Business Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

Are you running a business? Looking for ways to improve brand awareness, traffic and conversions? Guest posting is the best way to improve your business. Let’s keep the things simple, guest posting is contributing high-quality guest posts to trusted, relevant and authoritative websites. Many bloggers say guest posting is the proven way to improve your business. This strategy increases traffic, improves brand awareness and boosts search engine rankings.

If you’re new to the business world, then you might be wondering which is the best and relevant website or blog to submit your guest post. Finding the authoritative guest posting website and submitting your pitch can be a daunting task for many bloggers. No more worries!!!

Here is a list of high-quality business blogs and websites that you can contribute to your guest blog. So, what are you waiting for? Check the guest posting list and increase your rankings on search engines and generate organic traffic. Guest posting is also called as guest blogging, it’s a win-win solution to get positive results when you implement it in the right way. 

Look no further, check the unique list of guest posting sites updated recently.

Business Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

Guest posting is the best way to improve your website ranking on search engines. Also, many bloggers implement guest posting techniques to increase their traffic, improve brand awareness and more. If you’re planning to guest post, you need to write quality and effective content to authoritative guest posting sites for Business. Whenever you contribute a guest post, don’t forget to add a link to your website. When you add a backlink in the content, you can improve your brand visibility. This makes guest posting as one of the popular content marketing techniques for every business. In fact, when you contribute to similar or relevant Business guest posting sites, more users will get to know about your website.

One of the important steps for every blogger is to find a curated list of Business blogs that accept guest posting. Since there are thousands of business blogs that accept guest posting but the million-dollar question is finding the genuine site to contribute. Zeen has made your task super easy by providing an amazing list of guest posting websites. Take a look at our list and pick the best site that meets your requirement. Our team has spent maximum time on researching to find the list of Business blogs that accept guest posting. Check the below list.


Myventurepad.comSubmit Guest Post –  Contact for Guest Post

Locationary.comWrite for them

Meldium.comSubmit Guest Blogging

Frugalentrepreneur.comContact For Guest blogging

KillerStartupsWrite for them

W3J.comWrite for them

PostLing.comWrite for them –  Contact for Guest Post – Write for them

SmashingMagazine.comWrite for them

Myvu.comcontact for branding

What is Business Guest Posting?

First thing first!!! Let’s discuss the term “guest posting”. It’s an act of contributing a blog post on authoritative, similar or relevant guest posting websites or blogs. When you contribute content to guest posting sites and in return, you can expect a promotional backlink to your website and get wider exposure to your brand. Simply put, guest posting will improve your overall digital experience.

Are you a blogger completely unhappy with your website traffic? You need to invest your time on guest posting strategy. Many bloggers say guest posting is a long term strategy, but it’s one of the most effective ways to grow audiences and increase traffic to your website or blog. Choose the authoritative business guest posting sites and contribute an outstanding guest post and improve your business.

Benefits of Business Guest Posting 

Guest posting is an excellent and ongoing demand in search engine optimization. Implementing guest posting is helpful to you and your blog or website. There are several benefits of implementing a guest posting approach – increase high-quality backlinks, generate new traffic, better exposure, improve your writing skills, improve domain authority and more. 

Let’s discuss them in detail

Increase new traffic

Did you know, guest posting will get you new traffic to your website? Yes!!! While contributing a high-quality guest post to guest posting sites for business, make sure to include a relevant link and increase your traffic. When readers get attracted to your post they will automatically redirect to your website or blog for checking out for unique content.

Wider exposure

Guest posting is the win-win strategy for building an amazing brand name. Let’s imagine, you have a good idea and curated content in your hand, but you don’t have a chance to share your ideas and content with the world. Guest posting is a great way to share your ideas with the world who are actually interested in the content that you’re planning to offer. This way you can increase your brand exposure.

Search engine ranking

Businesses always want their website to be listed in first place in search engines. When your website is listed on top position, users will automatically visit your website or blog. The better you rank on search engines, the better your business will succeed. Guest posting can be a great approach for the business who are looking to improve their rankings on search engines. Choose the best guest posting sites for business and submit a quality guest post. This way, you can earn links from similar websites and boost your search engine rankings.

Boost your social media shares

It’s no surprise when you pitch an effective guest post, editors will submit your content on their website. The best thing is readers or followers will share your article. Sounds amazing right!!! Followers will comment, like or share your post. When people start sharing your article, ultimately it will increase brand awareness. Also, your website traffic gets improved when readers mention your brand name on their social profiles. When there are more shares, it means you can increase the amount of traffic to your website.

