Look out for these unique money-making website ideas in 2023

If a global pandemic has taught us anything, it is to make sure that you are financially prepared for any unforeseen event. During the pandemic many people lost their jobs, businesses were stumped, and most people were forced to find two or more jobs to meet their needs. Even if the world is still recovering from the aftermath of the pandemic, it is time for people with one single income to focus on building a side income. 

Yes! We are in an era where side hustles have become a common practice. There are plenty of money-making ideas that will add extra income to your bank account and help you in cushioning for an unforeseen event or help you in building wealth. Don’t know where to start and what to do? Well! No worries we have curated a list of unique money-making website ideas that will inspire you in starting a side hustle.

Without any delay! Let’s jump into the topic.

eCommerce Website

One of the popular ways to make money online is to start an online store. They work similarly to an offline/physical store and also help you in attracting customers from across the globe. From reselling to drop shipping, there are hundreds of ways you can make money with eCommerce sites. Platforms like Shopify have made it easy to start a website in a matter of minutes. They will provide you with all the tools necessary to optimize your website and provide a good customer experience to improve conversion rates. If you are an individual that has an idea to sell products online then remember to find a specific niche that you are good at, research the market and create a marketing strategy that works for you. 

Portfolio Website

Are you in a creative field or job? Then a portfolio website will open new doors of opportunities for you. Yes! For most creative jobs it is required to present a portfolio, using a portfolio website will allow you to present your skills more effectively. Add all your designs and visual work to the portfolio website and add your name to the site domain. For a freelancer having a portfolio website will save you both time and effort, you can get more clients with it, or whenever a new client asks for your work samples you can just give them your portfolio website. Don’t just take the first idea that comes to your mind, browse for portfolio ideas and then decide. Lastly, there are many websites like WordPress that allow you to create a website easily.


If you want to find a new recipe or new movie recommendations where do you search? Google, right? This search engine has tons of blogs available on any particular topic. If you enter the rabbit hole of a particular niche you will find tons of useful information and content on search engines. If you are also an excellent writer that can articulate their feelings into words and have some excellent content ideas then it is time for you to start your blogging website. As your website traffic increases you can earn revenue from the ads on your site. You never know when a new door will open with your blogging website.

Membership website

Well! You have a youtube channel or a social media account that is working well for you. Then take this opportunity to start a membership website and provide your users with exclusive content, merch, etc. This is one of the direct sources to making income, you can also use this website to hold monthly fan meetings or live streams to connect with your audience. If you are already using a wordpress website then all you have to do is add a membership plugin and you can create your code-free membership website. Before starting your membership website make sure to do adequate research relating to the supported payment methods and membership plugins that fit your budget and needs.

Product review

In people’s day-to-day life they use hundreds of products and before buying them they look for reviews from a trusted sources. Why don’t you become a trusted source and provide product reviews? If you are a technophile then you can review the latest gadgets and create video tutorials on how to unbox and use the latest gadgets. Apart from getting revenue from the ads, there is a high chance of you earning money with sponsorship from major companies too. You can also use this website to promote your affiliate links. Before you start your product review websites you start with researching your niche and then make a list of products that you want to review. 

Podcast website

If you already have a blogging site and are looking for something more, then you can start a podcast website. Yes! You heard it right? If you are a person that enjoys talking and has a myriad of interests then you can utilize the podcast as a side hustle. It has a lot of monetization potential, you can receive income from sponsorships and affiliate marketing. And the best part is that the podcast website is excellent for memberships too. You can find podcast plugins in WordPress or you can try different podcast platforms available in the market. If you want to make your podcast a good money-making side hustle then remember to be consistent and also to make quality content you must invest in quality equipment.

Dropshipping Website

While talking about money-making websites it is highly impossible to leave dropshipping out of the discussion. This is one of the best ideas that allow people to make good money. If you want to start a business but don’t want to deal with shipping and inventory management then dropshipping is perfect for you. This is a low-investment business option that generates revenue. Although compared to a traditional online store you will be making less income but you don’t have to deal with shipping and inventory management right? Look for reliable drop shipping partners and collaborate with them to sell trending products.

In a nutshell

These are a few website ideas that will help you in generating revenue. Well, side hustles can add a few extra bucks and help you secure your future. Websites are one of the best ways you can generate extra income. However, building a website takes a lot of effort and time, so here we are helping you in taking the first step by providing you with unique ideas. If you want to know about money-making tips check out our website zeen

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