Grammarly Review: Is This Grammar Checker Worth Buying?

Let’s eat Grandpa.

Let’s eatGrandpa. 

Did you see what happened there? 

This classic example of the punctuation play signifies how important it is to frame grammatically correct sentences. If an individual phrase, we spot it in seconds. But when it’s a long piece of content, there’s a possibility that the minor errors skip our notice. Thankfully, we are in a generation that made technology a friend.

Over the years, many tools that correct grammar errors have been around. In fact, with grammar tools in hand, a writers’ job became much easier. Launched in 2009, Grammarly is a digital writing assistant that uses Natural Language Processing and AI to correct grammatical errors at a go. It is available both as an online editor and an extension. 

But if correcting sentences is the concern, we also have Spell checks in place. How is Grammarly different from the existing tools? Well, with spell checks, we can only correct the misspelt words. But with Grammarly, not only can we automate spellchecks, but also add punctuations wherever needed. However, with Grammarly Premium, users can get a comprehensive overview of writing suggestions, points to improvise, and plagiarism checking options.

On the whole, this is an end-to-end writing assistant that polishes your content for further improvisations. It is that online proofreader that assists you with editing and saves your time. But can an AI-run tool give accurate suggestions like that of a proofreader? Is Grammarly worth the penny spent? To understand this at a deeper level, first, let’s see what does Grammarly offer. Here is a comprehensive Grammarly review to know more. 

Features Of Grammarly

In many Grammarly reviews, we see that this tool is an effective writing assistant that makes writers’ job easy. In this review of Grammarly, let’s understand what Grammarly is all about. Grammarly offers some free and paid features through which writers can enhance their skills. The suggestions and features that come with this tool may not be precise enough like that of a human proofreader. Yet, these offer a great insight into what can be improved, where to be improved, and how to improve. 

Free features


For giving accurate writing suggestions, three factors are essential.

Not only does one need to know the basic grammar rules, but also the tone of the content and the target audience. While copy-pasting the content on the Grammarly website or chrome extension, a goal-setting pop-up appears. Based on the inputs given, Grammarly gives suggestions. The writing suggestions will help in improvising content based on the goals set. 


While typing any long content, redundancy or repetition is natural. Sometimes the words we use might not match the context of the paragraph. Synonyms help writers to add versatility to their content and make it more engaging. This feature of Grammarly is available both on the mobile keyboard and web-based application. 

Grammar Correction

Right from punctuation errors to advanced suggestions, Grammarly gives a holistic touch to eliminate grammatical errors. With a free version, you get general suggestions like sentence correction, word corrections, etc. But for advanced suggestions like intricate text recognitions, word choice, users should get Grammarly premium.

Premium features

Plagiarism checker

A plagiarism checker is a useful tool not only for the writers but also for the editors. An average editor receives a pile of documents. Tracing duplicate texts or citations adapted from different sources is a difficult task. A plagiarism checker can detect similar content by running through a billion web pages and highlight plagiarized content. With this, the content moderator can make sure that the content is authentic and original. 


Polished content wins hearts! For making your content more professional, it is important to maintain consistency in the writing style. Tracking consistency in hyphens, capitalization, phrases that we use in the regular content helps one to improve their writing style. This feature of Grammarly is one of the best insight generators for improving content quality. 

How Grammarly Works

Grammarly is an easy-to-use tool that offers flexible integration at one go. Here are the extensions that this tool offers:

  • MS-Office integration
  • Grammarly Chrome web app (an application similar to Google docs where users can write the content and get suggestions in real-time)
  • Chrome extension 
  • Mac Desktop Application
  • Windows Desktop Application
  • iOS version
  • Android version

Grammarly boasts a rich user experience. Users can either paste their draft in the chrome web app or directly download the extension. If a user is using the chrome web app, on typing or pasting the content, Grammarly feedback suggests edits wherever required. 

