10 Best Online Brokers for Stocks

Are you a saver or a spender or someone in between? Well, if you’re someone who never understood the importance of investing then it is high time you start taking investing. If you are looking for reasons then this is your sign to start taking investing seriously. Investing is also a form of saving. Yes! You heard it right. Whenever people think of saving money they only think of keeping their money in the bank. However, if you want to have a pleasant life and make most of your money then investing is highly recommended. Investing will help you in increasing your investments by 2x or 3x folds. Also, it will help you in securing your future and setting aside funds for your retirement. 

One of the main reasons most people are not so keen on investing is because of the risk. Well, there are high-risk investments and low-risk investments. If you want to invest in low-risk investments you can, but you must remember that they will surely bring low profits only. However, high-risk investments can not always be right. You can choose your risk factor based on your age, financial goals, and income. There are plenty of investment options in the market.

From stocks to mutual funds the trades can invest in multiple investments or build a portfolio that is just perfect for them. Including stocks in your portfolio will prove to be the right decision. Also, now there are plenty of online brokers available who will provide the traders with the right guidance to invest in stocks. Stick till the end of this article and find out more about the online brokers for stocks.

Here are a few online brokers that are perfect for investing in stocks.


If you’re thinking about online brokers then Robinhood is someone that cannot and should not be ignored. Robinhood has been in the market since 2013. It has been quite famous for its commission-free trading. One of the main reasons why most investors are skeptical to invest in online brokers is commission. The commission they charge is no joke. Losing part of your earnings to the commission may not seem that appealing to many. However, Robinhood truly put an end to this problem. Their commission-free trading has motivated many investors to take their first step-especially beginners.

It also provides investors with all the necessary tools that will help them in growing their money. If you’re a beginner still learning the ropes of online trading then this is one of the best online brokers for stock. You can start with as small as $1. You don’t have to worry about the prices of the stock. They will convert your money into a part of the share. So that you will still actively invest in all the profit-making companies or stocks that caught your interest. The traders will always know the real-time price of the shares as they are executed in real-time.

You can build your portfolio and balance it to reduce your risk. Include different stocks in your portfolio and funds into your portfolio. The dashboard of Robinhood makes it easy for investors to manage, learn and customize their portfolio anywhere at any time. Cool, right? The primary goal of Robinhood is to make investing more fun, affordable, and intuitive be it a beginner or an experienced trader. From stocks to crypto it provides you with multiple options to invest. Lastly, you can earn around 0.30%APY on your uninvested cash. 

Visit Website: Robinhood


Next up on the list is Webull. This is a financial company that has used the power of the internet and technology to present its customers with the best financial products and services. Webull is a leader in both the financial and internet industries. They believe that with the right technology in their hands the trades can make better decisions when it comes to their money. Technology lends hand to the investors to improve their capabilities like technique. Coming to the Webull platform, it is a self-directed investment platform that comes with intelligent and advanced tools and services. Another best thing apart from smart tools is the no deposit minimums and zero commissions.

You can diversify and manage your portfolio to reduce the risks. Webull is offering you different investment products such as Stock, Options, ADR’s and ETFs. Yup! They provide you with analytics and trading tools, so you can create your portfolio. If you’re looking for alternatives to equity then Options are perfect for you. They have something for every type of investor. Webull is offering two types of brokerage accounts since not all trades have the same objective. If you’re a trader investing to secure your retirement then you need much more than an Individual Brokerage Account. Yup! An Individual Brokerage Account is an account where the trades usually buy and sell their securities.

However, if you are investing your retirement into consideration then you need an IRA account. You can save through Webull traditional, Rollover IRA, and Roth. Another best part about this platform is that it offers extended hours of trading..e, before and after the stock market. If you’re a beginner then you must be wondering how to analyze companies or trends. Well, you can stop worrying about that. This platform will provide with multiple technical indicators, advanced charts, etc. With these, you can analyze the trends and make decisions that will bring you profits.

Webull is offering its users a desktop platform too. The desktop platform is fully customizable, you can consolidate watch lists, place orders, and analyze the market. Apart from that, you can also view your market across different platforms such as PC, Web, and mobile. Simply put, you can handle your investments from anywhere at any time. Opening the account is also quite simple. Yup! All you need to do is verify your identity with a government ID. But make sure that your ID has all the details such as date of birth, photo, and name. 

Visit Website: Webull


Ally is a self-directed online trading and automated investing platform. This platform provides users with a chance to invest the way they want. Yup! It helps people in investing the way they want. One of the main reasons this platform has become quite popular is because of self-trading. If you are a hands-on trader then self-trading is beneficial for you. Ally offers no commission fee on options trades, U.S-listed ETFs, and stocks. This platform proves to be excellent for beginners or traders who are keen on knowing the market better to become an advanced trader. They provide you with a wide range of investment options such as stocks, ETF’s, bonds, options, margin account, and mutual funds. And the best part is that there is no commission fee on ETFs and Stocks.

