Finance blogs that accept guest posting

Have you ever heard that guest posting on trusted and authoritative blogs is the best way to increase your brand awareness? Guest posting is an effective way that can open many doors. This can be a win-win solution for all the finance guest bloggers.

Want to implement a guest posting strategy? Are you unaware of guest posting techniques? Don’t know where to get started? If your answers are YES, then this guide is just for you. Stick to this article and learn how to implement guest posting techniques and how to get benefited for your brand. Follow the guest posting do’s and don’ts to improve your brand – increase brand reach, improve organic traffic, connect with a new audience and more.

Let’s dive into the topic!!!

It’s no surprise that contributing high-quality guest blogs to authoritative and relevant guest blogging websites is the best strategy to improve traffic, boost search engine rankings, increase brand awareness and more. Since there are hundreds of finance guest posting websites available online, not every site might be helpful. Many bloggers are struggling to find the right website to submit their guest post.

If you’re looking for the best finance guest blogging site, here is the curated list of 200+ finance guest blogging websites you can contribute quality content in 2020. Guest posting on these high-quality blogs will help your website to generate better organic traffic, reach new audiences and boost your ranking on search engines. Guest posting can bring amazing results when implemented in the right way. Find the unique list of finance guest posting sites 2020 updated.

What is Finance Guest Posting?

Guest posting and content marketing strategy really work!!! There are popular finance blogs that are encouraging writers to contribute an effective guest post and improve their business. In fact, guest posting has mutual benefits.

Guest posting is the common practice in digital marketing of contributing a guest post to authoritative websites. For example, instead of submitting “Best Tips for Financial Success” for your website, you can on related or similar Finance guest posting websites. This is the way to build relationships, brand exposure, improve authority and earn quality backlinks.

It’s no surprise that backlink is an important ranking factor. Guest posting provides an amazing opportunity to earn a secure backlink from authoritative and related websites.

The concept of guest posting is simple. As it establishes positive relationships with guest bloggers. Also, a quality guest post can tap into the guest posting site audience, this way you can build brand exposure, establish brand authority, increase new audience and more.

Finance Blogs that Accept Guest Posting 

Guest posting is the win-win strategy to grow your finance business online. No matter whether you’re planning to build an effective social proof as a finance writer or promoting your finance business, guest posting is the perfect solution for you.

As already discussed, guest posting has outstanding benefits, especially for finance bloggers. If you’re planning to increase your audience, build domain authority and earn quality backlinks in the finance market, guest posting on trusted finance websites is the best way to get started.

So you’ve decided to contribute a guest post to a finance blog. You’re on a right track to make your business successful. But the question is since there are hundreds of finance guest posting websites available online, finding the genuine blog can be a pretty daunting task for every finance blogger. If you’re wandering around for authoritative and high-quality guest posting sites for Finance, you’ve landed at the right place. Zeen team is here to help you with a curated list of Finance blogs that accept guest posting.

If you’re really serious about pitching a quality finance guest blog. Following is the list of Finance blogs that accept guest posting, spend time and check them out. These finance blogs are willing to accept guest posting. Finance experts have already contributed to these finance blogs to improve their online presence. So, what are you waiting for? Submit an outstanding guest blog on these finance guest posting websites and improve your brand. Here at Zeen, we maintain the largest finance guest posting websites. Feel free to share the list with your friends and family members. –  Contact for Guest Post

Meldium.comSubmit Guest Blogging –  Contact for Guest Post

Myventurepad.comSubmit Guest Post

Gabbr.comWrite for them

IWillTeachYouToBeRich.comWrite for them

FiveCentNickel.comWrite for them

ModestMoney.comWrite for them

Investopedia.comWrite for them

Centrinity.comSubmit Guest blog

Bloggerspath.comSubmit Guest Posting

InvestorGuide.comWrite for them

FatWallet.comWrite for them

MoneySavingMom.comWrite for them

WiseBread.comWrite for them

SavingAdvice.comWrite for them

OneCentataTime.comWrite for them

PostLing.comWrite for them

FinancialHighway.comWrite for them

FinancialSense.comWrite for them

Mindpixel.comWrite for them

Benefits of Finance Guest Posting 

Guest posting is the on-demand digital marketing strategy to increase quality backlinks from similar or authoritative finance guest posting sites. The strategy guest posting is helpful for every finance website. Many finance bloggers agree with the fact that guest posting is the best strategy available in digital marketing. Just by contributing a guest post to another finance website, you can easily boost brand recognition, build authority and improve organic traffic for your own.

