How to start a side hustle?

Say a big hello to the side hustle jobs!!!

Side hustles are becoming popular day by day. According to the analysis, over 44 million people in the United States are earning income through a side hustle. They believe that generating revenue through side hustle is easy in terms of personal and professional way. Few people consider a side hustle job as a full-time job.

If you’re someone who craves freedom and flexibility, a side hustle job is just for you. A side hustle job is the best way to become your “OWN BOSS” and earn passive money, while you also have the security of your full-time job or day job.

Importance of starting a side hustle

Starting a side hustle job or business have several benefits. It will help you to accomplish your personal goals and build a professional career. On the other hand, a side hustle can drive better income to sharp your existing skillset. The major benefit of a side hustle is you can make money while working as a full-time employee. If you’re waiting for a longer time to increase your earning, this is the right time to get your finances rolling and take complete control of your work.

Many people dream to start a side hustle job and fill their bank accounts. But unfortunately, they didn’t. Because they’ve no clue how to start a side hustle, this might be one of the key reason to hold them back.

How to start a side hustle?

If you’re wondering how to start a side hustle, you’ve landed in the right place.

Take stocks of your current situation

Keep calm and believe in yourself. Question yourself about your earnings or finances. Understand how much income you’re earning from your day job, how much money do you’ve in your bank account and how much money you’re spending every month. Give a deep look at your stock before starting a side hustle. If you’re running out of cash, don’t even dare to leave the current job. Once you’ve enough money to get food on your table and fulfil daily requirements, take a step ahead.

Identify your skills, abilities and areas of interest

This may sound like an Irish thing!!! Sometimes you cannot decide what you’re good at. Few people think that they don’t have enough skills to run a side hustle, but that actually is not a big problem. Relax!!! Take a piece of paper and answer these questions,

  • What do you do really well?
  • What did you like to do during your free time?
  • What is your educational background?
  • Do you have any extra skills?

If you want to experience immediate results, you need to look for the side hustle that has relevant skills, interest and experience. After all, you can succeed when you have the right set of skills.

For example, if you’re an expert at programming and other technology-related stuff, note it down. These skills can be most random things, you might be an expert at organizing the party, editing pictures or teaching students. Few artists and musicians offer online classes and monetize their skills. Spend enough time, dive deep into this. Note down every skill that you’re good at.

Figure out things you enjoy doing 

If you’re working as a full-time employee, you might have spent almost 40 to 45 houses every week at your workplace. You’ll complete the daily activities of your work. If you want to start a side hustle job, you need to know how you spend weekends. Question yourself, what is the thing you enjoy doing. These can be your hobbies as well. Think about the things that you would look forward to doing on your weekends or weekdays. Here again, this can be random things such as meeting new people, reading, posting images on social media, trying new dish on various cuisines, writing blogs and more. Figure out things you actually enjoy doing. Pick the niche according to your interest. This can be writing or posting pictures on social media.

Never take on side-hustle debt

It’s no surprise that small and large organizations spend hundreds of dollars during the initial stage. They spend money before earning income. This is the key reason many businesses are taking a long time to generate profits. Many small businesses and startup companies fail just because they have never generated enough profits. In fact, they didn’t receive the invested amount.

What is the solution to avoid such a situation? Starting a side hustle job can rescue you. Because you don’t need to request funds. All you have to do is offer tools or services that you have or use it. Also, you can sell the products and make enough money to pay all your debt. Be confident and prove to the world that you can survive in the huge competition.

The real boss is the one who can run the organization that turns into better profit. For a newbie, it can be the toughest job to generate profits when paying off the debt. Nothing is impossible, find the best way to get started with your side hustle without stepping into neverending debt.

Set boundaries

Many people assume a side hustle job is just earning money whenever you get free time. This is not actually true!!! A side hustle job doesn’t always mean working and earning money during free time. When you’re not conscious or careful, you may end up falling behind someone trap or scam. If you’re new to start a side hustle, you need to create your own boundaries for yourself. Yes, this will rescue you from traps. Setting boundaries will ensure you can spend quality time with your friends and family members. In fact, these are the top properties in everyone life to enrich themselves.