Although there is a commission of $0 on options you must pay a 5o¢/contract fee. Their market analysis tools and research will support different investment strategies. As you already know, Ally is a Robo-advisor. Robo advisors reduce human intervention. They will help you in picking the right investments to reach your goals. Once your portfolio is done you don’t have to worry about monitoring it. They will handle it for you. You will not be needed to pay any advisory fees, rebalancing fees, or annual charges. Yup! You heard it right. Also, they will not be investing all their money in your portfolio.

They will be setting aside 30% of your portfolio as an interest-earning cash buffer. You can start investing with $100. It is more than just an average Robo-advisor. The diversified portfolios are designed by specialists. They provide you with digital tools that will help you in achieving your goals. Not only that, even when you’re busy they track your portfolio 24/7 and view your performance. This platform allows you to change your goals according to your financial goals. It provides you with four portfolio choices that you can choose from. They are Income, Core, Tax Optimized, and socially responsible. What are you waiting for? It hardly takes 10 minutes or so to create an account.

Visit Website: Ally

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a one-stop destination for all your financial troubles. From investing to spend you can use this platform to do different things. Yup! Spend, invest and borrow through this app. Another best thing about this platform is that they don’t rely on speculative day-trading. They believe in long-term wealth building. M1 will manage all your day-to-day activities so that you can focus on the bigger picture. It is high time that you start planning your money moves. M1 Finance will provide you with complete assistance, you don’t have to worry about a single thing.

Long-term investors, who are looking for platforms that will help them in earning lucrative earnings then M1 Finance is perfect for them. Wondering why M1 Finance out of all other online brokers. Let’s take our time to talk about it. There are many reasons and benefits why people are taking interest in this platform. Well, it is quite simple. When you pay fewer fees you are saving more money.

All the money you saved can be used to invest back. Simply put, you can invest more money, get more returns and secure your future. M1 Finance has lower management fees. You will not be spending too much money on your fees. So you will be able to invest more and earn more. Another important reason being the smart tools they offer. These tools will help the users in making decisions that are just right for the users. 

Visit Website: M1 Finance


As an investor, you must know that your investment needs are never constant then why should your investment be? If you want to get more returns and secure your future then you need to change your investment based on your financial situation. Merrill will allow you to invest the way you want. Although there are hundreds of online brokers for stocks, Merrill is one of the best online brokers of stock. Merrill provides users with different ways to become confident investors.

With Merrill Edge self-directed investing you can enjoy $0 unlimited ETFs, online stock, and options trades. Yup, you don’t have to pay any fees or such, except in the case of option contracts. They don’t just make it easy for you to invest, they also provide you with excellent investing ideas. Not only self-directed they also offer guided investing too. You can tell your goals to them and their professionals will help you in building, rebalancing, and managing your portfolio. You need to make a minimum of $1000 investment.

If you want an advisor to guide you through guided investing then you must have a minimum investment of $20,000. Through this plan, you will receive the benefits of having an advisor too. From investment to retirement you will receive guidance through everything on this platform. It has made banking and investing simple. Once you link your Merrill account to Bank of America then you can automatically view your account and manage it from mobile. Also transferring your funds between your accounts is quite simple. Their retirement calculator will also allow investors to estimate the amount they need to save by their retirement. All in all, this is an excellent online broker platform that works just perfectly for any beginner investor.

Visit Website: Merrill

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers will help you in taking your investing to the next level. The best thing about this platform is that it allows investors across the globe to invest at the lowest costs. They charge low commissions which start at $0. Their low rates have prompted many investors to invest in this platform. You can invest in futures, bonds, stocks, currencies, funds, options from a single account. Cool, right? This is one of the online brokers that have low financing rates. You can earn extra income on the lendable shares too. It is pretty amazing, right?

Another amazing thing about this platform is that you can access the market data 24*6, you can access market data only six days a week. They provide you with free trading tools. Another interesting reason why you should choose this platform is that it provides you with a world of opportunities. You can make investments globally. Yup, you heard it right. You can make investments globally. Yup, you heard it right. You can invest in futures, stocks, options, funds, currencies, and bonds from one single account. Now, you can make and manage your investments from one single place.

