How To Become A Virtual Assistant (VA) & Start Making Money

Pandemic altered the way we work and the way we started hunting for the right job. Unlike the pre-covid times, our work life is not just restricted to the office walls. We are free to work from anywhere– right from the comfort of our home!

People have been exploring different ways to make money working from home. Professionals who want to re-start their career or people who prefer working independently are taking the path of freelancing or offering virtual assistance.

To become a virtual assistant, all that one needs is an active internet connection and a strong portfolio. Even beginners who wish to explore this option can get started by publishing their work online or by uploading their samples on relevant platforms. 

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a freelancer who works in their niche on a contract basis. Many startups and businesses have tasks that require a shorter work term. Generally, they hire employees to get the job done.

But after the job is done, what next? To avoid these situations, businesses hire virtual assistants on a contract basis and get the job done. Virtual assistants work remotely and handle tasks that require minimal supervision. With the increased demand for this kind of jobs that can be done remotely, many people have been pursuing this path to earn money. 

Here are the top 5 ways to make money online by becoming a virtual assistant

General Virtual Assistant

General virtual assistants are freelancers who provide services for administrative tasks of the organization. The tasks range anywhere from handling emails, customer service, query handling, to maintaining office calendars, booking tickets or other reservations, and enquiries.

For making good money as a general virtual assistant, you need to have good management skills and communication skills. Since this is a remote job that requires you to fill the shoes of an in-office office secretary, you need to maintain the records correctly and communicate with the stakeholders with utmost professionalism.

Even if you don’t have a professional degree, if you have good communication skills and handle client interactions well, this job is just right for you. 

Writing and Communication Virtual Assistants

The demand for Content and Copywriters has surged like never before. Although there are literally thousands of writers out there, the opportunities are endless.

Everybody has a room in the writing space. All that you need is a niche and a detailed portfolio of the projects you worked on before. Building a niche and portfolio is a crucial aspect that many writers wouldn’t invest their time into. As a writer, your identity is your niche and portfolio. It is good that you have expertise in writing flawless content on every topic. But every business has a unique need. 

More than versatile writers, they prefer someone who has domain expertise. The requirement for niche writers is comparatively more than versatile writers. If you want to make good money as a Writing and communication virtual assistant, build a niche and publish your content on platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, or on your blog.

Optimize your blog content and make sure that your write-ups are industry-relevant and trendy. Businesses prefer to hire freelancers and virtual assistants for their writing requirements as most of the tasks are need-based.

As a writing and communication virtual assistant, your major task will be to draft copies for marketing and promotion purposes. Along with that, one might be expected to plan content calendars, writing blog posts, editing, proofreading, and keyword research. 

Design and digital marketing Virtual Assistant

Social media is not just a pass-time tool in this generation. It has become one of the most sought after career options among youngsters. Social media marketing is slowly becoming the marketing strategy for many brands and businesses. We know how Burger King, McDonald’s, Pepsi, and other brands have been leveraging social media for their brand presence and target marketing.

Almost every business has a social media presence. Although many brands have in-house graphic designers, social media executives, and strategists, for enhancing their creative arm, they outsource projects dealing with graphic designing and social media management. If you are social media savvy with a knack for creativity and online trends, you can monetize your skills and make money.

To become a virtual assistant and make money by designing creative content, build your portfolio on sites like Behance and update your work every now and then. As a design virtual assistant, you can work on projects of your choice– mostly designing a website layout, promo materials, infographics, etc.

However, as a digital marketing virtual assistant, your scope of work ranges from handling social media accounts to doing on-page search engine optimization, keyword research, and other digital marketing activities. 

Data entry Virtual Assistant

Many logistics, e-commerce, and supply chain companies have a lot of transactions per day. Businesses like these proactively hire virtual assistants to enter transactions and related data into their systems.

To become a virtual assistant for this category, all you need is a good typing speed and excellent internet connectivity. Although a professional degree is not required, one needs to be proficient in the local language or English. Apart from the above-mentioned industries, data entry is one of the in-demand tasks among academia and research.

Students and researchers conduct preliminary research or surveys which compromises a lot of rough data. For data analysis, they need to segregate data into the set criteria. Segregation is a redundant task and generally, they outsource data entry and segregation to freelancers or data entry virtual assistants. There’s a lot of scope for these tasks and you can take up multiple projects at a go. 

Wrapping up

In recent years, the demand for virtual assistants has increased like never before. To become a virtual assistant and make money online, all you need to do is- build a profile and grow your network by connecting with other professionals who are looking for virtual assistants. To know more ways to make money through side gigs, refer to this article on Zeen. 

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