How to make money from YouTube

Entertainment is one of the essentials in life. After a long tiring day, good coffee and a fun watch give you the best kind of relief. YouTube is a great source of videos for people who love watching the content of different genres. Over 2 billion users watch videos on YouTube every month worldwide. Right from kids’ rhymes to spine-chilling documentaries, YouTube has it all. More than quantity, it is the quality of videos that attracts both creators and audiences. We are not kidding when we say that YouTube influencers are self-made celebrities. 

Content is the king- everywhere. Be it the videos you see regularly or the memes that you share with your pals, creative content wins everyone’s hearts. YouTube, as a platform, encourages videos of almost every genre. Infotainment (making creative videos to explain complex topics), web series, music videos, choreographed videos, pranks, cooking videos, etc., are some of the examples that this platform hosts.

YouTube also gives space for educators who wish to venture into online education or tutoring space. Many tutors work on making quality education-related videos in their free time. Unlike social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, YouTube has a unique audience range. The audiences here are as young as 2-year-old toddlers to 90-year-old persons. They do have strict community guidelines keeping the audience age bracket in consideration. As long as the videos satisfy the YouTube policies, there’s no stopping for creators to make kick-ass content.

With millions of viewers on board, YouTube values the contribution of people who spend their time making quality videos. They offer a unique monetizing channel where a creator can make money from YouTube. Although the platform is open for everyone, not everyone can venture out to earn good money and become famous overnight. Just like every other platform, it is a task that requires hours of dedication, passion, and above all, doing what you love. 

How to decide on the topic or theme of the video?

Research is the key to explore your interests and understand what you love. We tend to feel that we have everything figured out. But while working on it, we feel the creative block hitting us. To avoid such a situation, take some time and slowly map all the points that you are interested in.

Research doesn’t necessarily mean sitting with books for hours together and come to a conclusion. Of course, this has to be the only way while planning on making educational or content for infotainment. But for making videos that wouldn’t require academic rigor, spending quality time observing trends should do. Well, here are some basic methods to conclude the video topics:

List down the topics that you are interested in

Basic research is always a good start for almost every content form that we decide to make. Daily we come across different incidents and videos on social media that you think can garner audience attention. But not everyone can make videos on every topic. It would be helpful for you to make a list of topics (not more than 10) and check whether they have enough views in that space.

For example, let’s say you made a list of 10 topics that you found fancy enough. Of them, wildlife, tourism, and prank videos require a lot of investment of time and money. Hence, you eliminate them as your schedule and time wouldn’t permit. Finally, after juggling a lot and weighing pros and cons, you conclude that cat videos, beauty-lifestyle, and travel vlogging could be your niche- as those spaces perfectly fit your schedule. Choosing your niche might take time, but it helps you to decide your preferences.

Refine the topic

Now that you have an idea about what you are going to post, gather more information about it. It doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours together on just knowing more. For example, let’s say you’ve picked travel vlogging as your topic. There are thousands of travel vloggers out there, and it is practically impossible to view each and every profile. The smart way would be to align the topic to your comfort.

If you are someone who loves exploring busy streets and capturing buzzing stalls, make your videos authentic. As in, every place has got a historic significance. As a part of your video, talking to the vendors or local people, and recording their responses would make it more original. This way, you are not only giving the audience a sneak-peek of the street’s history but also giving them the insider’s stories and introducing the uniqueness of that place.

Again, if you are someone who loves calm and soothing places, the next time you visit any campsite or hill point, go a little beyond and capture the local life (if permitted and with consent). People love knowing about the cultural richness and cuisine delights of the place. This way, you can also hand out travel tips and make the audience familiar with an alternate stay or food options to explore whenever they visit that place.

Check the trends

No matter how great your idea is- if it does not attract the audience or does not give what the audience wants to see, your efforts are in vain. It is understandable that your idea of content is great for you. And you love it! So do your friends. But when we are putting out a video for the masses, it is important to consider their preferences.

There are many tools online which give you insights into video trends. If you wish to see the comments of the audience, head to the search bar, and type the category. Look at the kind of comments, likes, views, and analyze what sells more. This gives you an edge in understanding and catering to the exact content that the audience wants to see.

How to make money from YouTube?

By now, you might be convinced that there are multiple opportunities for budding creators to make money from YouTube. But how to get started? how to make content attractive enough for getting more subscribers? But it is not just about the number of subscribers anymore. Previously, a good number of subscribers and minimum views assured monetizing options for creators. But now, YouTube introduced a new policy where any creator will be allowed to unlock the monetization option only if their videos hit 4,000 views (combining all their posted videos) and have at least 1000 subscribers.  

