Off Page SEO – Ultimate Guide

“SEO consists of several qualities”.

Everyone would agree with this statement.

One of the most primary factors of SEO is – Off page SEO. If you’re a newbie to digital marketing, off-page SEO doesn’t make you sense. Beginners consider off-page SEO is just about getting backlinks.

In reality, off page SEO goes in-depth than that. Consider, brand mentions are an important factor of off-page SEO. If you’re a professional digital marketer and content marketer, you probably begin your journey with on-page SEO. Later extend your journey to several things that really matters to search engines.

Keeping it simple, off-page SEO tells search engines what other people think about the website. Let’s consider, if you’ve backlinks from trusted websites, Google will consider your website as valuable content.

SEO can be scary for beginners who don’t know how to start and unaware of the ranking factors. Don’t worry, develop an in-detailed knowledge of off-page optimization, you can easily improve your rankings on search results and beat the competition.

Moving a step ahead, let’s discuss what is off page SEO

What is off page SEO?

Off-page search engine optimization deals with the activities that are performed outside the website. The ultimate goal of off-page SEO is to improve ranking on the search results. As per analysis, off-page SEO techniques can make upto 75% of an excellent digital marketing strategy.

This article is just for the people who believe off-page SEO is just getting links. There are several wings to it. The strategies and techniques of off-page SEO will make you famous in your niche within a shorter period.

On-page SEO activities are performed within your website, while off-page search engine optimization activities have happened away from your website. For example, when you contribute a guest blog to a relevant site or leave a comment on the blog, this is considered as the off-page site promotional activity.

Hope you’ve got a basic understanding of what is off-page SEO, now let’s have a look at the importance of off-page SEO.

Why is off-page SEO important?

Off-page search engine optimization is highly valuable. It tells Google, Bing and Yahoo that your website is valuable on the internet. The link you acquire from trusted sites and brand mentions that you receive will increase the quality of your website.

Complex algorithms, ranking factors, strategies and other techniques often change with time. On the other hand, the authority, quality and relevance that an off-page search engine optimization can afford will still play a key role in rankings.

It’s no surprise that links play a major role in website ranking on search engines. Whether you’ve inbound links or outbound links, these will increase the possibility of ranking your website on top positions. If you want to rank your website then you need to ensure that you’re focusing more on the visibility of the website. However, few websites don’t rank better by adding links. This can be due to a lack of few off-page SEO factors such as videos, blogging, social media and more.

Hope you’ve understood what is off-page SEO and the importance of it, now let’s discuss what are the different types of links for off-page SEO.

Types of links for off-page search engine optimization

A strong SEO foundation starts with building a powerful backlink profile. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional digital marketer, you need to understand the importance of earning a backlink. This is essential to rank your website on search engines.

“Backlink” is the heart and soul of off-page search engine optimization. Popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others make use of these backlinks as the indication for valuable and relevant content. Simply put, backlinks are considered a powerful and important element of off-page SEO.

There are three types of links 

  • Natural links
  • Built links
  • Created links

Natural links

As the name suggests “Natural”, these links will come to your website in a natural way. Sounds amazing right? Yes!!! You and your marketing team don’t need to struggle harder to earn a natural link. When other person feels your website is related and valuable, they will link your website in their content. Whether the link is do-follow or no-follow is secondary. 

Built links

Building links to your website can be possible with outreach. You need to spend time and work harder with your team to earn a backlink. The outreach can be multiple ways, requesting a journalist or webmaster to provide a link. Few marketers earn links by promoting their content via ad campaigns. This will increase brand exposure and awareness. Create valuable content and build internal or external links.

Created links

Earning created links is simple and easy. You and your team members should work on self-submission. This can be a press release, forum, directories and more. Simply put, created links are the links that are created intentionally. No outreach is involved while creating these links.

Keep in mind that this off-page SEO strategy is a considered black-hat SEO technique. Hence, make sure you concentrate more on natural links and built links.

Following are the key factors that can influence the value of links

Don’t just focus on acquiring dozens of links to your website. You need to focus on authority, trust and equity passed by the link. Many digital marketers could acquire several links from the unpopular or spammy website. Do you think these low-value links will help your ranking? Of Course no.

Hence it’s important for everyone to concentrate on link building techniques on the popular and trusted website with amazing link equity.

No more waiting!!! Let’s discuss the key factors that influence the value of the link

  • Anchor text
  • Age of the link
  • Page rank
  • Total number of links
  • Relevance of the linking website
  • Content and context
  • Trustworthiness of linking website
  • Domain authority of linking website
  • Do-follow vs No-follow
  • User engagement

Every factor is important, these will add an additional boost to your link. While creating a link to your website, make sure you remember these factors. It’s better to add a link that is useful and related to your users. Your ultimate goal should be creating valuable links and attracting users to your website.

