Best Tether Wallets

The concept of cryptocurrency or stablecoin is beneficial for new and experienced traders, as the value is pegged to the fiat currency. Tether is a popular cryptocurrency that aims to keep the valuation stable. This stable coin is mostly used by investors who are looking to avoid market volatility. These tokens are traded with the USDT symbol. Keeping it simple, USDT is the safest stablecoin for all traders around the world.

There are 3 types of wallets available i.e hardware, mobile and desktop. Depending on the convenience and comfort, choose the wallet accordingly.

A hardware wallet is a secure and convenient way for storing Tether tokens. These hardware wallets are exclusively developed to store all the private keys in a secured way. As per analysis, hardware wallets are secured and safer compared to mobile and desktop wallets. Simply put, hardware wallets don’t get connected to the internet. Hence, investors don’t need to worry about unauthorized access or attack by malicious parties. No hacker can access the device remotely.

Let’s have a look at leading Tether wallets available in the market.

MyEtherWallet (MEW)

If you’re looking for a compatible feature? Look no further than MyEtherWallet (MEW). It is the best compatible Tether wallet available in the market.

MEW is an open-source platform, the client-side interface is helping users to interact with Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. A user-friendly interface and open-source feature are allowing users to generate wallets with easier. Also, interacting with the smart contract is just a matter of a second.

MyEtherWallet (MEW) is perfect for web browsers, it allows users to buy or trade the coins with ease. Also, MEW is available for mobile users as well. A MEW is named for security. There are few hardware wallets such as Trezor, Leger, etc have already integrated with MyEtherWallet. This feature has made the Tether wallet even more popular. On the other hand, users can also create paper wallets. They can easily store private keys in their cloud storage without hassles.


OmniWallet is mostly recognised as the original Tether wallet available for website users. Tether wallet provides complete control over the private keys. It means users don’t need to worry about hackers or unauthorized access. OmniWallet safeguard for all the USDT holdings.

OmniWallet is popular for its security, multi-currency support and usability.

Security – Private keys will never be sent to the server. All the keys will be stored in an encrypted format. Everything is free, users can deploy the Tether wallet on their personal server.

User friendly – No software is required to download. No blockchain is necessary to sync and verify.

Multi-currency support – The platform offers in-built service for Bitcoin, Test Omni token and Omni Token. OmniWallet provides native customer service for user-generated currencies.

Tether Wallet

Store, send and receive the USDT coin without hassles through Tether. Users around the globe are keeping their USDT tokens on Tether wallet. Monitoring the price and exchanging with other crypto coins is simple. Also, users can secure their assets even they forget their private keys. Sounds good! Also, you can get access to USDT coins when you lost your mobile phone.

All the crypto newbies and USDT traders definitely find complete features of the blockchain on Tether. The platform offers top-grade security for all the funds. The key security features are fingerprint login, 2-way factor authentication, email confirmation and more. Users can log in with their mobile number or email id. Freewallet’s Tether offers excellent customer service, their team serve in native languages as well – French, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.


Looking for the oldest multi-platform or multi-chain wallet? Coinomi is the best option for you. The wallet is the security-first available for desktop and mobile users. The platform offers native support for over 125 blockchains.

Coinomi is trusted by millions of people worldwide. The wallet is popular for the highest level of trust. The Tether wallet is introduced in 2014. Most importantly, there are no hacked or unauthorized access are encountered on Coinomi wallet.

The popular features of Coinomi are high-security, multi-chain, 24×7 customer support, zero-fee, buy coins with a card, cold staking, full asset support, wallet connect and more.


Exodus is the leading Tether wallet, send, receive and exchange USDT with ease. Simply put, Exodus is the crypto wallet, which is often used to store the USDT coins without hassles. No matter whether you’re a newbie or an experienced trader, Exodus is the convenient choice for all your crypto needs. With an easy-to-use interface and well-designed functionality, trading USDT is simple.

The platform Exodus is supported by multiple cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether and more. Traders will have complete control over their assets. The Exodus Tether wallet will make it simple for traders to set up their passive income. Hurray!!! Earn crypto coins on holding with just a single click. Staking crypto is also easy on Exodus.

Binance Wallet

If you’re planning to use Tether (USDT) as the primary trading instrument, securing and storing them on Binance wallet is a suitable choice for you. Keeping your tether coins on unsecured platforms will make you risk, hackers can easily hack your account. That said, when you’re an active trader, storing your coins on Binance wallet will save you.

Binance is the popular Chinese-based crypto exchange platform, introduced in 2017. Within a short period of time, Binance has gained incredible popularity and attention around the world. Simply put, Binance wallet has become the top platform for trading crypto coins. Similar to other Tether wallets, you can store and trade multiple assets on Binance wallet. Within few clicks, investors can transfer their coins to an external wallet service.

Binance wallet is connected to Simplex. Yes, you’ve heard it right. This is a suitable option to exchange all your U.S dollars for Tether (USDT) in an easy manner.

In a nutshell

Want to trade cryptocurrency? Yes! Having a stablecoin such as Tether will help you a lot. By holding Tether (USDT) investors are escaping from volatility in the crypto market. Tether token is pegged “1:1” to the value of fiat currency (USD). It means the stablecoin will give you crypto dollars USD for trading. Picking the wallet to store your coins is an important decision, and never take it lightly. Give a look at every wallet presented in the list and store your Tether coins in a secured way.

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