Technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts 2021

Looking for ways to increase traffic, improve brand awareness, and search engine rankings for your technology blog? Then look no further because guests are posting the perfect strategy that will help you in taking your blog to the next level. With more and more people taking an interest in technology and wanting to know more about it has given rise to technology blogs. With just a single click you can now find answers to any of your questions. See that is the power of the internet. So for all the people who are interested to know about the latest updates relating to technology, these blogs are the boon. They provide the audience with all the latest information related to gadgets, innovations, etc. So if you’re a technology blogger and looking for ways to improve your follower base and reach a more targeted audience then use the guest posting strategy. 

But this brings us to the question of how to find guest posting sites? This would have been your question too right? If yes, then you can put your worries to rest. Because Zeen has worked on your behalf and gathered a list of guest posting sites for technology blogs. This list is updated recently, Our team has put in the best efforts to present you with a completed list of guest posting sites for technology that accept guest posting. 

First thing first, if you want to know more about guest posting including benefits, myths, a list of technology blogs that accept guest posting, and tips to come up with a perfect pitch to impress the editors then stick till the end of this article.

Technology Guest Posting Blogs List that accept guest posting

As you see it is quite hard to find guest posting sites. That is why our team has done all the work for you and curated this update list of technology blogs that accept guest posting. So check out this list of sites and before you send in your pitch make sure to check out their website and then decide what to send.

What are you waiting for? Here is the list of best technology guest posting sites list that allows guest posts.

Buzz2fone.comSubmit guest post

Tlists.comSubmit guest post –  Contact for Guest Post

TechGenra.comcontact for Guest Posting

Myventurepad.comSubmit Guest Post

TechRapidly.combecome Guest writer – Write For Us

PostLing.comWrite for them

Centrinity.comSubmit Guest blog

Readwrite.comWrite for them

TipsBlogger.comWrite for them – Write for them

SmashingMagazine.comWrite for them

MobileTweaks.netSubmit guest post

TechieBuzz.comWrite for them

HitechDroid.comWrite for them

TechieBlogger.comWrite for them –  Contact for Guest Post

DigitalInspiration.comWrite for them

TroubleFixers.comWrite for them

SitePoint.comWrite for them

CallingAllGeeks.orgWrite for them

InspirationFeed.comWrite for them

TechWalls.comWrite for us

iTechCode.comWrite for them

CravingTech.comWrite for them

TechAtLast.comWrite for them

W3J.comWrite for them

What is Technology Guest Posting?

Guest posting is when you contribute your content to someone else’s blog. Yup, you heard it right. You give them a post relating to your niche which will be in line with their audience liking. Aren’t you wondering what you will get in the return? Yup, you sure do get something in the return. This strategy is supposed to be a win-win for all the parties i,e., both your blog and the guest posting site. When you use this strategy, you will have a chance to improve your traffic and reach a more targeted audience. Also, that is not it, you will see positive changes in your search engine rankings and social media followers. But the only thing that you must concentrate on is providing the sites with the best, top-quality content. Because that is the only ticket that will take your blog towards success.

Still want to know more about guest posting. Then check out the benefits of using guest posting for the technology niche.

Reach your target audience

Thanks to the internet the lines have blurred and now you can reach your target audience from anywhere at any time. Cool, right. So when you post your content on someone else’s blog you will have the opportunity to reach a more targeted audience as the guest posting site is in the same niche as you. Also if the audience of that blog likes your post they may share it with more people and improve your reach. It is a cycle if they like your style and content they will naturally want to check out more about your blog, and this way the traffic for your website/blog may increase. Not only that your sales and conversions may also increase. So if you want to reach more audiences and increase traffic for your blog or website then this strategy is perfect for you.

More Backlinks 

Backlinks are the reason why many choose this strategy. Yup, you heard it right. Getting backlinks for authoritative or top blogs within your niche will surely take your blogs towards the brighter side. Don’t you agree? From an SEO point of view, these backlinks are surely good and show the search engines that a lot of people are ready to trust this blog. Frankly, backlinks act as votes for your website. So the more you have the more chances of you improving your search engine rankings. As you already know the more authentic backlinks you have the more high quality you’re content is in the eyes of search engines. Once it recognizes that your page rankings will improve for good.

Brand awareness

Guest posting is the first step to make your brand known to everyone. No matter how top-notch your content is, if you stick to traditional methods, you will never be able to let the world see your skills and capabilities. So what to do then? Use strategies such as guest posting to take that leap and become well known to more and more people. So when you post your content on someone else’s website you are reaching more people and creating brand awareness.