Want to know more about off-page SEO techniques and strategies, continue reading…

Link building

Whether you’re running a marketing blog or finance blog, generating valuable links should be your top priority on your off-page SEO checklist. This factor is applicable for small, media and large scale businesses. Links will help Google and other search engines crawl, index your web pages. Simply put, links are the primary factors that help to optimize the website for search engines. Also, increase the ranking of your webpage on the SERPs.

Let’s have a look at link building


Link building is an excellent way of acquiring a link from trusted and relevant sites to your website. These links are useful for users and search engines. Users can easily navigate from one webpage to another website without hassles. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing use these links to crawl your website.

Link building is an excellent component of any successful SEO technique. It aims to generate a natural link to your website. Links play a prominent role in generating organic traffic through search results, especially in a huge and competitive niche. With a good combination of on-page SEO, high-quality content and attractive web design, link building can be an effective way to generate organic traffic.

In reality, the need for quality, valuable, trust and relevance has more power. While low-quality and spammy links can work but are not suitable for long term success.

Link building strategies

Planning to build a powerful link building strategy, is just for you.

Ask people for links

You don’t need to work harder. Ask your friends, colleagues or relatives for links. Keep a note, you need a link from a relevant site. Check before you ask for the link from the known people. If the website is irrelevant, the link doesn’t have a great impact on your website. On the other hand, people will hesitate with the relevant link.


What could be an excellent way to improve brand awareness? The answer could be mostly – Blogging.

While offering useful and valuable content to the potential audience through blogging is a win-win strategy for any industry. You don’t need to spend millions of dollars on blogging techniques. It is a cost-effective solution for any business to generate traffic, attract potential customers, build awareness and enhance off-page SEO techniques. As per analysis, over 80% of businesses are implementing blogging strategies to acquire new customers.

Many people consider blogging as easy and simple. But, it’s completely wrong. You need to dedicate your time and effort while contributing to a blog post. There are several things involved in blogging such as researching, writing valuable content, adding the images, proofreading the content and editing. Once you’ve done contributing to the blog post, you need to promote it on several networks.

Select the relevant and trusted blog

It’s no surprise that there are countless blogs available on the internet. Spend time on finding the relevant and trusted blog to contribute. Increasing the traffic and building brand awareness can be easy when you contribute an excellent blog to a relevant blog. For example, if you’re running a finance blog, search for a top finance blog and contribute. Don’t spend your time contributing a blog post on fashion websites.

Contribute a quality blog post

How can you expect users to visit your blog with poor content? This might be foolishness. Users will visit your blog only when you offer valuable and relevant content. Contribute an excellent blog post with attractive images and attract more visitors to your blog. Interesting and valuable content can be shared by most of the users and eventually, your blog reach will expand.

Request bloggers for link

If you want to improve your ranking then you surely need to take the influencers help. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Specifically, you need to seek help from trusted website owners or relevant bloggers to link your content. When they share your content on their blog, you will grow in no time. Outreach is the best strategy to acquire quality backlink.

Keep an eye on what blogger or website owner is doing

If you’re striving to improve the chances of acquiring excellent coverage, becoming an active member of the blogs is pretty important. It might sound awkward when you request a favour without any introduction. Hence, you can comment or engage with the post before sending the request. Also, never interact in a lazy way by commenting “good post”. Instead, spend time and share your opinions on the post. This will surely make you recognized and memorable.

Offer something valuable in return

“Do something to get something in return”. This might be a suitable line. If you want a successful outreach with trusted website owners or niche bloggers, you need to offer something valuable in return. Never seek a favour without giving anything. Offering something valuable is an excellent approach to gain attraction. If you’re a beginner, it can be a daunting task to offer something valuable. No worries!!! You can provide a free copy of the product or service for review. Also, you can provide exclusive coupon codes to their blog users.

Never spam

This might sound obvious!!! But you’ll be surely amazed at the count of spammy email received by the bloggers every day. When a blogger declines or doesn’t accept your product review, stop approaching them. Be positive and move on. Never email them continuously and waste their time. Sending a bunch of emails on the same day can annoy them. Be professional when you outreach to generate better results.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing should be your next priority in the off-page SEO checklist. Small and large businesses use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to connect with their target audience. If you’re not interacting with your audience on these social media platforms, you’re missing something great. Social media marketing will generate remarkable success for the brand. By following the right social media techniques, you can easily improve traffic and conversions.

