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Do you like earning money? Who doesn’t? But the question is how? Although most people have a 9-5 job and that is the major source of income for them. However, there are other people who set up their own business. No matter how much you’re earning, having a little extra cash would not hurt right.

In fact, it will alleviate financial stress and you can buy everything you desire. Also for college students, this is a perfect way to earn extra cash and also allows them to start their journey towards becoming financially independent little early. Cool, right? 

When people think about part-time jobs or side hustle they think of different jobs such as babysitting, dog sitting, personal shopper, etc. All these side hustles are amazing. You will earn good cash for your hard work. But what if a person can earn money without going out? Dreams come true right. There are side hustles which you can do from anywhere at any time and earn handsome money. 

Wondering what is it?

Paid online surveys. Yup, this is one of the side hustles that you can do from the comfort of your sofa or home. Not only home, but you can finish these surveys from anywhere at any time and still earn rewards. This is one of the best side hustles that will help you in adding extra cash to your wallet. 

Thinking about it, don’t you think it is cool that you will be paid for sharing your opinion? It is truly fascinating. Apart from expressing your opinions you also have a chance to influence the wide variety of products or services entering the market. Also, there are chances that your opinions may set into motion big decisions that can change the market in the future.

Customer insights are highly helpful for businesses. There are many businesses that really care about customer opinions. Because this is one of the best ways for them to improve their products. So most of the people are pretty happy with surveys on this platform. NOt only that, the users don’t have to worry about the data breach. As you see, Branded surveys have security firewalls and software that protect user data. They have also stated that they don’t sell their users data. 

How does this platform work?

Well, if you already know about this platform then you must have an idea of how this platform works. But if you don’t then no worries. Now you will get to know. The base idea of this platform is similar to those of others. You finish tasks and you will be rewarded with points and once you have enough points to withdraw then you can either get gift cards or get the cash deposited into your account through PayPal. One thing you must before you start is that a point counts for a cent. So you need a hundred points to earn a dollar. 

To start earning from this platform all you gotta do is, register and once you have an account and answered a few questions about demographics then you will be eligible to take surveys. You will become part of the community once you create an account. Another best part is that once you sign up you will get a bonus of 50 points. Not only that you when you finish your first survey you will receive another 50 points cool, right?

Wondering how they match you with the right surveys? Well, it is thanks to the demographic questions you answer when you create your account. Simply put, the survey matching machine of Branded surveys matches the users to the surveys. The best part about this is that you don’t have to literally spend hours going through one survey after another to find the surveys that match perfectly with you.

As you see, Branded surveys do all the job. Similarly, you should remember that to receive more surveys you must provide more demographics information. There is no restriction on the number of reviews one can take. Provide the information, rack up surveys and earn a lot of points. However, if you don’t want to give all of your personal info, you can just provide answers vaguely (they provide such options). 

Once you’re done with your account setup, you can now start taking reviews. All the surveys you’re qualified will be listed under the Survey Spotlight. There will be a minimum of one to a maximum of three surveys here. The best part being you can see the points you will be earning along with the time you will take to finish the survey. You can find them under the Extra Earning Opportunities option.

You can receive notifications to email about the surveys, apart from searching them online. One of the coolest things about this platform is that people can choose when they want to receive email notifications. Yup, you heard it right. You can set your preferences so that you receive them in your free time and immediately take the survey and earn points. You can set preferences for how many emails you want to receive in a day. If you take the surveys during the downtime you will earn extra points. 

“The branded Elite program” 

What is this Program? Curious, then let’s find out. Well, it is the platform tiered program. This program is mainly used to earn rewards through the extra earning opportunities and bonus points for taking the surveys. There are three tiers present in the program. Where do you find your status/tier? You can find it on the dashboard. One thing you must know is the higher your tier is in this program the added chances of earning extra points.

How to advance through levels? Well, you have to finish the approved appropriate surveys (required number) and then you will be able to level up. Every weekend, the extra points will be added to your branded surveys account. When you level up the percentage of bonus points also naturally increases. Along with your level, your dashboard will also showcase your earnings. 

Bronze Badge: If you finish around 0-599 surveys you will have Bronze Badge and not forget it comes with some amazing rewards such as you will earn around a 5% bonus on all the approved points But in 7 days you must finish 12 surveys And you will receive around 7% bonus on all the approved points if you finish 20 surveys in 7 days.

Lastly, you will receive around a 9% bonus on all the approved points but in 7 days you must finish 30 surveys. Also, whenever your referral (whom you referred) hits Silver badge you will earn 50 points, but only for the first time.

Silver Badge: You will level up to a silver badge if you finish around 600-2099 surveys. Well, one thing that is similar between bronze and silver badge is that whenever your referral hits silver badge you will be paid 50 points (for the first time). Coming to the bonus percentage, you will earn a 10% bonus on all the approved points.