Grammarly Review

In this review of Grammarly, let us try and figure out whether one needs a Grammar checker at all. And if yes, how productive is Grammarly for proofreading your content? Read this Grammarly review till the end to get a comprehensive insight. 

Did you know that grammar influences your income? Sounds strange? Yet, it’s true. Or framing it more precisely, “Good Grammar is good business”. In fact, good grammar is a metric to analyze how a person gives importance to professionalism and accuracy in the tasks they do. Although this is an informal observation, many employers agree and proactively look for candidates who demonstrate better grammar usage. For maintaining that credibility at work or in the content we deliver, we need to give attention to details. The more polished our content sounds, the more recognition we garner. 

To make sure that the content is grammatically sound, we need extensive proofreading. Grammarly is one of the best virtual writing assistants that help you editing content in real-time alongside the suggestions one receives. 

Grammarly Free Vs Grammarly Premium- Which Is Better?

The free version of Grammarly has almost all the features that polish your content instantly. In this version, the writer gets basic suggestions like spell check and punctuations. However, for improving your content at a deeper level, you need to know what your writing style lacks. The free version of Grammarly is restricted to proofreading common or beginner mistakes that every other free grammar checker offers. On the other hand, Grammarly Premium identifies grammar issues rooting from the writing pattern. As in, your suggestions are customized based on the settings and writing style which are as follows:

  • Intent 

With intent, you can give inputs to the tool regarding the narrative you are aiming to build. The settings give options like “inform”, “describe”, “convince”, “tell a story”- through which you get authentic suggestions in terms of how to improve your vocabulary, word choice, sentence formation, etc. 

  • Audience

Your content tone depends on your target audience. For technical documentation, using informal lingo wouldn’t help. Similarly, for the general audience, using jargon vocabulary wouldn’t help. 

  • Style

“Hey there, mate! I received your text. Will reply asap.” Imagine replying to your client’s email in this format. Formal and informal writing styles demand different phrases and styles. Grammarly Premium suggests where your style needs to be changed in real-time. 

  • Emotion

Thought mild and strong are just coffee filters? Well, not really. The emotion of content goes hand-in-hand with the tone of the content. Verbally we can communicate the urgency or seriousness of any given task or phrase. But in writing, word choice and phrase selection come to play for expressing the emotion precisely. 

Grammarly Premium offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. 

Monthly subscription: $29.95 per month.

Quarterly subscription: $19.98 per month or one-time payment $59.95

Annual subscription: $11.66 per month or one-time payment $139.95

Grammarly for business: $15 per member per month

For what it’s worth, the additional writing insights and personal writing suggestions save time for the writers in the long-run. The personalized feedback algorithms act as text analyst. A proofreader can point to the content and make changes per assignment. It is not the job of a proofreader to understand where the writer’s style is taking down-road. It is not just redundant but also time-consuming.

Grammarly Premium is proven to satisfy writers by providing authentic insights that save time and help in improving one’s skills.  

Why Grammarly? 

There are hundreds of websites and companies that offer free grammar checks and spell checks. Yet, Grammarly is evidently a clear winner as most writers and even organizations use this tool in their daily tasks. Also, almost every other Grammarly reviews online unanimously votes one factor as Grammarly’s pro- it’s productive or it is much more than a grammar checker.

Even a beginner can use this tool with ease and track their progress. This tool offers rich text formatting and a consistency checker that ensures the basic correctness of texts. It is definitely much more than traditional proofreading tools. Grammarly is worth trying if you are an enterprise with defined writing targets or a budding writer who needs constant evaluation on content quality. 

Wrapping up

In these reviews of Grammarly, the emphasis is laid on how Grammarly as a tool can enhance your productivity. However, if budget is your concern, the free version of Grammarly can also give you a basic idea about text inconsistencies. Grammarly can be a great tool for any writer. If you want to fix your writing issues with efficacy, Grammarly is totally worth trying. 

To know more about how Grammarly makes money, refer to this link. 

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