Best Qtum wallets

Qtum is the popular cryptocurrency available in the crypto world. Qtum combines the Ethereum (ETH) smart contract feature with the security of the Bitcoin (BTC) unspent transaction output model. As a result, Qtum helps to build a powerful destination that is most suitable for the adoption by small and large companies.

The cryptocurrency was introduced by Patrick Dai, Jordan Earls, and Neil Mahl in 2016. It uses a “Proof-of-stake consensus model” for building new blocks. This is one of the best ways to create new blocks easier and low energy is consumed.

The cryptocurrency Qtum is one of the popular and top-rising digital assets from the past few years. If you’re planning to invest in Qtum, you’ve made the right choice. However, you need to take additional care when you’re investing in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, as they’re volatile.

Now, let’s have a look at popular Qtum wallets in the market.

Ledger Nano X

Hurray!!! Ledger Nano X wallet is supported by over 1000 cryptocurrencies through integrating with software applications. With Bluetooth features, additional memory and a high-quality screen, Ledger Nano X is the perfect wallet to store Qtum tokens. Ledger Nano X is compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

As the hardware wallet offers a high level of safety and security, Ledger Nano X is the right choice for securing cryptos and other digital assets. The introduction of physical security and safety elements to the method of securing crypto transactions, ensure the protection of coins from several potential attacks.

Setting up Ledger Nano X is simple. You should download the Ledger Nano X live program. Wallet includes hardware wallet, USB cable, instruction booklet and private key recovery sheet.

The cost of the Ledger Nano X wallet is $119.

Trezor Model T

Keep your Qtum coins safe under the Trezor Model T wallet. Trezor Model T hardware wallet is supported by more than 700 cryptocurrencies.

Model T is the next-generation hardware wallet introduced by the team TREZOR. The hottest functionalities of Model T include touchscreen security and improved processing.

The wallet holds Qtum private keys in cold storage, this way all your keys are secured offline. While making transactions, you need to plug Trezor Model T into the hot online wallet. With Trezor hardware wallet, you can easily confirm crypto transactions by pushing or clicking the button physically. This will help you protect your Qtum coins from remote theft.

The cost of the Trezor Model T wallet is $190.

Atomic wallet

If you’re looking for a desktop wallet, look no further than an Atomic wallet. This wallet has been built with utmost security, decentralization and anonymity in the mind. The wallet was introduced to leverage the key potential of “Atomic Swaps”. It allows you to trade crypto coins from within your wallet. The atomic wallet supports more than 300 coins.

Send, receive or store Qtum coins without hassles on Atomic wallet. You can easily control cryptos and efficiently swap crypto coins without the requirement of a centralized exchange.

The physical Atomic wallet is a leading desktop application that can be downloaded to your PC with ease. All your private keys and sensitive information will be secured on your desktop in an encrypted format. Atomic wallet is a secured wallet, as long as the users do everything correctly.

Atomic wallet is an open-source platform. The price may differ depending on the service. 


KeepKey technology will allow users to store or generate countless private keys. Simply put, KeepKey will support countless wallets, each with countless private keys. Sounds amazing! Private keys can be a sophisticated format of cryptography. This will allow users to access their cryptocurrencies with ease.

In addition to Bitcoin (BTC), the wallet ensures the storage or wide range of crypto’s ranging from Ethereum to Litecoin.

KeepKay has amazing security measures:

Private key – All the private keys will be stored directly on your KeepKey wallet. Never ever leave your device.

Passcode – The password and personal user id will prevent unauthorized access. No hacker can view or conduct transactions.

Recovery sentence – KeepKay supports a 12-word recovery sentence during the registration process. This sentence will be used during a few events – lost, stolen, etc.


Guarda is a secured crypto wallet, users can manage their digital assets anywhere. They can easily store, send, exchange, stake and buy cryptos with ease. Simply put, Guarda is the one-stop destination to store and exchange Qtum tokens. Investors are earning upto 40% annual with staking on Guarda. The platform supports more than 50 popular blockchains and more than 400,000 coins of all major protocols.

Guarda is the decentralized wallet for all the assets. Whether you’re looking for a desktop wallet or web wallet, Guarda is the name for it. The non-custodial security ensures complete control over private keys on the wallet. Guarda wallet will encrypt personal information and securely store it, nobody can access the wallet except the owner. With touch id and face id access, Guarda is trusted by millions of people.

Qtum Core

Qtum Core is one of the official wallets introduced by the team – QTUM. It is especially destined for Qtum tokens. Qtum Core is a mobile wallet, users can send, receive and store Qtum coins without hassles. Also, they can interact with smart contracts easily.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced investor, Qtum Core mobile application is the right choice for you. With easy installation and backing up the private keys, everyone is switching to Qtum.

Qtum Core is probably considered the source implementation for the QTUM network. The wallet currently implements:

  • Send and receive Qtum tokens
  • Send, receive and store QRC20 coins on the network
  • Staking the tokens and creating blocks
  • Create and interact with the smart contract


Qtum is the popular open-source blockchain destination that is specially built to allow users to design apps and smart contracts. When you’re planning to invest in Qtum, you need to have the best wallet to store all the tokens. Hope the above mentioned Qtum wallets will help you while sending, receiving and storing Qtum tokens.

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