Creating a social media strategy is important for off-page SEO success. If you’re a newbie you might be unaware of the techniques and tips for creating a solid social media strategy. No more worries!!! Creating an excellent social media technique doesn’t require it to be difficult or painful. Continue reading…

Tips to create a successful social media strategy

Set goal

Don’t rush!!! Spend time on setting a list of marketing goals and objectives. This is your initial winning step. Without choosing your goals and objectives, measuring your success is in no way possible.

Understand audience

Learning about your audience is important. After setting the goal, creating an audience persona should be your next step. Knowing and understanding your audience is the key to social media marketing. This way, you can engage with your audience in an effective way. Create content according to their interest. If you want to turn your social media users into potential customers, you need to know about your audience.

Gather audience information

When considering the target audience, you need to know a few things such as name, age, qualification, job, interest, location and more. When you know these things you can easily engage with your audience on social media. Gathering audience information is now easier with social media analytics. Yes, you’ve heard it right!!! Social media analytics tools will provide valuable information about your potential audience. Make great use of these analytic tools and refine your social media marketing strategy.

Competitive analysis

Keeping an eye on your competitors is important. Competitive analysis should be your important part of any marketing strategy. A competitive analysis is a way of evaluating your niche competitors to understand their strategies, techniques, strengths, approaches, weaknesses and more. This is a great opportunity to compare with your own strategies. This analysis helps you to reshape your strategy on social media for better results. Conduct competitive analysis right away and spot several opportunities.

Use social media listening

Have you ever heard about social media listening? No, then you need to have a look at it. Social media is one of the excellent approaches to know about your competitors. Sounds amazing right!!! Yes. Spend time searching your competitors. All you need to enter the competitor name on the social media channel. Also, using brand keywords you can find your competitors. Keep an eye on what your competitors are sharing and how audiences are reacting to their posts. Check how frequently competitors are posting and interacting with the audience. Use Hootsuite and monitoring your social media accounts will be easier for you.

Set social media accounts

There are several social media networks available in the market. The popular social media networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. But, you need to decide which social media channel to use. Once you’ve decided, it’s time to set up social media profiles. Use high-quality content and images for every social channel. Also, you can create business pages on every social media network to improve brand awareness.

Create content calendar

Sharing excellent and high-quality content should be your top priority. At the same time, sharing the content at the right place and the right time is equally important. Hence you need to plan accordingly. A content calendar is the best tool to schedule your post. This way, you can concentrate on other important things to improve your business.

Set a perfect posting schedule

Social media content calendar is responsible for listing the accurate date and time to publish on every channel. Content calendars help to improve your all social media activities right from sharing the posts to videos. Also, the tool will make sure that your every post or blog post is published on-time without any delay.

Evaluate and adjust social media strategy

Social media marketing is an important factor in off-page SEO. Also, it’s crucial for every brand to improve traffic and conversions. Keep in mind that you cannot expect great results at the initial stages or on your first try. During the initial days, you need to focus on creating high-quality posts and track your results. Also, you should find out strategies that don’t generate better results. Re-evaluate the social media techniques regularly and refine the strategy to generate better results in real-time.

Conducting social media surveys is one of the popular ways to find out how your social media strategy is working. Request and seek feedback from your followers. Email your customers and ask whether they’re satisfied with your brand or not.

Social bookmarking

Want to improve your digital marketing efforts? Yes!!! Have a look at social bookmarking. It’s no surprise that social bookmarking plays a prominent role in off page SEO.

There are more than 1.80 billion websites available on the internet. Finding your website online can be a daunting task. Therefore you need to use tools to found your business online. A powerful social bookmarking is here to improve your ranking on SERPs.


People love sharing!!! They often send website links to their friends or family members. Social media networks are a powerful way for social bookmarking, among all the networks Pinterest and Twitter sounds as popular. These bookmarks will save information, this means you can access the information whenever possible.

The social bookmark will notify Google and other search engines that your website is valuable. Simply put, they will improve your brand trust, credibility and authority.

Benefits of social bookmarking

As mentioned earlier, social bookmarking is an excellent method to improve online presence, Whenever you add your website to social bookmarking sites, search engines consider yourself valuable. Following are the key benefits of bookmarking

  • Faster site indexing
  • Create a backlink
  • Improve traffic
  • Social signals

Social bookmarking best practices

There might be a set of best practices for everything you do to drive excellent results. Following are the tips and practices while performing social bookmarking to boost your SEO.

Choose high-quality social bookmarking sites

Relax!!! Spend quality time on choosing the trusted social bookmarking sites. Never ever waste your valuable time on social bookmarking on untrusted or less popular sites. Posting on spammy websites can have a huge impact on domain authority. When your domain authority gets decreased, your rankings will also get reduced on search engines.

