How to start a youtube channel?

Social media has helped people in showcasing their talent to the world. Yes! Thanks to social media every day people are discovering new talents. Be it Instagram or Youtube, talented individuals are always appreciated. Influencers are also gaining a good following base and because of which brands are also collaborating with them to reach their targeted audience.

Are you an excellent dancer/singer?

Are you an excellent baker/cook?

Do you have good knowledge about the latest gadgets?

Do you have good comedy timing?

Well, have you ever considered starting your youtube channel?

If you have a skill that can bring you fame and money, why not use it then? Not only individuals, but businesses irrespective of their size can also benefit from a Youtube channel. You are taking a back step just because you don’t know how to create a youtube channel then you are at the right place. By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of how to start a youtube channel. 

Let’s start with the basics

When you have decided to start a youtube channel, the first and foremost thing that you should be doing is sign up or set up your channel. If you are an individual, you can use your pre-existing Gmail account or sign up for a new Gmail account with your channel name and sign up for the Youtube channel. 

Don’t be afraid or Don’t procrastinate. Although you have been planning to start your Youtube channel for months now. An unknown fear or self-doubt has been dragging your back. So don’t think anymore, just take the initiative and start your channel today.

If you don’t know how to sign up for Youtube, don’t worry. We will provide that information also. 

Step1: Visit

Step2: Once you go to the home page, you will find a sign-in button on the top right corner.

Step3: Log in with the Gmail account that you would like to use for your channel.

Step4: Once you log in to your Gmail account, click on the icon with your display picture.

Step5: As you click on the DP, a menu will appear, select create a channel

Step 6: As you click on to create your channel, next you can choose to name your channel your name or use another name (brand name).

Step7: Next step is to name your channel, add a profile picture, and you are done. 

Voila!! Your Youtube channel is successfully created. You have created your youtube channel but you are far from done.

Channel Art

You have created a channel, great, but you cannot just leave it blank and focus on uploading your content. Whenever a user visits your Youtube channel, the background is empty not visually appealing. Most of the channels, just upload their profile picture and forget about the rest. Well, you must add the background image (channel art) of your Youtube channel to attract the attention of your visitors. As you also know one of the first things someone will notice when they visit your channel will be your art. Also, it is not intentional, the channel arts place is prominent and the attention of the visitors directly lands there. 

Customize your art so that it creates brand awareness and shows your brand personality to your viewers. The optimal size of the youtube cover is 2560* 1440 pixels. If you want your logo and text to appear without being cut off then you must follow the minimum width of 2560*1152. The maximum width being 2560*423px. If you follow this measurement depending on the size of the viewer’s browsers they can see the area on each side of the channel art. The size of the art should be 6MB or smaller. Since youtube can be accessed across different devices such as iPhones, TV, mobiles phones, etc. The channel art will appear on all such devices so make sure that your art is compatible with all the devices. 

About section of your channel

Now that you have set up your channel and added channel art. It is time for you to customize your channel. All the channels created on youtube are the same the one way one can stand out is through channel art. They can get as creative as they want. There is another way where they can stand out and talk about their business. Yes! Customization options on your channel will allow you to add additional information about your business. All you have to do is go to the About tab and add a description of your business, address, contact information, and email id. 

You can also add your social media links and website. All these links will appear on the channel art picture. If you have more than one youtube channel you can add the other youtube channels that you want your audience to see. They can be set as featured channels in the customization process. 

Channel trailer

You must have seen the trailers for movies or series right? Have you ever wondered why do they create trailers? Well, the reason is simple, since they want to gain the attention of the audience they will create a trailer that will explain the details within 2 minutes. Well, most of the time they act as positive stimulation and truly attract more people. 

Why not create a trailer for your Youtube channel? 

Seems like a great idea, right? 

With a Channel trailer, you can introduce your channel to your visitors. Even in the long run, this will be effective as it will be present on your channel and act as a guide for the new visitors or subscribers. Make sure that your channel trailers are short and sweet. In the trailer address your channel and the type of content you will be making on the channel. Most importantly this will work as the mock-up or practice to successfully wrap up your first video.

First video of your channel

All the steps mentioned above your efforts are made to lead up to this moment- your first video. Many people think that once the channel is set up the ideas will follow and creating the first video is quite easy. However, this is far from the truth. From idea to create the first video will always be special to the creator. As a creator, you have many doubts and dilemmas plaguing your head. Don’t give in! Since you have made it here, few steps and you will be successful in the first part of your mission. Create your first video on something that you are comfortable with and upload your video once you are done editing and filming the video.

Optimize the video

What you thought uploading the video and your job is done? Then you are in for a surprise. Just because you upload a video overnight your video with not garner millions of views and your channel will become famous. If you have a website, will you not do search engine optimization to get noticed by your targeted audience. Why will it be any different for Youtube? Although when it comes to SEO, youtube has its own parameters. But the point here is you must provide title, description, and tags. Your title and description should have keywords. 

Wrapping up

This brings us to the end of this article. Apart from the steps and tips mentioned about you must be consistent in your postings. Yes! If you want to garner a huge subscriber base then you must post your content frequently. Also, you can promote your youtube channel on other social media platforms too. Becoming Youtuber has become a career choice for many youngsters. And quite frankly they can it is an excellent choice too. If your videos are creative and interesting you will start gaining popularity quicker and also start making good money. If you are curious to know how youtubers make money check out this article. 

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