Best WordPress Affiliate Programs

Everybody is talking about affiliate marketing. People are earning handsome dollars just by promoting trusted products or services which benefit their audience or followers.

Yes! This is the power of affiliate marketing that is mixed with good content and also a trustworthy brand. In fact, affiliate marketing is an excellent strategy to make passive money with little effort during the initial stages. You can make money while sleeping also. Simply put, you can make hundreds of dollars by promoting third party products without even getting into the burden or hassles of creating them.

With great flexibility and the comfort of earning money from home, the affiliate marketing strategy is becoming more and more popular than ever.

So, if you’re planning to earn income without any initial investment, choosing affiliate marketing is the best choice for you.

Affiliate marketing works in a simple way. Make sure you pick the right affiliate program that is relevant to your niche, audience and more. You can connect to affiliate programs via a direct partnership or join an affiliate network. They will provide unique affiliate links to include them while promoting their products or services in your content or blog post.

Good news for the people who are looking for an affiliate program in the WordPress niche. Stick to the end, you can find out the top WordPress affiliate programs in the market. Have a clear look and pick the best program that meets your needs and requirements. Without further delay, let’s jump right into the topic!

Best WordPress Affiliate Programs


Let’s keep the thing straightforward. If you’re someone planning to invest your time in a trusted WordPress affiliate program, look no further than WPEngine. WPEngine is the leading WordPress hosting service for every business – small, medium and large. The WordPress service has the ability to improve the performance of any WordPress site and provide support around the clock. This affiliate program is offering the best payout for its affiliate members. 

All you need to do is refer WPEngine to your audience. On the other hand, you can make money by promoting StudioPress themes. The platform provides you with personalized tools that you require to make customers from your customers’ purchases.

There are two ways to earn commission on WPEngine i.e 200 dollars or 100% of your customer’s first-month transaction. You can earn around $50 through sub-referrals. Sounds amazing right? Yes! With WPEngine one-link tracking, you can easily track your conversions across the website. The platform is offering exclusive and also custom deals and discounts, this way you can offer a little extra to your customers. Ultimately, you can drive more sales and earn more commission.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is the leading WordPress theme destination around the world. Elegant Themes is the perfect option for freelancers, agencies and website owners. There are several good reasons for your customers to choose Elegant Themes. The platform presents with an all-in-one theme to make it easy for its users. Elegant Themes have introduced DIVI to make themselves stand unique. It acts more than a WordPress theme. Keeping it simple, DIVI is a website building framework. It means users can easily build attractive websites with ease and no need to worry about coding, installations, configuration, etc.

Join the Elegant Themes affiliate program and earn a 50% commission on qualified conversion and also subscription renewals. The commission percentage sounds highest right? Yes! Many affiliates are earning good income just by promoting DIVI on their websites, blogs, social media and more. Earn a 15% commission by promoting the DIVI marketplace to your audience. The best thing about joining Elegant Themes is you can earn a recurring commission, you can get paid forever. Recurring revenue can be earned on your “Subscriptions Forever”.

Earn 50% commission on every sale. You will get paid through PayPal. Every affiliate will receive their payments in the first week of each month. The minimum payment is $200 to process your payments. The cookie duration is one month.


Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced WordPress user, you might have heard about StudioPress several times. StudioPress is the popular WordPress theme platform worldwide. StudioPress is attracting millions of people with its mobile-responsive feature. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Themes available on StudioPress are mobile-responsive. On the other hand, StudioPress offers a mobile-responsive design framework, especially for WordPress. With StudioPress, users can create powerful WordPress websites without any hassles. Within a few simple clicks, you can build a beautiful, secure and SEO-optimized website.

Want to promote StudioPress on your website or blog? Of Course yes! All you need to do is join the StudioPress affiliate program. The program is offering a 35% commission on every qualified conversion. The commission rate might be significantly low. But, StudioPress is a well-known brand, you can easily generate maximum sales. Forget about the commission rate and drive maximum revenue with the StudioPress affiliate program. The cookie length is 30 days. It is advised to read the terms and conditions before joining the StudioPress affiliate program.


Themeisle is the world’s leading WordPress theme provider. Whether you’re looking for WordPress themes or tutorials, Themeisle got you covered. The ultimate goal of Themeisle is to build and grow users’ online presence. From the beginning, the Themeisle team is offering high-quality products and services to its customers. Building a dream website is now easier with Themeisle.

ThemeIsle is a well-known and leading WordPress club. If you love sharing Themeisle WordPress themes or plugins, it’s time to join the Themeisle affiliate program. Help them by spreading the brand and earn money on every referral. You get a chance to promote over 20 WordPress themes/plugins and earn around 55% commission on every qualified sale.

Themeisle is powered by the ShareASale affiliate network. Join now and promote WordPress themes on your website, blog, social media platforms and wherever possible. The cookie length is 365 days. ShareASale will provide creatives to make your work easy. They offer you banners, text links, templates and a lot more. If you’ve any queries, you can reach out to their affiliate team.

