How to find a side hustle?

Feeling worried looking at your empty pocket? Unable to have a sound sleep? Wondering how to pay bills? YES!!! Earning extra money is the only solution for you. But the million-dollar question is, how can you earn extra bucks? Though there are thousands of strategies for earning extra cash. However, depending on skills, experience, you can earn respectable money and making it quickly can fill your empty pocket.

Whether you’re living in the UK or away from the city, thanks to the internet. Earning a few bucks is no longer a struggle. With the fingertip, you can avail a wide range of opportunities to make extra money. Among all, a side hustle is the best opportunity for you.

Side hustles are increasingly popular to make money while doing the day job. Million of side hustlers are earning money by selling their services. There are several benefits of side hustle, a person can do work according to their passion. For example, a person is passionate about web designing, they can find a web designing job at Upwork and make money by selling their services. Also, they can fix their salary and working hours according to their convenience.

What is a Side Hustle?

Definition of a side hustle – A side hustle job can be any activity that is performed outside of your 9-6 job or day job that boosts income. Technically, a side hustle can be a part-time job. The popular side gig apps are Uber, Survey Junkie, TaskRabbit, Airbnb and more. Keep a note, not every side hustle app is created equally. Few people imagine doing a part-time job is good. But part-time work is better occasionally, as the day passes, you may receive limited funds. With side gig applications such as TaskRabbit and Uber, you may earn money in a pinch. 

For a few people, side hustle has become their full-time job and they love doing it. At the initial stage, a person started a blog, they had worked during their free time but as the blog grew, they’ve quit their day job and invested their time on their blog. Great news right!!! Side hustle provides additional income that you can pay off your debt and save for retirement.

There are thousands of side hustle opportunities available online. If you’re wondering how to find a side hustle, continue reading…

How to find a side hustle?

1. Create a list of hobbies, skills and interest

First thing first!!! Don’t even skip this step while figuring out to find the perfect side hustle. The right way to find side hustle is to figure out the side hustle that is suitable for you. List down your skills, hobbies and interests. It’s no surprise, side hustling requires additional effort because you’ll be busy with your day job as well. Hence, side hustlers need to spend their time wisely while choosing their side hustle job that is good and they enjoy completely.

Are you good at creating quality graphics? Do you write quality content? Are you a professional marketer? Can you play a musical instrument? Do you love talking to customers? The list goes on and on…

Even if you love playing with dogs or other pets, list down on the list. Listing every skill and interest will help you to find the perfect side hustle.

2. Always be honest about availability

Once you’ve finally created a list of your skillset and interest, you’ll be having clear side hustle ideas to earn a good income. Earning money while enjoying it is the happiest thing for anyone.

Before you jump further, it’s crucial to think about availability. It means you need to be honest about your availability. Fix time that you’re ready to dedicate to your side hustle job. Keep an eye on your current schedule, decide how much time and effort you’ve to do a side hustle. Do you work on weekends? Would you’ve spare time during the evening or morning?

The truth is, you don’t need to work around the clock on a side hustle, but it’s the best way to set a realistic amount of time that you can dedicate to your side hustle every day or week. This can be 4 hours, 15 hours or 30 hours per week. This completely depends on your availability. Also, keep a check on your energy levels, when you’re feeling low, take a rest. Dedicate your time when you’re energetic. For few side hustlers, they set their time early in the morning while other side hustlers thrive late at night.

3. Explore income potential

Decide on the availability of your time and effort. Now, it’s to narrow down the income potential. How much amount do you need or want to earn? In fact, side hustles are driven by a financial goal. Hence setting a financial goal, will make sense. You will have a clear understanding of your requirement before you commit to doing something. 

A question for you, why are you looking for a side hustle? Obviously, you might be in a need of extra money. There might be several reasons i.e you need to pay off your debt or want to make money for your world tour. When you’ve set a goal “why do you want to make money?” choose the income goal. For example, if you’re making money for your world tour, one million dollars is more than enough. But if your goal is to pay off your debt, you may have low-earning potential. This may be fun with low efforts.

