How does a YouTuber make money?

What do you usually do in your free time? Let us take an intelligent guess-you are most likely to sit or sleep on your couch and enjoy playing games or watching videos on your phone. Did we guess it right? This is how most people spend their free time. Youtube has truly been entertaining and giving users unique content. From cooking videos to reviews, what can you not find on Youtube? 

Fun fact! Over 2.3 billion people across the globe are streaming videos on Youtube. So no matter what type of content a creator creates they surely have viewers. Every minute 500 hours of videos are uploaded on this platform. You can see that the competition is fierce, if the content is interesting and creative a youtube channel will prevail. 

The youtubers are also basking in the glory of Youtube. Youtubers have also become celebrities now. They are also gaining cult followings because of their interesting and funny content. Some of the most subscribed channels include T-series (185 million subscribers), Cocomelon (113 million subscribers), PewDiePie (110 million subscribers). 

Major businesses to music artists everybody has a Youtube channel to promote their activities. They have understood the only criteria to gain subscribers on this platform is to bring your creativity and best ideas to the table. Most people think becoming a YouTuber is quite an easy job. One viral hit-boom!! They become famous overnight, earn good money and gain millions of subscribers.

But this is far from reality if you have followed the journey of any of these famous creators you would understand that it takes immense effort and hard work. Gaining the first million subscribers is a feat in itself, but can you imagine the constant pressure to create interesting content that will help them in gaining followers without repeating content? Hard, right? This is one of the reasons why more and more people are taking an interest in youtubers. 

Have you ever been curious about youtubers earnings? Well, since you have landed on this article you must have been really curious to know. Stick till the end of this article to find out multiple avenues in which the youtubers are making money. 

How much do they make per view and 1000 views?

Before discussing the different avenues that youtubers can make money. It is important to understand how much are they paid per view and 1000 views. According to the different sources, they can make around $0.01-$0.03/view with AdSense. However, an average is $0.18 per view. As the average amount paid per view is $0.18 per ad view.

Naturally, this means that they can earn around $18 for 1000 ad views. However, the amount Youtube will be paying will depend on a variety of factors such as the number of ad clicks, ad quality, video length, ad blockers, and video views. So, for every 1000 views, they will be making around $3-$5. 

Also, another important factor to remember is that youtube doesn’t pay youtubers based on their subscribers count. But it doesn’t mean that subscriber count is not important. Subscribers are people that have taken a liking or interest in the Youtubers content.

Whenever the YouTuber posts content they will automatically get posted on the subscriber’s homepage and most importantly every view counts and the more people view their content the more money they can make. If a video has more than 1,000,000 views the YouTuber can make around or more than $5000. Impressive, right? For people with excellent video ideas and video editing skills, this is a lucrative job as they can make good money by producing high-quality videos. Not only that it is a good side hustle too. 

How do youtubers earn money?

Now that you have got an idea about the youtubers earning per view or 1000 views it is time to check out different ways that help them in earning money.

Youtube Patner Program

One of the major sources of income for youtubers comes from Youtube. Yes! Youtube has created a partner program through which the youtubers will get paid by the advertisements that are displayed on their videos. However, if a YouTuber wanted to be accepted into the program then they must fulfill the criteria. Five criteria need to be fulfilled

  • Have an Adsense account
  • Sign and agree to the terms and co
  • Should have at least 1000 subscribers
  • They must have valid 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months
  • Get reviewed and approved

Once you fulfill these criteria youtubers are in the Youtube partner program and they can start earning money through ads. Google will pay the youtubers 55% of the ad revenue. The revenue is calculated in two ways CPC (cost per click) or CPM (Cost per thousand impressions). Under CPM, the revenue is evaluated for every thousand views accumulated. However, under CPC, you will be earning based on the number of people that have clicked on the ad on your video or page. The youtubers must adhere to the advertisement guidelines. In case the video contains any content with violence, foul language, or adult content then ads will not be placed on such content. 

Brand sponsorships

Earlier youtubers only source of income was from advertisements. However, with an increase in youtube popularity, the brands are also taking an interest in the youtubers. With millions of subscribers on their channels, you can see that they have a following of their own. So whenever they become part of a brand campaign or partner with a brand naturally they are also bringing along their subscribers and other people that are interested in the work of that particular YouTuber. 

Will people not be interested in a product that is promoted by their favorite YouTuber? They will at least check the product out of curiosity, right? This is exactly why brands are keen on influential marketing. Brands are mainly focusing on collaborating or partnering with youtubers because of their young audience. The brands can reach their targeted demographics or can tap into demographics that are not their targeted audience and expand their audience base. 

Either way, a successful campaign or a collaboration can turn out to be an excellent opportunity for both their brands and youtubers. Sometimes the partnership may just be limited to promoting the product in their videos or making a review video about the product. However, many popular youtubers have collaborated with brands to release their makeup products or other items. All in all, a YouTuber can make good money from brand sponsorships. 


This is another most popular way for youtubers to earn money. Most of the popular youtubers are selling merchandise to their follower base. When they become Youtube partners they can sell around 12 items of their merchandise on their youtube channel. For gaming channels or vloggers or sketch channels, they usually have apparel, caps, etc as their merchandise they can easily sell these things on their channel and make money. Also, many makeup channels are selling makeup products. And there are many famous youtubers whose merchandise has been quite famous within the community. Youtubers can also create their brands to sell their products their loyal fans will truly be excited to get the products of their favorite youtubers.

Affiliate links

Affiliate marketing has become quite prominent now. If you check any influencer or celebrity social media account, they are promoting at least one of the products or brands. It has truly become one of the most common alternative ways to earn money for influencers. Affiliate links will also one of how the youtubers can earn a lot of money. Once a youtube channel grows and they have a stipulated amount of followers brands will either approach them to partner or review their products. And you also know that it has become a common practice among influencers to promote or review products. So whenever a YouTuber mentions or reviews a product, service if the viewers purchase the product from the link in the description box of the video the YouTuber will receive a percentage of that purchase.

Fan Fundings

Once a youtube channel grows beyond expectations and has a lot of followers apart from merchandise the youtubers can also monetize through memberships. Yes! Your favorite YouTuber is releasing exclusive content or posting more than once a week or doing live chats more, wouldn’t you be interested? Of course, you would be right. Taking membership to the youtube channel will give the subscribers exclusive content, merchandise, etc. If a youtube channel has more than 30,000 subscribers they can enable this feature on their youtube channel. When they have a huge follower base don’t you think the followers would want more of the youtubers? Youtubers are using third-party services such as Patreon to monetize through channel memberships. 

Wrapping up

Youtuber has become a popular career option for the younger generation. Also, most importantly with many famous youtubers paving the way and making youtube a successful profession has truly worked as motivation for many youngsters to dream and make it a reality. However, if you are thinking becoming a YouTuber is all fun and games.

Well, you must think twice. Becoming a YouTuber is a job with high requirements. If you want to succeed you must make content that passes the youtube standard. There would be hundreds of people making content that is similar to your ideas. However, it is your uniqueness that will make you stand out from the rest. Create a youtube channel, strive to create excellent high-quality videos, and once your channel grows you can easily find many sources to earn money. Wanna know more about Youtube, check out the zeen website.

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