But in 7 days you must finish 12 surveys. You will receive a 12% bonus on all the approved points, but in 7days you must finish 20 surveys. Lastly, you will receive around 14% bonus points on all the approved points, but in 7 days you must finish 30 surveys.

Gold Badge: To level up to Gold badge you must finish 2100+ surveys. Well, one thing that is similar to other levels is, if the user you referred earns a silver badge you will receive 50 points (only for the first time). You will earn a 15% bonus on all the approved points

But in 7 days you must finish 12 surveys. You will receive a 17% bonus on all the approved points, but in 7days you must finish 20 surveys. Lastly, you will receive around 19% bonus points on all the approved points but in 7 days you must finish 30 surveys.

Multiple ways to earn money 

The best part about this platform is that apart from surveys Branded Surveys offer many other tasks to earn money. Here are the other methods to earn money in Branded surveys platform. 

Daily Poll

Although branded surveys mainly focus on surveys, users can earn money by performing other tasks like Daily poll. Branded Surveys add a daily poll every single day, you will find it in your dashboard (in the extra earning opportunities).

As the name suggests this is truly an extra opportunity to earn money. If you want to reach the withdrawal threshold faster then you have to finish these tasks quickly. Lastly it not even takes a lot of time to finish these tasks. By answering one simple question you will extra five points cool, right?

Survey Streaks & Poll Streak

This is another cool way to earn extra points on this platform. But it is only available for Silver and Gold members. By completing multiple tasks in a week to earn additional 300 points. Similar to the survey streak there is also poll streak, if you take polls daily for ten days then you can earn extra 5 to 10 points. The best part is, maintaining these streaks not time-consuming. It hardly takes a minute or two. 

Local Deals & other offers 

Another interesting way to earn points from this platform is by signing up for free trials. Yup, you can sign up for free trials an earn points faster. Apart from that, you can also find the best deals in your area. It saves you cash truly amazing, right? Although there are many platforms that help you in earning points by taking surveys there are only a few that will help you in saving money.

Refer a Friend

This is a common practice in most of the online paid survey platforms. You can earn bonus points by referring this platform to your friend. Truly the easiest way to earn points. But only Gold and Silver members can try it. By referring to a friend you will earn 50 to 100 points.

It is not hard to become a silver member you just have to finish the surveys (number required) as mentioned in the branded elite program. Once you become a member in silver or gold, open your contact list and find friends to send. It is a win-win situation for both you and your friend. 

Promo codes & Leaderboard bonuses

Another interesting method to earn points on this platform. Sometimes it sends you promotional codes through the promotions or special contest. With these codes, you can avail extra points in your account. Remember that these contest are not a common occurrence. So whenever this happens grab it. This platform also boasts friendly competition between the users. As you see, this is the best way for them to get users to take more surveys.

So whenever a player stays at the top of leader board they can earn a bonus of upto 1000 points. Apart from that, they will also have a possibility to win additional points by participating in a draw. If you land in the top 50 or 20 in the leader chart for a day, week or a month you will receive additional points of 50, 50 and 20 (for monthly top 20 leaders). The faster you earn points the faster you will be able to withdraw. 

Signing up bonus

This is another common practice in online paid survey platforms. Users can earn extra points when they sign up for this platform. From the get-go, you will earn points. A great way to start, don’t you agree? When you sign up for this platform you will earn around 100 points ($1.00). The registration is also not hectic, it just a matter of minutes. Not only that you can sign up using your social media accounts too. Create your profile, earn money then finish the tasks and earn more money. Simply put, you’re just a click away to earn money.


This platform is perfect for people who want to earn extra money in their free time. Be it on weekend or at the end of their busy day. It is a great way to unwind and lastly, you can earn money without even moving from your coach. As you have read above, you must have understood how this platform works and how you can make money here. But you must be curious about the withdrawal process. Quite frankly, it is the most important thing to know, after all, you’re taking these tasks to earn money.

If you want to cash out your points then you must accumulate 1000 points. One point is worth a cent. Simply put, you must finish tasks worth $1 dollars. Then only you can cash out your points. The payment will be processed through Branded pay or PayPal. These are their proprietary payout options.

But if you want to not withdraw your points as cash then you can exchange them for gift cards or make a donation to the charity. It will take around 15 days to receive your cash and for gift cards, it can take around one to three business days. But if you’re someone who stays out of the U.S i..e, in Canada or U.K then the payment process may differ. Make sure you check the process before you sign up. 

Wrapping up

This platform is one of the best in paid online surveys community. It is just a matter of mere minutes and you will be able to earn extra cash. This side hustle is undoubtedly one of the best ways to earn extra cash. Hope this article has helped you in understanding this platform better. What are you waiting? Sign up today, finish tasks and earn extra cash today. If you want to find reviews about alternatives/other paid online surveys then check out Zeen. 

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