Give complete details

Whenever you create a profile on popular social bookmarking sites, it’s important to provide complete details. Completing your profile will help search engines to index your website.

Interact and engage with the audience

Have you completed adding your company information? Yes!!! Do you think your job is done? No. Don’t just disappear as soon as you complete your profile on social bookmarking sites. Engaging and interacting with the target audience is important. Be active and stay connected with the audience for a long term commitment. 


Have a question!!! Will online forums boost your SEO? Of course yes. Forum is the popular discussion platform available on the internet. Whether you’re a student or a professional gig, you can interact in online forums. Many people ask questions on forums and get advice or suggestions from professional individuals. This is something simple and easy to do.

Find the related online forums and participate in the discussion. For example, if you’re running a mobile selling website, participate in the online discussion of who is discussing the best mobile phone in the market. Build a positive connection with the online community members by providing answers, advice and suggestions.

Benefits of online forums

  • Improve communication
  • Increase collaboration
  • Better engagement
  • Customer retention
  • Cost-effective

Question & Answer

Content creators often spend their time and effort on creating valuable content. Providing the right content for the right people is one of the effective ways to improve brand authority. If you want to make most of your content, “Question & Answer” platforms are the right choice for you. The popular sites are Quora,, Yahoo Answers and more. Choose the popular and relevant site, check the question and provide answers and suggestions. This is the best way to add extra value to your content.

For example, if you’ve already written a blog on “How to make money online”, add the link during the discussion. Whenever a user clicks on the link, then can redirect to your website. Sounds amazing right!!! You can increase traffic. Be careful while adding the links, never make the link that appears like spam. When you handle it strategically, this can be the excellent off-page SEO strategy in this checklist.


A newsletter is a cost-effective platform for building a relationship with potential customers. Also, the channel helps to maintain regular interaction or content with the prospects. Newsletters can take you a long way. It is one of the powerful ways to improve customer relationships.


Newsletter marketing is the common practice used by small and large businesses. Brands send the information about the latest product launch, new blog and other important information via email to potential customers and prospects. Many businesses use newsletter marketing to keep their business products or services top-of-mind for the subscribers in the list.

As mentioned above, the newsletter is an excellent and cost-effective solution. It is the best way to interact with target customers and prospects. Be careful while planning your newsletter to generate better results. While sending newsletters don’t send unnecessary content that hesitates subscribers. Send recently published blogs, how-to-use tutorials, latest and ongoing coupons and more. Make sure your newsletter is original, short and useful content.

What next? Don’t send a newsletter whenever you get time. Send newsletters at appropriate times according to subscribers’ local time zone. Send newsletters at specific times. Don’t send too many newsletters in a single day. This will annoy your subscribers and you may start losing them

Guidelines for an excellent newsletter

Don’t just send the newsletter to subscribers with half knowledge. You need to follow a few guidelines while creating and sending the newsletter. Small and large companies from several industries are using the newsletter to connect with their potential customers and prospects to build brand awareness. 

Let’s discuss how to create an effective newsletter

  • Creative headlines: This might sound like a basic rule. You need to create good and short headlines. Write catchy headlines and catch the subscriber attention. 
  • Relevant information: The headline should match with the text in your newsletter. Don’t just bluff the subscribers by sending spam messages. For example, when your title is a new product launch, make sure the content in your newsletter is completely related to your new product details.
  • Consistently scheduled: Sending the newsletter on time is also important. Send the newsletter in regular intervals and grab the attention of every subscriber on your list.
  • Add a call to action: Never ever forget adding a powerful call to action button on your newsletter. Simply put, every newsletter needs to have at least one call to action button to be performed by your subscriber.
  • Uncluttered format: Many businesses struggles to maintain a smooth format while writing a newsletter. In fact, they follow an uncluttered format in their newsletter. Don’t risk yourself by following an uncluttered format. Because your readers may overwhelm you with the uncluttered format. There may be a chance of unsubscribing to your newsletter.
  • Mobile responsive: The number of mobile users is greatly increasing. Therefore you need to optimize your newsletter for mobile users to generate excellent results.
  • Unsubscribe: Want to make your subscribers happy? Yes!!! You need to include an unsubscribe link on every newsletter. If the subscribers are not happy with your service, they can easily unsubscribe within a single click.

Influence marketing

What could be the next big thing in off-page SEO? The answer is – influence marketing.

Influencer marketing works in a straightforward way. This type of marketing involves a business collaborating with their niche influencers to promote brand products or services. Small and large business approach influencers to increase brand awareness and conversions.

