Live broadcasting: Powerful marketing strategy for ecommerce

In today’s digital era, live broadcasting plays a pivotal role when it comes to the success of an e-commerce business. This is especially true with live video platforms such as Whisbi which allow seamless real-time interaction at the touch of a button. So, how exactly is live broadcasting a powerful marketing strategy for e-commerce? This article answers how this particular strategy tips the scale to drive sales and much more.

What is an E-Commerce live broadcast?

E-commerce live broadcast is essentially the promotion of products online using live video content. It basically entails demonstrations and live question and answer segments, more so on E-Commerce sites or social media platforms.

Why is live streaming important for marketing?

A live stream plays a pivotal role when it comes to e-commerce marketing. This is simply because it engages views by providing direct communication with customers. As a result, streaming essentially reaches a wider audience which intern not only markets the business but also boosts sales.

How do you promote live streaming?

First and foremost, before promoting your live stream, ensure that your content is high quality and also provides value for your users. Secondly, always schedule your streams prior to going live by sharing with your audience beforehand. 

In addition, below are some effective strategies for live stream promotion that have been tested.

  1. Live Video SEO

One way to promote your live stream as an online business is by learning live video Search Engine Optimization. In other words, a successful live streaming SEO entails finding the right keywords, search hashtags, or descriptions that drive traffic to your online platform. Also, customize your thumbnail to be precise and catchy if you are to capture your audience’s attention. Relevant titles, categories, and tags will not only make it easier for potential clients to understand what you are broadcasting, but it will also make your content get more clicks.

  1. Social media

Using social media is another great way to promote live streaming and your e-commerce business in general. You can basically use social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to market your services or products. Alternatively, you can also use YouTube, blog posts, or podcasts to increase your audience base.

  1. Email Subscription

Once you have an audience or following, create an email subscription list where you’ll be sending your live stream notification alert beforehand. You can include offers or exclusive products for specific customers who meet certain thresholds. However, don’t spam your subscriber’s inbox with frequent emails. Only do so when you believe that your live streams are informative or add value to your customers.

  1. Collaboration

Collaboration with experts in your industry or influencers is another way to boost your live broadcasting. It typically helps to expand your reach while also boosting your brand and platform.

  1. Paid Promotion

Another powerful marketing strategy you can use to boost your e-commerce business is paid promotions. This is especially true when your brand is still new with a small following or organic reach. For example, using popular marketing platforms such as Facebook, Google, or Pinterest to promote your live streams is a step in the right direction.

What is live strategy?

A live stream strategy is essentially a segment of your video content that expounds on what your entire business is all about. In addition, a live broadcast also states the business objectives, goals, and how to achieve them.

An ideal live strategy can have segments with live events, interviews, conferences, and social media pages, among other informative or valuable content related to your product or services.

Why is live shopping the future of e-commerce?

Live shopping is without a doubt the future of e-commerce. This is simply because it facilitates real-time interaction between business owners and customers. In simpler terms, real-time interaction provides trustworthiness with customers, which is crucial in the long haul. Furthermore, live shopping saves buyers time and unnecessary hassle of physically going to a brick-and-mortar store to purchase an item.

What are the benefits of live selling?

This type of e-commerce basically entails the display of actual products through live streams either through social media or an official website. Below are some of the benefits that this live selling can do for your e-commerce business.

  1. Wider reach

As an e-commerce business, the wider your reach, the more profitable your venture. Live selling is definitely going to scale your business since it typically reaches a wider audience regardless of location.

  1. Cost reduction

Another great benefit that live-selling offers e-commerce businesses is cost reduction. A company is exempted from paying rent and any extra costs of running a physical store. In other words, a cost reduction simply means an increase in revenues which also increases profitability.

  1. High conversion rates

Live selling will increase your sales exponentially through high conversion rates compared to standard e-commerce stores. On average, this particular form of selling has an average conversion rate that’s around 30 to 50%.

  1. A close relationship between buyer and seller

Live selling is also another great way of improving customer relationships since there’s a direct association with the buyer. In other words, the human element or customer engagement is present which increases brand trust.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

Live selling essentially helps your business to stand out from a crowd. In other words, since it’s still a fairly new concept, most businesses haven’t fully embraced It. As a result, it essentially gives you an edge.

  1. Real-time purchase
  2. Another advantage associated with live selling is that it’s instant and real-time. In other words, the experience is satisfying since it’s quite similar to making a purchase in a physical store.
  1. Lower return rates

Ecommerce live selling is also a great way to prevent a lower item return rate. This is mainly because customers can inquire before purchasing an item.


Live broadcasting is definitely a powerful marketing strategy for e-commerce businesses, worth embracing. Most top retailers have adopted this new strategy taking their brands to the next level while increasing profitability.

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