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Everyone wants to earn money. Some work as an office employee, some as freelancers and some own businesses. Apart from regular income having extra sources of income is always good. Having extra cash in your bank account not only gives you financial security it also allows you to save or invest for your future. But the most important question here is, how to earn extra money?

Earning money online is a perfect way. Although a lot of people aspire to earn money online, there is no definite way or a plan which they can follow to earn money. And most people also have this illusion that they will be earning enough money to quit their day jobs from online. But the truth is far from it. You will earn money, but not enough to quit your job. 

Also, it will take a good amount of time to earn a decent amount. But it doesn’t mean that it is not a great option. It is perfect for those who are willing to earn extra money by spending a few minutes to hours online. Then what are the best methods to earn online? Along with your day job, you can also try side hustles. Yup, you heard it right. Side hustles are genuinely the best way to fill up your wallet. One of such side hustle is Paid online surveys.

There are many online paid survey platforms that are allowing people to earn good money. It just takes mere minutes to finish the tasks and you will be rewarded with points. Undoubtedly it is one of the easiest ways to earn money as you don’t have to spend lots of time or work outside.

What is Swagbucks?

In this article, you will learn about one such platform i..e, Swagbucks. So if you want to start earning online or interested in the paid online survey platforms then stick till the end to find out more about this platform.

If you’re some who has known about paid online survey platforms then you must have already heard this name. Swagbucks is undoubtedly one of the most popular paid survey platforms currently present in the market. If you’re someone who doesn’t have an idea about this platform, no worries, now you will know. 

Swagbucks is a platform that will help you in earning points (SB points) whenever you finish a task. Once you have accumulated enough points you can redeem your SB points for cash or gift cards. Simply put, whenever a user performs tasks present in the platform they will earn points. Getting started with this platform is also quite easy, it is just a matter of minutes. You can sign up by providing your details such as name, email address.

And once you finish the registration process you can start working on tasks. The more tasks you finish the more points you will earn. You can redeem your points for cash or gift cards. Cash is paid through Paypal and the gift cards to Walmart, Amazon and other retailers are also available. Apart from these two options, there is one more option available i..e, you can donate it to charity.

One of the most common questions that most people ask is, why is Swagbucks paying money to answer surveys? What is in it for them? Well, the answer is companies are always curious about customer opinions. As you see, customer opinions can become insights for them and help them in improving their existing products or creating new ones. Year after year, companies conduct marketing research to get insights about their customers.

So paid online survey platforms are truly brilliant, as they work as a bridge between companies and their consumers. Companies pay Swagbucks to collect consumer opinions relating to their products or services. And in return Swagbucks pay users for answering questions relating to the products or services they use on regular basis. Simply put, every time you finish a task on this platform they are more likely to be paid by the marketing researching companies.

This brings us to the question, is it this platform legit? Well, this platform has been in the market since 2008 and till date, it has paid out around $430 million in rewards. Also, the Better Business Bureau has given an A rating to the Parent company of Swagbucks (Prodege, LLC). Although it may seem too good to be true. It just shares you a portion of the money it earns whenever a user finishes a survey, watches an ad or shops.

Also, you will not have to spend a dime from your pocket to join. All you need is an email address. You have nothing to lose, so why not give it a try. It has more than 10 Million users across the globe. If you’re looking for an effortless side hustle that will bring you a minimum $40 per month then Swagbucks is your go-to site.

The best thing about this platform is that users can earn money by doing tasks other than taking tasks. Curious to know other ways to earn money on this platform? Then, read below.

How to earn money from Swagbucks?

Well, most of the paid online survey platforms only have surveys. Those are the only ways for people to earn money. However, that is not the case with Swagbucks. This platform provides users with plenty of options to earn money. You have more than one option to earn SB points.

Here are a few tasks through which you can earn money.


Well, for the starters let’s talk about the most obvious way to earn points on this platform. Users will be given points for answering surveys relating to product research. You will find plenty of surveys on the dashboard every day. Also, you can see the estimated time before you take the survey. Once you finish the survey you will be rewarded with SB Points. Take the surveys and earn points.

But one thing you must remember is that you will not be earning $1 from the get-go. You will earn fewer points, but you can earn more by taking more reviews. On average you can earn around 40-100 Swagbucks points on a survey. There are surveys from which you can earn around 300 points too. And the best part is that it hardly takes 5 to 10 minutes to finish the survey.

Watching Videos 

One of the most common things that people do in their free time is to watch videos well be it youtube videos or Instagram reels. And it is agreed that it is the best pastime activity. So what if you can earn money from doing what you usually do i..e, watching videos? Excellent opportunity, right? Frankly, that is one of the ways in which you can make money on Swagbucks. Along with taking surveys you can also watch videos and earn money.

With Swagbucks turn your free time into earning time. You must remember that watching a video for half an hour will only give you one or two SB points. Also, remember that when you come out of the Swagbucks platform your video will stop playing thus you will not be earning any points. It is advisable to use the split-screen. So that your work will continue while the video will also continue playing. 