It might seem a little confusing and difficult initially to get the first 100 views or subscribers. But once you establish a good name in the YouTube community, there’s no looking back. Sometimes the video which you thought wouldn’t go well might end up fetching thousands of views. And sometimes, the video on which you’ve invested most of your time might not even make 100 views.

There’s no hard and fast rule that gives you a single definition of getting views at one go. The process requires a lot of reviews, re-checks, comparison, analysis, etc. Stay determined and post consistently. Also, experiment a lot within your niche. The viral trends you see on social media are nothing but the creative bit that people experimented with. We never know which video might click immediately and which fails. Be open to trying and experimenting.

However, quality content beats regular content. As people adapt to watching the content of more creativity, information, wit, and humor, try cashing the opportunity. Adapt your video style to those trends and make good use of this platform. Here are some tried and tested ways to make money from YouTube:

Make money from YouTube through Tutorials

People often look for fun. But what if we can make fun informative? Informative to an extent that one can use the tips in their daily routine. Tutorials are fun, insightful videos. They are not just academic- but anything that helps the audience in day-to-day life. Right from zero-waste management to complex physics theories, tutorials can serve the purpose of fun with learning.

There are creators with over a million subscribers who post tutorials consistently. Brands often sponsor the creators to use their products in the video. People who watch the video trust the creator and it is a sure shot that people might pick the same products which you used in the video. Your subscribers can be their potential customers. Through tutorials, you can make money from YouTube without much investment.

Game live-streaming and game reviews

Love playing games online? Well, you can turn your pass time hobby into a way to make money from YouTube. We all know how PubG became a hot favorite among youngsters and how well did youngsters connect to the game. There are more such games online that people not only love to play but also love to watch. If you are pro at what you do, you can make game review videos of fellow gamers and also live-stream a virtual tournament among gamers.

This way, as an organizer you can earn your money, and also introduce fellow gamers to your subscribers. The process is simple. Make videos while playing the game and add commentary. Upload the video and promote it on your other platforms. Slowly you can gain popularity among the gamer community. Later, you can get started with organizing small virtual tournaments (if it is legally permitted in your country).

Blog summaries or book reviews

If you love reading books or writing articles, blogging is the best way to promote your books. But how can you promote your blog on YouTube? Although you cannot directly put your blog out on YouTube, you can make videos about what your article or book talks about.

Let’s say you are writing about Baseball in your book or article. Your video can give a brief about the origin of Baseball and related information about it. In the caption, give the link of your blog post or the book purchase link. When people head to your blog post, ask them to subscribe to your Monthly Newsletter or updates at a minimal cost.

Through Patreon, whoever liked your content can contribute some amount to your work and subscribe to your account for more updates. Also, if your blog is generating income, promoting your blog post on YouTube will help you in getting new readers to your blog. This way, you can increase traffic to your blog and get more visibility.

Earn money through affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is nothing but selling products of registered brands and earning commission via every sale you make. Although you can’t sell the products directly on YouTube, there are some indirect ways through which you can promote the product. Generally, you can make videos about how to use that product or give product reviews.

In the caption, you can put the unique link that is assigned to you. Whenever people buy that product from that link, you can earn your commission. Amazon affiliate program is the popular affiliate marketing channel for people to earn money. If you don’t have a product of your own, affiliate marketing is the best way to make money from YouTube.

Make music videos or choreographed videos

Love singing or dancing? Well, you can get your fan base by doing what you love. There are many creators on YouTube who started music channels and earned great fame through it. You can make your favorite album in a new style or choreograph your favorite song as creative as possible. While making these videos, you can do merchandise collaboration with any T-shirt brands or accessory brands. You can make money from YouTube by partnering with brands like these.

Make money from YouTube partner program

Once you get minimum views of 10k for your videos, you can enable the monetization option of your channel. Through the YouTube partner program, you can earn for every thousand views that your video gets. Once you enable monetization for your channel, you get paid for advertising the relevant ads on YouTube. For this, all you need to do is: post quality content regularly and engage with your subscribers.

Earn money though Sponsorships

YouTube personalities who make user-loving content are always on the lookout by brands. Brands pay them for making videos on their products or services. The sponsored videos are expected to be relatable and funny. It is a good way to earn money online if you have more than 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

Wrapping up

There are many ways to make money from YouTube. People post relatable videos and collaborate with brands. Even they make videos of their pets and post them for getting good views. It all depends on how well you can make your content both simple and fun. To understand how YouTube makes money, refer to the YouTube business model.

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