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of benefits of finance guest posting, if you’re not still convinced, our team has researched and curated the benefits of guest posting. 

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Generate organic traffic

Well, this could be the given statement. Guest posting is an amazing method to drive organic traffic. Whenever you contribute a guest post you can earn a backlink to your website or blog. Create an excellent blog post and attract readers, this way your website will increase organic traffic.

Better branding

How about getting more exposure to excellent branding? Sounds amazing right!!! When you have a good concept and eagerly want to share your ideas, guest posting is the right way to share your ideas with the audience. In fact, you can express your ideas who are actually interested. This way you can brand yourself through contributing a guest post on trusted finance guest posting websites.

Build quality backlink

This could be one of the common reasons why finance bloggers dive into guest posting strategy. It helps to earn quality backlinks to their website or blog. It’s a well-known truth that search engines still value relevant and quality backlinks. Obviously, guest posting is a boon to search engine optimization. 

Brand awareness

Creating brand awareness through guest posting is the easiest way for finance bloggers. After all, when people are unaware of your finance blog, how can you expect to improve your business. It may sound like a nightmare. Remember, as there is tough competition on the market, getting your business in front of people can be a difficult task. But contributing effective content on guest posting sites for Finance will improve your brand awareness. When you contribute to relevant guest posting sites you can make the amazing impact.

Network expansion

Networking plays a prominent role in building a brand. There is a quote “It’s no about what you know, but who you know”, this is absolutely true when it comes to guest posting. Keeping it simple, guest posting for a reputed finance website will help create a wider network from guest blogging site owners and audience alike. The network can lead to better collaboration which will build better impact while building a relationship with guest blog owners and audience.

How to Pitch Finance Guest Post and be a Perfect Finance guest Blogger

Finance is the heart of every company around the world. Nowadays finance is the ideal topic to discuss in every field. If you like blogging and passionate about sharing your financial knowledge with the interested audience, guest blogging is the best option for you. Apart from improving your writing skills, you can improve brand authority and credibility. Did you know that there are many people who are clueless about their finances, they don’t know how to manage their money in the right way. You could help them out by sharing your knowledge and experience through guest posting ideas. 

Hope you’ve understood about pitching the guest post for a finance blog. If you’re new to the finance blogging world, submitting a finance blog can be a difficult task. Our team will help you with hand-picked guest posting tips. Follow the tips and get your guest post accepted by top guest posting editors. 

Find the best finance site to contribute

Many people spend maximum time on researching the perfect finance guest posting website to contribute. If you’re searching for the list of finance guest posting sites to submit your finance blog, we recommend you to check the above-mentioned list of guest posting websites for finance. Apart from the list, you can also research the guest posting opportunities in search engines, checking your competitor backlinks and more. Ultimately, your first step must be picking the best finance website.

Keep an eye on guest posting guidelines, tone and audience

You’ve successfully chosen the finance website to promote your business. So what next? It’s time to keep an eye on the finance website that you would like to contribute a guest post. Check the blog posts on the site, read carefully and identify the tone, audience and word length. Don’t forget to read the guest posting guidelines before contributing to the finance blogs. Few bloggers may think, every website has similar guest posting guidelines. But the truth is, guidelines may vary from one blog to another. Therefore you need to check the guidelines before submitting your blog post.

Pitch unique ideas that fit the guest blog

Spending a couple of hours thinking about blog topics and ideas. Choosing a unique blog topic is important. Because no blogger or reader will show interest in the topic that is already existing thousands of times on the internet. When you choose a topic, come up with multiple ideas that you would like to pitch. Make sure the blog post will fit the guest posting website. Sending them blog topics and ideas will show editors or blog owners that you’ve excellent knowledge and positively looking to improve your finance blog.

Pitch an email

Pitching the guest blog doesn’t need to have to be a painful experience. Simply put, it requires good practice, patience and hard work to get things in the right way. Once you’ve selected the blog topic and ideas, now you need to connect with the editor through email. Sending a personalized email is important to improve your success rate.  Because editors receive tons of emails every day. Few editors have a handful of work and don’t even open your email. If you want the editor to open your email, you need to give a strong title. Develop relationships with guest blog editors by thanking them for the opportunities. Tell them what you like on their website. Keep the things simple, inform them what you are expecting from them. Submit the blog topic and ideas that you would like to pitch. This will increase your chances of getting your guest post submitted on their finance websites. In the end, thank the editor for their time and close the email.

