Opinion Outpost Review

If you want to earn a good passive income, considering Opinion Outpost could be the best option for you. The primary reason to choose Opinion Outpost is to get higher pay than the remaining survey sites. 

There are thousands of companies around the world that are willing to pay for opinions. It’s no surprise online surveys are not high paying jobs, you might not earn a 6-digit bank balance. But, if you spend valuable time, you can make a good income to fill your pocket. The more time and effort you apply, the more income you can generate. Keeping it simple, the money you earn truly relies on the total number of surveys you complete. You need to have the right strategy to make money completing surveys either using Opinion Outpost or other survey companies.

Want to give it a try? Let’s dive into the Opinion Outpost world right away. The article will guide you through everything about Opinion Outpost. Come on, let’s dig-in!

Opinion Outpost is the easiest way for anyone to get started. You might be wondering, Opinion Outpost is legit and is it worth your time? Of Course YES! Anybody can get registered on the Opinion Outpost, share their opinions and earn money.

An appropriate plan would be best for you. Always, concentrate on completely high-paid online surveys. If you want to generate more income, get yourself registered with multiple online survey companies. When you sign up with multiple companies, the chances of increasing your money will skyrocket.

Without further delay, let’s discuss what is Opinion Outpost, how to get started, the pros and cons, etc.

What is an Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is the leading and free tool available online that seamlessly connects major businesses and corporations to their potential audience or customers. Just by completing the online survey using Opinion Outpost, you can quickly and safely earn passive income in the comfort of your home. Take a paid survey anywhere at any time. On the other hand, you get a chance to help your favourite brands grow by sharing thoughts.

Create an account on Opinion Outpost and earn income, exciting prizes and gifts by completely paid surveys. You get a chance to choose a survey topic and pick your topic from different categories. It includes health, technology, real estate, entertainment, fitness, etc. Your opinions and inputs will help their business while improving their product or launching a new product, etc. In return, they are ready to pay for the feedback you provide.

Top reasons to choose Opinion Outpost

There are hundreds of online paid surveys available in the market. Among them, Opinion Outpost stands out from the crowd. Want to know about it? Let’s discuss why people are showing more interest in the Opinion Outpost.


Yes, you’ve heard it right! Getting registered at the Opinion Outpost is simple and easy. You get an opportunity to earn income just by completing online paid surveys. In fact, you can write surveys in the comfort of your couch, during lunch break or while heading home. All you need is to have an internet connection to complete online paid surveys. You can take online surveys to earn rewards or points, you can later turn your points into real money. The choice is yours! You can either complete an online survey or ten surveys. Depending on your availability, pick the number of surveys you want.


Everyone might be concerned about safety – you, me and everyone. Opinion Outpost is the top brand in the organization because they value its member’s safety and security concerns. But how? You can easily make money for your thoughts and opinions without sharing your personal information. This means, your private information is safe and secure. Most importantly, you don’t need to pay for getting registered on Opinion Outpost and no credit card information is required.


Hurray! You can earn points easily for every paid survey that you complete on Opinion Outpost. You can either turn points into cash or gift cards. You can use a gift card to purchase yourself or present it to your loved ones. With less redemption level, you can simply claim your rewards faster.

It is said that completing online paid surveys using the Opinion Outpost is the best way to earn passive income. The platform is suitable for stay-at-home parents, students or someone who is looking to make a passive income.

How much income can you make?

Your opinions are valuable! Opinion Outpost really mean it. Whenever you complete an online paid survey, you can earn “Opinion Points”. Keep in mind that the amount of cash you earn will depend on the number of paid surveys you finish. As per analysis, Opinion Outpost members are earning between $0.50 to $5 per survey. You will receive around $0.10 for each point that you make.

Let’s keep things simple, if you complete a 10 point survey then you will earn $1. It’s clear that the points that you earn for every paid survey will depend on its length.

The time period to complete each survey might range from 10 to 30 minutes. If you already have hands-on experience in completing the survey, you can easily take 5 surveys per hour. It means you can earn 5 points for completing the 5 paid surveys. This way, you can quickly earn an average of $2.50 every hour. Here the amount you earn might be high or low depending on the time that you invest and the number of points that you earn.

Another important thing to remember, before you take up a survey, you need to fill out the questionnaire. You may or may not get qualified to take up this survey. You might be investing your time but don’t earn Opinion points.

Another popular way to earn income through Opinion Outpost is using “Sweepstakes”. It works similar to a lucky draw, members can gain quarterly prizes using Sweepstakes, the amount would be around $10,000. In order to participate, you can use 1 point as well. Hurray! Just with the 1 point, get a chance to win $10,000.

How to get started with Opinion Outpost?