Affiliates will receive payment every month. The threshold payment value is $100. It means that when affiliates reach around $100, they are eligible for payment. Keep a note, that the Themeisle affiliate program is not eligible for coupon or deal websites. Get detailed reporting through the ShareASale affiliate network.


Want a fast and customizable WordPress theme? Astra is the go-to platform for you. There are around 1 million trusted users on Astra. With pre-build website features, you can reduce site design time. On the other hand, you can be personalized without programming, and change your dream design via WordPress Customizer on Astra. The platform allows you to turn off your page title and sidebar on your website. Simply put, you can build full-width web pages with full design.

Astra is named for performance. Get lightweight WordPress themes and enjoy the super-fast performance with Astra. The features sound fantastic right? Yes! Why don’t you promote Astra on your website or blog and earn passive money? This might sound like a good idea for the ones who are running WordPress blogs or websites. Join the Astra affiliate program and earn a good commission.

Reasons to join the Astra affiliate program

  • Earn $210 on every qualified sale. Maximize earning with ease.
  • Trusted by more than 1 million users around the world.
  • Feel good to promote the leading WordPress theme.
  • With real-time tracking and reporting tools, you can get to know about your conversions and other analytics.
  • The cookie duration is 60 days.

Astra affiliate program is the perfect choice for bloggers, tech reviewers, influencers, marketers, educators, YouTubers, agency owners and more.


Did you know that MyThemeShop is the best platform to get quality and trending WordPress themes and plugins? Yes! The platform offers WordPress themes in multiple categories such as magazines, blogs, WooCommerce, business and a lot more. MyThemeshop is the best place to get high-quality themes for every website. Within a few simple clicks, you can find the best theme or plugin on MyThemeshop. There are over 7 million happy customers around the globe. MyThemeshop is offering powerful features to its users. With 24×7 customer support, users can fix any problem or issue instantly. MyThemeShop offers fully responsive designs. It also assures that website users will get attracted to design and everything.

Speed is another reason to consider MyThemeShop. Yes, you’ve heard it right. MyThemeShop themes will make sure your website loads faster than ever. So, no more users wasting their time on loading pages. 

MyThemeShop is running an affiliate program. Join and earn a few bucks by referring to MyThemeShop. The choice is yours! You can earn money by recommending MyThemeShop products on your website or blog. Else, you can refer to your friends, family or customers.

There are more than 5000 affiliates on MyThemeShop. Become a MyThemeShop affiliate member and generate passive income whenever you turn visitors into potential customers. Let’s talk about a commission, you will get a 55% commission on every qualified sale. Since MyThemeShop is offering SEO-friendly, unique, elegant and customizable themes, you can easily get qualified leads with ease. While promoting, don’t forget to add the MyThemeShop affiliate link whenever you promote their products. You can simply create a MyThemeShop theme image and post it on your website. Later, add a link to that image. Whenever your follower clicks on the image, they will redirect to the MyThemeShop website. If your follower turns into a potential customer, you will earn a 55% commission.

The cookie duration is 30 days. There is no minimum payout limit. Every month, you will receive payment. Use creative banners and make your earnings double.


Good news to all the affiliates out there! GeneratePress is the best foundation for WordPress websites. Keeping it simple, GeneratePress provides the best and most lightweight themes which are purely focused on accessibility, stability and also speed.

Now let’s have a look at their affiliate program. Similar to other WordPress affiliate programs, GeneratePress is one of the most popular affiliate programs available in the market.

Within a few simple clicks, become a GeneratePress affiliate and earn around 30% commission on each qualified sale you promote. There are several ways to promote GeneratePress products. You can promote them on your social media, create a blog, create high-quality videos, insert the GeneratePress logo on your website, create an engaging email and promote them to your subscribers. Follow these ways and generate maximum traffic to the GeneratePress website.

Similar to other WordPress affiliate programs, you can earn a good commission i.e 30% on every sale. Keep note, that there is a minimum payout, you need to earn $74 to get your payments. Whenever you reach maximum payment, you can directly receive money to your PayPal account.


Elementor is the leading destination for people who are looking to build creative websites and grow. With a drag and drop editor, users can build an engaging website with zero knowledge. There are more than 90 widgets available. Elementor is a great place to build a portfolio, e-commerce, entertainment, events, landing page, health, media and more. Creating a unique and outstanding website is now easier with Elementor’s advanced animations, responsive designs, custom CSS, etc.

Join the Elementor affiliate program and get a 50% commission on every potential sale you make. The cookie length is 30 days. Get $70 for each Elementor Cloud website you refer. This affiliate is perfect for content creators, web educators, digital entrepreneurs, WordPress developers, marketers and agencies.

Wrapping up

There are several people such as bloggers, content creators, developers and business owners who are earning good passive income just by referring to the above-mentioned WordPress affiliate programs. These programs are popular, and promoting their products will definitely earn a good income for you. If you’re running a WordPress related website or blog, recommending third-party products can be a good start to earning a good commission. Have a look at all the WordPress affiliate programs and pick the best one according to your needs and requirements.

What are you waiting for? Start promoting and earn money with ease.

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