Invest in multiple currencies, you can invest in around 23 currencies. One of the most important things that need to be considered while investing is a broker. Yes, the broker you’re choosing should be trustworthy and be able to secure your funds. This is why the interactive broker’s platform is perfect for you. The strong capital position, automated risk controls, and the conservative balance sheet are designed especially to protect their clients from huge losses. They offer various accounts such as Individual Accounts, Retirement accounts, Friends & Family Advisor, Institutional Accounts, Trust Accounts, and Joint Accounts.

Opening an account is quite easy with them. In three simple steps, you can open your account and start trading. It has hardly taken a minute or so to fill the application. Once you complete filling the application then you can connect to your bank or transfer an account. The last and only step that is left to do is start trading and taking your investment to new heights. Interactive brokers are one of the best online brokers for stocks. One thing that you must remember is you must offer to choose an account type that is right for your business. Weigh your risks and invest accordingly. This is the only way to make the most out of your investment.

Visit Website: Interactive Brokers


E*Trade is one of the best online brokers for stocks. Yup, this platform promotes its customers to take charge of their finances. If you want to become financially stable one of the most important things that you must remember is that you must take things into your hands. Of course! You need guidance from a financial professional. E*Trade undoubtedly makes it easy for investing beginners to attain their dream. All you need is the brokerage account of E*Trade and you are all set to invest. Invest with E*Trade and manage your account easily. Yup, this platform offers a $0 commission U.S-listed stocks, Option trades, ETF’s, etc.

It hardly takes 10 minutes to open an account. Open your account today and start investing. You will also get tools with your brokerage account that will make it easy for you to invest. These tools will provide you with a full range of investment choices. They will provide you with all the help you need. Along with the brokerage account, they also provide you with a retirement account too. One of the main reasons why this platform is the best online broker for stocks is because the trades can trade more and pay less. Yes! You heard it right. Mutual funds to futures, everything is available on this platform.

Most people are not keen on investing because they find it extremely confusing. But the truth can be the opposite of this. They just need clear guidance and advice to tell you whether the direction you’re headed is right or wrong. With E*Trade you will be receiving it. Yes! They provide traders with in-depth tutorials, videos, articles, etc. Through these, you as a beginner can learn a lot and manage your account.

Also, their trading tools are exceptionally amazing, as they make it easy for traders to place the trades from both desktop and mobile. If you have any queries and are looking for assistance you can talk to customer service. This is one of the best online brokers for stocks that provide all the support needed to make trading easy for beginners. They charge $1.50 for future contracts, 65 ¢for the option contract. E*Trade understands its audience and brings them the best services, which is why the investors prefer this platform.

Visit Website: E*Trade

Intelligent Schwab

Automation has changed the world. It has reduced human intervention in many industries and is undoubtedly changing the financial sector too. Yup, with Robo advisors people can now get the best financial advice. Automated investing will help beginners in investing and managing their portfolios. Sounds cool, right? As the Robo advisors build your wealth, you can focus on other tasks without worrying about your investments. The Robo advisor builds the portfolio, monitors and manages your account. Yes, it rebalances your portfolio based on your financial goals.

So you can be assured that you will be anyway reaching your financial goals. Because the Robo advisor is always there to provide you with the necessary help. You can get started with $5000 too. Another best part of this platform is that you truly don’t need to pay any commission or advisory fees. You can also invest in ETFs too. One of the few things that people or traders forget while they are investing is that there should be cash also in your portfolio. If you invest all your money in stocks, ETFs you can imagine the risk you are undertaking. So they take a portion of your portfolio based on your risk factor and deposit in FDIC-insured at the Schwab bank.

Wondering? How does this portfolio work? Once you create an account, you are requested to fill in a questionnaire that talks about your goals, timeline, and tolerance. And once you do that you can get a portfolio chosen by the experts with diversified ETFs. That is it, the portfolio will be monitored daily by the Robo Advisor and it will be rebalanced again based on your goals. So all you have to do now is, set your goals and open an account with Intelligent Schwabs. They will also take care of your tax efficiency too.

From IRA to trust accounts they are offering a diverse amount of account types. Their professional guidance will help you in reaching your goals then you can get the premium version. In the premium version, you will be getting a Certified Financial Planner along with a digitalized financial plan that is specially customized to reach your goals along with interactive online planning tools. If you have any questions you can either visit the nearest branch of intelligent Schwab or give them a call. Your queries will be addressed and their team will provide you with a solution.

Visit website: Intelligent Schwabs


Sofi is another online broker for stocks that will help beginners in investing in stocks and making good profits. Sofi is truly a one-stop destination for all your finance-related needs. This platform makes it easy to invest and is fast. All you have to do is open the cash management and start investing. Yes! This is that easy. Not only that you can also track your spending habits in just a few clicks and minutes. They treat you as a member, not their customers. Once you sign up for the products you will get access to financial advice too. Along with the advice, you will also receive member events, referral programs, etc. No confusing fees or hidden fees. You will be paying what you see.

