How to Promote Your Blog on Social Media?

Are you a new proud blog owner? Your blog is filled with interesting and exciting content but still, the traffic is not according to your expectations? Happens, this is the case for many new bloggers out there. Most people think that writing killer content gets their job done. But what they fail to realise is, there is more to do if they want to reach more people. 

Finding answers has become quite easy. The first thing that most people do when in doubt is, Google it. It is not an exaggeration to say that you will find blogs on almost every topic. But the problem with there are many blogs in competition how can one attract traffic to their blog or website? If you’re some who has recently embarked on your journey to blogging this must be the question that is haunting you. 

As you already know, writing good content and SEO are not the only things that you should religiously do to attract a larger audience. Another important thing that will help you in getting lots of visitors is promoting your blog on social media. The internet is not what it used to be in the early 2000s.

With time, it has gone through many tremendous changes. Also with social media, the world has suddenly become small, people can connect with anyone from anywhere at any time. Technology has erased all the boundaries. Social media has become an important part of people’s life. 

Do you know what is the first thing most people do in the morning? Any guesses!!! If your answer is checking your mobile (social media) then you’re right. Since most of your targeted audience is on social media, the best way to reach those people is to promote your blog on social media. 

But this brings us to the question, how to promote on social media platforms. From Instagram to Facebook there are many social media platforms out there. So first you must decide in which direction do you want this to go i.e., will you have a plan for each of them or prepare one single plan for all of them, based on that you can go further. Before anything else, the first thing you must do after starting your blog is creating accounts on all social media platforms. Social media is serious business, you must always be on your feet because that is the only way you will be able to gain upper hand over your competitors. 

Tips to promote your blog on social media

If you want to know more about how to promote your blog on social media platforms then stick till the end of this article. With all this being said, here are a few tips that will help you in promoting your blog on social media platforms. 

Set up social media accounts

After starting your blog the next important thing that you must handle is creating different social media accounts for your blog. Create accounts in all major social media platforms. Any platform that will help you to promote your blog should have an account with your blog name.

As you already know, with time the influence of social media is highly increasing so you must act faster than your competitors. Your targeted audience is on social media, so obviously promoting your blog on social media will increase the exposure of your blog whilst driving traffic.

If you don’t create social media accounts, there are chances that your blog name can be taken by others. Then it is truly hard for you to create an account with your blog name. So before purchasing the domain name you can check if it is available on social media or not. This way you will avoid picking names that already have an account on social media.

Creativity triumphs 

First thing you must remember while promoting your blog is that you must be creative with your post lines and images. Most people who are good at writing long-form content such as blogs are confident that they can actually write great social posts. But the truth is you must creative and quirky while writing captions of your posts.

Captions must convey details about the post in a most interesting way. Not only captions, but you must also choose images that intrigue your audience. So it is important for your blog to have eye-catching images. Having great images can promote more users to share your posts. Creating images is not a hard task now, there are several sites that offer free images and there are sites like Canva that help you in designing the images according to your requirement.

Creative captions and images are the perfect way to attract the attention of your target audience. Also using GIFs for your posts is also quite creative. Who knows the GIF can go viral overnight and bring your huge traffic. Nothing is impossible in the world of internet. So creating GIFs can play out perfectly for you. 

Add social media to your blog 

This is one of the most important things that you must do. As you see, integrating social media into your blog will make sharing your articles online easy for your users. People are busy, so you must always provide them with easy options. Integrating your blog with social media means that people don’t have to go to their social media account separately to share the post.

Most of the time if they have to go back to social media, they plan to do it later but there are chances that they may forget it. So if your blog is integrated with social media they can directly share interesting content to their feed or with their friends. Not only that adding a follow button on your blog will be quite beneficial for our blog. The more people you have on your email list the more people you can reach.

As you see, when people start enjoying your content and want more of it. So having their email ids will help you in notifying them whenever you post your content. Simply put, it is the best way for you to gain some loyal following as you can send them alerts whenever you post. So include social media buttons on all pages and posts, this way, they can easily share the content on these platforms and stay connected on the latest updates relating to your blog. 

Content matters

Apart from all other tips and techniques, another essential thing that you must keep in your mind that content matters. This tip is not just for social media content, it is for your blog too. If you want more people to share your content then you must make your content shareable too. Your quality content will surely be more shared by your audience.

If you see anything cool or interesting do you share it on your social media or not? You do, right? So why would it be any different to your audience? With stories being introduced in all the social media platforms now the audience can share their content easily with just one click. You must provide content that is unique, even if it is available on other blogs, you must present it in a new interesting way so that your audience will see the information in a new light. 