Gift cards

Here is another interesting way to earn points from Swagbucks. You can use the gift card exchange of Swagbucks. Through it, you will be able to earn around 10SB points for every dollar you spend. Sounds like a great deal, right? Well, you can shop, earn points and also get 10 per cent cashback. This seems like a dream come true, just by shopping through Swagbucks. So, next time you’re planning to get gift cards, buy it from Swagbucks. 

Swag codes

These are the codes that are given out by Swagbucks on their social media accounts. Through these codes, you can get a few extra points. Cool, right? Without doing any task you can actually get points. But one thing you must remember is that you cannot find these codes anywhere other than their social media accounts. So if you want to avail these codes and get points then you must have a Swagbucks extension or app. when they post on the platform, you will get notifications relating to these codes. So that you can act faster and get those extra points. 

Daily Poll

If you want to earn points every day without fail then Daily Poll is the option for you. It is the fastest and the easiest way to earn points every day. The purpose of daily polls is that you will have to answer a question. Simply put, you just have to spend a minute or so to answer the question and you will get points.

Special offers

Basically, Swagbucks has a daily No obligation special offer. Through this program, you can take advantage of this plan and the best part is that you don’t have to pay a penny to earn from Swagbucks. You just have to sign up or register for different websites through this platform and you will earn extra points. Awesome, right? Just by registering for the special offer you will earn the SB points. So keep an eye out for such special offers. 

Cashback on shopping online

More and more people are preferring to shop online rather than going to physical stores. The truth is why not? You don’t have to move your body but can still shop, who would like to miss such an amazing experience. Also, there are many apps that are offering good cashback for shopping online. It is a win-win situation for users. If you’re someone who naturally uses shops online then use Swagbucks to get cashback. Cool, right? Depending on the offer you can earn upto 20% of the cashback in the form of SB points. Well, once you gather enough points you can withdraw or get gift cards.

Trade-in the old devices

Do you have a lot of old devices lying around your house without any actual purpose? How about earning Swagbucks points using them? Yes, you can earn points using your old devices. The points you will be earning will be based on the condition of your device. Also, it is better to leave them to rot in your cupboard.  

Playing Games

If you’re a gamer who enjoys playing all sorts of games, then this is another perfect way for you to earn points for you. You will be able to find a section with curated games for users on the platform. And the best thing about these games is that all of these games are browser-based and are quite simple to play. You will be easily able to earn around 2-5 Swagbucks points per play.

Also, you will agree that this is truly one of the coolest ways to earn as you can earn while having fun. But one thing you must remember is that if you want to play then you must first pay a fee from your Swagbucks points and once you win along with your winning points you will also get these points. In case of loss, you will be losing your fees too. Ao only plays the games you’re confident of winning. 

Search with Swagbucks

How often do you go to the search engine to clarify your doubts? In a day, you would search at least 10 to 15 times. Don’t you agree? The search engine has been solving your queries for a long time. How about suing Swagbucks search engine to search? This way you will be able to earn extra rewards. But you must remember that you will be earning nothing through spamming random searches/inquiries. Also, you must know that this is one of the most inconsistent ways to earn points. You will only earn if you use it organically and you will be able to earn at least 38 SB points.

Referring to your friends

Good things should always be shared. Well, if you have found a new passive income stream will you not be sharing it with your friends? You will right. In the Swagbucks platform, you will be rewarded for your kindness. Simply put, you will earn 10% of commission from your friends SB points. And the best part is you will earn it forever. The more people you invite, the more they earn and the more you will be rewarded with.

Other details about Swagbucks

Swagbucks is available in Canada, the US, France, India, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, UK, Portugal, Ireland and Spain. If you are residing in any of these countries you can use this platform and earn extra cash. But you must remember that this platform will not cover all of your expenses. However, it will surely lend you a helping hand in earning extra cash. The truth that should be registered in your head is that it is not a substitute for your day job, this is a side hustle that will help you in earning extra income.

You can earn around $5 to $10 a day. Frankly, it is an average amount, it actually is based on the amount of time you will spend and the number of tasks you would like to do. If you want to be easily open the platform then it is advisable to have a browser extension or toolbar installed. This is the most natural way to earn money from this platform. You will be rewarded with 50 Swagbucks points just from installing it.


Once you finish the signing up process ( you will receive a bonus of $5), be it using the Swagbucks website or mobile app, you can find the tasks finish them and earn SB points. Once you have enough points i..e, 300 SB points, then you can cash out from your account. In terms of dollars, you will be able to withdraw once you have $3 in your account (one point is considered as one cent). For a survey, you may spend 5 to 10 minutes and may earn around 40 to 100 points. 

Pros & Cons of this platform


Different tasks to earn money

Intuitive platform

Earn money by doing your daily activities

Available as a mobile app


Cannot withdraw without meeting the minimum points requirement

Earning minimum points take a bit of time

Wrapping up

As you have made it to the end you have finally understood a lot of things about this paid online survey platform. Well, this is one of the best side hustles through which you can make money without moving your body or going out. If you’re looking for a side hustle that will add money to your wallet, then this platform is perfect for you. You will start earning from sign up. So What are you waiting for? Register for this platform and start earning today. If you’re interested in other paid online survey platforms you can check out Zeen.

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