Can You Make Money From Crypto Without Trading?

Cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity and over the past few years, we have seen many people investing in it too. However, one thing that one to be aware of is that although many people made good fortune there are a few that didnt quite make it. So, one thing that you should be clear about when investing in crypto is that it may not always work as you want it to, you need to make decisions based on market understanding. One wrong step can drown your portfolio. 

With cryptocurrencies gaining more popularity and many businesses accepting them as a mode of payment you can be assured that cryptocurrency is here for the long run. Have you ever wondered if are there any other ways in which you can build your crypto portfolio without trading or spending money? Well, if you are also curious about this, then hope on the ride to know more.

It seems to be a miracle that people can build a crypto portfolio without actually connecting a bank account. But it is seen that there are a few ways in which people can build a crypto portfolio without trading. What are you waiting for? Let’s check out those methods then.

Social media content creation

If you want to make good money from cryptocurrency you dont necessarily need to enter the market and start trading. Not everyone is highly interested in spending their time understanding the market and placing their orders to make money. If you are on the other spectrum of crypto investors who have no knowledge about trading but still want to make money from crypto then blogging, and social media are best for you.

Social media influencers are making good money from sponsorships and it is not astounding to say that cryptocurrency does have a huge fan base in the market with a lot of information available and most of it is available in complex terminology not everyone could easily understand these details. If you can understand the information and make it highly easy for others you can easily gain a good following and that will, in turn, bring in collaboration with many brands. If you are not that comfortable in front of the camera but are an excellent writer then start a blog and start writing about crypto and you can make good revenue from ads. 

Beta and bug testing 

Many crypto and Defi projects are taking shape and it is not an exaggeration to say that more and more such projects will see the light in the next few years. Apart from focusing solely on marketing these projects are also taking a part of the budget for bug testing, beta testing, etc.

If you are someone who comes from a software development background and understands beta testing and bug testing then it is better to start with such crypto projects. One of the best ways to get informed about such projects involving crypto or Defi is by starting networking with professionals working in this field. You can message them on LinkedIn or write an in-depth email providing them insight into your professional career and you never know from where you will get the opportunity.

Free NFT Mints

Well the NFT has become one of the hottest trends in the crypto world and seems like everyone wants to make a profit by using it. Users who are interested in cryptos can use free softwares to analyze the successful crypto investor’s wallet addresses. These people have minted high-value NFTs and made good fortune, so just by analyzing their wallets there are high chances that you may also make good money.

But one thing that you should know is not to blindly follow whatever they are doing. Use your discretion to see whether they are not they are good opportunities. A little research is a must if you want to mint NFT especially if you are a beginner with not much experience with crypto.

Web3 browsers

Another interesting way that beginners or people interested in crypto can make money is by interacting with web3 browsers. Most people across the world do want to be part of cryptocurrency and learn more about it and earn good money from it. However, there are only a few people that take the time to understand cryptocurrency because are intimidated by the jargon and heavy terms thrown around about cryptocurrency.

Not only that not everyone is ready to download different wallets. The users can earn money by interacting with web3 browsers. There is an alternative platform to web2 technology called Brave browser. The users can earn money on this platform by doing activities, they will be given Basic Attention Tokens also known as BAT.

Not only that the users can also earn good money from the activities they do on the advertiser’s websites. Brave website as of present shares 70% of their advertisement revenue. The users can be assured that they can enjoy a decentralized experience. Users can sell the BAT they have earned in the brave application on central exchanges or web wallets. 

In a nutshell,

Crypto has been gaining more momentum and for people who are arguing that it has reached its expiration date, no it has not. More and more businesses are taking an interest in crypto and many are accepting it as a mode of payment. So if you are someone who wants to also make money from crypto then it is best to say that there are other ways you can work on crypto and still make good money.

Most people associate cryptocurrency with trading or mining, which is true as most people have made their fortune through these methods only by there are other interesting methods that will allow beginners in earning money too. As you have reached the end of this article, you would have already gained an understanding of other ways to make money from crypto. If you are interested in more such articles about crypto, make money, Defi, etc then check out the zeen website.

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