Another important thing that you must follow is having intriguing titles to your blog. People scroll their social media platforms and their feeds are usually filled with lots of content from the different bloggers or influencers they follow. So if you don’t want to get lost in their feed the best way is to have an intriguing and interesting title. If your title has successfully caught their interest they will click on the link to visit your blog and read the complete post.

So along with the captions your titles also play an important part in driving traffic to your blog. Another important reminder, your title should convey your content theme while making the user curious to know more. Lastly, as you already know, images can also catch someone’s eye and stop them from scrolling spree so make sure that you have images of high quality displayed along with your post. 

Engage with your audience 

As you see, connection with the audience is really important because even if there are millions of people who are following your profile, there will not be many conversions. Engaging with the audience is the best way. So everybody says that engaging with your audience is truly helpful and important. But the question is how? You can communicate with them in your comments. Yup, be it your blog or social media platforms the best way to communicate with your audience is replying to their comments.

If you get a reply from the blogger you follow, would you feel happy or not? You would be happy, right. So why would it be any different for your audience? When you reply to comments, more people will join the comment squad. So you can engage with them better along with understanding their views and requirements on your blogs.

This way you will be able to produce content that will make your audience happy and can relate to. Apart from commenting, you can also reply to the DM’s (direct messages) you get from your followers. This is more one-on-one communication will draw them more to your content.

Another interesting way to engage with your audience is offering them a little sneak peek about your working process. Yup, if your social media account only consists of the posts relating to your blog, your account may appear a little distant.

But if you give them a peek into your creative process and provide them teasers relating to your upcoming work, it will be more interesting for them and also satisfy their curiosity about your blog. If any of your followers tag you in their posts or post your blogs on their stories you can post them again in your feed and tag them. It is just a way to show your appreciation to them.

Work with Influencer’s 

The fastest and the most effective measure to increase traffic to your website is by working with influencers within your niche. Influencers have a huge following. So featuring in their posts or collaborating with their audience will benefit your blog as you can tap into a wider pool of targeted audience. As you already know, in social media terms influencers are people who are more active on the platform and have a huge number of followers.

Networking is always beneficial for your blog. Connect with these influencers and find an opportunity to collaborate with them. From Insta live to collaborations on social media posts you can find different ways to connect with them. But one thing you must make sure of is that your collaboration should be natural, it should anywhere feel artificial and engaging. If it is not then there are chances that it may backfire for both the parties involved.

You may also lose followers. So the most important thing that you must do is that you need to work with influencers whose content is in a similar area as your blog content. Find the influencer within your niche, then communicate with them through the DM’s and once are familiar with each other you can discuss with them your ideas regarding the collaboration. But remember your collaboration idea should be beneficial for both parties. You can catch their interest by commenting on their posts.

Become a member of groups and communities

Social media platforms have a lot of communities and groups. You will find them for almost all the niches. Find the groups and communities within your niche. These groups are related to your niche, which means it is filled with people who are interested in relating to the topic you write in your blog.

Don’t you think becoming part of such a community will benefit your blog? There is no question here, it will surely benefit your blog. You can drive new traffic, influencers and most importantly understand your targeted audience better so that you can create more intriguing content to your audience. Post your content in the community.

But before joining the group make sure to check different things such as the number of members in the group and ask when was the last time the group was active. Social media platforms have lots of groups but most of them are not active. If you join a group without checking these things then you will be at loss.

Also, test by posting two or three blogs of your own on the groups you find. Check the responses from each of them and how much traffic they are bringing to your blog. Becoming a part of the community will help you in networking with other bloggers within your niche and improve your chances of collaborating with other bloggers.

Follow other bloggers 

This practice is similar to working with influencers. As you see, your chances to make your blog success are high if you are part of the blogging community. Also, you must know the other bloggers who are posting content relating to your niche. It will open doors for new opportunities and help you in reaching out to a more targeted audience.

Also, it is important for you to know about other bloggers within your niche. Because having this information will become helpful for you in the future. So the first thing that you must do is find the bloggers and read their blogs. You can also comment on their social media posts to show your appreciation towards their work. But whenever you mention them in your stories or posts always remember to tag their social media handle.

This is the best way to gain their attention, with the blog link in your profile (Always make sure that you add all details in your profile) they can go and check out your content too. You can create a list of top 10 blogs to follow within your niche and discuss them in your blog. It will work well for both parties. You can tag them in this post on social media and their website link on your blog. This is the best way to start your communication and also lead to guest blogging. You see guest posting will benefit both of your websites. Simply put, following other bloggers will only do good to your blog.

Re-purpose your old content 

Repurposing your old content is one of the best tactics to promote your blog and reach more audiences. But the thing is that once you publish your blog, the worth of your blog is accomplished. No, it is not. As you see, repurposing your old content is the best way to reinforce your blog message.