Sofi has no confusing financial terms, they will keep it plain simple so that you can understand what you are signing up for. Once you become a member you will get access to exclusive benefits that will help you in succeeding in your career, community, and money. And the best part is all of this at free cost. From saving to borrowing you can do everything or anything in this app. They will also send you updates to your inbox about the stock market and the latest financial news. This latest news will help you in understanding how these aspects can affect your financial life. They provide you with different investment options including crypto. Cool, right? You can trade stocks, cryptos, ETFs, or start automated investing too. Yes, you heard it right. Apart from that, you can also participate in the upcoming IPOs at IPO prices.

You can choose which assets you want to invest in. You can either choose to invest in the assets of your choice or let Sofi build a portfolio for you with automated investing. If you cannot commit to purchasing a whole share of the company of your choice. You can invest in your favorite stocks with stock Bits. Yes, you can invest in a fraction of the share without purchasing the whole share. They are always there to guide you. They will help you in spreading your money across various asset classes available. If you want to see how your money will grow within a stipulated time frame then you can use their investment returns calculator.

Visit Website: Sofi

TD Ameritrade

Commission-free trading has seriously become one of the most important aspects that traders look for while investing now. TD Ameritrade is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for beginners to invest in. This company has come together with Schwab. Yes! They have combined their strengths to become one and create a unique platform that provides all-in-one investment solutions for traders and investors. They have committed to providing their users with a best-in-class experience. TD Ameritrade has been providing users with excellent trading platforms that are available on all the platforms such as web, mobile, and desktop.

No matter which level the traders are, they can benefit from these platforms. Along with providing the platforms that drive performance, they are also offering education too. They customize the experience that you must be receiving according to your needs. So receiving only the information that is important for them will seriously help the trades in making excellent progress. They provide the users with excellent webcasts and interactive courses that make a difference for traders. One of the main reasons why you can choose the platform is because of their research.

They research objectively and provide the users detailed information about the research done by the third party. They provide users with a wide variety of investment options. From stocks to Mutual funds they are providing the trades with multiple investment options. The trades can build and manage their portfolio from one place. Since they offer from education to research the traders can be assured that they can create a portfolio that can bring them profits. For all U.S exchange-listed stocks, ETFs and options the commission is $0. However, for the ETFs and options, the contract is $0.65/contract. Their support team is always available to solve your queries and provide you with solutions.

Visit Website: TD Ameritrade

Trade Station

TradeStation is another prominent online broker that specializes in stocks. From stocks to IPOs this platform offers everything that traders at different levels are looking for. Simply put, they have everything that an investor or trader is looking for. With trade stations, they believe in creating a financial edge. They will help the trades in staying ahead of their time and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. Be it a new investor or a well-seasoned investor the users will receive the powerful technology and trading education that will help them in reaching higher pinnacles in trading success.

They provide all the necessary tools that will help them in unlocking their true potential. They provide the trades with market analytics and insights that will change the way one pursues trading. All the tools are embedded with market history and data that will help them in guiding the trades in the right direction. They also provide the users with appropriate education so that they can keep up with the latest trends and developments happening in the market. Simply put, from tools to education resources everything that will unleash the trading potential of trades is available at their fingertips. Open an account on this platform and open the doors for trading success.

Visit website: TradeStation


Vanguard provides you with investment advice that will help the trades in getting where they want to go. They build plans that will help traders and investors achieve their financial goals. This company has become prominent because of the investors they are serving. Yes! This platform has more than 30 million investors with unique financial needs and different stories. Vanguard is committed to providing all its users with the best tools and services that will help them in reaching their goals.

This platform is truly excellent for investing. Yes! You can work with advisors and get personalized advice to reach your goals and improve your standing financially. They offer multiple financial products such as Mutual funds, stocks, ETFs, bonds, etc. You can build and customize your portfolio according to your financial goals and they help you in managing your portfolio. Their tools will even allow you to explore the information related to other company stocks and then make a decision.

Visit website: Vanguard

Wrapping up

As you have made it to the end, you must have found out about all the different online brokers that are perfect for investing in stocks. All the platforms that are mentioned in this list are the best online brokers for stock. Before making your decision check out all the platforms and the services before actually deciding on your investment. Even if you are a beginner that is just stepping into the world of investing you can choose from these top platforms and they will provide you with appropriate guidance and help you in researching and understanding the market. The best part is most of the platforms are offering education to their trades so they can stay up to date in their career. What are you waiting for? Choose a platform, open an account and start investing.

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