How to Pitch Business Guest Post and be a Perfect Business guest Blogger

Guest posting is the win-win strategy and common practice implemented by business bloggers. They believe guest posting is the smartest way to drive organic traffic and build an amazing backlink profile to their website. As many business bloggers have tasted the fruitful results through guest posting approach, they suggest every business entrepreneur introduce the guest posting technique to improve their business. However, getting started with guest posting is not as easy as peeling the banana. It might be difficult when you’ve no knowledge on how to write the guest blog or are unaware of the business guest posting sites. If you’re one among them, our team is here to help you. Follow the below tips on how to pitch a business guest post and ultimately become a perfect business guest blogger. Let’s dive into the topic…

Find the target guest blog

The important step to pitch the business blog is finding the right guest posting site for business. Many bloggers skip this step and end up with poor traffic. Also, few bloggers don’t contribute to similar sites. Spending time on these irrelevant and untrustworthy sites is not a good practice. It’s vital to spend a couple of hours or days on finding the best target website for you. Make sure the selected guest posting site is relevant to your industry. When you contribute to a similar website you can easily generate quality leads to your website.


Research is the key to succeed in guest posting. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Many people don’t research, they just blindly submit their content on guest posting websites. After choosing the best business blog to contribute, it’s time to examine their website. No matter whether you’re familiar with the target business blog, you should never skip this step. Every guest posting site will have their guidelines to follow. It’s important to follow these guidelines if you want the editor to submit your pitch. Check the content on their websites such as article length, visuals, style and tone. 

Reach out them with at least three ideas

Be smart enough to attract editors. But how can you prove your smartness? Just by sending a personalized email, you can make a first impression. Don’t just blindly submit the email regarding guest posting submission. First thing is to build a friendship with the editor. Attract with a catchy headline. Because editors will receive thousands of guest posting submissions every day. They don’t have time to open every email, therefore you need to write a catchy subject line to make your email read by the editor. Make the email as friendly as possible. Mention a few positive things about their website. Tell them why you’ve chosen their business guest posting site to contribute. Mention an attractive title and explain the unique ideas that you would like to pitch. Approaching fresh ideas is one of the best ways to accept your guest blog.

Edit your work

It’s no surprise that people make mistakes, correcting them is important for anyone. Editing or proofreading your guest post is the most important process. Editing your work will improve the quality of your work and increase efficiency. Many bloggers read their content twice or thrice before submitting the guest blog to the editors. Never keep yourself at risk by sending unedited work. This may lose a great opportunity to promote your business.

Follow Up on your guest post

If you’re a newbie to guest posting then you would probably don’t know the best time for you to follow up on your pitch. You might be confused between one week or two weeks. Don’t just request for feedback in a couple of days. Have patient, engage with guest blog owners or editors on social media and remind guest bloggers about your pitch in a polite way. Request bloggers for feedback, this way you can improve your skills. If your blog gets rejected, wrap up with a friendly message. 

How to Find best Business Guest Posting Sites 

Guest posting is the best strategy to earn links to your blog or website from a trusted or authoritative website. Content plays an important role in every business. Bloggers always look for fresh and unique content. Therefore many people provide guest posting opportunities for business to add unique content to their website that their users will attract and enjoy. If you’re planning to guest post, then follow the below techniques to find the best business guest posting sites. 

Search engines

Many people say “Google it!”. Why don’t you take help from Google to find the best guest posting opportunities? Yes!!! The process is simple and easy. All you need to do is search for keywords to find the relevant blogs. For example, 

  • Submit a guest post
  • Guest post submissions
  • Accepting guest post
  • Guest post guidelines

Don’t forget to include your niche i.e business in front of the search queries (business submit a guest post).

Social searches

This could be an interesting and exciting way to find the list of business blogs that accept guest posting. As everybody has a social media account, finding the guest posting opportunities is simple and easy. Open Facebook or Twitter and search for “business guest posting opportunities” and get a list within a single search. Sounds fantastic right!!! Every blogger can get the latest and updated business blogs that accept guest posting. We promise to keep our list up to date.


Did you know that there are hundreds of guest posting communities available online? Yes!!! Join the communities and get connected with guest posting editors or owners. When you don’t find the perfect business blog to contribute, these communities will help you to provide the best guest posting website. Engage with the community by commenting on their post and sharing your views. This will make you get into the eye of guest blog editors.

Keep an eye out for competitors backlinks

If you’re a digital marketer, you will surely understand the importance of competitor analysis. While doing competitor analysis, keep an eye on their backlink profiles. Your competitor might have implemented guest posting techniques on business blogs. Check their links and contribute guest posting for the business blogs that your competitors have already approached. There are hundreds of competitor analysis tools available online, check the backlinks of your competitors in no time.

Do’s & Don’ts of Business Guest Posting

Guest posting is the best technique to get quality backlinks. Few bloggers write the content and add a few links in it. Submit the guest blog and forget about it. If you’re one among them, it’s time to change the track.

Whether you’re new to guest posting technique or expert in pitching the perfect guest blogs, it’s important to concentrate on a few guest posting techniques.

Do’s of guest posting 

Publish unique content

This is a very important tip to become a perfect guest blogger. Before submitting the guest blog, you need to ensure that the article is unique and you’ve exclusive rights on the content. Never ever publish a similar article on multiple guest posting sites for marketing. This can be a bad strategy for SEO.