There are several ways to create boundaries, let’s have a look:

Time blocking – Whether you’re working as a freelancer content writer or running your own coffee shop, you need to decide the time when you will be working on the side hustle. Set the time and stop working when you reached the time.

Use focus apps – Stay focused while running on a side hustle. When you completely focus, you can spend more time on a side hustle and less time on unnecessary activities. The focus application will keep you focused and start away from distractions. Also, these apps will allow you to motivate yourself on important tasks.

Stop spending money customer won’t see

 If you’re working as a 9-5 employee, your office might have an excellent working environment. You might enjoy all the amenities provided in your full-time job. This is not the case with a side hustle. If you expect the same in the side hustle, it’s time to switch your decision. Never ever think that your side hustle job should have an excellent environment with amazing amenities. When you’re spending money on something, question yourself “Does the customer see?” If your answer is “No”, then forget about it. Don’t spend your money on buying such things.

Stop spending can sound simple to say but difficult to do. Yet, in your case, this can only save you to get back on the right track. Stop wasting your money on unnecessary things such as specious office rooms, cafeteria, etc. When the customer cannot watch out for who you are then it’s pointless to spend money on such things.

Spend money on actual performance and efficiency

Spending your money to improve the efficiency of your side hustle is the wise move. It’s just like you need more supplies when you’ve more demand. In other words, you need more equipment or tools before you’ve high demand. If you want to improve efficiency, you need to buy the necessary equipment or tools to improve the performance or complete the task within no time. Keep a note, if you don’t enough customers who are ready to pay for such tasks, don’t purchase them. Take time, buy tools or equipment when you have a large amount of work to improve efficiency.

Focus on things that generate revenue

It’s an open fact that you need to spend money on infrastructure, administration, etc. But not more money. You don’t need to waste your money on producing fancy spreadsheets and comprehensive reports. Also, you need not worried about creating a catchy brand for a side hustle.

There are only a few things that you need to concentrate on. Search for the relevant work and get paid. There are few popular side-hustlers concentrated on only 2 things i.e selling and working. For example, content writers can make money when they’re writing. Generating more and more money is what actually matters. It might sound true that when people do what they love, the money will automatically follow them. If the side hustle doesn’t pay enough money, switch your coin on the other side hustle job.

Consider alternative side hustles

You’ve come a long way. Whether you’re unable to run a coffee shop successfully or cannot commit to a scheduled time or looking to work with other business, consider the below-mentioned alternative side hustles ideas


If you have a car or vehicle and your age is above 21 years, drive for ride-sharing applications such as Uber, Lyft and more. Get registered to these applications and earn money on every ride.

Sell customized products online

If you have a passion for creating hand-crafted products, then get ready for making a good income. Get registered on Etsy and sell your customized items and make easy money on Etsy. Keep a note, you need to pay for listing charges and service fee for displaying your items on Etsy.

Pet sitting or walking

This is a better option for animal enthusiasts. If you love pets, subscribe to Rover. Make money whenever you take a dog for a walk or other services.

Freelance writing

This can be an excellent side hustle. Freelance writing enables content writers to earn money working remotely. Freelance writers are been charged based on quality and value. Get registered on Udemy and get freelance writing opportunities from the client across the world.


Blogging is a powerful side hustle job for anyone. People can do work anywhere around the world. Blogging allows people to build their professional and personal brand while holding their own asset. Many people write about their passion. Consider, if you’re a fitness freak, you can write on yoga, healthy food and more. You can earn income through affiliate links or sponsored ads.

Sell photographs

Do you have a professional camera and have basic photography skills. This can be your side hustle job for you. Consider, if you love capturing pictures wherever you go, you can sell them on newspaper or image stocking websites such as Freepik, Shutterstock and more. Sell your photos on these platforms and make money whenever your photo got sold out.

Online surveys

Just completing online surveys will not make you rich. But this is a simple way to earn passive income. Get registered on survey platforms such as Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, Pinecone Research and Swagbucks. Fill in the surveys when you get free time. Many people are earning $3 to $50 for completing the survey.

