How to escape writing burnout?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and tired when you want to write? Are you feeling stuck and couldn’t get any productive ideas to blog? Then you, my friend, are going through a writing slump. Writing slumps is common but if you don’t do anything it could last longer. When you are repeatedly doing the same thing over and over it is natural to get tired. So don’t feel bad about your writing slump. As a writer, understand that this is normal. 

Falling into a writing slump is not just about not getting blog ideas. It can affect the quality of your blogs too. Everybody has a different way of dealing with writing burnout. Some people take a break, relax and get back in the game stronger. Some people stay persistent, try writing and do more brainstorming and bring out excellent ideas. Whichever is your style, go for it as our goal to get out of writing burnout. 

In this article, we will share tips and tricks that will help you in overcoming the writing slump. Let’s jump right into the article. 

Evaluate yourself

Well, this is one of the most important practices that you should maintain as a blogger. Not only in a writing slump, but you should also evaluate your writing style once in a while. As a person, we grow every day, we learn new things so it is important for you to take time out for yourself and revisit your blogs. Sometimes the writing slump happens because of uninteresting blog ideas too. So, instead of writing the blog anyway, get over it. You analyze what it is that you are not comfortable with. So that you can avoid it in the future.

Break your routine

Look, everybody has their own style, similarly, everybody has a writing routine. Sometimes the reason for your writing slump is literally right under your nose. If you’re thinking no I don’t have a blogging routine. Then, stop and backtrack your steps and you will find yourself a routine. Humans are creatures of habit and if you keep doing the same thing over and over then it becomes a habit. As you are experiencing a slump it means that your brain is too used to this set routine, when you are used to something you will find it boring after a while. So change up your routine, if you usually work in the mornings now start working in the evenings. These little changes in routine can make your mood better.

Take a break

The most obvious one out on the list. When you are not feeling like writing then it is better if you take a break. If you have been working continuously without a break then it is normal that you would be burned out. This is why it is important to have a work-life balance. No matter how much you love writing, if you have been doing it without a break then it is natural to feel the writing burnout. At times like this, instead of fighting against a writing slump, it is better to take a break to rejuvenate yourself. During the break, you can visit the place you always wanted to go to or do things that you wanted to do. 

Look for inspiration

When you are busy you hardly have any time to look for inspiration. So when you are in a writing slump take the time out and look for inspiration. You can get yourself inspired by watching movies on your watching list or reading books that you have put away because you are busy. These are the best ways to get inspiration. Reading new things can spark creativity in you and gradually you can get yourself out of the slump and also tick off books and movies from your list.

Read blogs

Yes! You heard it right. Reading definitely can spark your imagination. So take this time to check out other bloggers in your niche. You dont have to necessarily read within your niche, you read bloggers that you have been following or have inspired you to pick up blogging. When you start reading blogs you will naturally get inspired and get tons of ideas into your idea bank which you can slowly convert into blogs. Everybody needs change, so why not do something like this to get out of your writing slump. Even if you are not in a writing slump, make it a constant practice to read at least twice or thrice a week and get interesting ideas for new blogs.

Blogging prompts

One of the main reasons one falls into a blogging slump is because they run out of ideas. Your brain is not a churning machine to constantly bring out good ideas. If you feel tired and there are no good ideas coming to your head then simply check out the blogging prompts on the internet. All you have to do is search for any ideas that could spark interest for you to make the idea into a full-length blog. 


This may not only be related to your blogging slump but in general your life. As you know, you must take good care of yourself both physically and mentally to be in good shape. Don’t beat yourself up to write even when you are in a slump. Take time to rejuvenate your mind and body with self-care. Have a good night’s sleep, and work out so that your brain is active and charged to think of new ideas.

Final Thoughts

It is important for bloggers to understand that a writing slump is normal and you don’t have to be burdened by the idea of not writing enough. Remember, you are human, not a machine to constantly churn out blog ideas. Take your time and change this up a little bit and you are back on the track to becoming a better writer once you pass the slump. Interested in knowing more tips and tricks related to blogging then make sure to check out the zeen website.

Happy blogging!

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