How to Navigate to the best mobile plans Australia

If you are travelling or relocating to Australia, there are several things you need to consider with your communication that you probably hadn’t thought of. Australia is a vast country and most cities are far flung from each other. Unlike in the United States, some areas of Australia are vastly unoccupied and this will affect your coverage network especially if you intend on travelling from one region to another. This guide is ideal for anyone seeking the best mobile plans in Australia, but can also serve as a means to learn how to select the best mobile phone plans wherever you are. 

Why Selecting The Best Mobile Plans Australia Is Important

There are several carrier networks in Australia and some are larger than other. However, the marketing for these carrier networks are virtually the same and therefore you can find it difficult to know which network will work for your specific travel plans. The most important factor to consider is that you won’t find burner phones everywhere like you’d find in the United States. Most phones in Australia are contract based, and though you may find off-contract plans, you are better off selecting a mobile phone plan that works for you whether you expect to travel a lot or not. 

Which is the best Mobile Plan in Australia?

The best mobile plan for you depends on your usage. For example, if you intend on moving around throughout the country, then you are likely to face roaming charges when you move from one carrier’s coverage area to another’s. Some carriers have agreements on how they will share network coverage and this helps to reduce your roaming charges. You don’t want to peg your roaming charges on your monthly premiums and therefore a good plan is one which is not contract based. Therefore a PAYG or a sim only plan would be ideal for travelers. 

Best mobile Plan for Students

For students, the best mobile prepaid plans in Australia can offer more data outside a contract. Most students rely on data than on network-based calls for communication and since most schools have WiFi, they can considerably reduce their overall monthly costs if they are prepaid plans as compared to unlimited or PAYG plans. The PAYG plans are slightly more expensive without a WIFI or data plan and since students are mostly reliant on their parents for their mobile plan payments, the best choice is one that allows them to communicate more but pay less, and that’s the prepaid plan. 


Since mobile phone usage differs from one individual to the next, it’s important to assess your monthly phone usage before settling on any plan. You don’t want to risk settling on a plan that gives you a false sense of security, and end up paying more than you can usually afford. For traveler’s this is important since its difficult to estimate roaming charges in another country. The best you can do is to start small, and once you are certain of your resource needs, settle on a mobile plan that will work for you. 

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