Teaching online

Online teaching is the most profitable side hustle idea. Do you love teaching? Yes!!! Udemy is a one-stop destination for you. The platform will connect you with millions of students around the world. Create an account, list down your skills and set a tuition rate. Also, you can create an online course on Udemy and earn income by selling them. Here again, you need to pay a commission fee for using the platform.

Now, if you’re eager to start a side hustle and looking for tips continue reading…

Tips to start a side hustle with no money

Do it yourself but don’t do it alone

Sure, you might have heard this quote several times. No matter how confident, experienced and skilled you are, it’s impossible to reach your full potential when you do it all by yourself. In such a case, you can leverage or take help from other professionals. Also, seek feedback from your connection before you get started.

Create demand first

Many popular entrepreneurs say “If you build it, they’ll come”. This is absolutely true!!! Businesses design, manufacture and promote their products. While creating the product, they focus on everything to attract customers. The ultimate goal is to sell the product. By creating a quality product, the demand for the product will get increased. As a result, customers will search and buy products.

Hope you understand their approach. Now, it’s time to implement your side hustle. Before spending money, research a few things. For example, if you’re planning to start a coffee shop, ask local people if they’re really interested in making the coffee or interested to take pre-orders. Check their interest and start taking the orders. Now you can use the money for manufacturing or production cost.

Once you’ve purchased the equipment or other necessary goods, it’s time to get your customers. Offering coupons, discounts, free coffee or free samples are great ways to attract customers. This way, you can request customers for feedback. Hopefully, you can earn more number of loyal customers by offering quality coffee at the cheapest price.

Dream big, start small

Don’t underestimate yourself!!! Your potential is limitless. Be confident and believe in yourself and get started with a side hustle job that overshadows your 9-5 job. When you devote your time skills and energy to your passion, for sure you can see immense success. Stay confident and earn big profits.

Nobody can become successful in just one day. But with hard work and passion, you can generate good income in the long run. Never depreciate your dreams just for the sake of reality. All you need to do is ”Dream Big” rather than dreaming bigger. Keep a note, don’t leave your full-time job as soon as you launch the website. You may undergo a financial crisis while running your side hustle. Hence, start small and make a good income on your side.

Take the time

It’s a universal fact that people say they’re always busy when it’s time to work. But they have more than three hours of time to watch their favourite show on Netflix. If you’re binging on your favourite show and wasting your time, stop doing this from now. If you’re serious about starting a side hustle, use your time wisely. Schedule your time on every project. Also, you can create a “block off time”, you can work on other things or treat yourself. Making time to relax and other passion projects will make you start energetic all day and earn side income.

Request for feedback

It’s no surprise a side hustle is excellent for everyone to do something they love. Skills are important!!! Brushing up the skill can take time. Relax and take your time, start mastering your craft.

Every step counts right from beginning to end. In this process, don’t forget to request feedback from clients or customers. Feedback is an amazing tool to improve yourself. Consider the feedback in a positive way and use it for potential improvement of your work. You can ask questions to the customers regarding the service or the product. Whether they’re satisfied or not, does any modification required, etc. This is a great way to test your idea without any stress. The biggest advantage of a side hustle is you get more time to work and test on your business model. 

Relax and rest

Relaxing and taking rest is important. This might sound like an obvious thing, but you’ll be amazed. Side hustle culture will tell the person to work during free time. They assume that people sleeping in their free time are lazy. The people who spend more time on work and less time on sleep are better ones. This is absolutely wrong.

Taking a few hours to rest yourself is necessary. This will never delay your on-going side hustle programs. In fact, taking a nap when you’re tired will accelerate your progress. Ultimately, you can work more efficiently and effectively, you can make wiser decisions and you’ll feel refreshed and happy.

Wrapping up

A side hustle can be any type of work, employment or project that generates passive income. With the nature of work, many people are switching their career to side hustle jobs. Flexibility, convenience, comfort and freedom are few advantages of a side hustle job. People can make money whenever they get free time. More than 44 million people are running a side hustle. Among them, 36% of people are earning more than $500 per month. Whether you’re a student or employee, a side hustle is the best way to make passive income. Hope the article is useful for you. Follow the above-mentioned stips and suggestions before starting a side hustle.

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