Social media following

Social media has truly become one of the most important sources for people to contact one another. The businesses are also using social media platforms to communicate with their audience and understand their preferences. So when you post your content on their blog and if their audience is curious about your content they will check out your website and social media handles and if they are truly impressed by your skills they may become your loyal audience, follow you on social media and share it with their close ones. So guest posting is the best way to improve your social media following.

How to pitch a perfect Technology guest post?

Pitching is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of guest posting. It all depends on this one part, it can either make it or break it. Nope, we are not trying to frighten you from the start. Also, you don’t have to worry about anything. Follow these simple tips and you will be alright.

As you see on a daily basis the editors of tech blogs that accept guest posting receive many pitches ranging from 10-100. So they will not have time to check out each and every pitch. So your pitch should grab their attention right from the start if you won’t become the guest blogger on their site. Some of the reasons why a pitch could be rejected are low-quality content, a topic already posted on their blog, a topic not aligning with their blog, has too many links, or lastly if the guidelines are ignored. You see in any one of these cases your pitch will directly land up in the trash. You don’t want that to happen right? So before even thinking your pitch idea just research their blog and spend time understanding their audience and their writing style. This way you have more chances of you getting your content published. 

If you want your pitch to attract the attention of the editor then your content must have an excellent subject line that can’t be ignored even if they try. How does that sound? Make sure that the title of your blog post is actually clear and interesting. Don’t just give the first title that comes into your head. Nope, write down at least 5 titles that come to your head and then pick the best three and send them to the editors of tech blogs that accept guest posting. As you see you’re giving them more than one choice to choose from. Also, choose a topic that is in alignment with their audience, and most importantly it should show your expertise also. 

Another important suggestion for you is to build a relationship with the blogger before approaching them with your pitch. As you see, building a relationship will for sure do good for you because it will open the door for more collaborations with them in the future. Lastly, stop sending them messages asking about the pitch. You must respect their time and if you don’t get an answer even after two weeks of your pitch then send them an email.

Finding the technology guest posting sites to contribute

As you have now understood how to pitch a guest post. Now it is time to learn about the best ways to find the guest posting sites. So most people are interested in finding the guest posting sites but the problem is that they don’t know where to find them exactly. But not anymore, here we will tell you about different methods that you can use to find the guest posting sites.

Without any further ado, let’s jump into it then. 

Search engine 

As you know a search engine is where people go to find answers to any of their questions. This has become a go-to source for people, from technology to fashion it has answers to everything and anything. So why can’t you find guest posting sites for technology using the search engine? Yup, you can definitely find using the search strings. You just have to search using the strings like technology “accepting guest posts”, etc. Once you place these strings in the search box, the results will appear and check these to find the technology guest posting sites that match your requirements.

Social media platforms 

Yup, you heard it right. You can find technology guest posting sites to contribute through social media platforms. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter have bought people closure and have provided them with opportunities to communicate. So why not guest posting? You can actually use the platform to search the groups that are created for guest posting. Anyone who is in the necessity of contributor will post there. So you can join the groups or you can just follow the bloggers so that you will know whenever they post about opportunities.

Guest posting sites list 

There are bloggers who posted the technology guest posting sites list so that it would help you in finding the guest posting sites. There are many premade lists available in the search engine. But one thing that you must be sure of is whether they are updated or not. Because most people will upload the list and forget to update it regularly. But you can be assured that our team has provided you with the updated list. So you will never miss out. But just to be sure check the site you’re interested in before sending the pitch. As you already know you can use search strings like technology + “write for us” + guest post.

Do’s and Don’ts of guest posting

Knowing in and outs of the guest posting site will surely do you good. As you see knowing and understanding these will help you in becoming a perfect technology blogger and your guest post will surely be accepted. So you want to know about the dos and don’ts? Then what are you waiting for then let’s jump?

Check twice if possible thrice

You see there are many people who write excellent content but still, their pitch is not accepted. If you’re still wondering what and where you’re wrong then it may be because you haven’t checked your copy twice. You see one of the first things that people notice in your pitch is writing. So if there are errors such as spelling and grammar mistakes then definitely they will turn-off and there are chances that they will not even look further into your copy. You don’t want that right? Then you must take your time not only writing and coming up with ideas but to proofread also. Because it is also one of the most important parts that can make or break your pitch. So always check your pitch twice if possible thrice for any mistakes before sending it to the editors. 