How to Find the Best Finance Guest Posting Sites? 

So far we have discussed what is guest posting, benefits of guest posting and how to become a perfect guest blogger. Now, let’s dive into the world of the guest posting by understanding how to find finance guest posting opportunities easily. You don’t need to hire a person to assign the task to find the best finance guest posting websites. All you need to do is continue reading and find out guest posting opportunities without second person help.

Google search

What will you do when you would like to watch your favourite movie or download your favourite song, you obviously Google it right? Yes!!! It’s not just you, everyone uses Google according to their requirements. Bloggers use search engines to find finance guest posting opportunities. Apart from Google, you can find guest blogging opportunities on other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. Search on various search engines and increase the guest posting list. Keep note, you need to follow the below-mentioned search strings. The search strings may be the same for every niche. All you need to do is include your niche before the search string. For example, if your niche is “finance” then you need to include “finance” before every search string (Finance guest posting or Finance guest post guidelines).

  • Write for us
  • Guest posting
  • Writers wanted
  • Guest post by
  • Become a guest blogger
  • Submit blog post
  • Guest post guidelines
  • Become a contributor
  • Submission guidelines

The process is pretty simple right, once you’ve gathered a list of finance guest posting sites, now remove the duplicate guest posting websites. Check their domain authority and proceed to submit a guest post.

Connect with your partners

This technique is easy and efficient for every finance blogger. When you already have a positive relationship with partners, you can request a guest post submission. Therefore you need to maintain a balanced and good relationship with your peers and increase the chances of guest posting opportunities. Since your partner belongs to the same industry i.e finance, the link will be quality and relevant.

Identify your competitor guest posts

Every company has competitors. Check who are your competitors? This could be the first thing you need to know. When you know the competitors you can improve your services and products. The same way, when you know the competitors guest posts this will increase your guest posting chances. If you don’t know how to get the list from competitors, don’t worry!!! There are few competitor analysis tools available online, download the tool and check their backlinks. Give a close look at their backlinks and identify from which website they’ve earned backlink. These links can be from guest posting sites as well, check the sites and contribute when the guest blogging website is relevant and trustworthy.

Social media

Facebook and Twitter are popular social media platforms. If you want to run a successful business, you need to have a social media presence to connect with your audience and partners. These social media platforms will help you to find finance guest posting opportunities. With search operators such as “guest posting opportunities” and “submit a guest post”, you can find guest posting opportunities on social media. Also, there are few guest posting groups available, join the groups and get to know about more guest posting websites.

Do’s & Don’ts of Finance Guest Posting

Guest posting is an amazing act of contributing to a blog post for a similar or authoritative website. Generally, finance guest bloggers pitch a quality post for related blogs in the market to attract organic traffic to their blog or website. The strategy boosts domain authority through quality backlinks. Finance guest bloggers submit hundreds of pitches every month. Few bloggers write content, add few links in their posts, submit their pitch and forget about it. If you’re following this way, you need to surely read the below mentioned do’s and don’t while contributing a guest post.

Don’t waste time (your’s and editors)

There are few bloggers who send similar guest blogs to random people. They don’t even check whether the guest blogging website is relevant or not. On the other hand, sending the same post to multiple sites is not a good practice. If you’re sending your pitch to irrelevant sites, you need to stop doing it right away. Because, when you’re sending posts to irrelevant industries you’re simply wasting your time and also editor’s time.

Do submit a quality guest post

Less is more!!! Let’s consider, when you submit a pitch to a couple of websites rather than submitting to hundreds of guest posting sites. Submitting less number of quality blog posts is worth than sending hundreds of low-quality guest posts. While choosing a guest post, always prefer to pick a unique title. Also, check whether the blog is relevant to your industry.

Don’t expect a renowned site to be thrilled by your proposal

As we already know Forbes is the popular website. Many finance bloggers dream to feature their content on their site. But getting your post accepted by a popular guest blogging site can be night-mare. Play your cards wisely and get your content accepted by popular and renowned websites. If your guest post is not accepted by a popular site, don’t feel low. There are a huge number of opportunities waiting for you. Submit a guest post to a small blogging website and improve your credibility slowly.