Influencers can be anybody – actor, business expert, photographer or any other celebrity. All they need to have large followers base on their social media channels. For example, if you’re running a fashion blog, you can approach a top fashion photographer on social media. Within your niche, you can find the top influencers to promote your product or service. Few influencers may have just 20,000 followers, but they might have professionals in their niche. These are go-to people who can provide the right answer to audiences’ questions. Influencers can share world-class pictures and make your video look entertaining and informative.

Digital public relations (PR)

How can you improve your brand presence? Say a million thanks to digital PR. It is the off-page SEO technique to increase brand awareness just by gaining press hits and links. This strategy may sound simple, but you need to perform the strategy in the right way. When you follow the digital public relation guidelines, you can improve your brand reach by generating referral traffic. Also, when you do it correctly, search engines will consider your website as relevant, trusted and active. As a result, your website ranking will increase gradually.

Factors that impact your off page SEO with digital PR

  • Blogger outreach
  • Online Press Releases (PR)
  • Content marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Top PR platforms like HARO, Business Wire and more

Video, image and infographic submission

Most digital marketing experts suggest video, image and infographic submission boost off-page SEO. 

Video submission

Have you created an excellent video? Want to make the video even more popular? Yes!!! Head to top video submission websites. The popular video submission sites are YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more. While submitting your video, give a good and clear title, simple description, links and tags. The video submission websites will bring you a quality backlink.

Image submission

Performing image submission technique for your off-page SEO is the wise way to get quality links. Image submission in off-page SEO includes sharing your images on relevant submission websites. It entails selecting high-quality images, alt text, description, tags and proper file format. Image submission can be done in two ways i.e sharing your images on a website or sharing your image on top image submission websites. The popular websites are Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram and more. All you need to do is create an account and share your images. Optimize your images with excellent SEO measures. Because image submission may not work when you don’t optimize the images. Thus you should optimize all the images that can easily be crawled by search engines.

Infographics submission

Infographic submission is the effective way used in off-page SEO. The infographic is a combination of information with graphics. If you want to create attractive infographics, you can become popular in no time. It’s time to submit or post infographics on top submission websites such as Reddit, Visual, Submitinforgraphics and more. The image size may vary depending on the website. Submit the infographics and provide reference links to your website.

Use Google My Business 

Why do you want to take your business online? This might be a common question. If you want to increase potential customers and improve conversions, you need to take your business online. Whether you’re running an e-commerce website or handling a social media page, switching your business to online has several advantages.

As the name suggests, Google My Business helps businesses to list their products or services on Google. GMB ensures that brands provide required information to the customers. The details will help customers to visit, contact or place an order.

It’s time to capture your brand identity with Google My Business. GMB is one of the popular products that is introduced by Google. The product is available for free. Use Google My Business and boost your local rankings. Keep a note, you should optimise Google My Business profile to generate better results. There are several ways to optimize your content, images, links and more. This will surely help to drive a good amount of organic traffic and increase your brand awareness.

Amazing tips for Google My Business

  • Write a detailed description of your business. The minimum limit should be 250 characters.
  • All the primary things should be available in the first paragraph. Mention your brand name, location, phone number and other important details.
  • Keep the profile updated with the latest information. Add ongoing offers, coupons or new product launch.
  • Always keep an eye on the review. Look what the audience is talking about your brand. Spent time by interacting with your audience.
  • Upload genuine and real pictures. Customers may look for pictures before visiting. They may feel sad or depressed when the pictures don’t match.

Hold contests and fundraisers

Is there anybody who doesn’t like to participate in the contest? Of Course nobody. Digital marketing experts suggest running a contest to attract a large audience. On the other hand, fundraising is another way to generate better results.

Post the contest information on your social media channels. Encourage and invite your friends and followers to participate in the contest. Let them share your content on their profiles. Whenever your followers start sharing your brand, ultimately you can increase traffic and followers. Simply put, running a contest on a social platform is an excellent way to improve your social presence and increase your followers.

Running a contest on social media channels have several benefits, let’s have a look at it

Advantages of running a contest on social media

  • Build community
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Increase customers
  • Improve conversions
  • Increase engagement

Wrapping up

Search engines use algorithms to rank your website on search results. One of the excellent ways to improve your ranking is by optimizing the website. Off-page SEO is one of the important techniques to improve ranking in SERPs. The off-page SEO technique must be applied outside of your website. Links, social media, brand mentions and shares are popular off-page SEO techniques. Off-page SEO is an important strategy to optimize your website and attract the attention of the right audience. The above-mentioned strategies help to improve our rankings on SERPs.

Keep a note, there are many other strategies that you can use. Check all the off-page strategies and pick the one that actually works better for your niche.

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