Best Travel Affiliate Programs

People love travelling! Travel enables you to interact with people from different cultures, traditions, lifestyles and more. Travel is a stress buster for many people. Travel to your favourite destination and leave all the stress behind. When you feel you’re feeling stressed, grab a travel bag and get away to a peaceful environment, this way you can make yourself recharge. It really works! There are several benefits of travelling. People travel to rediscover themselves and create long-lasting memories. Few people travel frequently to strengthen their relationships with their dearone.

If you’re looking to earn passive income, running a travel website, blog or social media is the best way for you. That sounds like a good idea! Building a website doesn’t need much money or time. Within a few simple steps, you can create a travel blog. So, what next? How can you earn money with your travel website or blog? The best answer can be “Travel Affiliate Program”.

You might be wondering: Does affiliate marketing work for the travel niche? Perfectly YES. Many bloggers and website owners are working with travel businesses by marketing their products and services. All they do is pick the best travel affiliate program, and add affiliate links or images to their existing content. That’s it! Whenever a user purchases a product or books a flight ticket, the blogger will earn a commission. Keep a note, that the commission will be generated on a qualified sale.

The travel niche is perfect for affiliate marketing. Because there will be millions of customers who always seek products or services. It includes airlines, hotels, tour groups, travel applications, manufacturers and more to understand the true value in affiliate marketing.

So, you’ve decided to jump into the travel niche. Now, you need to choose the best travel affiliate program that will have the immense potential to generate a good commission. Without further delay, let’s dive into the topic.

Best travel affiliate programs


Think from your end! What is the travel website you choose when you’re planning to book a hotel room? Definitely Agoda. Yes! Everyone trusts Agoda for many reasons – best deals, great selections, free cancellation, etc. Affiliates are also happy with Agoda. Subscribe to the Agoda affiliate program and gain access to more than 925,000 properties around the world. In fact, Agoda Affiliate Program is one of the popular hotel affiliate marketing programs. It is suitable for beginners and experienced bloggers. Agoda affiliate program combines world-class tools, cheapest price and has the ability to easily convert your traffic with the best commission on every hotel booking.

Easy integration is another reason to choose Agoda. You don’t need to be a techie to get started with Agoda. The affiliate program offers best-in-class promotional tools for you, set up and running within a few minutes. No technical knowledge is required. Also, you can track overall performance and earnings directly on your Agoda dashboard. The detailed reporting is available for you. is another popular travel affiliate program available in the market. There are a million reasons to choose, offering the best deals on flights, stays, car rentals, attractions and more. People are earning great rewards for every trip on The travel platform is offering its users to pick the hotel from over 856,662 hotels, 17,802 resorts, 33,367 cabins and more. These digits sound impressive as an affiliate marketer.

Become a affiliate and earn a good commission on every booking you do through your blog or website. No need to pay for joining, it’s free of cost. Earn good commission on every booking. The more bookings you make, the more income you can earn. has an extensive network of more than 12,500 affiliates. Easy-to-use functionality, affiliates are working according to their comfort. When you find any difficulties, connect to the customer support team and get solutions for your problems. is a one-stop destination to avail of big deals and discounts on hotel bookings. It is a favourite travel affiliate program for website owners, bloggers, influencers and more. There are two ways to sign up for the affiliate program – CJ and Awin. These are the popular affiliate programs available. You need to create an affiliate account before promoting on your website or blog. is offering the best commission and cookie period. With frequent mind-blowing sales and promotions, affiliates are earning huge commissions on every booking. Once you’ve successfully signed up and implemented, you’re good to go. Start earning a good income with the popular brand – Promoting and earning money is easy with a set of partner tools, promotions, customer support and banners to help affiliates convert their traffic into qualified sales. The commission may range from 4% – 8% on a hotel stay. Here the commission will be paid once the customer checks out or completes their hotel stay. Monitoring sales is easy on With advanced and detailed reporting tools, you can easily monitor the overall performance of your campaigns. Spend time and analyze your performance and improve sales in no time.


TripAdvisor is another leading travel affiliate program. Whether you’re planning to promote a hotel or restaurant, Tripadvisor can generate a good commission for you. On Tripadvisor, users can select from a wide range of travel categories such as hotels, restaurants, travel forums, things to do, vacation rentals and more.

Getting started as a Tripadvisor affiliate program is easier. No certain traffic requirement is necessary to apply on Tripadvisor. Join the affiliate program, Tripadvisor will have a look at your website and then decide whether your platform or blog is a perfect fit for a travel affiliate program or not. Keep in mind. The Tripadvisor team can reject your website or blog when they feel irrelevant.

Tripadvisor is powered by two popular affiliate partners such as Commission Junction and Awin. Create an account on any of the affiliate partners and promote Tripadvisor. These affiliate programs are offering the best link-building tools to their users to create unique affiliate links. All you need to add these links while promoting Tripadvisor on your website, blog or social media platforms. Earn good commission on every hotel booking.

Keep an eye on your commissions. Once you’ve successfully created an account at Awin or CJ, you will gain access to analysis, reports and more on your dashboard. Within a few simple clicks, you can pull your reports and monitor traffic effectively. Also, you can track commissions around the clock. Depending on the network partners you select, you can earn commission through the Tripadvisor affiliate program.

Want to hire a car? Yes! Look no further than On this travel platform, users can easily compare the rental cars and book the cheapest car for rent. No hassles involved! Everything is smoother for customers, affiliates and more. is a popular rental car comparison site. With the solid deals, customers are choosing on their vacation. Promoting on your website can bring you better conversions. This affiliate program is suitable for the people who tend to help their audience with cheap car hires. So, what are you waiting for? Register at and promote to earn a good side income. is offering a fixed commission fee i.e 6%. Earn a 6% commission on every rental around the world. The cookie duration is 30 days. Also, the average booking price is around 230 EUR. Simply put, is providing the highest commission rate in the care hire niche. This affiliate program is perfect for travel websites, travel bloggers and more. If you have a suitable audience base, you can promote 

Thanks to, you can earn a good commission just by advertising the car rental service on your website. All the affiliate links and necessary tools will be given by the support team. Make great use of affiliate links generated while linking


Expedia is another popular travel network available in the market. Expedia travel destination is the best place to book cheap flight tickets, hotels, cars, packages and more. Expedia users can get an instant 10% discount on their booking. The platform includes popular brands such as, Travelocity, Vrbo and more. Great news! Become an Expedia affiliate partner and collect a good commission for every successful book done on these mentioned websites.

Currently, the Expedia affiliate program is hosted by the Flexoffers affiliate network. If you want to join the Expedia affiliate program, you need to create an affiliate account at Flexoffers. Create an account right away and promote Expedia offers, deals and promotions on your website. Don’t forget to add affiliate links to your content. Whenever your users click that particular affiliate link, he/she will be redirected to Expedia’s official website. Once your user book any hotel or flight ticket, you will be earning a commission on it. Sounds amazing right? Yes! The commission rate may vary from 2 to 6%. Similar to other travel affiliate programs, the cookie duration is 30 days. Expedia offers several payment methods according to your convenience. The popular payment methods are PayPal, bank transfer, etc.

Wrapping up

Thanks to travel affiliate programs! You can earn a decent income just by writing the travel content that you love. Hope the above article is helpful for you. Before creating an account on any travel affiliate program, it’s important to have a look at its terms and conditions. Also, check the reviews and then proceed to promote the travel website. Choose the best travel affiliate program that makes your audience happy. The commission may vary depending on the travel affiliate program you choose.

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