Guidelines are important 

If you don’t follow the guidelines of guest posting of that particular blog your blog will for sure not be published. Yup, you heard it right. No matter how good your idea is and how exceptional your skills are your blog post will never ever be published. Sad but true. Also, there is a reason why they have guidelines. It is because they understand their audience better than anyone else, so these guidelines are for you to make sure that your content is according to their blog style and audience preferences. 

Send images too

As you understand your pitch better than anyone else. It is quite better for you to send the images too. Because it will show the editor of tech blogs that accept guest posting your sincerity and how serious you’re about your work. Send at least 2 featured images so that they have the option to choose from.

Don’t the same pitch to many

You may think that this will work out for your best but the truth is that it will only do the opposite for you. As you see sending the same pitch randomly to many people without actually understanding about their blog style or audience may backfire on you. And none of the sites will accept your pitch that you can be sure of.  

Adding too many links will do no good 

The main reason for many to choose guest posting is backlinks. But that doesn’t mean that you will stuff your blog post with too many links. Not only will your post be rejected but you will also lose your impression. There will be few chances of collaboration between you and the editor. simply put you will also damage your relationship with them. Also, it will affect search engine rankings and even their audience will understand it.

Always keep your deadlines

The first sign that you’re hard-working and shows your commitment to editors are you maintaining your deadlines. If you keep your deadlines they will see that you value both yours and their time. Naturally, it will leave a good impression on them. Also when you finish your work on time, you will not drag anyone’s pace and you can jump on to your next big thing without any delay.

Myths of Guest blogging

There are many myths about guest posting that need to be clarified. Because these few statements are stopping people from using guest posting. One such myth is that guest posting is no more effective than it is dead. But the truth is quite contradicting. Although restricting guidelines by search engine guest posting is not as effective for people who opt for black hat techniques. But if you’re planning to improve your blog fair and square then guest posting is the perfect strategy. It is dead and will not be dying in the future. So use this strategy to improve your website traffic, metrics, etc. 

Guidelines are the same

This is one of the common myths that many have. And if you don’t pay attention then your pitch will never be published. You see there are many people who think that all the sites will have the same guidelines. However, this is far from the truth. No two websites have the same, because the content they deal with and their audience is quite different. So you can assume that their guidelines will be the same. Because there are not even the slightest chances of this happening. So if you want your post to be published on their site then you must customize the content according to the guidelines offered by the website.

Once published, done

If you think that once your post is published your job is done. Then it is time you stop daydreaming. You see if you want your content to reach more people then it is your responsibility to promote your work. Guest posting is collective work. Once your article is published then it is time for you to promote it on social media platforms, interact with the audience in the comments section. 

Not suitable for beginners 

Yup, there are many people who think this. They all seem to think that you must have the background to have a background with guest posting to start it. But the truth is far from it because even a beginner can use this strategy and successfully improve their blog. In fact, it will help beginners in creating close friendships and taking their blogs towards success right from the start. Lastly, it improves brand image for brands and more people will become aware of your brand.

Only works for individuals 

As you see this is another myth about guest posting that needs to be cleared. Because that is far from the truth. Be it a business or individuals this strategy works just fine. There is no doubt about that. It works for all because they can clearly bring the same results for individuals or brands i.e., improve their site rankings, reach more people, and make connections. So if you’re stopping yourself from using this strategy because of this reason. Then continue to use this strategy without worrying. 

More work, less reward

Come on, this is truly just nothing more than a myth. As you see, if you want to succeed there is no doubt that you must put more effort to succeed. It is impossible to succeed without putting in the effort. If you want to seriously take your blog to new heights then you must put in the efforts. Because nothing beats hard work. Also, all the effort you put in will definitely go to waste. Guest posting is a perfect strategy that actually helps you in taking your blog to the next level. Don’t think about anything else, just put in your efforts and you will see desired results. 


Hope you have understood about technology guest posting sites. Don’t think anymore just put in your best efforts and use this strategy to improve your site rankings and build some good relationships. There is no doubt that you can build a positive relationship with people in your niche. Also, continue to collaborate in the future.  But make sure that your pitch is perfect and clearly communicate your ideas to the editor and lastly make sure that it is free of simple errors such as spelling and grammar. Proofread your pitch more than twice and ask for help from your friends and family. So what are waiting to check out the list of technology blogs that accept guest posting and approach them. Another interesting method to find guest posting sites is by using the search string technology write for us. 

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