Getting started with the Opinion Outpost is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is spend 15 minutes and become a member at the Opinion Outpost. Hurray! Get started with Opinion Outpost and earn points within minutes.

After you sign-up, you will be landed on the Opinion Outpost dashboard. You don’t need to scratch your head to use the dashboard, the platform is offering a user-friendly dashboard. Within a single click, you can get access to Opinion Outpost features ranging from surveys to earnings.

Step 1 – Click on “Create Free Account” on Opinion Outpost. The online survey platform is offering three key ways to register i.e LinkedIn, email and Facebook. Depending on your comfort, choose the way and set up your process. It’s advisable to create an individual email dedicated to surveying websites. This way you can quickly get rid of clogging your primary email.

Step 2 – Once you’ve registered, you should check the email that you’ve registered for it. It is important to check email in order to activate the Opinion Outpost account before getting started.

Step 3 – Next, you need to follow the mentioned link to complete creating an account. The online survey website requires a few details such as name, address, phone number, etc to set up an account.

Step 4 – After creating the account successfully, it’s time to build your profile. You will be given a series of questions. Make sure to answer the questions. This step is used to gather additional details about you. Keeping it simple, the information that you’ve submitted will help while finding out the survey opportunities. 

Step 5 – You will be redirected to complete the “Welcome Survey”. The step will take 10 minutes to complete. After completing the welcome survey, you will be rewarded with 5 points. Now, you’re all set to start making more points on Opinion Outpost. If you’re eager to earn money right away, you should select “Take A Survey”. Pick the survey and make money.

How to receive payments?

Finally, you’ve completed the survey and earned points. Now, it’s time to turn those points into cash. For example, if you’ve received 50 points, you can turn them into either real money or gift cards. 

Redeeming your earned points is super easy. All you have to do is navigate to the “Rewards” section of your Opinion Outpost’s dashboard. Keep in mind, that you should verify your PayPal account to receive your cash. Once you’ve verified, you can click on “Make Claim” to get your cash. 

Opinion Outpost badges

This is something interesting! When you keep on continuing to complete surveys, you will level up. Yes, this is amazing! There are 5 levels such as

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum and
  • Diamond

Diamond is the highest level. On Opinion Outpost, the level is all about the membership. It includes a number of surveys, earnings, etc.

  • Bronze members are those people who have just gotten started. All they do is register and activate their account on the Opinion Outpost.
  • Silver members can be called the first step of your success on the survey platform. They need to complete at least 25% of the survey profile. Also, they need to complete at least one activity.
  • Gold members need to complete at least 50% of the survey profile. They need to make sure to complete a survey every two weeks. Gold members need to complete around ten activities.
  • Platinum members are regular people who have successfully completed their profiles. They need to complete a minimum of 75% of the survey profile. Also, they should complete the survey every three weeks and also complete a minimum of 25 activities.
  • Diamond members are at the highest level. These members need to complete 100% of the survey profile. Also, they need to take up the survey for four weeks every month and complete a minimum of 50 activities.

Maintaining your level on Opinion Outpost is important. You can maintain just by sharing your thoughts and opinions. It’s recommended to take surveys every week. When you don’t maintain consistency, your level may dropdown. You can also earn rewards for your achievements. All your achievements and earned rewards can be viewed on the “Survey History Page”.

Advantages and disadvantages of Opinion Outpost

So far we’ve discussed what is Opinion Outpost, reasons to choose Opinion Outpost and more. Getting to know about the pros and cons of the Opinion Outpost is also important before getting started with the online survey platform.

As already mentioned, Opinion Outpost is one of the most legit approaches to earning passive income through taking surveys. You need to consider both pros and cons, let’s discuss them now,


  • Register for a free Opinion Outpost account
  • With easy-to-use features, everyone can simply get started with Opinion Outpost. No hassles involved.
  • Receive payments in two ways i.e cash and gift card.
  • Quick payment is an amazing factor. You can receive payment through PayPal. Also, get a gift card within 3 to 5 business days.
  • With the “Survey History” feature, you can easily track your surveys with ease.


  • Getting qualified on a few surveys can be a daunting task. You need to spend time answering a set of questions and finally end up not qualified to take up the survey. This might be the saddest part for any member.
  • There is no Opinion Outpost mobile application available.
  • The number of surveys per is limited i.e members can complete upto 9 surveys each day.

Bottom line

Hope you’ve finally decided to give it a try with Opinion Outpost. Good choice! Get started and complete surveys and earn a good passive income. Always remember, you can’t purely depend on Opinion Outpost to fulfil all your long term needs. But, yes! You can earn decent money by completing surveys. There are other popular ways to earn passive income. While online surveys are simple, you need to spend a few minutes to make money. Whichever website you choose, it’s good to create a separate email. Also, install antivirus software to stay away from spammy sites.

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