Do research on the website you will be submitting the pitch to

After choosing the right finance website, it’s time to spy on the site. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Look throughout the website. What the posts are really about? What is the word count? Who is their audience? Will the backlink from the site be beneficial for you? It’s important to note every detail about the guest posting site that you’re planning to pitch. While researching you’ll understand whether to submit the guest blog or not.

Don’t expect instant results

Guest posting is a long term strategy. Everyone must agree with this statement. Therefore when bloggers contribute a guest post, all they need to have is patience. They may get results within one week or one year. Finance bloggers need to concentrate on pitching the quality blog post to relevant sites and wait for results. When you submit an effective guest post, you can expect the results within a short period of time.

Do build a positive relationship

Building positive relationships with editors or guest blog owners can be a time-consuming process. But establishing a relationship is a key to success in guest posting approach. There are a few ways to establish relationships with owners and editors. For example, you can connect them through email, appreciating them by commenting on their posts and following them on their social media platforms. When you’re in front of the eye, you can easily get your post submitted on their website.

Don’t write duplicate posts

Will you prefer to read the content that you’re familiar with or already heard about it thousands of times? Of Course no right. Even the guest blog editors or readers don’t show interest in duplicate posts. In fact, duplicating the familiar post is the bad practice of SEO. Don’t make the editors and readers feel bored with your post. When you’re aiming for better organic traffic and improve domain authority, you need to choose the unique topic. Contribute an effective guest post and impress the guest blogging editor and readers.

Do track the guest post results

Is your guest post submitted on an authoritative site? Yes!!! You’re lucky enough. Many bloggers forget about their guest post once their pitch gets accepted. If you’re making this mistake, you should stop it now. Because your job is not completed once your post is accepted by editors. There is an important thing to do with your guest post. Track the results, check how much referral traffic you’ve generated with the post. Also, whenever your guest post is submitted, don’t forget to share it on your social media platform to increase the brand awareness, authority and credibility. 

Myths of Finance Guest Posting

For the past few decades, guest blogging has been the best digital marketing strategy available on the internet. Since the results are visible. If you’re planning to promote your finance business submitting a quality guest post to high-authority blogging websites works perfectly for you. However, there are few myths about guest posting that are reducing the trust factor. But the truth is you might lose a wonderful opportunity when you don’t follow the guest posting technique.

Contributing guest post for free

This might be the misconception about guest blogging is that bloggers are contributing an effective blog post for free. But, you should not forget that you’re submitting the content in exchange for an external backlink from a relevant or authoritative website. A quality backlink is a long-term asset because it drives a good amount of organic traffic and builds trust to your website.

Search engine doesn’t favour guest posting

The popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo don’t favour guest blogging strategy. This is a rumour. There is no truth that search engines don’t do any favour for contributing a guest blog to similar websites. Guest blogging will continue to be a key technique to support SEO by generating a good amount of organic traffic, improving brand authority and more. Simply put, if you want to succeed in the guest posting you need to submit a quality post to relevant and authoritative sites.

Niche relevance doesn’t matter

Many bloggers assume that they don’t need to be concerned about industry relevance. You might post anywhere and anytime to boost your finance website. For example, if you’re running a finance blog, you can contribute to a fashion or entertainment blog. Are you following this technique? Your answer should be no. Niche guest blogging websites are the backbone to implement a guest posting strategy successfully. Always be careful while choosing a guest posting websites, choose niche-relevant websites or blogs and earn a quality backlink. Search engines prefer the links from relevant and authority sites. Ultimately, it gives you a high ranking on search engines accordingly.

Poor quality guest posts are accepted

Are you thinking that you can get good results with low-quality content? Absolutely you cannot achieve success without a quality guest post. Because no guest posting owner will agree to post poor quality content on their website. If you want to impress your guest posting editor or owner, you need to submit a valuable guest blog. Therefore, it is essential to submit a quality guest post to relevant sites to gain trust among readers.


Guest posting is an effective and popular digital marketing technique to grow your finance business. This can be in terms of organic traffic, credibility, brand awareness and more. Simply put, guest posting is an outstanding strategy every finance blogger can invest in. If you’re planning to improve your finance blog, check the list of finance blogs that accept guest posting. Contribute a quality guest blog and run a successful business without hassles. You can share the list to your dear ones and help them to improve their business.

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