Canva Business Model- How Does Canva Make Money


Visuals form an integral part while communicating any given information. A creative and impactful graphic can do a better job in conveying complex messages when compared to words. Even someone who didn’t get formal education can understand the gist of the information through a graphic.

Images are easy to understand. From educational institutions to tech giants, every institution and organization includes images to tell its story.

Visual storytelling has always been and will continue to be a powerful tool to persuade and move people. With meme marketing and moment marketing on the rise, the relevance of using images as a marketing tool rose. After all, creativity always wins the hearts.

About Canva

Canva is a graphic design platform where users can create social media posters, simple graphics, and visual content of different sorts. It provides simple tools to make creative posters and infographics for both personal and commercial purposes. For people who don’t have extensive photo-editing knowledge, Canva is a handy software for creating creative graphics. 

Canva has a unique feature called drag and drop interface where users can add their pictures and attest to the custom Canva templates. This platform hosts around 50,000 free templates designed by professionals. Users can make the best use of the drag and drop interface to create their custom graphic with just a few clicks.

The templates are unique and categorized into different segments. They can be used as Zoom background, email banners, Instagram posts, invitations, book covers, etc. From basic edits to adding simple vectors, the features of Canva help create the best designs with little effort. In case someone doesn’t know how to use the features, Canva offers free tutorials about how to get started and make the best use of this platform.

How Canva works

Canva is a web application for creating graphics with simple design tools. From cropping to designing templates, this application is a beginner-friendly tool for newbies. The edit options for fonts, color, background, texture, brightness, adding filters, etc., make the whole editing process simple.

Also, users can create a personalized brand kit that helps them maintain uniformity in the visuals they create. This means users can use the same visual styles (Fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc.) for all their designs.

The pre-designed templates and drag and drop features make Canva an all-in-one design tool. Unlike the traditional Photoshop software, Canva is a web application with multiple features. It is a SaaS application that lets users create visual content. Furthermore, the design tools are simple and easily understandable.

How Canva Makes Money

Canva is a contributory solution to the digital revolution happening in the 21st century. It is needless to say that Instagram and Facebook are ruling the communication channels worldwide.

From simple messaging to running marketing strategies, these apps have been playing a significant role in changing the online dynamics. But what makes these platforms a big hit? What is it that changed the scenario over years? The simple answer is visual content. 

Be it the memes we share or the pics we pin on Pinterest- visual content takes the sure-shot. Almost every organization has been increasingly investing in meme marketing, creating relatable content, comics, and simple graphic images.

With the in-demand of moment marketing, there has been an increased demand for creating the graphics within no time. The urgency and relevancy of Canva made this platform a popular choice among designers to make the whole process a simpler and faster way.

Canva adopted a freemium business model where users can access the pre-built templates and design their creatives. However, there are some additional features that users can unlock by taking a Pro subscription. Let’s dive deep to understand how Canva makes money.

Canva Pro

Canva Pro is a premium subscription that offers additional features like advanced fonts, vector options, etc., which are not available with the free trial. This plan makes the work of a Graphic designer much simpler. Along with fonts, vectors, and other features, Pro users get the additional tools mentioned below

  • 500+ advanced fonts
  • Brand kit
  • Premium animations and vector images
  • schedule social media content on seven platforms. 

Along with these features, Pro users get priority support and unlimited folders to save their graphics. Also, users can get access to 75+ million premium stock photos and 100 GB of cloud storage.

Design school

Design school is a premium Canva academy where users can understand how Canva works and enhance their design skills. On this platform, there are online courses curated for beginners and Canva users.

These self-paced courses are beginner-friendly and free-of-charge. However, physical classes start from USD 5 for students. The courses are curated and taught by Canva employees and experts.

Canva Print

Canva Print ships is an exclusive merchandise printing service offered by Canva for its users. With this service, users can print designs on merchandise like T-shirts, posters, flyers, etc. The cost of printing varies based on the amount of merchandise quoted, location, delivery location, etc.

Canva for Business

Canva for enterprise is a premium membership for enterprises to enhance their creative productivity. With this subscription, creative teams of enterprises get access to team dashboards where they can:

  • Manage teams
  • assign tasks
  • grant access rights
  • collaborate
  • create team folders

Canva for business helps the team to manage tasks seamlessly. A dedicated account manager and priority support will be assigned for each team subscription.


Canva made a huge success with little publicity and more word of mouth. The key to this platform’s success can be attributed to its empowering content and solution strategy. Besides focusing on monetization, Canva invested in building a knowledge database and user-friendliness. These attributes in the long-run helped Canva to get more love from users across the world, and helped them in building a loyal customer base.

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