Game-changing web design trends you need to look out for in 2023

As we are only a month away from 2023, it is again that time of the year when we predict the hot and upcoming trends. In this article, we will be discussing the latest game-changing web design trends that you need to look out for in 2023 if you want to create aesthetic designs. 

UI trends are something that people get tired of easily and are always looking out for new things. From simple to intriguing UI designs, there are different types of trends that come and go. However, if you want to advance in your design career then it is highly important for you to stay informed about the current trends and also experiment with new trends. 

UI is the process of designing the feel, look and interactivity of a digital product. This is the reason many businesses are highly dependent on innovative UI designs to stay aesthetical to their audience. Apart from usability and quality, customers are taken a keen interest in products that are designed beautifully. 

Are UI and UX the same?

Most people get confused between UI and UX, no they are not the same, they are different from each other. UI is the interaction between humans and computers. However, UX is the about how people are interacting with apps. To help you understand easily here is an example if you are using a platform to buy your groceries, the screen you navigate through to check out the groceries and the button you touch to add groceries to the cart is all about User Interface. User experience determines whether the app is intuitive and smooth or not. Whether users can easily interact with the application or not these are things that UX checks. 

UI and UX are interdependent. User experience is regulated by how easily the users can interact with the elements developed by the UI designers.

Without any further do, let’s jump into the web design trends that you need to look out for in 2023.

Back in the ’90s

Although there are many aspects of the ’90s that are gaining momentum. From fashion to art, there are many aspects of 90’s aesthetics that are making a comeback. Web designing is no different, the current generation is obsessed with the retro theme paving a way for the ’90s and ’00s aesthetics. The bright colour scheme and the CD textures are highly popular. Although this web design may not be suitable for websites. Brands may use this trend for images and social media content to grab the attention of the younger demographics. This trend is highly suitable for independent projects too.


Brutalism is becoming highly popular because of its screaming font, bold colour scheme, and non-boring images. If you are looking for a design trend that will allow you to create something out of the traditional design boundaries then this web design trend is it for you. UI designers can create interesting, intriguing designs using brutalism. The concept of brutalism is that it emphasises textures, materials, and constructions in producing highly expressive designs. Craigslist website is a brutalist website in its purest form. The most intriguing thing about brutalist websites is that is built only using a few elements. Although most people may think that this trend looks ugly or raw. Well! That’s the charm of brutalism, they are purposefully made raw. 


Yes! Drawings, sketches, and abstracts have been around for a long time. But they have made a major comeback as a core element in branding. As you see brands try their hardest to connect with their audience. This connection is most valued and highly important for brands. With Drawings making a full-fledged comeback, starting from images to geometrical figures or shapes businesses are seen using a lot of such designs in 2022. As the younger generation is leaning more towards this style, so it is seen that trend will continue to bloom in 2023.

Funky typography

Typefaces and fonts have been important factors in web designing. Fonts can always elevate a design and look like they are still having a huge influence on web designs. Typography has become one of the popular trends in 2023 that is grabbing the attention of users. From minimalistic designs to luxury designs you will see the usage of unconventional fonts to elevate the design and grab the user’s attention. Typography truly gives the users creativity and freedom to create interesting, innovative designs. 


There are many people that are intrigued by minimalistic designs. This trend has entered every part of life, from design to lifestyle. Minimalistic designs will never go out of style, the reason behind this is highly simple. A simple design gives a clean, chic, exotic, luxurious look. This is the reason many luxury brands prefer to keep their designs minimalistic. With minimalism, there is a rare chance of anything going wrong with the design as there are only a few elements used to create these designs. They consist of neutral colours, simple fonts, and shades with good balance.

Motions or Animations

Animations do add an appealing touch to any UI design. Whenever there is animation or motion added to a design it elevates the design and increases its visual appeal of it. Apart from this it also improves the User experience too. It will boost a design rather than make it more distracting. Animations entice people of all ages and communicate a story to them. This is one of the main reasons brands use motions on websites or applications. Animation gives life to any static interface and improves user engagement. There are many paid and free apps like Adobe Express that help you in creating stunning animations.

In a nutshell,

As you have made it to the end of the article, you would have found the new game-changing web design trends that you should look out for. Learn and understand how you can combine these elements to create new intriguing designs. If you want to read more such articles then check out the zeen website.

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