Be careful while linking

It’s always a good practice when linking to relevant and trustworthy websites. In fact, these links will improve credibility to your blog post. However, linking to untrusty or spam websites will harm your SEO. Also, it’s important to limit the links when you’re contributing content. Allow a maximum number of three links, these links should be included when the context is relevant.

Attach visuals while submitting your guest post

Want to impress the editor? Yes!!! Make their work easy by attaching the relevant images or videos of the content while submitting your post. Guest posting owners and editors may have several tasks to accomplish every day, reduce their work by attaching visuals. 

Build relationships with the editor

Many bloggers connect editors blindly. If you want to get your guest post published on their website, it’s important to build relationships with editors. But how can you build relationships? Following them on social media, engaging with editors can be the best strategy to reach editors. When you interact with them regularly they will remember you. So this can be helpful when you request for guest posting opportunities.

Don’ts of guest posting

Stop expecting immediate results

As mentioned earlier, guest posting is a long term strategy, you just cannot expect immediate results overnight. For sure, implementing guest posting techniques will offer good results. But it takes time. Choose the target business guest posting site and submit the valuable guest post. You can get results within one week or one month or one year. With continuous hard work and dedication, you will definitely get good results through guest posting. Here good results mean increased traffic, qualified sales, improved brand authority and more.

Never ignore the audience comment

This might be ignored by many of the bloggers. When audiences share their views on your blog post, you need to react in a positive way. No matter whether the comment is encouraging or discouraging, you should always spend some time responding to their comments. When you provide answers to the questions, users will trust your brand. This way you can build brand authority and generate organic traffic to your website.

Don’t send similar post to multiple business blogging sites

There are thousands of business guest blogging sites available online. It doesn’t mean you can submit similar content on these thousands of guest blogging sites. If you’re following this strategy, you need to stop right away. Submitting similar blog posts on multiple websites is a bad SEO practice. Editors and guest blogging site owners are intelligent, they will check for plagiarism before submitting your content on their website. When an editor catches you for sending already posted content you’ll be definitely at risk. Take time by writing unique and engaging content for every blogging website.

Don’t get discouraged

Though you’ve submitted an excellent guest post there might be days where your guest post gets rejected. The reason could be the editor can do nothing with your article or they’ve stopped guest posting submissions on their website. When your submission gets rejected, connect with the editor. Send a polite email, ask them why your submission is rejected. Take their feedback in a positive way. An editor will suggest you with the necessary things. Follow their suggestions and implement them in the next blog posts.

Myths of Business Guest Posting

Whether you’re running a product-based business or services, you need to promote your business to generate good revenue. Many business folks follow the ideal way i.e submitting the guest post for authoritative and relevant business guest posting websites. It’s the best solution for businesses to get in front of the target audience.

The amazing thing about guest posting is “it’s absolutely free”, you don’t need to pay a single penny for the guest blogging website owners to post your blog. Therefore many businesses are adopting this strategy to promote their products or services. But there are few myths of the guest posting, let’s disclose them now

Guest posting strategy is dying

Few bloggers believe in the myth that guest posting is almost dead. It’s no surprise that Google updates their ranking algorithm frequently, therefore digital marketers consider that guest posting doesn’t provide good results. If you believe that guest posting is almost dead, you’re absolutely wrong. The strategy still exists and helps business by increasing the traffic, generating qualified leads, building trust and more.

Existing reputation is necessary

Many writers think they require an existing reputation to contribute a guest post. In fact, you don’t actually need an existing reputation, you can get started with less popular guest posting websites. Once you’ve earned enough reputation, you can submit guest posting articles for popular blogs such as Forbes and Huffington Post.

Guest posting is not worth your time

Over time, guest posting strategy may become a spammy practice. It’s a myth that spending maximum time on guest posting is just a waste of your time. Contributing a high-quality guest post requires most of the time, bloggers may feel like submitting such quality blogs on their website or blog. But when you want to increase your audience and improve brand awareness, guest posting is the best solution. Though guest posting is a long term strategy, it’s an effective way to improve your business.

Bloggers job is done once published

You’ve pitched an excellent guest post and submitted it on a high-quality business blog. You’ve done a wonderful job. If you think your job is done once your guest post has been published on the site, you’re on the wrong track. Many bloggers forget about their published article and switch to other tasks. After submitting your guest post, you need to focus on promoting your guest post on your social media channels, blogs and other platforms. This is the best way to drive more organic traffic to your website.


Guest posting is also called guest blogging. This strategy is the best way for business to generate organic traffic, improve brand awareness and build credibility. Hope you’ve gained good knowledge about guest posting. Find the best business blogs that accept guest posting from our curated guest posting list. Check their website, give a look at their articles, tone, word length and guidelines. Do your homework, pitch a unique topic and write a curated content. Now, submit a personalized email and get your pitch posted on the authoritative guest posting websites. Don’t forget to follow up regarding whether your guest post has been accepted or not. Once your post gets submitted on the guest posting websites, get ready to promote on social media and various platforms.

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