Another important reason that it will help you is that it is quite hard to create content every single. Because there are times that creativity may not strike or you may be too busy with something that you may not have enough content to post. What to do, then? You can repurpose and reshare that old content in social media. Who knows it can become viral, right? Not only that if you have content that is not discovered by search engines then repurpose that content again to make sure it appears at the top in search results.

Another interesting way to repurpose your content is by creating infographics, newsletter, SlideShare, podcast, etc. Repurpose the content of your blog in every possible way you could think of. Along with repurposing, another important thing that you must remember is that you can reshare your content once in a while to reach more people. 

Optimize your social media profile 

Optimising your social media platform is another important thing that you must-do if you want to improve your traffic to your blog. You must add a blog link to your social media accounts, be it your personal account or your blogs social media account. Use the bio of your account to full advantage.

Add your blog link and details relating to your content such as what are the topics you will be discussing in the blog. Whenever people visit your social media profile they may be intrigued by the link and can also visit your profile. Also, another important thing that you must remember is that no two social media platforms are not similar, don’t assume that all these platforms handle the text and images differently. If you want to leverage the strength of this platform and bring more clicks then you must optimise your profile according to that platform.

Since there are many social media platforms that you need to post on, there are times that you may forget posting on one of these platforms. This is why scheduling should become a regular practice for you. Every platform has a particular time in which it sees a heavy surge in traffic, so posting in that particular time will expose your post to a lot of traffic.

You can use social media tools that will help you in posting. All you have to do is schedule your post using these tools and no matter where you are your post will get posted at that scheduled time. Automating your social media will save you both time and effort. The time you spent on this can be used in creating quality content that will bring traffic to your blog.

Post frequently 

The compelling creatives are important if you want to gain the attention of users. But that doesn’t mean that posting once or twice in a month will be sufficient for your blog. You must remember that, out of sight, out of mind. If you want to stay in the minds of your targeted audience, then you must frequently post on social media platforms.

You can post daily or weekly twice or thrice. It totally depends on the type of content you’re creating and your audience. If you’re posting blogs twice a week or thrice a week you can post about that blog on social media the same day. But you must remember that you have more audience on your social media accounts. So you have to stay in their feeds constantly. You can post snippets of your work or post a GIF, tips related to your industry.

You can post on stories daily, as they will stay only 24 hours. You can use it to take your targeted audience opinions or post about your upcoming post. Simply put, posting frequently gets you to help you reach more people and improve your traffic. 

Emails and contests

Emailing can also help you in bringing traffic to your social media posts. Wondering how? As you see you can frequently send your followers emails relating to your blog posts or any other details relating to your website. So in every email, you can provide them with links relating to your social media accounts and urge them to follow to know more exclusive details about your blog.

If they have subscribed to your email list then it is clear that they are interested in your blog and its content. So there is a 100% chance that they will follow your social media accounts too. Another interesting method to promote your blog is conducting contests on your social media page. This can be fun, interactive and drive a lot of traffic to your social media accounts and blog. 

Hashtags are important 

Hashtags are life for any social media platform. It is the best and most prominent way to reach more people or targeted audiences. Hashtags are specific and they will help your content reach people who are interested in it. So falling in the sight of such people will get your social media to account more followers and also traffic to your blog.

These hashtags increase the ability of your post to reach more people. You can use hashtags that already exist on the platforms. When you search for certain topics you will find the popular hashtags that are related to that topic. So you can gather them and include them in your posts. You can also club trending keywords and hashtags for your advantage.

But you must remember that adding too many hashtags to your post can spam your post. So make sure that you use the hashtags within the limit offered by the platform. You must have a hashtag that is specific to your brand or blog. It should be catchy and used in all your pots. When people click it they can find all the posts relating to your brand here.

Whenever you’re searching for hashtags first check the number of people following the hashtag the more the better. Also, use generic hashtags relating to the platform. There are many other tools that will help you in finding hashtags and keywords that will boost your post. You can take the help of such tools along with your individual research to find the best hashtags that work for your brand.

Wrapping up 

Since you have made it to the end here is another tip that will help you in promoting your social media posts effectively. As you already know there is word count restriction on certain platforms, you have to master the skill of conveying your information within that word limit. So in that case, if you post the full link of your blog pots your word count will reduce. Then how? Simple, you can shorten your links to fit the word count and convey your message conveniently.

Not only that make sure that your social media posts truly reflect the style of your targeted audience. From the tone of the writing to graphics or images everything should be in alignment. Keep an eye on other bloggers in your niche, see how they are doing things so that you can understand how to better things. If you use it properly, social media is a powerful tool that will help you in improving the traffic of your blog. These are the few tips that will help you to promote your blog on social media platforms. Follow them and accomplish your goals. 

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