Glassdoor Business Model- How does Glassdoor make money

Choosing the right career is one of the crucial decisions that an individual has to make. Gone are the days when job seekers relied on external sources to know about the organization and salary range. With employers switching to digital platforms for sourcing and hiring employees, job seekers are slowly switching to premium platforms for job search.

There are many agencies that connect you with potential employers. Yet, the transparency concerns of these agencies leave job seekers with a dilemma. It is easy to find a job in our choice of domain. But the insider insights like salary range, increment types, working hours, and additional perks are not available easily.

Mostly one tries to know these through word of mouth or by contacting an acquaintance who’s already working there. But what if there’s a consolidated platform that gives you all these insights along with authenticity assurance? That’s Glassdoor. 

What is Glassdoor

Founded in 2007, Glassdoor is a premium job search platform with a consolidated catalog of reviews and organization details. Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, Glassdoor is a great platform to connect with the right human capital. This platform connects job seekers to actively recruiting employers and facilitates a transparent recruitment process.

Transparency is the unique offering Glassdoor boasts. From reviews about the management to work-life balance, this platform gives comprehensive insights about any company. Not just that, one can get access to the common interview questions asked and some tips to prepare well. With Glassdoor, not only can you apply for a job but also be interview-ready.

How Glassdoor works

Glassdoor opens doors to authentic opportunities that fit your domain or expertise. With this platform, job seekers can be prepared for the next steps of the recruitment process. One can access the insights of any organization by reviewing their current or past employers. Majorly, Glassdoor is visited and used for the following tasks:

Job Search

Job search is not just about referring to a few platforms and applying randomly for every vacancy. Glassdoor has an exhaustive list of daily job postings across the world. To get into an organization that suits your caliber, you also need to understand what the organization offers.

Glassdoor offers a complete profile of the company comprising employee reviews, salary range, perks provided, work-life balance, etc. Along with the reviews the employees hand out tips about interviews in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in interviews. Glassdoor also runs insightful blogs and podcasts for equipping job seekers with industry-best knowledge.

Salary insights

Glassdoor has a compilation of around 45 million employee reviews about salary and the allied factors. The salary insights are based on the number of years of experience, position, location, and expertise. Employees upload their salary information thereby giving authentic salary expectations.

Interview insights

As mentioned above, Glassdoor offers a complete profile of companies. The present and former employees of the organization share some common questions asked in the interview process. These insights are a valuable source for job seekers and give them an edge during interviews. Glassdoor helps job seekers to prepare and present themselves better while interacting with the interviewer.

Salary Calculator

Salary Calculator is an exclusive tool to determine what salary can an applicant expect with their domain expertise and past experience. This tool accurately predicts your custom salary estimate through an interactive questionnaire about your job and preferences.

The questionnaire includes questions like your domain expertise, previous employer, preference of location, total years of experience, etc. Based on the responses, the user gets a custom salary estimate.

How Glassdoor makes money

From a job searching platform to an over-all recruitment platform, Glassdoor evolved as the must-visit platform for both employers and job seekers. This platform offers diverse key insights that make it a reliable source for job seekers and employers.

Glassdoor adapted a Freemium model for monetizing their platform. While employees and job seekers can use this platform for free, employers need to pay for utilizing the advanced job posting tools. In the next few points, let us know how does Glassdoor makes money:

Job Posting

As mentioned earlier, Glassdoor employed a freemium based model for job listing and job posting. The first three listings are trial offers where employers can post their vacancies for free. Following that, the employer needs to take a premium subscription to source the candidates. The cost of the premium subscription depends on the kind of package the enterprise is looking for.

Personalized Job recommendations

We generally see personalized ads on the website we use. Glassdoor offers a similar feature where the user can get personalized job advertisements based on their search or employment history. To be able to attract users who match the employer’s requirements, job ads help. With premium, employers can display their job ad at top of the search result feed. This feature helps employers to get enough traction for their job listings.

Other features

  • Through Glassdoor premium employers can attract job seekers by pushing their company’s best review on the top and by highlighting the top-rated perks.
  • Employers can remove competitors’ ads from their company profile and optimize the search result.

Wrapping up

Both employers and employees can utilize this platform at its best. The transparency and authenticity of the job posting and reviews make Glassdoor the most reliable platform for organizations.

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