If you’re a student and want to make money during your spare time, side hustle jobs such as completing surveys, writing reviews and mystery shopping could be the right choice for you.

If you want to make $300 per month to pay your utility and other bills, side hustles such as pet sitting or working as a driver at Uber can be helpful. If you want to earn $500 per month, choose the side hustle that has maximum earning potential. Side hustles can be freelance content writing, virtual assistant, photography, online tutoring, renting your room, blogging and graphic design.

4. Pay attention to other people need

Don’t neglect this part – it’s important to pay attention to the people’s needs. Sometimes you need to think according to other people’s perspective. Stop thinking about what you can do, rather start thinking about what you can do to fill out the empty spaces. In fact, it’s all about needs. When a person is looking for help or looking for someone to fill the blank, help them out.

For example, 15 years ago, vintage clothes had no demand. Nobody is buying vintage clothes from the stores. But now, people are willing to buy vintage clothes on eBay and other platforms. Hence many side hustlers are running ads on vintage clothing and making good side income. 

There are few photographers who are planning to showcase their work for free and models are ready to help them. These people are working together and getting success. Starting a side hustle is pretty simple right. Yes!!! Take inspiration and make money in no time.

5. Narrow down your options

Hurray!!! You’ve almost reached. Spend time to narrow down options. Because you already have a clear idea about your interest, skills, schedule and income potential. It’s recommended to list down 5 options. Less is More. Listing 5 options are the best option for you. Jotting down the advantages and disadvantages of the side hustles. Choose the perfect one that sounds better for you. Comparing and contrasting them will save your time for finding the right side hustle.

Here the process may take some time. But it’s worth narrowing down your options. When you’ve made your choice, you’ll be pretty excited and feel good about starting a side hustle.

6. Begin the race

Finally!!! It’s time for an exciting and fun part. When you dedicate the right side hustle, all that is left is “Get Started”. Don’t delay getting into the action. A side hustle is a rewarding option to make money in a simple way. At the same time, you’re also fulfilling your dream. The dream could be a world tour or start a blog

7. Put it all together

Your efforts will be worth nothing if you keep your leg on the wrong path. You need to step towards finding the perfect side hustle that is worth your time and effort. It’s time to think out of the box.

Freelance writing

If you’re good at content writing. Get registered with Upwork and other freelancing platforms. Set the time and sell your service. Receive payment once you’ve completed the work. You can work with more than two clients every day and make $200.

Sell crafts on Etsy

Etsy is the one-stop destination for buying and selling handmade products. Since vintage and customized products are in high demand. This side hustle can bring great profits for you. All you need to do is craft the item, capture excellent pictures and list them on Etsy. Whenever your item gets sold out, you need to pay a commission fee to Etsy. The fee may vary depending on the product price. Etsy is the best place to sell handmade products, you can start earning money on Etsy within less than 2 months.

Rent your room on Airbnb

Thousands of side hustlers are earning pretty good income on Airbnb just by renting their extra room. If you have an extra room or villa, showcase them on Airbnb and make fast cash. You can receive payment after the customer checks-in. In fact, you can make primary income by renting your space or homes on this platform. The earning may depend on location, amenities and more.

Hope you understand how to find a side hustle. Note down your skills and interest. Set the right timing to work on a side hustle and explore income potential. Figure out what other people are looking for, if your skill matches, offer them a service and make money.

That’s all!!! You don’t need to worry about how to find a side hustle. The process sounds pretty simple and easy.

Wrapping up 

Side hustles are becoming popular day by day. If you’re planning to earn passive income and can’t get into a new job or work right now, a side hustle is a perfect solution. Hope the article is helpful for finding the right side hustle for you. Make sure to begin your journey on the right path. Learn yourself, look for additional opportunities and tips online. Understanding and educating yourself is the key to stay away from mistakes.

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