives to the people who can engage and share their opinions of their products.

There are few online paid surveys available in the market such as Surveybee.net, SurveyMonkey and more. Create an account and share your thoughts on the product or service. The process sounds easy and simple, you can complete surveys when you get free time. All you need is a desktop and internet connection to get started.


Are you a professional photographer? Capturing memories is your hobby? Yes! You can make a few extra bucks by selling photos. When it comes to selling photos, you need to choose the best place. Photographers are in high demand, small and large organizations are looking for professional and high-quality images for their business promotions.

The best place to sell your images can be your own website itself. Yes, you will have complete control over your images, you can set your own prices and more. Create a website, showcase your photos to attract users to buy them. You can also sell images on Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, Ety and more. Check out these websites, you will be inspired by the beautiful images.

Rent space

Hurray! Switch your home into generating review property. It means, your home or space can be the main source of revenue. If you’re a home that is located in a busy area, renting your space can be advantageous for you. If your rental space is near a university or hospital, there are more chances for someone to rent. Create an account on Airbnb and list your rental space.

If you own a small farm, you can make money by holding birthday or anniversary events. Many landowners are generating steady income by renting their space.

Medical supplies

For a couple of years, people don’t show much interest in purchasing medical supplies. But with the pandemic, everyone is buying medical supplies offline and online. There are few medical supplies that are generating good income. It includes a face mask, medical scrubs, latex gloves, blood pressure equipment and more. Having medical supplies at home is the best way. Patients will recover quickly in their home environment. On the other hand, the hospital will charge for check-ups, bedding, food, assistance, etc. Start selling your medical supplies and equipment online and earn quick cash. You can also sell medical equipment to hospitals.

Water bottles

It’s an open fact that water bottles have grown more popular than ever. The water business is offering a high-profit margin. You don’t need to invest millions of dollars to start a water business. Water is the key raw material, you can buy water bottles from local providers at a cheap price. Else, you can drill water, purify and sell them. You need room to store all your water bottles. While selling water bottles, make sure water is fresh and clean. People will like your water bottle when you offer better quality. Start selling your water bottle at food portals, restaurants and local stores. This can be one of the best things to sell online and offline.

LED lights

LED lights represent the modern development in the lighting market.  There are several benefits associated with LED lightings such as long lifespan,  increased environmental performance, energy efficiency, flexible design, low voltage operation and more. People are showing much more interest in purchasing LED lights than traditional lights.

Selling LED lights can be a profitable option for you. There are multiple products such as light-up sneakers, fairy lights, solar-powered lights, LED light strips and more. Though there are several brands available in the market. You can beat the competition by offering quality products at affordable prices to the customers.

Art and craft supplies

Art and craft will never ever go out of fashion and style. When you’re planning to sell art and crafts supplies, you can focus on painting materials or you can sell a wide range of supplies such as clay, ribbon, pencils, canvas, drawing sheets, pencils, paintbrushes, charcoal and more.

There are few dedicated platforms for buying art and craft supplies such as Skill Supplies, Creative Hands, etc. These platforms sell international brands at cost-effective prices. Purchase the products and sell them at your local store and earn huge returns. You can also sell your art and craft supplies on a few sites such as Etsy, Zatista, Hey Prints, etc. These are amazing platforms that allow their users to sell their artwork with ease. Submit your artwork for free.

Essential oils

Many businesses have been temporarily shut down due to pandemics. Consider, salons are unable to offer services to their customers. Thereby customers are finding ways to do it themselves. Similarly, people are finding ways to take care of their health at home. More and more people are interested in natural remedies to improve their health. Essential oils come into the picture. Selling essential oils is another great way to make money. You can either prefer direct selling or sell online. 

Pet supplies

Whether you’re a dog or cat owner, you definitely love your pet. You can go to extreme lengths to take good care of your pets. Running a pet supplies business can increase your earnings. You can start selling basic pet supplies products such as food, toys, water bowls, etc. When your business is going well, you can sell pet furniture to earn maximum revenue. You can earn money by building a dedicated pet store. Also, you can generate direct partnerships.

Food products 

Who says ‘no’ to yummy food? Of course nobody. The food business will be in high demand. Because people are busy with everyday office work, they don’t have enough time to cook for themselves. Thereby they end up ordering food or relying on local restaurants. With high demand, you can make a decent profit. You can start with a small or large restaurant, depending on your interest and budget.

If you don’t have enough money to start your own restaurant, you can sell food online from your home. Initially, you need to register and become a partner. You can register on Swiggy or Zomato. The choice is yours, you can sell breakfast, lunch or snacks. You can promote your food products on social media platforms, create advertisements, etc.


Whether you’re good at yoga training or mathematics, you can make money by selling your tutorials online. All you have to do is set up tutorial courses on the website and generate huge traffic to earn income. Also, you can sell tutorials on other platforms such as Udemy. You can sell video, e-book, audio and digital tutorial format. The price may vary depending on the subject. After listing your tutorials, you need to promote them to create awareness. When you generate more traffic, you can earn more money.

Wrapping up

Having extra income might sound great. If you’re looking to earn money in an easy way, hope this article has helped you. Get rid of unnecessary things without stepping out of your comfort. Follow the above-mentioned 27 things to sell and earn passive income with ease. No matter whether you’re planning to sell old books or fitness equipment, you can definitely make a good income. For more money-making tips, you can stay connected with Zeen. Have a look at money-making ideas and generate huge profits.

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